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What's A Man to Do? (OPEN, MT)

The Fanboyists
29-03-2008, 02:56
Michael Corr had reason to be pleased with himself. He had managed to organize and plan the arrest of the leader of the Marxist terrorist organization RBPA, the charismatic Stanley Neniven, who had managed to elude capture for the last two years.

Now he was coming in to report the happy turn of events with General Grimmeberger, the dictator of the Fascist Republic. He made sure his uniform shirt was tucked in as he walked into the office.

"Hello, General," Corr began, unsure of how to break the news.

"Hello Michael. Something I need to know?" the dictator inquired with a friendly enough greeting. That was the thing that always threw people off: Steven was remarkable friendly, even benevolent. He didn't particularly enjoy putting down harsh measures, and veiwed them more as a necessary evil, something one would hardly expect from a military dictator.

"We got him."

Grimmeberger looked up from his paperwork, shocked.

"'Him' as in 'The North American Lenin?'"

"Yessir. We've bagged Neniven."

General Grimmeberger cheered quietly. "Thank God. I thought he had dissapeared."

"He didn't disappear enough to elude the Grey Shirts and the Blue Army, sir. I do have a question though."

"It would be...?"

"What should we do with him, sir?"

"Sorry...?" Steven looked nonplussed, as if he didn't understand the question.

"What should we do with Neniven? Should I just have him shot?"

"Oh, goodness no!"

"Well...what then?"

"Err..." General Grimmeberger was extremely hesitant as to what exactly should be done with Stanley Neniven. Exiling him probably wouldn't work. He didn't want to have him executed, as Stanley was a war buddy of Steven's. Prison wasn't a good idea; he was too much of an escape hazard. What to do...?

OOC: So now I leave it to you, fellow RP'ers. What should be done with this dangerous communist revolutionary? Execution? Imprisonment? Pardoning? Exile? Something else? Let your government's have their say.
The Fanboyists
29-03-2008, 15:35
Screw this: I choose imprisonment. THIS IS NOW CLOSED!!!!
29-03-2008, 18:14
Yeah... - Said Gustav Havrow firs secretary of great counci of United People's Republics of Punckeds when he looks trought the window on Lenin's Monument- Nex commrade in prison.Only for ideological purposes.
I hever support terrorists but when population want revolution ,they will have it.