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Reaching Out (FT Intro, Open)

North Mack
09-05-2008, 01:48
(OoC: I used to be on this forum almost every day, but I slipped and I don't think i've been on in almost a year. So, I'm re introducing my nation as a new entity. Anyone can join in)

"Engineering Ready"

"Navigation Ready"

"Fighters Ready"

"Marines Ready"

"Weapon Control Ready"

"Damage Control Ready"

"Communications Ready"

The Comms officer turned in his chair. "Ship reports all ready, Sir."

Master Captain Jerome Hardy slowly surveyed the ship. Each officer monitored their station carefully, checking constantly to make sure that nothing went wrong with this flight. This, historic flight. Never before had any battleship made it past the outer fringes of the solar system.

But now, the T.S.S. Outlook would not only leave the system, but would hopefully enter another. A historic day for the Terran Empire.

Hardy turned. "Engineering, thrust to full. move us past the gravity well." The ship shuddered slightly as the artificial gravity changed to compensate for the acceleration of the ship. "Navigation check the course one last time. Comms, prepare the broadcast signal"

"Engineering Here, 1 Minute until free from gravity well"

Hardy turned his attention back to the Bridge. "This is a historic day ladies and gentlemen. For centuries, our planet, our species, has wondered are we the only intelligent force in the universe. We fought among ourselves, our history filled with strife and ruin, the rise and fall of civilizations. Not one before us has ever reached this point. The point where we can finally expand our horizons, and search the starts for others like us. We we can finally answer the question, are we alone"

"Engineering Here, We are free of the gravity well"

Hardy turned to his console once last time. "Engineering, commence warp"

"Commencing Warp in 5... 4... 3... 2... Brace, Warp!"

Outside the ship, starts flexed, and with a brief hesitation, changed.

"Bridge to Navigation, are we on course?"

"Yes, Sir. Navigation reports all is as expected"

"Communications, begin broadcasting"


Inside the system, a new radio signal flooded the space. A simple beep, following a simple pattern. just enough to announce to anyone nearby, "Here we are universe, come and find us"
09-05-2008, 02:27
ooC:a brief description of my RP species. The alaxians.
Humanoid Species, Orange skin. 4 eyes, one above the other in pairs spaced like humans. The hair is a solid crest, spiking forward. The eyes are yellow with black slit pupils.
09-05-2008, 03:07
ooc: yey i love FC's !

with the kewen border established and patrols being done it was mostly peaceful inside kewen space bar the pirate attacks which have been occuring with incresaing frequency so far the attacks have been with small fighters and the occasionaly light frigate with no part of kewen space unobserved it was decided the pirates were operating outside kewen space...

"ship leader, wehave lost them" said a command drone
sighing bozok stood up the thrid kewen to recive a human name
"resume scanning we have got to find those pirates! these attacks cannot go on any longer" he said dismally....

"Shipleader!"said a drone enthusiatically "we are picking up something new"
"hmm,make the jump there what have we got to lose" he ordered

With quick commands the four ship fleet entered hivespace and headed to the source of this new signal

with a slight rumbling the fleet made the transition back to normal space the two Reverance's taking up flanking positions next to the two deliverances..
North Mack
09-05-2008, 03:21
"Sir, we have something approaching us... definitely not natural!" The Navigation officer yelled back from his console.

Hardy turned to face the viewports. "Prepare to broadcast. We have to do this right, our fist contact with an intelligent species... we just went down in history folks."

"Greetings unknown vessel. This is the Terran Star Ship Outlook. Please respond on this same frequency"

(OoC: my nations native language is a Russian varient, so It's up to you whether you understand the transmission or not :P)
Ordo Drakul
09-05-2008, 03:37
(OOC:My Factbook ( pending approval)
--Come and find us? Do you think they wish to play?--
--They're humans-they wish to lay claim to our lands and enslave us--
--Cool! Let's have a bit of fun, then--
The muri battlecrab, rather like a great black sea urchin, shimmered into E-space, emitting brilliant lights that pinpointed the weapons array and life support on the Terran vessel. "Tag! You're It!" it broadcast before pivoting on it's center and speeding off towards an asteroid field where it cloaked and waited...
09-05-2008, 04:50
ooc: we only speak english

"ship leader incomming communications" reported a drone studying the message
"pirate origin?"
"negative, unable to determin cutral origin"
"positive... wait not, matching some referances to another languge...."
"can we translate?"
"yes ship leader runnning through filters."

greet<xx> vessel<xx> is<xx> star<xx> look<xx> respond<xx> freq<xx>
"can we get anymore?"
"no ship leader estimates show we have a 23% ability to speak in this language"
"hmmm send this"
"kewen,warpack,pirates,seeking" was sent in what they hoped was russian and understandable

"Shipleader anomalies detected" said a command drone momentarily before a large black thing appeared when flashes of ligths apreard and it sped off a small amout of fighterts were sent to investigate 7 sped out of the hanger bay and went in the last known direct of the alien vessel
09-05-2008, 05:05
HMSS Valefor

Fleet Admiral Kazari Vladislav raised his eyebrow at his chief comm officer.

"Really, now? Let's see if he's ready to play. Position the fleet, I want that vessel in sight immediately. Send word to the Commodores."

"Aye, sir." When the comm officer got back to the CIC, the word was sent out, and the fleet formed its position around the 12km coreship -- the first of its kind -- and jumped to the origin of the message.


The Valefor re-entered realspace, along with its fleet, in a remarkably convinent position -- the ship that came up on the radar matched the message. Thanks to the creative designs of the ship-builders, the Valefor matched the dragon/phoenix of its namesake, appearing as a massive divine bird flying in from the heavens. There were other ships in the vicinity, but they were ignored by the Dersconi fleet. After all, if they got in the way, they could simply be destroyed.

CICVAL immediately shot a message towards the T.S.S. Outlook.

Unknown vessel,

This is Fleet Admiral Kazari Vladislav of the HMSS Valefor. We have received your message, and would like to make contact. Out.
North Mack
09-05-2008, 08:16
The comms officer turned to Hardy. "Sir... multiple incoming broadcasts"

"Navigation here, multiple radar contacts, one over 10km in size!

Hardy paled. "Not only are we not alone, we crowded as fuck out here! Send back replies to all received messages"

To HMSS Valefor
This is Master Captain Jerome Hardy of the T.S.S. Outlook. We will gladly make contact with you and your people. If you so wish we can immediately send delegates to your vessel.

To Kewen (?)
We have not seen pirate in this area or any nearby. We are new to this system and star travel in general. Can you communicate in any other languages? We may be able to understand one another better.
09-05-2008, 08:45
The kewen translators began picking up their language with each passing word
"picking up this language, we doing. translators working."

"seeking pirates we were, finding you we did, happy we are. We is the KSS Entrance being in the fleet of the Holy Kewen Empire peace we come in, meeting you glad we are"

when the other alien fleet jumped in the kewe were shocked as hell to see ships of that size sendign a message to them on all frequencies
"Greetings,we are the kewen" was sent in english to the newcomers
09-05-2008, 08:59
Orbital Headquarters of the 8th Solar Fleet | Kardhes System

"And that gentlemen is the objective of Operation Castle. We've already made preparations and we will commence on schedule within seventy-two hours. Commander Creel, have you anything else you'd like to add?" said Admiral Yuri Kilrani.

Another officer sitting directly opposite of Admiral Kilrani stood up. He looked around at the other assembled officer, most of them ship captains or mobile suit group leaders. Annanias Creel ( gave them all a disarming smile. "Well boys and girls, we're off on another grand adventure. Keep in mind that Admiral Kessler and Colonel Laflaga have already left on two previous missions of this nature, so we won't be making history, mores the shame. However we are to be the largest expedition sent out yet. I want no slip ups. Treat this as a combat mission and we'll come through alright."

Creel sat back down and sipped on his cup of cultured coffee. He closed his eyes and appreciated it. He always enjoyed fresh brewed coffee, specially when he managed to find the time to grind the beans himself. He reopened his eyes to see Admiral Kilrani nod in approval.

"You are all professional soldiers. See to it that you do not fail the trust that the Lord Protector has put into 8th Fleet," said Admiral Kilrani with finality. "Dismissed. Return to your ships and ready for the operation commencement." The assembled officers rose as one and saluted the admiral. He returned it and left the briefing room first.

4 Hours later...

Commander Creel moved through the automated doors and onto the bridge of his flagship. The Orange Liger, his ship, was a Revenant-class Battleship (; one of the toughest ships in the entire arsenal of the Solar Fleet of the Dominion. It was in docking of the giant orbital colony-headquarters that made up the main base for the 8th Solar Fleet.

His adjutant, Captain Polarn, turned around and saluted as Creel stepped forward. He smiled at his commander. "Ready for this sir?"

"Aren't I always Mike?" said Creel. He moved over to the command chair that wa behind and above the captain's chair. From there Creel could, in combat, command all the forces under him without needing to personally oversee his own ship, to whom Captain Polarn was responsible.

"Have we secured the external racks for the mobile suits?" asked Creel, logging into his station computer and checking out any new developments.

"Yes sir. Four Leo space-types have already been secured. Their pilots are already in their respective ready rooms," said Polarn.

"Leos huh? I would have thought we'd get to use some of the new Dinn mobile suits," commented Creel.

"Headquarters said that since they're being used on other fronts, 8th Fleet will have to do with regular Zakus and Leos," said Polarn dryly. "Another military problem solving opportunity."

"Very well then. Nothing we can do about it now. Ready the ship and bring us out of dock," ordered Creel.

"Aye sir."

The Orange Liger gracefully glided out of the docking harnesses of the port. Within another few kilometers it was free of the dock itself and it reached open space. It advanced to the start off positions for the beginning of Operation Castle. Other ships were already there or still coming in.

"Have all ships report in," ordered Creel. "I want us to try and be ready before kick-off"

Within the small fleet that was being put under Creel's command for Operation Castle were five Lancer-class Cruisers (, three Hydra-class Missile Cruisers (, two Great White-class Carriers (, two Aegis-class Sensory ships (, and then more than two dozen supply and support ships. It was a very sizable fleet. Creel planned to use it to the fullest potential.

"All ships have reported in sir," Captain Polarn told Creel. "Star Drives have been engaged. Core reactors coming to correct power levels."

"Initiate star drives as soon as ready. Operation Castle has commenced," smiled Creel.

The small flotilla disappeared in the blink of an eye and into the outer galaxy.

Seven hours later...

The ship came out of star drive and exited into a system. Before Commander Creel could begin enacting his orders however, the Moritan Aegis-class reported several different ship signatures that were alien to Kardhesian signals. Radio and communication traffic was detected as well. The translator algorithms went to work and soon the Kardhesian flotilla was able to understand the messages they were intercepting.

"Excellent," smiled Creel. "And I thought the trip was going to be boring."

Greetings to the ships of all respective nations in the system. This is Commander Annanias Creel of the Dominion of Kardhes. We're on an exploratory mission and wandered by. To whom does this system belong to? Under whose sovereignty? I would like to, if allowed, speak with an official representative of that nation. Commander Creel out.

OOC: My factbook (
North Mack
09-05-2008, 09:06
"Sir, the incoming message is becoming easier to read. They are calling themselves the KSS Entrance."

This is the T.S.S. Outlook. We wish to open diplomatic relations with your nation, is this possible?
09-05-2008, 09:52
ooc: empire is call " holy empire of kewen" or "kewen" the ship im in is called the KSS entrance pronounced ( en-tree ceee)

"Diplomatic metings is possible, you may come abord our ship or any other arrangement you see fit"

bozok recived another big shock when yet another large alien fleet jupmed in responding to the message in enlgish bozok said

"we are the kewen, we are here in peace. so far this is unknown but could be belonging to the other ships"
Ordo Drakul
09-05-2008, 14:23
The battlecrab ( hovered in that odd dimension between E-space and first-level hyperspace as the fleet slowly moved into the area.
--Well, so much for fun--Shipmother Durgas frowned.--Open a channel and let's see what they're about, eh?--
"Attention, unknown fleet-this is the Ordo Rokagi ship Magasta's Pride. We come in peace..."
10-05-2008, 05:07
Master Captain Jerome Hardy, we have a conference room currently being prepared now. We would happily invite your delegates -- in fact, we extend the invitation to you personally -- to discuss matters of importance. If you wish, we will send a vessel over to you.

Admiral Vladislav stood on the balcony overlooking the massive holodisplay of every rock, energy wave, and ship in the vicinity, watching the various fleet movements of the alien ships with curiousity -- or, perhaps, because he had nothing better to do.

"You should be more mindful of your surroundings, Admiral." Kazari turned around to see the crimson and black cloaked Dragon Lord approaching him, flanked by two black-clad apprentices and bodyguards. The armoured tail clicked against the metal floor.

"Really, now? And here I thought observing the movements of the fleets was being observant. My bad." He never took a liking to them, really. His brother had been shown to possess psionic abilities, and the Cult of the Dragon God took him away to become only God knows what, probably some assassin wandering in some dark corner of the universe. Or maybe a body guard to one of the Dragon Lords. Or perhaps he was killed in the training, and his spirit is now part of one of the Blood Scather Demons. Who knew? But Tsar Xavier was prominent in the cult -- rumor was going around that he was the god they worshipped, but if you started asking questions, you disappeared.

"Don't let your personal feelings blind you to the task at hand. They will be coming soon, and we all know that not everyone here is as friendly as they say they are."
One Starr
10-05-2008, 07:02
The Unity had stepped out of the shadows of isolation and that saw the return of the aphotic doorways? ships? beings? Perhaps they were all three, but very very few knew. And none of those did had ever left the regions of space claimed by The Unity. But whatever the light absorbing monoliths ( were exactly, it was also an equally little known fact that they could be many places at once.

And while perhaps This ( should be playing, it wasn't. Portentious was not part of it's intrinsic nature. Though it was. Portentious that is.

And one chose to be in the vicinity of the the vessel making this broadcast:

"Here we are universe, come and find us"

The monolith was only about half a light second away. If anyone had the equipment to recieve, for it was in a most excellent mood and was broadcasting rather loudly a quaint low tech broadcast ( it had recently come across.
North Mack
10-05-2008, 17:21
Hardy turned to his XO and nodded. "I shall meet them on their ship. Ready a small guard contingent"

the XO turned. "Sir, how can we trust those that we just met. We know nothing of their history, of their culture, of... anything! They could kill you the second you get on board their transport!"

Hardy closed his eyes breifly. "We must trust them. First contact is one of peace and diplomacy, and I will not be the one who changes that. I will meet them, and hope for the best. In my absense, keep radio contact with the other vessels in the area..."

Admiral Vladislav, I would most appreciate if you would send a transport so that we can discuss matters of diplomacy. Your kindness is most appreciated
10-05-2008, 22:57
ooc: poke north mack read one of my post im asking for a diplomatic envoy!
Ordo Drakul
11-05-2008, 03:51
--Damn the luck!-- a helmsman cursed.--It's them.--
The Shipmother looked up, intrigued.--Giant ants built that?--
--No, shipmother. These humans have somehow drawn the Unity.--
--Remember the name? Odd selection for First Contact. We should remain, then. Repeat our hail, "We come in peace", yadda-yadda-yadda, until someone responds, and move us a bit closer. I've always wanted to examine one of those monoliths. And ready my bolongo in the event we actually start negotiations here.(OOC:A bolongo is a telepathic translation device)--
The battlecrab dropped into E-space and began making lazy arcs about the monolith, rather like a moth about a light.
The muri were more curious than fearful-since the Perfect Age, evolution was the sort of thing that happened to other people...
One Starr
11-05-2008, 04:44
The monolith consulted its passengers, politely inquiring if contact with another Elder Racewas desired. They were a species that had never had need, priorily, of its lesser abilities, but changes had been noted of late.

The consciousness stirred itself and debated among it selfs for a time. Though to those accustomed to the flow of time in this space-time consciousness that debate lasted only a small bit of 'time'.

Elsewhere, in a not necessarily so adjacent reality, one that was unafraid of the Dark (in several senses of the word and concept) given the circumstances of it's creation, that debate raged for several centuries. But that is merely an unimportant side note.

*Please* the passenger most appropriate to the situation responded and the monolith shifted, creating a communications array as needed. Once it was no longer needed the component atoms would be used elsewhere for other needs, such as they might be.

"We come in peace"

"We understand the appropriate reply to be 'And go in pieces' A minorly interesting play on words from a race notorious for their distrust." Amusement colored the reply as a image of what was occuring on the bridge of the Terran Star Ship Outlook between the vessel's Captain and XO ran across the monoliths not-quite-there surface.

Hardy turned to his XO and nodded. "I shall meet them on their ship. Ready a small guard contingent"

the XO turned. "Sir, how can we trust those that we just met. We know nothing of their history, of their culture, of... anything! They could kill you the second you get on board their transport!"

Hardy closed his eyes breifly. "We must trust them. First contact is one of peace and diplomacy, and I will not be the one who changes that. I will meet them, and hope for the best. In my absense, keep radio contact with the other vessels in the area..."

"But they will be what they will be. Greetings Elder Kin of the Ordo Rokagi." Continued the reply no less warm but more sedate, and in proper Shadowspeech.
11-05-2008, 05:07
ooc: the giant ant bit is that refering to me.... i look like a spider but... i have powered exoskeletons for tyanks that are huge and look like ants >.> <.<

--Damn the luck!-- a helmsman cursed.--It's them.--
The Shipmother looked up, intrigued.--Giant ants built that?--
--No, shipmother. These humans have somehow drawn the Unity.--
--Remember the name? Odd selection for First Contact. We should remain, then. Repeat our hail, "We come in peace", yadda-yadda-yadda, until someone responds, and move us a bit closer. I've always wanted to examine one of those monoliths. And ready my bolongo in the event we actually start negotiations here.(OOC:A bolongo is a telepathic translation device)--
The battlecrab dropped into E-space and began making lazy arcs about the monolith, rather like a moth about a light.
The muri were more curious than fearful-since the Perfect Age, evolution was the sort of thing that happened to other people...
North Mack
11-05-2008, 07:09
(OoC: Kewen sorry I missed that :P so much going on at once in here)

KSS Enterance we will send a delegate team over as soon as they are ready. We hope this is the start of a long and prosperous relationship between our two cultures

(OoC: will post more later, tired now going to sleep sorry guys)
Ordo Drakul
11-05-2008, 14:46
OOC: The giant ant bit is a response to the helmsman's "It's them" remark, and is a reference to the old classic horror film Them! in which giant ants feature prominently.
IC:--Serenity and contentment to you--the shipmother transmitted to the monolith--It appears we have intruded upon the beginnings of an impromptu diplomatic meeting. Shall you be sending envoys as well, or shall we simply commune via transmission?--
The Elder Races had not warred among themselves for millenia, and the shipmother was not about to break tradition. Once the Unity answered, the muri would limit themselves as the Unity decided, for both desired contact with the Young Races, and only by acting as equals could they avoid contaminating the Young Races' development with their own views...
11-05-2008, 21:16
The diplomatic shuttle arrived at the North Mack ship soon enough, preparing to pick up the North Mack delegation. The small delegation to pick them up was not particularly diplomatic -- four heavy war droids and a power armoured staff member of the Admiral, the black and crimson armour glistening off the jet black helmet and face mask.

They took the North Mack delegation onto the diplomatic shuttle and made their way back to the Valefor. Looking outside, the delegation could have seen the massive Dersconi fleet and their manoevurings. They passed close to a Muspelheim supercarrier, where factories inside the ship itself could churn out mass produced drone fighters at an alarming rate.

And there it was. The massive coreship, HMSS Valefor. Right out of the front window, the shape of the head of the phoenix could be see, eyes glaring at the space around it.

The shuttle flew around to the docking port and landed safely. The staff officer escorted the North Mack delegation to the Admiral's office (after all, they weren't about to show them the bridge), where two figures stood waiting for them. One was Fleet Admiral Kazari Vladislav, only dressed in black and grey robes, his rank insignia on his left breast. The other was the black-cloaked Dragon Lord, face hidden from view by the hood. Kazari smiled.

"Welcome to the Valefor, please, sit. Can I get you anything to drink?"
11-05-2008, 23:08
"very well, a hanger has been cleared for your arrival"
wioth that part pf the KSS entrances hull moved back revealing a medium sized bay small lights were jettisoned from the bay and activated indicating this was where they would land.
One Starr
12-05-2008, 07:15
--It appears we have intruded upon the beginnings of an impromptu diplomatic meeting. Shall you be sending envoys as well, or shall we simply commune via transmission?--

**But are they ready for us to interact with them?** Came the reply **It has been more than a modicum of time, and they have not seemed to have changed muchly. We are uncertain if they are ready for such a message as this (**.

Nothing about the Dersconi, and other fleets, military might had gone unnoticed. It made for much amusement.

**We intend to simply observe at this junction. Might you be willing to honor our selfs with a visit so that we might observe in companionable company?**

The monolith shimmered, if somthing that absorbled light so completely could be said to shimmer. Once the ripple passed, a small teardrop of stellar brilliance emerged. In a looping, graceful arc it dove toward the battlecrab. The splinter of light halted with unerring precission a properly polite distance away. As it waited for a reply, the personal transport's brilliance dimmed, red shifting, so that it would not disturb the Muri's light sensitive vision.
12-05-2008, 08:19
Studying the bight light bozok decided to contact the thing that sent it
"greetings, we are the kewen we come in peace" he sent, a visual transmission
North Mack
12-05-2008, 21:23
"Welcome to the Valefor, please, sit. Can I get you anything to drink?"

The 4 Marines took up positions to either side of the door, carbines slung and unloaded, but within reach, should they be needed. Hardy moved foreward, and took the indicated seat.

"No, but thank you. On behalf of the Terran Empire of North Mack, the Emperor, and the Tribunal, I thank you for this meeting, and for your time."


The transport shuttle, loaded and ready, drifted out of the Outlooks hangar. It moved silently through space, heading towards the Kewen ship. Onboard rode the standard delegation, 4 Marines, 1 Pilot, and 1 Diplomatic Delegate.

This is Terran Shuttle Delta coming in for approach to KSS Enterance. Please advise on landing vector"
12-05-2008, 22:25
"you are clear to land in bay one" said a dock drone the lights activating clearyly showing where he was going to land.
13-05-2008, 02:19
Should violence break out in the Admiral's office -- unlikely, considering -- it would be easily quelched. There were a total of six guards in the office. Four of which were merely Imperial Marines, dressed in all black power armour, the shielding giving it a faint crimson phosphorescence. The other two, however, were eight foot tall dragon-like creatures clad in gold and crimson armour, alien staves that could probably take out the hull of a small fighter. The Admiral looked around, sighed.

"I tire of all of this paranoia, but it's Dersconi policy. If I may, I would like to ask your guards to stand outside, so I may get rid of mine. Crowded room, and all." If the North Mackan said yes, then there would only be the delegate, the Dragon Lord, and the Admiral. If he said no, then all would be the same. Either way, the meeting would continue.

After the Mackan declined his offer, the Admiral hid the insult effectively. When offered a drink in Derscon, declining it was effectively spitting in the person's face. but they couldn't possibly be excpected to know that, so he let it slide.

"It is, of course, never a problem. To start, I would like to get to know a little bit about you, since we are, unfortunately, lacking in such information. First, tell me a bit about you, then second, tell me a little about your country. Obviously, negotiations won't go very far if neither knows anything about the other."
Ordo Drakul
13-05-2008, 08:20
--I should be glad to oblige you, Unity--the shipmother replied, cautiously. He believed that the Unity had long ago transcended flesh to form some sort of vast energy matrix comprising the minds of the entire race, but was not certain--However, the Eternal Enemy has arisen, and has pawns among the Young Races, even today. We are not permitted the luxury of observation alone.--
A Spitter detached from the battlecrab, broadcasting to the Young Races:"We come in peace, and would join in the community of Space as brothers! This ship carries our diplomat, Kagga Venn of the Ordo Annilla. He is empowered to speak on behalf of the Magasta's Pride, and any agreement will be sent to our Voivode, who will send more official diplomats....We come in..."
The Unity had not faced the Great Old Ones, the massive cold beings who swore to destroy all that was not them, at least not to the muri's knowledge, but if they had faced these things, the knowledge that the corpse-cities stirred again and the Sleeper of Vhoorl sent forth dreams from his crooked hill might stir them to greater action.
--I shall personally sit with you to observe, however, as a show of good faith.--the shipmother signalled for his personal Spitter to be readied, and pinned his bolongo to his jerkin. The Unity were an Elder Race, which made them equals, and strange-just as they would consider the muri equals and strange, but diplomacy was equal parts accepting their strangeness and recieving acceptance of your own...
One Starr
13-05-2008, 11:07
"greetings, we are the kewen we come in peace"

Another ripple and a second emerged from the aphotic void of the monolith. This one was different, larger. The reply went out to the kewen and space about the larger light errupted in dazzlement as it initiated conversation (


--I shall personally sit with you to observe, however, as a show of good faith.--

**I am honored. Our selfs await your visit with anticipation. And yes we know what stirs. Gsarthotegga hungers, and the Key and Gate that are one moves.**

The redshifted mote swallowed the Muri's Spitter once it left the battlecrab. And it in turn was swallowed by the monolith. The Shipmother found himself in a large darkly red lit room. A room that was comfortably furnished for a Muri, with darksense pleasant metals embedded in the walls and other such niceties. Foods such to tempt a Muri palate and Powzie awaited
The only other occupant seemed to be nothing more than a shadow of a Leporidae ( ** Please forgive me but I am honoring an old friend. You may call me Harvey**

However there was the subliminal feeling of many, many more about. A limitless number. Some watching, others engaged in conversations from casual to deeply philosophical. And yet others intently moving about duties unguessable. The ship mother was in no way ignored, but they waited back, like well mannered puppies, awaiting invitation.
13-05-2008, 11:11
ooc: WTF... errr.. i mean onestarr what am i supposed to do with Dots... can you spreken the english or something to me?
13-05-2008, 11:13
The kewen on the bridge stared at the lights dumbstruck not knowing wht to do sending a closed transmission only to the flashing light and the monolith

"we cannot, understand you, we wish peace."
Ordo Drakul
13-05-2008, 11:56
Shipmother Durgas smiled. The Unity had gone to lengths to make him feel at home, and he did appreciate it. Most of the races that had left their physical bodies behind either turned from the physical entirely, or still hungered for it. Happy mediums were few and far between. He raised the leaden tankard of Powzie! to his host.--Thusly do I honor your friend, Harvey. To your health!--he downed the tankard, feeling the warmth of Powzie! gurgling down his rock gizzard to the rock stomach.
His fetch informed him of the floating minds of the Unity all about him, but he expected he would be revealing himself to an entire race when he came. He watched the interactions with the kewen wryly.
--Spiders don't really like such displays, you know--he said conversationally. The muri had domesticated spiders since their own prehistory, so long ago, and they were still the favored pets and steeds on Pamaltela.--I know the kewen are far beyond that, but certain prejudices are still hard-wired into the system. I don't think you would want to trigger a fight-or-flight response. Although it is certainly not my place, you should perhaps consider allowing them an emissary or cloaking yourself from their senses entirely. It would be bad form to spike their diplomacy by your appearance. The Young Races need each other badly for what is to come--
Kagga Venn parked his Spitter in orbit, and continued the hail. When he was told where to go, he would proceed, but not until then...
14-05-2008, 10:36
A message was sent to the ALien vesel carrying the diplomat
"kagga venn"
"Greetings back to you," was sent in a closed transmission "Would you like to come abord our vessel and meet us?"
Ordo Drakul
14-05-2008, 11:12
Kagga adjusted his bolongo, a small stone mask he wore like a badge, and allowed it to translate for him:"Certainly, the muri long for discourse with the Brotherhood of Sentients. Guide me to docking position and we may meet in person."
He was looking forward to this-the muri believed that after the Perfect Age, the gods took the Man rune from animals, giving them instead the Beast rune, and as the rift between Man and Beast grew wider, the spider leaped the gulf to stand by the trolls rather than with their animal brethren. On Pamaltela, the spider had been domesticated aeons ago, and Kagga caught himself wondering if domestication had not hampered the Pamaltelan spider's development into something like these kewen.
He adjusted his robes of midnight blue, so dark as to appear black, and reminded himself the kewen were a sentient species who would not appreciate even the friendliest pat on the thorax and "Who's a fuzzy boy?" However, he did have some liquid proteins he would offer anyway-among trolls, the first order of business is to tend to the belly lest it make it's own negotiations.
14-05-2008, 12:36
"Mr, Kagga, you can land in docking bay one its the one with the bright green lights and we hope all goes well." said a drone from the bridge
One Starr
14-05-2008, 12:36
'See, I told you we should have done it on a base of eight with the vibratory overriding the optical.'

'Yes they misunderstood completely and ... 'but math is music and music math,surely.. but that was a most private grumble.

'Then respond to them, so that we look less foolish than we are.'

'Yes, mother'
"we cannot, understand you, we wish peace."

**And peace in return unto you of the kewen. Might we visit?** The splinter of light hung before the KSS Entrance's prow.


--Although it is certainly not my place, you should perhaps consider allowing them an emissary or cloaking yourself from their senses entirely. It would be bad form to spike their diplomacy by your appearance. The Young Races need each other badly for what is to come--

**We percieve our error, and thank you for your suggestion. We ++ concept indicating particular branch / sub community ...or perhaps a study group++ have not interacted with the kewen or their ancestral deritivative moieties priorily.** Harvey let one ear flop as he noddded calmly. One paw wrapped about his own tankard of Powzie! His nose twitched appreciatively as he took a sip. [I]**Ah, delicious indeed!**

**Given the seemingly militaristic nature of some of the participants We have concerns.** The uniccupied paw waved and miniature but crisply clear images of the various meetings taking place sprang into being.
14-05-2008, 12:52
ooc: is that last bit speaking to me? i get ocnfused with your posts, there good but i get lost sometimes.

The Entrace rotated and opened its hanger bays
"Yes you can visist, you may board out ship so we can meet or we could board yours, it is your choice and a honor to meet you"
North Mack
14-05-2008, 17:01
"I tire of all of this paranoia, but it's Dersconi policy. If I may, I would like to ask your guards to stand outside, so I may get rid of mine. Crowded room, and all."

Hardy nodded to the guards, who silently left through the door and stood outside. "Standard procedure and all, you understand I'm sure. " Hardy said motioning to the guards. "But let us get down to business."

"You want to know about North Mack? We are from planet about 13 LY from here. We were, until recently, contained on our planet, or within our solar system, although all the other planets in the system were hospitable to life. We fought among ourselves for many centuries, before finally being united under the flag of North Mack, the dominant military nation. This was 200 years ago. Without internal wars, we were able to focus our research and funding outwards, exploring our solar system, and eventually becoming able to reach other stars. the TSS Outlook is our first true starship, and the most famous of its class of battleship. "


The shuttle followed the lighting, and entered the hangar in the Kewen ship. First to exit from the ship were the 4 guards, who took up positions around the shuttle. The delegate exited after, and stood in front of the shuttle.
14-05-2008, 22:18
A Kewen diplomt stood waiting for the north mack shuttle to arrive when what appeared to be the diplomate exit it 100D steped forward and spoke inenglish(gal-standard :P)
"greetings,welcome to the KSS Entrance it is a honor to meet you"
15-05-2008, 01:49
The Admiral nodded, listening to Hardy give a quick overview of the history of North Mack, and waited to make sure he was finished before responding.

"Ah, I see. Well, in that case," he said, smiling. "Welcome to the universe.

"So what kind of society is North Mack? What are some cultural bits of information? You obviously told me you're a more militaristic culture, but what underlying philosophies permeate North Mack? Are you predominantly capitalist? Communist? Socialist? Mixed? Post-scarcity?" He resisted the urge to pour himself a glass of vodka, as that would be rude, considering his guest didn't wish for anything.

"What kind of government runs North Mack? Stratocracy? Standard military dictatorship? Oligarchy? Monarchy? Democracy?"
North Mack
15-05-2008, 02:16
The diplomat stared at the kewen delegate for a second before realization dawned on him. "Ah," he replied in english. "You speak English. I did not recognize it at first, it is a very rare language on our planet."

the delegate extended his hand. "I am Vlaznik Morrison, Terran Empire diplomat"


Hardy nodded.

"We are I guess you would call it a military junta or sorts. We are led by the Emperor, who is advised by the Council. The council is made entirely of retired military men. Most rights within our society require citizenship, which can be attained by enlisting in the armed forces past the required 2 years of service.

Our culture is incredibly diverse thanks to the nations that were absorbed under the dominion of North Mack. Everything varies depending on where you are on the planet exactly.

But enough about us. What is your culture like? Your government, your people?"
15-05-2008, 03:11
The Admiral chuckled. "A military junta, eh? Seems to be fairly common around these parts."

When he asked about Derscon, the Admiral grunted. "How much do you want to know? It would take ages to tell it all -- the history books don't go back any further than the Third Empire. We're in the fifth, at the moment. In university, you can get to the Second, but you won't find anything dating back beyond that outside of the Royal Archives, and only Imperial Scholars can access them, and even that, only the first tier." Ah, he thought to himself. Fuck it. He pulled out a glass and poured himself a glass of peach schnapps, since he'd be talking awhile, and set the bottle on the desk. "Are you sure you don't want any?" He took a sip to moisten his tongue.

"AS you can see by not only this ship, but this fleet, Derscon is a culture that takes great pride in its warrior culture. However, Derscon is not your average warrior culture -- we are also skilled mediators, offering our services to any to mediate and hopefully negotiate armed conflicts to an end, preferably before they start. Alas, that is not always possible." He motioned to the sword hanging on the back of the wall, as well as a picture of a magnificant palace, looking both futuristic and ancient at the same time, sitting in a white field.

"Derscon, however, most prides itself in our craftsmanship -- shown through our swords, and our architecture. That sword was forged from a material unknown to any but the Guildmasters of the Blade Families, the prominent guilds dating back even before the time of the First Empire. It can withstand untold amount of abuse, and yet retain its flawless edge. The sword in Derscon is a symbol of pride and honour -- you will find no "show swords" in Derscon. For an officer to lose his sword in battle is the utmost disgrace one can suffer." The blade glimmered, even though no light shined on it, reflecting a wispy and etherial whitish-blue colour. Admiral Kazari took another sip of his drink before turning back to Hardy.

"As for our government, it, like our culture, is dated and complicated. At the Imperial level, we are ruled by Tsar Xavier II, who possesses complete and autocratic power over the Imperial government. He is above all law -- international law is not respected in Derscon -- and may rule at will. Of course, for a modern state, that's inefficient, so there is a council of ministers with the appropriate bureaucracies to support the Imperial Government. Beyond that, it is far too confusing to get into." He finished his glass and looked back at Hardy. The Dragon Lord continued to sit unspeaking in the corner of the office.

"Is there anything else you would like to know?"
Ordo Drakul
15-05-2008, 03:51
Durgas looked at the kewen and it's guards. They were arachnid in outline, with some differences. As a guest, he would not speak until introduced by his host, but he could eavesdrop, though the communications of the Unity were complex, they fell within the capacity of his bolongo. He idly filled his tankard again, and watched...
Kagga waited until the bay doors closed and the atmosphere pumped in before opening the valve through which he would exit. As he stepped out, he saw kewen staring curiously at him. "Good afternoon, gentlemen-will we be conferring alone, or shall the humans be joining us?" his bolongo spoke in perfect, clipped tones, nuetral to the kewen's speech patterns...
15-05-2008, 07:40
100D shoke the terran diplomates hand
"I am 100D representative of the Kewen, this lanugage English(gal-standard) is anceint to us over 4000 years since we last used it, sorry if its bad if you would please follow me to a private area we can speak privately a small part of the wall indistinguishable for the next part opened and 100D waited for a response


Meanwhile near the other alien shuttle/ship/lightbulb the kewen diplomate 40D stood in awe as the alien decended from the ship and spoke in kewen
" you knowo ur language?" 40D said a little slower than he should of
"and if you wish please follow me to a private area" he added small part of the wall indistinguishable for the next part opened and 40D stepped thorugh motioning for him to follow.
Ordo Drakul
15-05-2008, 16:15
Kagga followed the kewen, his bolongo explaining:"My people are ancient, Friend 40D. While most peoples begin their histories with Creation forming out of the Void, my people lived in the Void for centuries and witnessed much of Creation. Similarly, we have traversed far and witnessed much. I believe we have been monitoring your various broadcasts since well before you broke the light barrier. I rather enjoyed 20G's Island, what little of it I saw-did the castaways ever return to civilization?"
The kewen looked askance at that, so Kagga amended:"Probably before your time. I take it your nation occupies this territory, or conducts trade throughout it? I overheard you were seeking pirates earlier."
One Starr
16-05-2008, 08:21
OOC:My apologies Kewen, from now I'll put an addressing label at top of each section

"Yes you can visist, you may board out ship so we can meet or we could board yours, it is your choice and a honor to meet you"

The splinter of light slithered over the KSS Entrance's hull, engulfing it briefly. Then with a ripple it disappeared to reform within the hold that the other diplomatic craft rested within.

It hung, a glowing quasi-liquid teardrop, in midair for a long second before taking the form a crystalline arachnid; no larger than it's hosts, with iridescent fires filling it's eight eyes. The abdomen and the cephalothorax appeared buffed to a transparent frosted finish that glowed faintly from with in. Others parts, the walking legs, pedilaps and the hairs that sprouted from them were so clear as to be all but invisible to the naked human eye.

It's voice was a melodious cascade of bells that danced along the auditory organs "Thank you for your welcome."
North Mack
17-05-2008, 02:24
Morrison nodded to 100D and entered the room, motioning for the guards to wait outside.


Hardy nodded. "Just one more thing. I am assuming your culture has encountered other spacefaring nations and races before, what is the galaxy like? Is it large, powerful multiplanet empires? Is it violent, peaceful, just, on average. In short, does North Mack stand a change of surviving in this new frontier?"
20-05-2008, 22:57
OOC: Oh dear Thor this is confusing. XD Ordo Drakul, North Mack was responding to my Admiral in that question, not you. You're not on my ship. :P

Fleet Admiral Kazari Vladislav couldn't help but smirk. "The galaxy itself is that, but there is even more beyond the galaxy. The Divine Prussian Empire itself has holdings in multiple galaxies, but that's a rare occurence. As for North Mack surviving..." He took another sip of his drink before continuing.

"Perhaps, if you treaded lightly. Or...joined us."
Ordo Drakul
21-05-2008, 04:17
OOC:My bad-I got confused, and with the thread languishing thought I should kick in-I'll fix it
North Mack
22-05-2008, 18:58
"Perhaps, if you treaded lightly. Or...joined us."

Hardy frowned. "I do not appreciate threats Admiral. The Terran Empire is small, yes. But we bow to no-one, and will fight those who seek to force us to."

suddenly, he smiled. Reaching out, Hardy poured himself a drink. "However, we would be interested in an alliance, were your nation to find it in their best interest"
23-05-2008, 21:20
The Admiral chuckled and shook his head. "No, it's not a threat. It's a warning. The galaxy can be a violent place, and stepping on the toes of the wrong nation at the wrong time can have dire consequences for any nation. I meant no offence." When Hardy poured himself a drink, Kazari smiled to himself.

"Well, that is why I invited you here. We're always looking to make friends in the universe. What do you think North Mack has to offer?"
24-05-2008, 08:45
ooc: sorry guys been buzy and have fallen behind an people repost bits in a OOC context regarding me thanks it would be a BIG help
North Mack
25-05-2008, 17:30
Hardy nodded.

"Unfortunatly, I am not sure right now. Being new to the galaxy and all, we are not yet aware whether North Mack has anything of value. We do know that we have several kinds of minerals that can be smelted to create a formidable armor of extreme lightweight. All the armor of our soldiers is made of this alloy, and it has proved invaluable in war. Perhaps we could export some and you can see if you have a use for it."
26-05-2008, 20:12
Admiral Kazari thought a moment, and shrugged. "I don't know about that, but perhaps a joint Derscon/North Mack crew could catalogue and explore some of North Mack's resource bases and see if there's anything that North Mack could contribute material-wise to an alliance. The Tsar would also most likely wish to meet with your Head of State, as well, to work out the diplomatic and cultural details, and undoubtedly, a few military commanders would like to meet with yours to work out the defence side. This is not only to see what North Mack can offer us, but what Derscon can offer North Mack. Alliances, after all, are always two-way-streets." He took a quick sip of his drink before continuing.

"From what you describe, seeing how you have interacted so far with me, and how your fleets have interacted with the others, I am confident that Tsar Xavier would welcome you with open arms. I, of course, would look forward to working with North Mack in the future."
North Mack
31-05-2008, 00:59
Hardy nodded once more. "I can bring a delegation back on our ship when we return to Trinakai, if that would be easiest for you, or we can provide co-ordinates of our planet for a future delegation."
31-05-2008, 21:07
Vladislav shrugged. "Well, since we're already here, why not handle things now? We have appropriate non-combat vessals with us."

OOC: Heh, short and crappy, but not much else to do.
North Mack
01-06-2008, 16:18
Hardy smiled. "Well then, best not to waste any more time. I will head back to the Outlook and prepare for the warp. When you are ready send over your vessel. Our bay should be large enough, however if its not the warp bubble can be extended"
Ordo Drakul
03-06-2008, 15:52
OOC:As the only nonhuman participating, should I send another representative to the North Mack ship? The others seem to have withdrawn