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The Birth of Urchinia (Open to EA members only)

01-03-2008, 13:19
Tensions had been mounting in Schiermonnikoog, Ameland and Terschellig as a large majority of the population have been taking to the streets in protest against the Kingdom of Benelux.
They feel the king shows favouritism towards mainland Benelux and a group of revolutionists have formed known as 'The Urchins'. The Urchins want to create a new nation state which shall be named Urchinia but there is growing opposition towards them as there are still a large number of loyalists who stand by the King and his regime.
Months of minor civil unrest ensued between The Urchins and the loyalists with The Urchins just about shading the bout, gaining more and more popularity as it continued, were as the loyalists slowly declined in members as the King fell silent on these matters, it was unsure whether news of the Civil War had reached the King or whether he simply showing once again he did not care about these tiny islands.
Morale became low amongst the loyalists more and more became Pro-Urchin.
Jimmy Von Kelly the head revolutionist had rounded up his revolutionists on February 29th, which was now not also going to be known as a strange day as it only appears in the calendar once every four years, but now it would be the day of the revolution.
Security was tight at the Kings Represantitive's HQ, but gun toting guards seemed to be in the minority this night, either they were skiving or they too had become fed up of the King's ways.
"Charge!" was the cry as The Urchins stormed through the gates. The sound of the gates breaching was to these men, the sound of freedom.
Jimmy Von Kelly fought hand to hand with the few guards that dared to step in his way, with his minions trashing the offices and taking on any other brave loyalist guards.
Eventually there was no guards left to fight, they had either been defeated or they had fled.
There was just one door between Jimmy Von Kelly and the governor. This was it, this was The Urchins moment.
A big boot followed by a crash bang saw the door come off its hinges, Jimmy Von Kelly was face to face with a gun toting governor. The governor realised he could shoot JVK with his pistol and grant him even more hero status but then die himself in vain to the hands of The Urchins or hand over rule and contact the king to inform him of the current situation. The governor proceeded with the latter.
The King eventually admitted that keeping these small islands was not in his best interests and conceded that he had never even visited the region.
A new nation was formed with the name Urchinia run by the a Dictatorship led by Jimmy Von Kelly who will show passion in running the country and represent it with pride.
The Dictator has conceded however that a war with Benelux would not be in his tiny nations best interests and has proposed a protection pact between Benelux and Urchinia during the open months of the nations birth and awaits confirmation from Benelux on agreement of the matter.