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Hobbeebian Fact book ( modern day)

Modern day Hobbeebia
07-05-2008, 23:50
I. Basic Information

1. Country Name and Three Letter Acronym: The Majestic Imperium of Hobbeebia -- IoH

2. Capital: Hobbeebia Prime

3. Background: Hobbeebia was created from a host of Multi-nationals who have been deported or have been sent into refugee statuses from a crossed the world. The nation first began around 1000 BC. Upon which time the people created the nation of Hobbeebia as a refugee colony. The colony was eventually given up as it became lawless and unproductive. After a brief period of Anarchy three men by the names of Hobbeebius I, Ca’rl , and Johnius took control of the lawless city-state and soon began to form a more unified city-State. Soon the economy boomed and the people prospered as the mountains in the area where soon found to posses gold ore deposits as well as silver. The people of Hobbeebia soon found that with this new found source of funding they could begin global trade.

Soon people from around the world began to immigrate to the nation and soon settled in the land. With the influx of new blood coming into the nation, soon sea trading and naval forces as skilled shjp-crafters settled into the lands. Farmers from all around came and planted many crops and found fertile lands in which to prosper. The people found the rule of the Triumphant quite good and then sought to show others the way a nation should be ran. As such the nation of Hobbeebia began its conquest of surrounding areas. Many areas gave in quickly as they have seen the wealth of the Hobbeebian nation and well happy to be annexed.

Other however resisted and wars soon erupted between them. These wars lasted many years and had many casualties. These series of wars came to be known as the Imperium Wars to Hobbeebian Scholars. The Nation of Hobbeebia acquired three other nation provinces in the area before stopping its conquest. The nation continued its progress through out time and followed the ways of a mixture of different government styles throughout history.. They claim the nations government is as follows: A Triumphant Republican Imperial.

II. Vital Statistics

4. Sub-Region: North

5. Name of Provinces: Iberian Penn.

6. Population: 41,220,214 Approx

7. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): approx: 9 Trillion USD- EDITED

III. Government

8. Country Name: The Majestic Imperium Of Hobbeebia

(a) Conventional Long Form: The Majestic Imperium Of Hobbeebia

(b) Local Long Form: The Majestic Imperium Of Hobbeebia

(c) Local Short Form: Hobbeebia

9. Country’s Motto: Peace, Light and prosperity, through righteousness of rule

10. Government Type: A Triumphant Republican Imperial.

11. Independence Date: 1000 BC

12. Independence from: Saxon

13. National Holiday (S): Day of Santcum, Day of Rest, Day of The Imperium, Christmas, St Patricks day

14. Legal System: Tri-cameral Judicial system

15. Suffrage (age): Age of Accountability

16. Suffrage (who may vote): All

National Leadership

IV. Executive Branch

17. Leader of Government: Triumphant Emperors

18. Leader of Government’s Political Party: Hobbeebius XXXVI

19. Head of State: Mr. Austin Rynex

20. Leader of Government’s Cabinet: Mr. Ben Longman

21. Method of Election/Term Length: Elections are held once every 5 years for the positions of the Grand Council of Honors

22. Date of Next Election: Jan/1/2008

23. Date of Last Election/Results: 4 years ago

V. Legislative Branch

24. Names of Major Political Parties: Tri-Imperial Party, Democratic Party, Republican Isolationist Party

25. Names of Political Pressure Groups: Republican Isolationist Party

26. Names of Chambers in Legislature: Grand Council of Honors, Grand Council of The Esteemed

27. Seats in Each Chamber / Length of Term: Grand Council of Honors- ( Seats-250/ 5 years)---- Grand Council of the Esteemed –( Seats- 500/ 5 years)

28. Last Election Date:4 years ago

29. Last Election Results : Tri-Imperial Party Victorious

30. Next Election Date: Jan/1/2008

VI. Judicial Branch

31. Number of Supreme Court Justices: 15

32. Process through which Justices Come to Power: Appointment through the Grand Council then approved by ruling Emperors

VII. Foreign Policy

33. International Organization Participation: None

34. Territorial Disputes: None

VIII. Economy

35. Economic Overview: Strong and powerful yet vulnerable

36.GDP Growth Rate (2006): increasing as value of gold and silver increase along with Technologies industry increase as well as well funded Mining industry

37. GDP Percentage by Sector

Agriculture: 10%

Industry: 80%

Services: 20%

38. Unemployment Rate (total):10% curved by Compulsory military service

Urban Areas: 1%

Rural Areas: 9%

39. Percentage of Population Below the Poverty Line (total): 10%

Urban Areas: 7%

Rural Areas: 3%

40. Inflation (percentage): 2%

41. Electricity Production by Source

Fossil Fuel: 0%

Hydro: 30%



Total 100%

42. Nuclear Energy Capabilities: Strong yet reserved

43. Currency Name: Hobbeebian Amulet

44. External Debt: 0 USD

45. Creditor countries: None

46. Commodities Market


2 million barrels Uranium 2 thousand tons Machinery 100 million tons
Gas (Natural)
20 thousand tons Gold 300 million Bars Vehicles 50 million Vehicles
Petro Products
100,000 gallons Diamonds 40 million kts Man. Goods 10 million units
Critical life medical
9 million units Minerals Iron-40m-t
Alumi-20 m-t
Consumer Goods 20 million units
0 Textiles 40 billion units Tobacco 0
30 million units
Foodstuffs 0 Wine 300 million gallons
10 million LBS-Beef
10 million LBS-pork
15 million LBS- Sheep
Cotton 0 Vanilla
(& Other Spices) 0
10 million barrels Timber 30 million logs of assorted timber Sugar 0
20 million barrels Flowers 0 Fish 40 million Tons of sea life
0 Services: Tourism,
work camps

47. Commodities Market


0 Uranium 0 Machinery 0
Gas (Natural)
0 Gold 0 Vehicles 0
Petro Products
0 Diamonds 0 Man. Goods 0
0 Minerals Tin-10 million-tons
Copper-20 million tons Consumer Goods 0
10 million units Textiles Ceramics-20 million tons Tobacco 20million units
Polyesters- 20 million units Foodstuffs 1 million units Wine 0
0 Cotton 50 million units Vanilla
(& Other Spices) 50 million units
30 million units Timber 0 Sugar 100 million units
0 Flowers 10 million units Fish 0
50 million units Services: Landfills 20 million tons a year

IX. Infrastructure

48. Ports and Harbors:400

49. Number of airports with paved runways:300

50. Name of Major International Airports: Imperial International, Hobbeebius International, John Rynex International, Guardians International, Southwest International, North east International.

X. Social Indicators

51. Life expectancy at Birth (in years): 97%

Male: 97%

Female: 96%

52. Total Fertility Rate:94%

53. Nationality: Hobbeebian

Noun: Hobbeebian

Adjective: none

54. Ethnic Groups: Caucasian, black, Oriental

55. Religious Composition: Imperial Church of God ( protestant ) 65%
Church of Christ and later day Saints ( Morman ) 34%
Other: 1%- Split into two religions: The Blackatia Agentie, The Rogutis agentie- See appendex 1 for more information of the two groups

56. Languages: English

57. Literacy: High

Total Population: 98%

Male: 98%

Female: 97%


Adult Prevalence Rate (percentage of total population): 1%

Total number of citizens living with HIV/AIDS: 200,000

Total number of HIV/AIDS deaths in past year: 55,542

59. Major infectious diseases and degree of risk: Hobbeeian Neuron Virus-High

XI. Military

60. Military branches: Air forces-regular, Air forces- Civilian maintained air patrol, Army- Regular, Army- Civilian maintained Militia, Naval Forces-Regular, Naval Civilian maintained Coast guard, Marine Forces- Sub-branch of Naval regular, Imperial Guardsmen, Imperial Guardians-of-Light. Section 1 Secret Services

61. Military service:

Is Military Service Compulsory: Yes

Minimum age for service: Age of Accountability

62. Manpower available for military service: 5 million combat personnel- 10 million Logistics personnel

63. Military expenditures per year – in US$ Dollars: 200 billion

64. Military expenditures as a percentage of GDP: 20%

65. Weapons of mass destruction: yes:

Nuclear Weapons: See military factbook
Chemical Weapons: See military factbook
Biological Weapons: See military factbook
XII. Transnational Disputes

66. Territorial disputes with other states:none

67. Non-territorial disputes with other states:none


Advanced discription of Hobbeebian Economy and monetary system:

Hobbeebian Economy - a closer look

Hobbeebia as a nation is a very self-sufficent nation with little or no need for forgien
trade to help boost an economy that has no effect on internal monetary value. This is
accomplished by producing almost eclusively as an exporting nation, and importing nothing.
By design the nation operates as if they money being used by its citizens is actually
worth something, and it is within the nation itself. Money or Amulets as they are called,
are gained by a person or persons who works for the Government, within a government
ran company. The workers accumulate work hour credits which are translated into Amulets
with a base value that appears to equal the base value of the USD 1 Dallor. As
Stated above with the nation itself they are worth this amount.

So what has been accomplished? Simple. The nation of Hobbeebia has created an
economy that is completely void of actual currency that is woth nothing on the outside,
but worth everything inside, which as an export producing nation, allows the citizens to buy
from the government owned companies as if they had real money. the Items bought are surplus
products from which the citizens helped to make. The money or assets earned from export,
Along with the gold and silver mined from the nations land are what is used in
determining the nations current monetary value. As stated above being an export nation
little or no resources are required to operate thus allowing the nation to build a powerful
reserve of funds while not losing anything is all actuallity.


Citizen A works for Government company A for 40 hours. This citizen has earned roughly
500 Amulets in which he or she may spend at Government Company B. No actual fund have
been exchanged, more like a simple trade... like I work for food, and cloths, and a
house, and a car, and everything else. If the nation doesn't produce an item, the
nation buys the item with it reserves and sells it within the nation within
Government Company C.