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HIstory of the Armed Republic of Hell Water

Hell water
04-05-2008, 04:05
In a time of crisis and civil unrest, a group of United States citizens, not wanting to be involved with any more corupt republicans or democrats(not saying there bad just don't like when they are corrupt.) secceded from the United States in order to form a more perfect union. Thousands left and headed for newly discovered lands. The thousands found a place to live, but with the bountiful rescourses, other areas tried to invade. The thousands,men women and teens armed them selves and declared themselvs and "armed republic". But, using a modern version of an ancient technology, the nation's enemies sprayed "greek fire" upon the nations many boardering rivers and lakes. The fire lasted for three months, and with the hellish lakes, the Nation was named the Armed Republic of Hellwater. The nation eventually established its boarders and a strong military force. The nation currently has the strongest army for, its size, in the world. There are several military sections; the Navy, Armed Republican Marine Corp, The Army, and the powerfull air force. The Army, comprised mostly of M-2008 heavy battle Tanks, patrolls its highly defended boarders regularly. The navy is used in the areas many huge rivers and great lakes. The A.R.M.C., although heavily armed at all times, is exploring new area for possible land additions, and aiding other countries in their times of need. The air force has 200 areas in the country. It patrolls the skies regularly.