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Blackhand: Crisis

Militia Enforced State
21-12-2007, 04:15
A representation of a large black fist appeared across the world’s television screens. A muffled voice gave its demands, “Good evening citizens of the Militia Enforced State and the world. I am Blackhand. As you know my organization has taken a large number hostages, including many powerful members of the current administration.

Now that I have your attention, I have two simple requests. The weak Kenzie government, sucking at the tit of the mighty Farminan Empire must stand down. Failing this, the Messian people backed by world powers must force the Kenzie’s government out of office. Secondly, the Treaty of Trinity, the Treaty creating an unfair peace between the Farminan Empire and the Militia Enforced State must be scrapped. If the Farminan Empire does not end the unjust peace willingly, we call on the world powers to use all means of persuasion to encourage Farmina to abandon the oppressive document.…”

Six hours prior to transmission

"Thank you Kyle," said Timothy Lucan, standing up and walking over to the window, “You may go.”

Kyle did obediently as his tall master told him. Lucan peered out of the penthouse suite window across the city.

Amelia. The Liberal Democrats had performed poorly in elections here. Dylaria was to west, still a huge scar left by the war. Hostility boiled here in the south. Hostility hurt the Liberal Democrats platform of peace.

Timothy Lucan, a bottle blonde, leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister, had established his centre of operations where his weakest grip was. If he could win votes in the south, he might be able to govern as the dominant and not the lesser coalition partner.

Thousands of people worked at the Parnia Resort and they made big dollars working there too. The hotel and the casino were the heart of the complex, but it was surrounded with thrills for everyone. The amusement park, the visiting shows, there was plenty to do. Timothy Lucan had spent and borrowed every penny he could to build this place. Not only did it provide jobs directly, but nearby businesses had sprung up to try and sap the tourists. But tourists weren't the only customers. The locals also visited for a quick flutter or an occasional show. Parnia Resort was a sparkling jewel in Amelia, one of the many southern cities gripped by the continuing recession, part of the economic woes caused by the crushing. Messian defeat in the war against Farmina.

The phone rang and Timothy picked up the receiver, “Lucan.”

The receptionist responded, "Prime Minister Kenzie is here for your meeting on economic policy."

"Well send the Prime Minister right up," snarled Timothy, "And make sure his drink and anything he wants to eat is here before he is."

Kenzie did not need to knock and entered through the door that had already been opened for him

"Take a seat," said Timothy, sitting on his side of the desk, "If you requested a drink or a snack, it should be here soon, God willing."

Kenzie chucked. "Gotta love good ol' time-consuming bureaucracy," he said.

A staff member entered, laid down Kenzie's drink and left.

Kenzie sighed, as he put down his cup. "You do realise that I'm still opposed to having casinos in this nation, especially after the recent downturn; it's making the poor poorer, and only making one or two rich."

By one or two, he meant Timothy and his business partner, Tia Borgia (although Borgia, like Lucan was an alias).

“My point is wider,” said Kenzie, “When I made you Treasurer, you said deregulation and privatisation would solve all our problems. I supported you and the Parliament supported you. The economy is still in bad shape. I’m getting nervous. The Parliament is even more nervous and won’t give your agenda another centimetre.”

"My casino staff earn more than people on government pay," replied Timothy sternly, "Gambling is a free choice, plus most of the punters are tourist. You don't object to taking their money, do you?"

Kenzie smiled. "Tourists, no. But…why do I hear a helicopter?"

As they spoke, a large helicopter, that Kenzie recognised to be an HT-90 Assault Transport helicopter, quickly climbed right past the window, apparently climbing to the top of the building.

"What the..." Kenzie said, surprised. "These helicopters shouldn't even be in wide use, under the Farminan treaty."

Timothy turned to face the window but was too late to the helicopter, "I certainly didn't order any helicopters for this week."

"I..." Kenzie started, before stopping. "Get your security ready. I don't like this."

Timothy picked up his phone and pressed one, "Security alert, I want a full lock down. I also want a car waiting at each exit. If the helicopter lands within the resort grounds, seize everybody."

Without waiting for a response, Timothy put the receiver down, "I suppose we better get you out of here, just in case."

"Okay," Kenzie replied. He then looked back out the window. "Who the hell are they? Only the Messian military has ever used that type, and it wasn't used in the war...."

"Directorate loyalists?" suggested Timothy, "Force Commander loyalists upset they've lost two successive elections? An alliance between the two. Fallen despots are jealous types."

Timothy picked up a map of the hotel, and passed it to Kenzie, "At each exit there is a car waiting for you. They've been marked. There should be enough security between you and any breach."

Kenzie shrugged, put one back, then closed the suitcase. Kenzie then turned to Timothy. "I'm not leaving you here," he said.

Timothy reached for his pistol, "I have my own means of escape."

Kenzie nodded, and then turned to head out the door.

Timothy proceeded to his bedroom and removed the facade of Timothy Lucan. A new Timothy emerged and then hurried out the room. This Timothy had brown hair and unkempt facial hair. Timothy proceeded out of his penthouse in a tasteless Hawaiian shirt with tacky brown shorts, a combination that only a low brow tourist would wear. A low-brow tourist playing the slot machines was a common sight in casinos and would be the perfect disguise.

He proceeded to the third elevator on the left and pressed the down button. When the elevator arrived, he stepped in, while counting the change in his pocket. He could hear gun battles in the distance starting, but he couldn’t turn back now. As the elevator went past five floors, the lights went out, and the elevator shuttered to a stop…
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 03:49
Timothy awoke inside of a metal room, with ten other random tourists, plus his business partner Tia, who was still druggy from the sedative. It seemed as she wasn't caught off guard, as she was beaten.

He felt around himself, and found that his clothing had been searched completely. Where ever they were, it certainly wasn’t the hotel.

There was a loud metal door that sealed the room, which then creaked as the lever-styled handle turned downward, bringing the door open, to reveal a middle aged who looked like a gruff look, possibly an ex-military officer, although he had no markings.

"Hello," the man said, "You shall call me General Blackhand."

The man looked across his hostages, scratching his well trimmed, salt and pepper beard. "None of you will be harmed, as long as the international community listens to our plight."

"I'm doomed," thought Timothy.

General Blackhand looked towards Tia, "Today we have a very special guest with us, Tia Norris. For those of you who aren’t familiar with recent Messian history, she was part of the Directorate regime, the regime that led this nation into a disastrous war, and a disastrous defeat. A wanted criminal, hiding where everyone can see her. And yet you got away with it, now that does surprise me.”

" hell," she muttered.

Timothy looked shocked, although he was careful not to over do it. He knew who Tia really was. But as either a respectable politician or a tourist, this should have been a shocking revelation. If they knew he was Timothy Lucan, he should have been shocked that Tia Borgia was Tia Norris. Fine tuning his reactions was impossible as he didn’t know whether his kidnappers were watching him as Timothy the politician or Timothy the low-brow tourist.

The General then looked over at an old TV hanging off of a corner of the wall. "I bet the news is all over this right now."

He walked up to the TV, and loaded up the main Messian news channel.

"...In breaking news, a mass kidnapping has put the nation into shock. Arriving by what witnesses describe as a transport helicopter, terrorists stormed the Parnia Resort, Amelia, and kidnapping eleven people, including the manager of the casino, Tia Borgia. The attacks left six security guards dead, and ten wounded. A civilian was also injured. Several kidnappers were shot, but they either escaped or they were removed.”

Prime Minister Kenzie has vowed to find whoever was responsible for the attack to justice, by any and all legal means necessary. Deputy Prime Minister Timothy Lucan was unavailable for comment.[/i]"

Blackhand surveyed his hostages, "We have three other operations."

The TV cut to feed of a helicopter leaving the super-scraper in Falcon City as the reporter announced, “We have also received of confirmation of a similar mass abduction in Falcon City super-scraper. We also have several unconfirmed reports of mass abductions in the capital, in the nation’s largest shopping mall, as well as the Department of Employment and Enterprise. I’m just getting word the government has released a new statement…”

Without warning the footage cut back to the newsroom. “It appears they’ve received our package,” said Blackhand.

With the General distracted, Timothy made sign language to Tia, "The General spotted you where no one else has. Have you met before?"

Using sign language, Tia responded, "We met once or twice during the Directorate days. He's a former Messian General, who deserted following the bulk of the Messian army being caught in the disaster in the Western Theatre. He’d already been concerned about where the Directorate was heading, and the decisive defeat convinced him to leave. Several of his most loyal officers defected with him and he has kept a low profile since. Apparently they’ve built quite a militia. He isn’t using his real name either.”

Timothy returned his attention to the screen, as Blackhand’s message was played on television.

"This is why I've decided to come out of the shadows, and try to repair things. Snyder's government ruined us all, because he was blinded by his own selfishness and insanity. The Force Commander government ruined us because of the softline against the Farminans. So, I want to bring things back to like they were, back in the days of the original timocracy. It's been so long ago...but they had courage, the courage to stand, the courage to fight for us, and the courage to stand against our foes!

No harm will be done, and as a gesture of goodwill, I will not put a deadline on prisoner execution; no one should have to die, so they will simply be my pawns in the big game. If you crash the board, the 'guests' will pay your price. No harm will come by them as long as you stay away. I will give you one more gesture of goodwill. I know what I'm doing, and because of this, I have captured renegade Tia Norris.

I await the changes that must come to pass."

Blackhand turned off the television, “Please be patient. These things can take some time. Tia will come with me.”

Two guards entered and seized Tia, dragging her out of the room. Blackhand followed. The door was slammed shut behind him, followed by the grinding of the lock.
North Calaveras
22-12-2007, 03:55
OCC: can i regester a member to your group.
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 05:21
OOC: You can participate. This is open. Also, try to keep OOC to a minimum.
North Calaveras
22-12-2007, 05:35
OCC: How about some insurgents, like these Kashics
Holy Paradise
22-12-2007, 05:44
The Presidential Office,
Holy Paradise City
Holy Paradise

A few hours after having announced the end of Holy Paradise's isolationist policy, President John Holtz sat down, happy but worn out with the events of today.

"It is good to be back in the forefront of the world stage." He smiled, sipping at a glass of the finest Holy Paradisian Chardonnay.

Suddenly, an aide walked in through the doors. Since this hadn't happened for 6 RL months, John was surprised and spilled the wine right below the belt. He laughed sheepishly, "Damnit, now I look like I just wet myself! This had better be important!"

"My apologies, Mr. President, but you'll want to take a look at this. It is of urgent importance." the aide replied. John took the brown envelope in the aide's hand and tore it open.

Top Secret, Priority 1-A, Confidential
Matter of International Security
Holy Paradisian Intelligence Agency
To: President John Holtz
Subject: Hostage Crisis in Militia Enforced State
Mr. President, it has come to our attention that a grave hostage crisis has come up in the nation of Militia Enforced State. Intelligence says that a group of extremists, apparently angry at their government for a botched war, has taken a large number of civilians hostage at the Parnia Resort, a casino/resort complex, in the city of Amelia. The group calls for the removal of the current government. Six security guards are dead, ten wounded. A civilian was also wounded. Some kidnappers were wounded, too, but it is unclear how many were or what their conditions are. Mr. President, we encourage you to act to end this crisis in peaceful manner.

John placed the envelope on his desk. He told the aide to leave, picked up the phone, and dialed the number of Prime Minister Kenzie. It was time to make the world a little safer.
22-12-2007, 05:53
The Democratic Republic of Farmina rejects out-of-hand the demands made by the self righteous and arrogant “General” Blackhand. It is the view of the Democratic Republic of Farmina that Blackhand is a thug, who tries to moralise his unjustifiable criminal activities.

The DRF has never, and will never, listen to demands made of legitimate governments by self-important criminals. We believe this high standard should not only be applied in the Democratic Republic, but all nations of the world, including the Militia Enforced State.

The foulness of Blackhand’s demands should only alienate him from the Messian people. That he should want to tear up a treaty which has bought about peace and democracy in the Militia Enforced State is abhorrent.

The Farminan people collectively send their sympathy to the families of the killed and those who are held hostage. Our courage and pride goes to the Messian leadership, who need it now more than ever. We hope the Messian government resolves the issue decisively, rather than let it fester.

Tobias Grey
President of the Republic
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 06:10
OOC: I don't need help on the terrorist side, thanks. If you want to roleplay, it must be from a nation's perspective. ;)


Kenzie picked up the phone, which had been ringing in some time. A number of nation leaders have phoned him today, and this is no exception.

"Kenzie speaking?"
Holy Paradise
22-12-2007, 06:25
"Hello, Prime Minister, I am President John Holtz of the Conservative United States of Holy Paradise. First of all, I would just like to express my condolences for your nation's losses. It is a terrible tragedy.

That said, we would like to offer you our services to end this tragedy without anyone more civilians dying. Be it negotiating or...other means."
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 06:45
Kenzie smiled. "I'm interested. What can you offer me, other than police aid?"
Holy Paradise
22-12-2007, 07:03
John whispered into the phone, "We have a commando in our service, a man of incredible skill, lethal to all enemies and extremely intelligent. He is our best man."
Dawn Fin
22-12-2007, 07:05
ooc: Do you mind me coming in as a group with totally different goals. In fact, goals of taking down the other organization and instating their own in to power. It'd work like a coup, in many ways. What I'm aiming for:

The Dawn Fin, which is concentrated on promoting animal rights to human rights levels, comes in and wages a PR campaign in the chaos. Pamphlets about the good of animal rights, etc.

Then slowly, the Dawn Fin sets up its own system of government with taxes and all that but it is a mafia style government. All the while you try to push them out. The Dawn Fin is almost like a national government with no land, if that makes sense. They are scattered across the globe in multiple nations, and they need a good base of operations to expand. While they promote animal rights, the Dawn Fin are brutal in killing any dissenters.

If you want them out, I understand, but I think it would add a new element to the story.
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 07:08
OOC: Instead of spoiling the plot, why don't you just post? As I stated originally, you can post, as long as it's mostly from the point of your nation's government. (Characters relevant notwithstanding)

If you want to post, then I suggest editing the question into a post. :)


Kenzie smiled in amusement. Quite the confidence on one man, he thought. "Okay, I will accept your assistance. When will I be expecting him?"
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 07:30
Blackhand followed, as Tia was dragged to his office. As the guards threw her in, the General motioned to dismiss them. He then shut the door behind them.

“It has been a long time Tia,” said the General, “Have you enjoyed hiding for your life these last six years, wondering whether someone would recognise you for who you were?”

"General Dugan Delmer," she responded, "You know who I am. I know who you are. Now that you’ve exposed my identity, as soon as I'm caught the government will hand me over to the Farminans. Then the Farminans will send me to the gallows...if I'm lucky! Given that, you seem to have lost a few brain cells since you left me. "

“How so?” replied Delmer, “I have something other than force to negotiate with.”

“But you cannot trade me,” mocked Tia, “I know who you are. Sell me to the execution and I’ll name you. Then you’ll be getting a short drop not long after I get mine. Where stuck with each other…just like old times.”

"Not if I get you a full pardon," he replied. "Negotiation is key. Give me evidence that you're a mostly innocent angel, and I'll press your case. Right now, they're missing a leader, and it's all down the Kenzie. And if he's like any of the other leaders, he'll be a pushover."

"You think you can push Kenzie around more than the Farminans? Ha!" laughed Tia, before starting to sob.

He then got close to Tia. "Right now, I'm your best bet. If it's not for me, you'd eventually get caught. I will protect you, regardless of what happens."

"Well I don't have a choice," said Tia, her face twisting with anger, "I have to help you see off this government. As long as Kenzie is PM, you've put my life in danger."

He smiled. "I must admit I may have fucked up, but you must realise, I have a stronger hand than you might think."

"Can you bring MES under your black hand?" asked Tia, "If so, I have a single request. We must forget how Snyder drove us apart. I will rule by your side."

"Very well," he replied.

"Then we have work to do," she said, moving close to him.

She nervously her lips against his. His response was also weak. Six years of bitterness could not be undone so easily.

She broke off the kiss and showed no signs of continuing romantic interaction, "We have much work to do and so much of your mess to clean up."
Holy Paradise
22-12-2007, 07:38
"It will be sometime soon, about a day. He does not need much time to prepare. He will receive a call within 15 minutes. You shall not be disappointed. (OOC: Hopefully, tomorrow morning, if not, continue with the plot but wait)

However, if God forbid, something should go wrong, we shall fully compensate for all damages and losses, and shall hunt down these terrorists with members of our Elite army." John explained. "Goodbye, Prime Minister, we'll keep in touch."

About 15 minutes later....

Nick Paulson was fishing by himself. He was a quiet, single man, who worked at Hanson-Pearson Insurance Agency as a salesman.

At least, that's what his neighbors believed he did.

Hanson-Pearson Insurance Agency was actually Holy Paradisian Intelligence Agency. He was a man of great skill. His job: Keep the peace.

He had a bite and was reeling it in when his cell phone rang. He opened it and asked, "Hello?"

"What time is it when the clock says 13 o' clock?" A mysterious voice answered.

"Time to get a new roof." Nick answered. "Is this Eric?"

"Yes." Eric replied, "And it is also time for your next mission."
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 07:58
"One more thing, President," Kenzie added, "I want your man to meet our MESPS agents in the Lamburg Hotel in nearby Amelia. Have him ask the front desk to go to room 2204, and my agents will be there to brief him."
Holy Paradise
22-12-2007, 08:17
"One more thing, Prime Minister," Kenzie added, "I want your man to meet our MESPS agents in the Lamburg Hotel in nearby Amelia. Have him ask the front desk to go to room 2204, and my agents should be there to brief him."

OOC: President, if you don't mind :)

IC: "Of course, of course. Do you want the head of the terror group dead or alive?" John continued.
Militia Enforced State
22-12-2007, 08:18
OOC: Fixed. :)

"Dead, but as I state, nothing until my agents meet with him," Kenzie replied. "Reason is so he can get the full briefing then."
Holy Paradise
22-12-2007, 19:49
OOC: Sorry, I need to skip a lot of stuff at this moment

IC: Nick arrived in Amelia around CST RL noon. A man in a government car told him to get in.
23-12-2007, 02:25
One of the thousands of Farminan agents operating in MES with impunity monitored the comings and goings at Amelia International Airport. The airport staff were more than helpful, keeping the agent fully apprised of who was on which flight from where.

A foreigner, a Holy Paradisian (?) walked out of Amelia airport and into a car that was belonged to the Messian government. That was worth noting. From his viewing point, he took several photographs of the Holy Paradisian, his driver and the vehicle license plate. He filled in his log book as the vehicle drove off, before resuming surveillance of Amelia International Airport.

OOC: MES may not be around today.
Militia Enforced State
23-12-2007, 07:28
OOC: Came on late, but I'm here. What a day... >_<


"Welcome to the Militia Enforced States," a man in graytone military fatigues said emotionlessly. "We should be there in about thirty minutes, so buckle in, as we're going to get there as quickly as we can."
Militia Enforced State
24-12-2007, 05:09
A blond Farminan entered Blackhand's office with a sense of authority. Guards stepped out of his way. He wasn't particularly well dressed and his knotty hair rolled down to his shoulder blades. His mouth seemed distorted, due to muscular degeneration of the face. His deep blue eyes didn't look, they stared. It would be to easy to mistake this middle aged man for a simpleton from a distance.

"General," said the Farminan, the muscular degeneration causing his words to slur, "An interference to our plans is approaching."

"Oh," Blackhand replied. "An unexpected interference? But one we can handle, correct?"

"I have all the details," said the Farminan, waving a folder in front of the General, "And they are yours for 10,000 harens or equivalent."

"Done," replied Blackhand, knowing the peculiar looking man only sold the real McCoy, "I will have the money wired as soon as we're done here."

The Farminan handed over a folder, "Its all in there. Please deal with this properly. If you don't, I will deal with them and deal with you for dessert."

The Farminan left in the same arrogant but authoritative manner he arrived.

Blackhand smiled. "Excellent," he said quietly, as he checked the folder. After a quick review, he picked up the phone.

"We have a problem, and I know how to fix it. This is how..."
24-12-2007, 05:32
General Statement

His Serene Majesty's Government continues to recognise the legitimacy of the Treaty of Trinity, and offers its condolences to the legitimate government of the Militia Enforced State.

-Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of External Affairs
Nation of the Militia Enforced State

All Macisikani citizens are strongly advised to defer any and all travel to the nation of the Militia Enforced State until further notice; all Macisikani citizens currently in the Militia Enforced State are strongly urged to leave that nation at once. Those who consider their presence in the Militia Enforced State to be essential should suspend their activities and leave that nation as soon as possible.

All Macisikani citizens in the Militia Enforced State, whether departing or remaining, should register with the Ministry of External Affairs (contact details below).

All foreign citizens wishing to leave the Militia Enforced State and travel to Macisikan must register with the Ministry of External Affairs, Secretariat of State for Immigration and Tourism (contact details below); MinExAff (SSIT) reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed a security risk.
Militia Enforced State
28-12-2007, 04:49
There was tension around the cabinet table. Everyone was having quiet arguments that had no real point. It was as though everything hung in the balance. The Liberal Democrats were even more nervous than the Moderates. With Timothy gone, the Cabinet was no longer split 10-10. If all the Moderates voted together, then they would completely dominate the executive.

An aide rushed into the room, whispered into the ear of his immediate superior then handed over a note. Graham Waters listened carefully, before guesturing for the aide to leave the most secretive room in the country. The Minister for Internal Affairs then spoke in a commanding voice, "Could I have your attention please? The Farminans have agreed to our latest offer and will sell us the information we want. I have here the co-ordinates for the three bunkers where the hostages are being held."

Kenzie was mildly annoyed. "Why the hell would the Farminans know about where they are? Are they in collaboration?"

"They watched it all with satellites," said Waters, "Something we can no longer do."

Kenzie muttered in response. "Alright. Should we open discussions with Blackhand, or should we go in?"

"No negotiation," said Waters, "It's what we've promised. It's what has been demanded by Farmina. We must use force."

"Force?" one of Kenzie's top advisors exclaimed. "Although force is definitely doable, this man knows what he is doing. He ain't just random rabble."

"Anything else would look weak," responded Acting-Deputy Prime Minister Gordon Howard, "That is what Blackhand wants, us to look weak. Furthermore thats what the Farminans wants. You've talked about strong leadership, now is your chance to show it.[/I}"

"[i]Gordon," Kenzie replied, "There is a big difference between strong leadership, and smart leadership. I'm not saying that we bend to his whim. But a confrontation could be dangerous. Actually, it will be dangerous. Jumping in head first may be very risky for both the hostages, and those responding."

"And, it's obvious that he has military hardware outside of hand weapons," the Defence Minister, "Okay, then, if we go in like this, then what do you think will happen?"

"If we bungle it, people will die," admitted Waters, "But if we negotiate instead, then I would suggest more people will die in the long run."

"Or, not die at all," Kenzie stated.

Waters was far from convinced, "We are accused of being weak, bowing to whoever shows strength. And how would you dispel the myth? By bowing before the accuser when he too shows strength? You might save the hostages, but you will risk civil war."

Gordon Howard added, "And if there is civil war, how long before the Farminans or Scirenians start playing games with Messian lives?"

"Civil war..." Kenzie muttered. "A possibility that I've been reluctant to consider. As the most of us have been trying, we've been trying to keep this country together."

"The strong you appear, the less your enemies will see their chance," responded Waters.

Kenzie sighed. "Alright, we go with the plan. I'm not a huge fan of using force without any sort of official dialogue with the group. And, with the help of the Holy Paradisians, it may be an actual possibility."

He paused. "But...that said, I'm reluctantly agreeing. But, I will oversee to the letter how this will be done."
Militia Enforced State
29-12-2007, 09:29
Speaker Williams banged his gavel. "I call the Parliament into session."

On the government benches, to the right of the speaker, were the Moderates led by Prime Minister Kenzie and the Liberal Democrats led by Acting-Deputy Prime Minister Gordon Howard, in the absence of Timothy Lucan. The opposition benches consisted mainly of Loyalists led by Lance Foster, along with several minor parties.

The Speaker looked across the floor, "The Right Honourable Prime Minister has the floor."

Prime Minister Kenzie, slowly stood up, collected, yet cool. "I don't think I need to tell anyone that we're in a crisis situation."

"You caused this, Farmina-lover," yelled someone from the Modern Militants’ Party.

That the MMP only had one person in the Parliament narrowed it down. "Mister Lindsay is warned!" bellowed Speaker Williams, pointing his gavel in the MP's direction.

Kenzie cleared his throat. "I understand a lot of you are upset. So is the rest of this nation. These are extraordinary times, which require extraordinary co-operation, and extraordinary response."

"I will never co-operate with a traitor," yelled Lindsay, "Even the Force Commanders were better than your sucking up to Farmina. I miss the good old days of the Directorate."

"The Master at Arms will remove Mister Lindsay," ordered the Speaker, "I will remind everyone that the Right Honourable Prime Minister, has the floor, alone."

"As much as Lindsay may be brash in Parliament, today she brings up a good point, and so did the terrorist. We have been too soft. We've let terrorists roam free in our borders. We let Farmina tread on us like bullies to a schoolyard kid, and turned our government into a circus!"

The entire LDP turned towards the Prime Minister in one swift motion. The Acting Deputy Prime Minister gave a dark glare, worried that the Prime Minister might be signalling an unwanted policy shift regarding Farmina.

"That said, that is one side of the issue. The other side is to make the right decisions. Working with the Farminans, rather than the bleak alternative is the obvious answer. That is why I supported Farminan influence."

"That said, just like these terrorists, I will not support threats, I will not support violence, I won't support anything that harms our security, our lives, and our families. This is why right now I am putting my foot down, and I am going to promise this nation, that this crisis will be brought to an abrupt halt!"

He then cleared his throat. "But let's not lose focus here. Today is not about Farmina. We can negotiate that later. However, right now, our agenda should solely be dealing with this crisis, and this is why I ask to work together."

Kenzie quietly took a seat.

The Speaker looked over at Lance Foster, "The Leader of the Opposition has the floor."

Foster slowly stood up. "I have to agree with the Right Honourable Prime Minister here, in regards to these terrorists. They may be our own countrymen. Yet, these people are no worse than terrorists. They want to seed the defeat of our government. I oversaw the creation of this democracy, to ensure that the nation was in good hands. It's not a sham, it's not crud, and it's not Made In Farmina."

To that patriotic and diplomatic announcement the government benches called out, "Hear, hear!"

"I believe that all parties in our government, should unite to fast track any and all bills that will result in resolving this crisis as soon as possible. However, this is not the time to push through questionable bills, or bill that piggyback laws that we have no choice but to oppose. I'm sure Prime Minister Kenzie will handle this professionally.”

Lance Foster then took a seat.

A member of the National Unity Front yelled out, “Show some backbone Foster. The Farminan bastards have got to you too!”

The Speaker pointed his gavel at the person talking out of turn, “Doctor Hecker is warned.”

Williams looked down the list, "The Right Honourable Minister for Internal Affairs has the floor."

Graham Waters stood up, "It has been my department's long standing position not to negotiate with criminals. This policy remains in force. We shall and hunt and never bow. We shall find and we shall bring justice. Their can be no compromise with evil."

"Is that Farmina's policy?" yelled a member of the Green Left.

"Ms Bennelong is warned!" said the Speaker tonelessly.

"Our law enforcement agencies have already made much progress and Farmina has promised satellite feeds of the kidnappings so we can trace the helicopters. We are currently analysing reams of forensic evidence from the crime scenes. We have already identified many of the perpetrators. There is no doubt in my mind, we shall prevail."

The Speaker asked, "Does anyone else request the floor?"

Doctor Hecker of the National Unity Front stood up. And that set the tone for the rest of the session. The political extremes took their time in the spot light. It was the mainstream’s turn to heckle and to be warned by the Speaker. The mainstream was also wise and organised enough, so that each person would only heckle once, so that they would receive the warning but not the expulsion.
29-12-2007, 12:19
The Farminan Republic congratulates the Messian people on their resolve in the face of horror and destructive forces. The government of Farmina is pleased to hear strong words from the Messian leadership and hope the words do not ring hollow.

Tobias Grey
President of the Republic