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The Grand Republic of Triden Prime Embassy

Triden Prime
02-03-2008, 05:12

Greetings and warm wishes to all of the nations in the world from the the Grand Republic of Triden Prime.

Triden Prime is a newly opened planet which while having laid in seclusion from intergalactic politics for many years has finally decided to step forward and enter the world stage, in order to further develop our planet and create peaceful relations with fellow planets throughout the galaxy. Thus I am pleased to announce that the Grand Republic of Triden Prime has established an open embassy exchange program and will immediately begin accepting open applications from fellow planets who wish to establish diplomatic ties and open an embassy on our great planet.

The Triden Prime embassy district is located directly outside the city limits of our capital, Coraveen and is within traveling distance (approx 30 min) of the Presidential HQ and Senate buildings. You may either apply for rights to construct your own embassy or with a simple request to our Department of State, we will gladly have one built for you right down to your detailed specifications. You may also take note that launch pads for hover craft and small shuttle craft are available on grounds and in the immediate vicinity iswell the Coraveen International Spaceport.

As President of Triden Prime I along with our Minister of Foreign Affairs; Minister Trevor Edison look forward to establishing diplomatic relations with peaceful and like minded nations. We will both be personally looking over each and every application and Minister Edison will be your point of contact on our great planet. Please make sure to include the name(s) of your representative(s) and some basic details about her/him, and details on how you wish to proceed regarding your embassy building.


President Noah Grayson

Rules for Diplomatic personnel and stations are as follows:

Extraterritoriality of Embassies
Embassies are considered to be extraterritorial. Triden Prime personnel may only enter with the permission of the Ambassador.

Embassy Security
Embassies are responsible for their own security. Embassies are permitted a small armed force up to twenty five (25) people to accomplish this. No foreign aliens may carry weapons outside the Embassy compound.

Subjugation of Tridenian Law
With the exception of the Ambassador and three members of the Embassy staff (chosen by the Ambassador) who will be granted Extraterritoriality, all Embassy personnel are subject to Tridenian law outside the Embassy itself.

Expelling of Diplomatic Personnel
The President or Minister of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to expel any and all members of any foreign government at any time, for any reason. With the exception of active hostilities between Triden Prime and the government in question, any personnel so expelled are secure in their persons and personal baggage until after they have been removed from Triden Prime (in other words, if we expel your Ambassador, he still has diplomatic immunity until he leaves Triden Prime).

Diplomatic Security Outside Embassy Compound
Diplomatic security outside of the Embassy compound is the responsibility of Tridenian Diplomatic Corps personnel and National Police personnel. No foreign diplomatic personnel are allowed to travel unescorted within Tridenian territory. All foreign diplomatic nationals employed at the Embassy who object to this are free to live within the Embassy compound.

Electronic Communication Outside Embassy Compound
Each Embassy compound is permitted one- and only one- satellite communications station within the Embassy compound. Communications carried on this system may be encrypted or employ any other anti-intrusion measures the Embassy personnel consider prudent. All other message traffic must go through public communications circuits or be carried in the Diplomatic Pouch.

Diplomatic Pouch Communication Outside Embassy Compound
Messages between the Embassy and its parent government may be carried by one of the Embassy staff with Extraterritoriality in a Diplomatic Pouch- which may be no larger than a standard briefcase. This pouch will be secure against any search beyond normal non-invasive passive sensors. For safety reasons, the briefcase must be transparent to all security scanning devices. Any anti-intrusion electronics within the briefcase must be demonstrated to Diplomatic Corps personnel before the establishment of the Embassy. Any subsequent changes to anti-intrusion electronics must also be demonstrated to Diplomatic Corps prior to its use being permitted within the Diplomatic Pouch. Any electronics within the Diplomatic Pouch that do not match the Electronic Security Signature of the agreed-upon system will not be permitted entry. Embassy security personnel are permitted unrestricted access to the Diplomatic Security screening station before, during, and after the Diplomatic Pouch passes through to ensure that Triden Prime is not attempting electronic breaching of the Diplomatic Pouch.

Communication with Foreign Aliens Accused of Crimes
Embassy personnel will be permitted to communicate with citizens of the Embassy's government accused of crimes within Triden Prime. This communication will be monitored by Diplomatic Corps and Planetary Security personnel, and is not considered privileged information. The President or Minister of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to restrict any such communication in the event it may (in the opinion of Triden Prime Diplomatic Corps) it may jeopardize National Security.

Diplomatic Vehicles
Each Embassy will be permitted to import two non-military vehicles and two non armed shuttle craft for use by Extraterritorial Embassy personnel. Diplomatic vehicles will be considered part of the Embassy compound when in use by Embassy personnel with Extraterritoriality.

Prior to entry, any such vehicle will be thoroughly inspected by a team from the Triden Prime Diplomatic Corps in the presence of Embassy security staff. All equipment installed in or on the vehicles will be demonstrated to TPDC personnel. Any additional equipment installed subsequent to approval must also be examined by TPDC and its purpose demonstrated. Diplomatic vehicles will be examined at random intervals agreed to by the Ambassador. Any alteration to the agreed equipment will be considered a violation of the Diplomatic Agreement.

In the event of a suspected crime or threat to Planetary Security, the vehicle and its occupants will be detained in place while Tridenian Diplomatic Corps requests access to the vehicle from the Ambassador. Failure to grant such access will constitute a breach of the Diplomatic agreement. Under these circumstances and in the absence of a state of war, the Embassy may send Security Observers to ensure that the vehicle is not searched or entered by Tridenian personnel as it is destroyed in place. The remains of the vehicle will be returned to the Embassy once destruction is completed. The Embassy will be closed and all personnel expelled once this is completed. The destroyed vehicle will be permitted to leave with the Embassy staff.

Diplomatic Personnel and Espionage
Any Embassy personnel engaging in espionage will be summarily expelled (if granted Extraterritoriality) or prosecuted within the full extent of Tridenian law (all others). Embassy personnel who escape (or attempt to escape) the supervision of their Diplomatic Corps escorts will be assumed to be engaged in espionage.

Assuming that these terms are acceptable, The President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, along with the Tridenian Diplomatic Corps welcome the opportunity to establish diplomatic relations with your government.

Countries Currently with Embassies in Triden Prime

Countries Currently with Tridenian Embassies
The New True Cross
02-03-2008, 15:10
Embassy Application:
Nation Name: The New True Cross
Nation Title: The National Congregation
Form of Government: Democracy
Name(s) of Ambassador(s): Ambassador Elect Timothy
Diplomatic Experience of Ambassador(s): 7 years service as a Junior Ambassador in Bhreatain Mhor
Number and Type of Diplomatic Vehicles: 2 Cross Trucking Company[/URL] M943-08 Bull Elephants (
Total Number and Purpose of Personnel(Cannot exceed 50):15
Number of Security Personnel(no more than 10): 2 with 2 Lansing (
BPLIACs ( and 2 Lansing ( MILSAs (

Form of Government: Democracy
Head of State: Supreme Elect Rev. Alexander Cheshire Mason XXVIII
Description of Military: small elite units
Position on Nuclear Weapons: last resort
Would you consider receiving military consultation or aid from us? yes
Position on Greenhouse Emissions: while not overly zealous we are conscious
Expansionism vs. Isolationism: Isolationism
Imperialism vs. Nationalism: Nationalism
Ratings on Civil/Political Rights: some
Human Rights History: there was an attempted genocide, in 2007, but Supreme Elect Myles Standish led an international force against the genocidiares
Status of Science, Education, & Technology in the nation: all government subsidized
Status of Art & Culture in the nation: flourishing
Status of the Media in the nation: thought of as total crap
Major Goods & Industries: Arms and Automotive Manufacturing
Current Wars or Conflicts: none
Possible trade/treaty interests: Free Trade Agreement

Special requests: We would like to set up our Dept. of Foreign Learning and Technological Advancement, manned by 7 civilians, no military presence. Also we would have job openings for some of your citizens so that we could get to know each others nations better and facilitate the benefits of sharing our cultures. Another embassy location would be required. Also feel free to set up an embassy ( us.
02-03-2008, 19:46
Embassy Application
Nation Name: Skillcrossbones
Nation Title: Imperial Dictatorship
Form Of Government: Empire, With Forms of Democracy
Name Of Ambassador: James Carr
Diplomatic Vehicles: 2 Armored Sedans, 1 Heavily Armored Transort Truck
Personnel: 25
Security Personnel: 8

Form Of Government: Empire, Forms of Democracy
Head Of State: Dictator David Rickards
Description Of Military: Large Navy, Well Balanced Army, Used For Defense, Colonizing
Position On Nuclear Weapons: Last Resort, Standoff Weapon, Becoming obsolete compared to some newer weapons
Military Consultation or aid from us? Yes
Greenhouse Emissions: Aware, working to slow them down.
Expansion VS. Isolation: Expansion
Imperialism vs. Nationalism: Imperialism
Ratings of Science, Education, and Technology: Ecouraged, well funded
Ststus of Art and Culture: Low Average
Status of Media: Average, not restricted
Major Good and Industries: Arms Manufacturing
Current Wars/conflicts: N/A
Trade/treaty Interests: Free Trade, Military Alliance