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Earth, Earth II, Earth:SR, etc.?

Achau Adawnalydd
07-05-2008, 23:10
I've been informed of these 'Organizations' if you can call them that, which you probably can't.

They consist of what seems to be an RP of Earth itself, in which you can claim land for your own and discuss politics in a more organized manner.

Now, I agree with 'Earth', but I'm wondering if I could be a part of this and if others would be able to help me out with it. I'm not that new to this, I have a nation of about 100 Million people (not that powerful).

For the people that are wondering what my def'n of 'help' is, it means helping me get into this whole Earth thing so I can understand everything they're talking about when they say "OOP, ESR" or something like that, as well as helping me figure out how (fairly) big my nation shall be. Now my Economy isn't so good, my Civil Rights are Very good, and my Political freedoms are Under Average...-.-

I'm aiming to become a nation of Economic prosperity, and my top priorities are Health Care, Education, Defence, and Social Welfare. I'm also thinking up a new name so people don't stare at the screen for a bit to learn how to say my nation's name.


-Dylan Jones, Prime Minister of Achau Adawnalydd