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The Shadows of Illusion, Tyvreaintiyil Wargames ATTN:Doom

13-03-2008, 21:51
It had been decided some time ago to hold the joint exercises at Tyvreaintiyil considering the convenience of location, and the relatively similar climate would make for excellent grounds for the exercises, the common feeling towards Nova Europa between the Novan and Doomani governments that peace there certainly wouldn’t last long, and as thus the ever pragmatic Novan government had suggested these exercises, which were also a convenient chance to patch up relations, which had become slightly difficult after the reformation of APOC, but ties between The Tower of Destiny and The Citadel had long since been strong, Denteth and Maximus had apparently conferred deeply over the issue, the repairing of relations and the restarting of operations had been deemed to be of highest priority.

The port of Karatenzia was quite the sight this day it seemed, the docks were fairly busy as Personnel helped the Doomani’s unload their equipment, before loading it directly onto a monorail service, although the Military was rarely here in force, the capacity for military transport was there, as several of the heavy duty Monorail cars shipped in a steady stream up north, to the Trio of bases assigned to the Doomani before the exercises, several of the Novans own forces, several Takla Denzler had arrived a week ago and already settled in, in the interior bases, while the bases of Torvft Karias, Torvft Nrikenar and Torvft Laistenas not far from the well defended border with the territory of San Nereiana, which had long since been manned and well watched, as after all, the Novans distrust of unannounced visitors as legendary, and as a result, nobody crossed the border, though some crossed the barrier between life and death, a point which had caused many a heated debate between the two governments, as the Novans policy in immigration policy was well known, and the Allaneans seemed intent on violating that policy, ignorant of the fact that the second they crossed the border, they were under Novan legal jurisdiction, and as such were subject to Novan Legal Code, and were also, as a minor detail, Criminals.

Several Qronis Armed Transports swooped over at break neck speed over the Monorail laden with Doomani personnel and equipment, before landing some way off in the distance, it’s four engine assembles rotating moving part of the craft’s structure with it, as it lowered to the ground, supporting it as the landing gear deployed, and the Armoured bay door opened, as the small group of Vrikezazar Tanks split into trios and drove up the ramp, their Unusually shaped fronts maneuvering swiftly into the waiting maw, while waiting Troops split up into squads and loaded up as ell via other ramps, all in all the loading took less than 2 minutes, and by the time the Monorail passed, the Qronii were in the air and zooming off somewhere else, as their Angular forms retreated over the looming jungle and mountain ranges.

The Monorail would pass through a large facility, before coming out underground, passing deep below the surface, to traverse the Torkava Canyon, a prodigious gouge that ran from the incredible northern mountain peaks, all the way to the flats of the very far south, the underground was well supported, and the walls seemed to shimmer with writing, however the speed was such that it was indistinguishable, eventually however they entered a vast high vaunted catacomb, typically Novan, and unusually empty and vast, as the Monorail convoys began to split as they went off to the three bases assigned to them, the journey was not yet over, though the temporary unity of force, would appear to be so.

Eventually after passing through yet more shimmering tunnels, the various convoys arrived in more cavernous catacombs, and slowed to a stop, as several Novan Personnel, recognizable as Mechnicians supervised the loading of the equipment and troops into vast elevators to the surface, where they were greeted by a vast base, of typical Novan design, however no Novans were to be seen, except for a single figure aside their Doomani allies, as the commanders of the forces, had been transported directly to the facilities, where they had been informed, that apart from maintenance teams of Mechnicians, that they were on their own, the accommodation for the standard rank and file soldier was clean and compact, fitting a great deal of amenities into a small place, without seeming cluttered, other signs of the typical Novan efficiency were everywhere, the corridor walls shimmered with wire-frames and Latin, while IXION loomed out of consoles at personnel, giving them a refresher course on operations.

Several Military bases which were had been maintained since pretty much the establishment of Tyvreaintiyil, the bases of Torvft Karias, Torvft Nrikenar and Torvft Laistenas, had been reactivated just for the purpose They were typical Novan layout, but then again, the northern most bases the Doomani had in Nova Britain, were Novan built, the consoles had switched to Latin input, and all of the equipment was typical Novan standard, the Doomani would have to adapt to the trappings but since they had experience with the Novan standards, the wire-frames typical of Novan processing would take time to getting used to, the sheer fact that being anywhere within the base gave instant access to anything the Doomani’s could desire data wise would be unusual to them, it would be a vital asset in the upcoming exercises, IXION loomed out from the walls as Mechnicians from the sole known occupied military base had been assigned to showing Doomani Technicians the layout of the Maintenance areas and such, and IXION had been more than content to aid his guests, teasing them about their inability to understand even a fragment of his coding, which was fundamentally different to all outside programming, operating as he did in Ternary, Novan Trinary.

The Doomani Commanders had been shown round earlier, the tour had included the command center, an expansive place of open plan aspect, with a central area with war table and a set of pillars in the center, at which a large hologram of Southern Haven shimmered, showing the varied topographies and climates. An attached area with state of the art hologrammic technology lurked, in which life-size holograms of a combat area could be displayed, or more scaled down, could be handled with a mere hand gesture or phrase, the entire facility was lit with a pale blue light, and all signs had changed from Novan to Doomani Latin, it would appear, that their Novan hosts had been busy, the entire facility had sturdiness that belied it’s slender efficiency, as had been evidenced when a driver had accidentally ploughed into a wall, having wrecked the front of the vehicle, while not even scratching the black obsidian building material, which the Novans so favored.

The Gykuzai was, to say the least reassured by the whole goings on, the Allaneans were not trusted, and he presence of a large Allanean force across the border was neither trusted, nor desired, it had followed as a relief when he had been informed of the imminent exercises by the Doomani SIGNUM VI and the Takla Denzler under Srihacul Fityzen, and he had said as much to the Doomani Commander before seeing him off at the air field, a man called Legatus Propraetoris L. Curtius Nerva, he’d been sent off with Vistakal Tonnis, as an aide for his stay here, although he disliked the idea of his beloved Tyvreaintiyil, becoming a military hotbed, the tourist destination had always been peaceful, an image that was well received by the Havenic nations, an illusion which had once been quite real, was now an illusion, one with armed forces hiding in the shadows, at least, he reflected, he hadn’t been terrified this time, with the news, and instead informed well ahead of time in a more subtle manner.