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Benevolence a Starter?

11-03-2008, 02:36
This Just in from Southern Taijitu
Special Bulletin by Democratic Leader, Michelangelo Anitro of Aliasistan
"...It has come to my attention that as our global society expands, as do the number of countries being founded. It is, in fact, our duty to welcome these newly found areas and enrich them into the global market and scheme of things.
However, it has come to my attention, as it should to others in the area, that the newly founded region of Fidopia, under the rule of an unknown leader, has begun its global expansion in a rule of tyranny. Now, we here at my fair region," as he settles the crowd with quick gestures, "love our freedom, and the lot of it there is," now trying to calm the cheers from the unusually small crowd at the meeting. "We feel it is our duty to guide these newly founded areas into an assimilation. Not, as a close minded-thinker might say, with culture, language, and ethic, but with social dignity and equality. 'Fidopians', as they call themselves, are in a struggle of political freedom, with a never-ending watch upon it's citizens. As of this speech, their population was counted by census of 9 million. 9 million people, under what the United Nations would say is a 'Father Knows Best' state. How long until they become something more than the world can handle? 15 million? 30? 100? A BILLION?" The crowd was silent in disbelief, whether it was from the uncertainty of his acclamations or perhaps in shock. "What are we to do?" Anitro continued, "Just...stand around? Let this disgrace of development continue? I say we help. Leaders of the South Pacific!" he mentions directly into the camera, televising the conference on the half-dozen news networks, "Guide your countries, not simply ignore them! A mere 9 million now is turning into an out of control billion. Before..." he pauses, "...before it's too late."