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Celebrating the Revoultion! (open rp for other nations)

Great Neo-Russia
12-03-2008, 23:33
Count Vagerstrouth walked down the stairs into the great ballroom of Varielle palace. There was a gaint formal party going on and all the national figures, inculding the Czar, was there. They had just signed a treaty with the main land of Russia, thus seperating them into their own soverign state. The troops on the front were now home and were probably celebrating like they were. Vagerstrouth looked up at the glorious flag hanging from the southern wall, it was about 40m. by 50m. Vagerstrouth smiled when he say Selvia walk up to him.

"Oh count this is a wonderful party, there are men from all the world here. Thank you for inviting me," she said hugging him and kissing him on the cheeck. He smiled wider, yes there are men from all the world here, and hopefully we will sign allainces of trade rights with at least one tonight. After all that was the true reason of the party, yes the revoultion should be celebrated but there are always far more important things to do then that. He grabbed a drink and found one of his fellow comrades, "Awww Count Helfer glad to see you back from the front in one piece."

"Aye, those damn bastards put up a hard attack but we sent them running with there tails between their legs every time they came at us!" he boasted, Vagerstrouth could smell the alchohol on his breathe. "Long live the Great Neo-Russia and the Mekhail party!"

"Aye long live our Czar as well comrade," Vagerstrouth as clashed drinks with Hafler. Walking away he looked for some of Russia's fine women to dane with and possibly enjoy an evening with. He spied a beautiful American girl on the floor and apporached her...

"Yes we would be more then happy to assist you in your revolution as well, our new soldiers will provide military support and battle beside your nation against your unjust tyrant," Ambassador Utak was talking to a man fighting in Eastern Europe in a civil war, the losing side. If they brought these men back from the losing side and help win the war the Czar would use its seasoned soldiers to overtake the usurers in one movement and claim the country as our own. It would be a wonderful addition to their small little country, as well as provide an outlet into Europe and its trade. He walked away from the almost beggar and looked for a nation and its ambassador that actually could assist their country in trade and support. They were small now but they knew Russia wasn't done with them yet, and neither were they. They would one day rule all of Russia and not the segregated corner attached to Europe.

(ooc. this is an open rp to have my nation celebrate and try to gain allies)

(ooc. PS. I don't have a reigion yet)
13-03-2008, 00:21

The Orwellian Meritocracy is quite glad to hear of Great Neo-Russia's separation from the oppressive mother state. Although the Imperator is unable to attend, he wishes to send you a bottle of finest Faxanavian brandy, as well as his congratulations.

Respectfully yours,
Leon Krueller
Minister of Foreign Affairs

OOC: If you're searching for a region, Rodinia ( is a small, up and coming RPing region looking for new members to populate its ranks.