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Assasination Attempt: Jinos erupts in Religious Riots

20-12-2007, 08:28
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City of Oblast: 28th February. People’s Protectorate of Jinos

Today, Precentor Martial Alexander Bradley is traveling to the City of Oblast, where he will be honoring the four year anniversary of Jinos’s greatest leader, Grand Diekun Jinos. Every four years each new Precentor Martial pays respect to the grave of the greatest unifying leader of the People’s Protectorate. It is a time to remember him, and the nation, everything that stood for his Excellency’s ideals. However, what makes this particular ceremony so special, is that for the first time in the nation’s history, an Atheist leader will by paying respects, this is both seen as a welcome change by the general populace, and as well as stirred up great controversy.


In front of a large stone marker, stood a platform and podium, behind those, the flag of Jinos billowed with pride. A crowd of people gathered around this untouched part of land, and not but 800 yards away, the city loomed over it all. As per orders security was beefed up for the presence of the Precentor Martial. Each of the individuals within the crowd had been checked thoroughly before being able to assemble with the crowd to offer prayers to his Excellency. Firearms, civilian Government Issue or personal, with or without a public carrying license, as well as other weapons, had been strictly prohibited. And the city buildings that towered north of the memorial were ordered checked.

A limousine came into view, along with an escort of police cars. Each car stopped at the side of the memorial, instead of walking up the front, he would enter through the side.

“Today is a good day? Is it not?” Alex mussed.

“Hmm?! Er…yes, yes it is” Joseph, his personal body guard suddenly responded, slightly startled.

“Relax Joseph, it was rhetorical”

“Of course…I’m simply worried for your life is all…many religious fringe groups have wanted you out of power” he stated simply, Alex sighed.

“They will always be like that. That is our nation’s problem…we let things like beliefs make our judgments…we are in ways too diverse.” He said sadly, stepping out of the black automobile, his frown instantly turned into a bright smile. Cameras were recording the event live, and flashes of pictures came about. Alex and Joseph, as well as a few others, politicians and body guards, ascended the stairs of the slightly elevated platform in front of the large black marker. Alex stood in front of the podium and grabbed a microphone; he would make national history today…unfortunately.


“Brother, it is time…” a voice whispered into the man’s ear. A small audio receiver was covering the piece of flesh, sporting a small microphone to talk into.

“Yes, I see, the blasphemer has made his way to the podium…he disgusts me” the man said, in his hands, lay a high powered sniper rifle.

“With this, we can finally remove him from power…I will meet you at the appointed place for escape. May you have the holy blessing. Good luck…and God speed.” The man on the receiver said, before the transmission was filled with static. The sniper removed the hardware from his ear and put it in his pocket. Slowly he pulled the bolt on his rifle back, cycling in a large bullet. He sat on the roof of one of the buildings in the area, further away then the ones closer to avoid detection, the secret service had not covered all their holes, although, they would surely notice him soon.

“Rot in hell non-believer” he muttered, bringing the scope up to bear he zeroed in on his target…the man who was an affront to all the religious in the nation. He took in a deep breath…trying to be as accurate as possible. He saw the man quite clearly…anger coursed through his veins.

His finger tightened on the trigger.

A single Shot range out.


GSRN World Report: Urgent News:

Today, a man from the religious fringe group, ‘Brothers of Christ’ or more commonly referred to in the general population, ‘Christ Killers.’ Made an attempt on Precentor Martial Bradley’s life, the man using a 7.64mm rifle with scope fired a single bullet at Mr. Bradley. The bullet hit his left shoulder, the sniper had missed his intended target, and a split second later, he was surrounded by bodyguards.

The perpetrator was tracked down minutes after with two other accomplices attempting to flee via a Van; they were identified there on the spot as avid members of the 'Brothers of Christ'. The church of ‘Brothers of Christ’ was most violently opposed to the election of first ever Atheist into the position of Head of State. He drew even more backlash from them and other Christian fringe groups when the position of Consul of Religion and Spirituality was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, upon his complaint of the position. Members of these protest groups have been citizen arrested for harassment, incitement, and disorderly conduct prior to the memorial service.

Currently the men are to be taken into trail directly under the Supreme Court, under charges of high treason, conspiracy, and attempted murder. It was also later discovered that these men, as well as others within the group have been discovered to have been illegally acquiring weapons and explosives outlawed for personal use by the state, as well as money that was acquired apparently through blackmail. So they, along with the others, will be facing additional charges of harassment, blackmail, and extortion.

All men have pleaded guilty to all charges claiming they are being punished for doing ‘the right thing’ the minimum sentence for treason and conspiracy against the state alone is death by firing squad.

For safety reasons local church leaders of the “Brothers of Christ” were rounded up by authorities and taken into custody under suspicion of Conspiracy against the state across the nation.

With the apprehension of these individuals a series of violent protests erupted over the country demanding these people’s release. The protesters attempted to solicitate other crowds of people into rebelling against the government. Later, these small mobs, joined by other Christian, Orthodox, and some Muslims started selectively killing small groups of Atheists across the country. When word reached the population of Atheists, roughly 34%, a large band in several cities rioted, creating an Anti-religion scare among themselves they opened fire into these mob crowds with home owned guns and government issue pistols in an attempt to put their religious executions to an end, uninvolved Christians and other religious people became involved in the crossfire. Senior Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Michael Brikov ordered the mobilization of the National Guard to instate Martial law in these major cities. A state of emergency was declared with the ever worsening situation and the nation put on DEFCON 3. Eventually through military force the riots were quelled, all major cities have been put under temporary Martial law to avoid violence, and police readiness in smaller cities has also been increased.

The total number of civilian and military deaths and injury remains unknown. Though, it is estimated at 300-450 at the least, mostly civilians.

The Precentor Martial remains incapacitated at a heavily guarded hospital at the city of Oblast. His condition is however stable.


Government Response

To: International Community
From: Office of foreign affairs, Ptolemeaus
Time: Roughly 36 Hours after initial assassination attempt
Subject: Foreign advice.

Hello Nations of the international community. As most of you undoubtedly know, there has been an assassination attempt on the Precentor Martial’s life, as well as mass rioting throughout the country. DEFCON level was recently boosted to third level. This is all partly due to government reaction and subsequent inaction, though, many think this was simply the spark that lit the fire. For the full story, turn to GSRN on your televisions.

The higher echelons of government are unsure how to act in this situation. There are a lot of dead civilians and blood being demanded by both sides. The situation must be handled carefully incase any on either side are overly offended. We do not wish to risk inciting more rioting, the Protectorate is formally requesting advice on what to do. From what we receive the government shall try to act accordingly.


Vice-Precentor Martial Jennifer Reeves.
21-12-2007, 00:18
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