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A Conference at Sea (Closed ATTN: Canaery)

Valtican City
08-05-2008, 03:01
From the Desk
Most Holy and Serene Pope Peter-Thomas Aquantais

In light of my recent actions and my going into the darkness after the Ryou incident I now know my power is not well known so I reach out to all of those theocracies and Holy Nations out there to come to us and reonise me as the one true holy Pope sent from God. Once agreed upon two councils shall be set up; The Cardinal Council, which will be of all archbishops and Holy Leaders aligned with I, and the Church of Aridak, the Church of Aridak is the section of the CHurch ready for war which will be guided not only by the hand of god by Colonel Alois Aridak. I wish that this may be done in a peaceful manner and that God be with you all and always.

If not aligned with Church but interested please contact me here s that we may establish Churches in your nations or specific areas. Also if in any crisis brought upon by a Satanic force is struck upon thy nations contact the JEruselum Council so that we may vote upon aiding you with funds.

Thank you.