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07-03-2008, 15:42
Greetings all. I'm new here but I like the look of the place.

I see a lot of future tech and modern tech. Are there any nations that write fantasy tech? I really like Hordes/Warmachine type stuff. I thought it might be cool to write in the Iron Kingdoms.
07-03-2008, 16:03
You see a few fantasy nations now and then, unfourtunatly the fantasy community never really seems big enough to sustain itself.
Most that I know of have tried combining fantasy with one or the other technology. Check out 'Blood Moon Goblins' for a good example of what happens when you land a tribe of Goblins in Modern Tech. There's another one I know of, but the name just keeps slipping my mind. Was an FT-fantasy nation, used skyships, was called Jade-something or other. And there was another one based on Phyrexia from MTG.
[NS]Dastardly Stench
07-03-2008, 23:01
There have been a couple of threads where different folks tried to gather/rally the fantasy nations together. In particular, try "Fantasy Nations, I Summon The" (not exactly sure of the title, but "Fantasy Nations" and "Summon" are in it). The other one spawned the "Latvia's Call" thread, which is in play right now. You can try TGing the member nations.
08-03-2008, 00:51
You might also want to look up Ordo Dracul - a crossbreed Fantasy / Future nation
08-03-2008, 01:09
IK you say. Figured the name had to do with it, but wasn't sure. :D I might be interested, although I'm rather bad at sticking with RPs... Probably as a hybrid mix between Khador and Cygnar.
Epsilon Halo
08-03-2008, 01:45
It's hard to Fantasy in Nationstates, cause international politics just ain't made for goblins. But there are some successes (see Lizaurasians and South Lizaurasia for an example). All of these are just fantasy-ical creatures placed in a realistic-al world. So try equipping your goblin horde not with magical medieval weaponry but with automatic firearms.