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Alliance for the Preservation of Civilization (APOC)

27-03-2008, 22:42
Alliance for the Preservation of Civilization (APOC)


The Alliance for the Preservation of Civilization is a large coalition of prominent nations whose goals are stated in the alliance title: the preservation of civilization, and to maintain the common defence against barbarian powers, and to spread by all means possible the light of civilisation. As war and political strife ravage across the globe, the nations of APOC have chosen to make their glorious stand. Nations once on the brink of full-scale war- with the potential to bring bloodshed the likes of which the world has never seen –have united in friendship under the APOC banner. As a result of this, the Alliance has at its disposal a near-infinite reservoir of financial, industrial, and military strength.

APOC consists of some of the worlds foremost military powers: Doomingsland, Praetonia, Questers, as well as noted martial nations such as Kampfers, Zepplin Manufacturers, and Soviet Bloc. Combined, there is not a single theatre of war or speciality that united, APOC does not come out on top of. Consolidated within the region of Haven, the nations of APOC collectively form an impregnable fortress that no nation or alliance can breach. Just as the light of civilization and liberty is unstoppable, so are the armies and navies and airforces that safeguard it and keep the world safe from barbarian tyranny.


-The Imperium Doomanum
-The Questarian Empire and Commonwealth
---The Questarian Commonwealth of Northford
---The Sovereign Kingdom of Bruxella
-The Crown Commonwealth of Praetonia
---The Imperial Crown Kingdom of Clandonia
-The Neo-Prussian Reich of Großkampfers
-The Federal Republican Duchydom of Franberry
-The Chevrokian Republic
-The Incorporated State of Zepplin Manufacturers
-The Armed Republic of Soviet Bloc
-The Glorious Military Junta of No endorse
-The Grand Empire of Cohenia
-The Royal Sovereignty of Aralonia
-The Empire of Zukariaa
-The Holy Reich of The PeoplesFreedom
-The Realm of Cotland

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