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Latest on Provoçe's Health (handing over of Power?)

06-03-2008, 04:24
Provoçe was sitting in a wheel chair, Aides and his personel nurses suggested he spend as less time on his feet as possible due to his continueing collapses. His health was deteriorating.

Just the night before Provoçe managed to stand for most of the day and attent a grand banquet of Bulgislavian leaders in the Hall of the Party but now Provoçe was moved to his Country Villa on the outskirts of Terrevesti to recover from his most recent collapse.

The country Villa sat in a lovely wooded area. It was 4 stories high and was built in 1982 (one of Provoçe's moderate palatial homes compared to some of his others)
It was made with white brick, had the usually columns but the inside contained no marble instead it have a very Country and Lodge type feel with expensive wooden floors and timber scultures scattered throughout the interior and Animal heads that had been hunted and put up along the many walls.

Provoçe settled in nicely the last time he visited this Villa was in June of 2004, The saff had been changed since then and so most of the cleaning, maids, chefs and other house staff were quite in awe of their owner's presence

Provoçe sat in his private library containing books written by revolutionaries, head's of states and even some western literature banned to ordinary Bulgislavians. He was in his wheel chair reading one of the biographies of one of the many leaders he once knew in person.

Alia Prekov stepped into the room and walked over to Provoçe

"ah comrade Alia how can I help?" said Provoçe geausturing to one of the nurses to wheel him over to his desk

"I came to see how your condition was and what instructions you have for the party back in Terrevesti?" said Alia keeping his eyes from falling to the Wheelchair

"Alia, my nurses dont want stress put on me and I cant govern efficiently in this state, Infact i'm glad you came I'm thinking of resigning from my Position of General Secretary of the Bulgislavian Workers Party. You shall take over form me" said Provoçe

"Comrade President!?" said Alia in disbelief

"I will remain as the official head of state and President and commander of the armed forces but you shall be the official head of government and responsible for most internal jobs for the country.... Infact I had planned this for some time now, I will contact the party and we shall announce the hand down of this position on the news and get you into your new job as soon as possible"

Alia was grinning though he was still in shock
"Thank you comrade President I shall do my patriotic duty to serve the Workers Party"

Alia went out of the room, Provoçe contacted the Radio and TV station and reported the news and phoned up the other leadership and within an hour it was announced on National Radio

"Dear Comrades and Bulgislavain Patriots, I Comrade, President Provoçe of Bulgislavia and Comrade General Secretary of the Bulgislavian Workers Party am announcing that I shall Resign from the position of General Secretary of the Bulgislavian Workers Party, My Successor Comrade Alia Prekov will fill that position and he will now be the Head of the Workers Party, I would also like to confirm to the People that My health is perfectly fine and that this hand over of the Position is so help Comrade Prekov adjust to his role as Future leader of Bulgislavia, thank you"

Hours Later the Hall of the Party was filled with the Workers party in which chanting slogan and clapping in unison Alia was handed over the Sash of the Workers Party where he swore an oath to serve the party as its new General Secretary He gave a speech saying he would do his best to guide the party in the right direction ect

News Papers were re-printed and re-released to show the latest event it was the biggest news in over a decade. From now on it was declared that like the Title "Comrade President" for Provoçe, Alia would now be referred to as "Comrade General Secretary"

HOWEVER many questioned how much change they would actually see
Before 1963 the Position of General Secretary was the most important and powerful position in the count but that changed. Provoçe was appointed to that position and became the countries leader in 1962 but a year later in 1963 created the position of President which he filled himself making it the most powerful position in the country and the Position of party leader became the 3rd most powerful position after Vice President.

The Position of Vice President was abolished in 1991 a year after the 1990 suppression of anti governent demonstrations and the powers of Vice President were absorbed into the position of President. Alia really doesnt have much power all bills and laws he proposes cant be passed without Provoçe approval, as Provoçe still is the President and official head of state but then again Many give Provoçe under a year to live suspected he will die sometime in 2008


(OOC: this is just to keep everyone up to date on Provoçe's health and the steps he is taking to hand over power to his successor)
07-03-2008, 08:07
PM Kronyatensko and President Istok -said by some observers to have a relationship akin to that reputed to exist between Bulgislavia's two top offices, with the recently elected Communist head of government rubber-stamping Istok's immovable decisions- are both quick to extend their congratulations to their neighbours and applaud a return to balance and stability in the Bulgislavian system.

The Prime Minister is keen to offer use of Bulgia's top private hospital, refurbished in the 1990s after the velvet revolution and equipped to care for the oligarchs who rose to the fore amidst the chaos, but has thus far been blocked from making a direct offer as, officially, the Popular Republic believes the Bulgislavian Workers Party line on Provoçe's good health. Still, if he were to make a request...
09-03-2008, 11:17
The Comrade President Provoçe is resting and taking time of for a while in his Country Villa on the outskirts of Terrevesti. However should his situation deteriorate we would like to move him to a more equiped medical facility but that is only if his situtaion deteriorates.


Comrade General Secretary Prekov has today made his first speech in his new position as head of the communist party in which he stated the Two parties were making great progress in each of thier countries and wishes to expand on relations of the two parties. the Bulgislavian Workers Party and the Bulgia's Communist Party.