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Requiem for a Capitalist (Closed, Attn: Stoklomolvi)

07-05-2008, 01:40
Briefing Room, Fortress Rock, Akimonad

"The plan is quite simple," said the man in the front of the room. He stood in front a screen which at the moment showed a large vector map of Stoklomolvi. Three persons were spectating from seats. "You three agents will be sent to investigate the apparent disappearance of the Capitalist candidate in the Stoklomolvi elections. He has been eliminated from the race with no explanation. This is, of course, curious to us, as we desire to see more communist nations switch systems."

He paused for a moment.

"We have only these," he said, as pictures took the place of the map behind him. "Pindarus-7 took these a few days ago during a routine recon flyover. It checks the capitol, Vladistov, the government buildings and embassies." One picture eclipsed the others. "This is embassy row at basic resolution. Things are tiny at the resolution so we're basically speculating." He highlighted a car with his laser pointer. "This, we believe, is the Capitalist's car. Our informant tells us that this is a probable example. Now, look here. This is an APC, or so it would appear. This is the Yanitarian embassy. Notice the security personnel."

Another photo appeared on screen.

"A few moments later, smoke from the APC. A twinge of orange here, probably fire. The personnel are somewhat scattered."

Another photo.

"In this one, something that looks like a gurney. It appears to be occupied. The APC is still smoking. Some security personnel look to be captured by others."

The photos disappeared, being replaced by the Plan6 Intelligence logo.

"No doubt about it, something happened. You are to find out why."

A few men came out with a briefcase, a manila envelope and three files. The man handed the agents their respective folders.

"Agent Alpha, your identity. Agent Nu, yours. Omega, yours." The men opened the folders and scanned the contents.

"Okay. The basics. You're Hryvinians. You're going to meet up with actual Hryvinians later, though they won't be assuming aliases for whatever reason. You will take separate flights to Stoklomolvi. As we don't service them from here you'll have to jump around countries that do."

The man picked up the briefcase. "One of you will field test this. It's a briefcase that contains a small lead briefcase, large enough to conceal a pistol. You put clothes all around the lead briefcase to give the illusion of a full briefcase when it gets scanned."

"Upon landing, you will proceed to a suburb of Vladistov. Directions are enclosed in your folder. From there, proceed to a post office and open Box 2971. You all have redundant keys. Inside that box is a letter to our informant and agent's house and a door key. Go there; he will have everything you need to proceed in the investigation."

The agents closed their folders.

"Well," the man said. "Go and pack. Wheels up in 48 hours."

The agents began to stand up.

"Oh, and one more thing. This briefing never happened. This mission does not exist. It will not exist when you return, and it has never existed."

The agents stood up, muttering affirmatives, and left the room.

[OOC: If you have any problems (I tried to make it plausible and somewhat generic) just bring them to my attention.]
08-05-2008, 07:45
[OOC: Ah, a non-angry-angry-yell-argue-nuke-ignore-flame-rebuke-rant-yell-nuke-angry thread. I forgot about this for a while, and for that I apologise. It sounds very good. Then again, I can't really post anything, since ICly I don't know anything.]
09-05-2008, 11:24
Some airport in Stoklomolvi ( :p )

Agent Nu was particularly ill at ease. Not knowing whether his fellow agents had entered the country without difficulty, he felt very alone.

Worst of all, he had the prototype briefcase. And he had just come off his flight.

He grabbed the briefcase and pulled out his forged passport and headed for whatever sort of customs service might exist in this country.

Looking around, he spotted some largish walk-through metal detectors and entered the lines.

[OOC: I've made a few assumptions here to move along - that is, the others got in okay, you have customs, things like that. I suppose you can get involved with security folks. Agent Nu here will appear slightly nervous but courteous.]
09-05-2008, 23:55
There were five KGB officers standing around the security checkpoint. Three had AK-108s [MP40] slung over their shoulders, while the two others had small electronic tablets on which they recorded security details. One foreign man was found to be carrying a firearm in the airport, and he instantly was jumped on by one of the gun-toting officers and was thrown to the ground. The KGB officer yelled at him.

"Онлыцитизенсоф Стокломолвимаы поссессфиреармс!"

The foreign man started putting his hands up, and the KGB officer promptly fired his gun into the man's head, exploding it and sending blood into the floor. The other travellers looked at the body, shrugged, and moved on. It was an everyday thing. When the Agent arrived, the stern-faced KGB officer seated behind the bulletproof glass stared at him. He spoke in a thick Stoklomolvi [Russian-ish] accent.

"Your papers, иностранец."

He searched through the database.
Soviet Aissur
10-05-2008, 01:05
10-05-2008, 18:26
Briefing Room, Undisclosed Location Somewhere in Hryvinia

"Take a seat and get comfortable gentlemen, we've got a lot to go over." the voice of Director Anderson carried through the room, as imposing and businesslike as ever. He was standing in the back of what appeared at first glance to be a theater, though much smaller.

"Cut the lights please. Let's get down to business," he barked to a door guard, who immediately obeyed before removing himself from this classified briefing.

"Ok, as you know the Akimonadis have a team on the ground attempting to impersonate ISIS and gather intel on the disappearance of a capitalist candidate for President of Stoklomolvi. We don't know how successful they've been as yet, but your job is to get in-country, link up with them and assist in finding out what's going on. There is no set mission plan here since we don't know much other than that a diplomat has gone missing. Any questions?"

"How are we getting into Stoklomolvi?," one of the agents queried.

"Excellent question. You will be given falsified passports and traveling papers, which show you as students from Krogstad University's study abroad program. Once you're in you'll need to act in character to avoid any unwanted attention."

"Do we have a timeline for this?," another agent asked.

"Well obviously we need to get in and out in good order but you'll be there as long as you need to. Your visas are good for a year, though I doubt you'll need them that long."

"One last thing. Your visas," the director said, stepping forward as the lights came back on and the projector cut off. "Your names are Christian Evans and Jennifer Wu. You are studying International Relations, and you're in Stok to gather primary-source research on the daily workings of Communist nations. You are also," the director paused here to contain a chuckle "boyfriend and girlfriend. When in public, you should try to play that part as best you can, but stay focused on the mission. We're counting on you."

Chris and Jennifer rose, saluted and strode out of the room, feeling a bit anxious about their alias backgrounds, but accepting that during the course of their chosen profession these things were bound to happen.

"By the way," the director called after them, "this meeting never happened."
10-05-2008, 19:07
[OOC: Who are you now? Caelapes?]
10-05-2008, 19:15
[OOC: Who are you now? Caelapes?]

OOC: Actually this was the person I was planning to do it with all along. Which is why my agents have Hryvinian passports and such.
10-05-2008, 19:20
[OOC: Ah, I see. Wouldn't it be rather odd, then, to have Hyrvinian passports when nobody from Hyrvinia ever comes to Stoklomolvi? Disguise it as something more passable, such as, say, Yanitarian or some random nation like the World Soviet Party. I don't like interacting with capitalist nations ICly.]