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The Sapentian Isle Welcomes You

Sapentian isle
01-03-2008, 20:25

The Sapentian Isle of the Futoba Aoi is opening her shores to diplomats of the world to create a bond that will only result in much greatness.
Applicants will be strictly screened by the M.O.F.O (ministry of foreign affairs)
as to whether their nation is worthy of cooperation with the Peoples Republic.
please apply to this thread with your nations full name and region and the name of your intended diplomat aswell as any requests you have of the Sapentian Isle, your application will be directed to the M.O.F.O. you will be contacted by telegram.

Comrade Bontafor KSI
Secretary of the office of
Comrade Willemine KSI foreign diplomat of the Sapentian Isle.
01-03-2008, 20:27

Kiravian Empire

Permissum Astrum Subleuco

Imperial Secriat of State

Embassy Exchange Office

The Sovereign Kiravian Colonial Empire would like to open diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of Futoba Aoi. We are a member of the mighty region of Nova, and the diplomat we wish to sent is Diplomatic Officer Auler Tanwood.
01-03-2008, 20:47
Qi Liauajo'si Sossoei Lescioei v'i Nosorepazzau
The United Socialist States of Nosorepazzau

Nosorepazzau would like relations with your nation,we are in the 10,000 Islands region.We will like for Jenea Uomta to represent us.
The New True Cross
01-03-2008, 21:15
Embassy Application:
Nation Name: The New True Cross
Nation Title: The National Congregation
Form of Government: Democracy
Name(s) of Ambassador(s): Ambassador Elect Douglas Winters
Diplomatic Experience of Ambassador(s): 4 years service as a Junior Ambassador in Yanitaria
Number and Type of Diplomatic Vehicles: 2 Cross Trucking Company[/URL] M943-08 Bull Elephants (
Total Number and Purpose of Personnel(Cannot exceed 50):15
Number of Security Personnel(no more than 10): 2 with 2 Lansing (
BPLIACs ( and 2 Lansing ( MILSAs (

Form of Government: Democracy
Head of State: Supreme Elect Rev. Alexander Cheshire Mason XXVIII
Description of Military: small elite units
Position on Nuclear Weapons: last resort
Would you consider receiving military consultation or aid from us? yes
Position on Greenhouse Emissions: while not overly zealous we are conscious
Expansionism vs. Isolationism: Isolationism
Imperialism vs. Nationalism: Nationalism
Ratings on Civil/Political Rights: some
Human Rights History: there was an attempted genocide, in 2007, but Supreme Elect Myles Standish led an international force against the genocidiares
Status of Science, Education, & Technology in the nation: all government subsidized
Status of Art & Culture in the nation: flourishing
Status of the Media in the nation: thought of as total crap
Major Goods & Industries: Arms and Automotive Manufacturing
Current Wars or Conflicts: none
Possible trade/treaty interests: Free Trade Agreement

Special requests: We would like to set up our Dept. of Foreign Learning and Technological Advancement, manned by 7 civilians, no military presence. Also we would have job openings for some of your citizens so that we could get to know each others nations better and facilitate the benefits of sharing our cultures. Another embassy location would be required. Also feel free to set up an embassy ( us.