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Luxembourg incident (ESR only)

05-05-2008, 03:25

German and Luxembourgers police were still trying to find out who placed car bombs in Cologne and Mertert. German troops were based on the border now, searching every vehicle that went into Germany from Luxembourg. Paris was also under guard, since the attempted bombing of the Eiffel Tower, hundreds of security guards were checking each vehicle. Meanwhile, the Germans were readying their military.

What Luxembourg did not notice was that German troops were secretly moved into hotels and houses of Germans. By the end of the week, One thousand German troops were in various buildings around Luxembourg. The Germans were to take key roads when the invasion of Luxembourg was launched and also occupy government buildings. The Luxembourgers military was too small to resist the occupation of the Government buildings and key roads, let alone thousands of German troops pouring from France and Germany.

Later that week, at 4:30 AM, German troops in their buildings came out of hiding and began the invasion. A platoon of German troops had occupied key roads to Luxembourg city. A squad ran into some resistance at an airbase, and one of the Germans were killed in the gun fight, but the Germans managed to over run the airport security.

Meanwhile, as Germans were over running key points around Luxembourg. A regiment of German troops backed by thirty Leopard 2 tanks poured into Luxembourg from the French side of the border, while another regiment poured in Luxembourg from the German side. The Luxembourg military had fewer then eight hundred men, and by 10:30 AM, Luxembourg was in German hands.

As early as 8 AM, the news of the invasion leaked out into the world.
05-05-2008, 09:46
OOC: You invaded Luxemburg just because of a few bombings?
05-05-2008, 09:49
OOC: Because the Germans are imperialistic......:D
05-05-2008, 09:50
OOC: Well done! Congulations on a great invasion!
05-05-2008, 13:32
Official Communique of the Mediterranean Alliance

To: The Federal Dominion of Germany
From: Lucrezia Dellatorre; Minister of Foreign Affairs
Re: Invasion of Luxembourg

As your ally in the League of Venice, the Mediterranean Alliance disapproves of your methods of dealing with Luxembourg. However, we understand the importance of ensuring border security, and considering Luxembourg's recent attacks on both Cologne and Mertert, we hereby remain disapprovingly neutral, and will not intervene.

Lucrezia Dellatorre; The Mediterranean Alliance
05-05-2008, 18:27
An Official Message from the Indian Foreign Office
We care for the plight of oppressed nations, and find this laughable excuse for an invasion, well, laughable. Could we all not be honest here and admit that you want this tiny defenceless country for, erm, I can’t think of a reason why in fact. I do feel your “propaganda” ministry or whoever you’ve got should spend more time than five minutes the day before the invasion thinking up an excuse for it, because yours my friend has to be quite possibly the feeblest backing for an attack in history, and the manner you have committed the invasion in is incredibly cowardly - but of course India predicted that the League of Venice's methods would be. Ah, it is so good to see Europe truly “uniting” again as the plan was…

Ekanga Bai,
Indian Confederacy Foreign Minister
06-05-2008, 03:25
Official Statement of the Pan-Oceanic Alliance

We echo the sentiments of the Indians. From the Zulu of South Africa to the Walloons of Belgium, the entire population of our nation is outright discussed by this barbaric act of German Imperialistic Warfare. There was no casus belli to speak of, and now the entire population of Luxembourg is forced to bow to a German dictator who has despicably taken away their freedom when he had no right to do so. All citizens of Luxembourg who do not wish to be enslaved by the German Nazis are welcome to emigrate to the Pan-Oceanic Alliance, where they will become just as important as any other group within our great country.

And, to the German Leadership, we challenge you to attempt to impose your will on a nation in this manner again. If you see fit to do so, be prepared to be encountered by the entire strength of the awesomely powerful Pan-Oceanic Alliance Armed Forces.
06-05-2008, 08:59
The Republic of Bungussi and Djanvallaland (Gabon, R.Congo, Equatorial Guinea) may be somewhat widely regarded as a distasteful nation in light of its thirty-odd years of on-going racial apartheid, but as a land born in no small part thanks to the German invasion of France in the late 1960s, and home to a large French ex-patriot community and joint Franco-Dutch lobby against the German empire, it is not slow in voicing opposition to the invasion of Luxembourg.

In the build-up to the annexation, no few Luxembourgers with connections to Djanvallaland, a nation not above what might be called dodgey financial activities and sympathetic already to the plight of France and the Netherlands, are understood to have moved family members and brimming accounts -of which the fiscal hub has, or had, plenty- to the relative safety of the little mid-African Republic.

If the international community does not act to reverse the German occupation, it can only be assumed that Kircherstadt (formerly Libreville) will soon play host to yet another exile movement against Berlin's domination of the European continent.

President Lumboldt Kircher has invited world leaders to gather in his capital, where they might meet with leaders of French and Dutch expatriot communities and some few fortunate Luxembourgers and discuss, the German threat, which Kircher says, "is, for the third time in less than one hundred years, using force to destroy the civilised governments of Europe".

The President appears to be dismayed with the inaction of the powerful nations of the world when he says, "...and this time its (Germany's) aggression appears to be unchecked!"

No doubt Kircher also has a secondary motive for suggesting a gathering in Djanvallaland, for he fears pariah status owing to 'racial problems' within the Republic and wishes to set a precedent that would interfere with any embargo plans.