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Work Has To Be Done [FT]

19-12-2007, 00:27
Minas Faerie, Allanea

“So what you're telling me is that they're completely screwed.” - Antalia Reynes peered into the face of her Foreign Affairs liaison - “No meaningful infrastructure, multiple planets slagged in full or in part, impending starvation, economic depression, the works?”

“I see. We should help them.”

“Why? They've just barely joined our Confederacy (”

“Which is why we should help.” - the Senator was still smiling at the liaison, but her fingers were moving rapidly, typing up the beginning of a memo - “The Confederacy might fall apart tomorrow, but the people at UNS Command will remember that we pulled them out of abject poverty. And then there's the usual human kindness detail, but I'm sure you're not even intelligent enough to understand that. Now, let me contemplate this... we should request Congress for additional funding – but also take some money from the Confederate budget. After all, that's what the Confederacy is for, right?”

“That is correct, Senator Reynes.”

“Very well.” - her smile became kinder - “I want you to contact Alex and have him confirm diverting fifty percent of the Confederate budget towards this cause. I will meet him later, and discuss the exact division of funding.”

“What do you want the money to go to?”

“I am getting there. I want the Confederacy to fund the UNS Command's own projects for rebuilding – and as for our own Congress, I want them to find someone who has a big industrial base and can help our own industries build equipment for reconstruction. And we need to move quickly.”

“Do you have any particular nation in mind?”

A week later, in Kazansky's office

“How did you manage to get Congress to confirm it so quickly?” - the Boy-President looked at the paper. - “I was kind of worried about this, you know. Even the regular appropriations take months and months of wrangling, and God knows you haven't precisely chosen the most popular contractor.”

“Well, no. But the mechanoids are famous for putting out work fast and clean – unless they hate you, that is.”

Kazansky relaxed – but only a bit. “That still doesn't answer my question. How did you do it?”

“There's a Constitutionalist Congressman that owes me a favor, so he tied it into a big appropriations bill for the Navy. It still almost failed, so we had to cut our estimated by about twenty-five percent. But it got through.”

“Nevermind. You know I spend way too much time scamming oppressive dictatorships out of their money. You can make up for any missing funds from my personal accounts. You know full well I can't use most of that money anyway.”

“Okay.” - Antalia beamed - “There's one more thing.”

“There is?”

“You forgot to sign the bill, Sir.”

Kazansky laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair.

24 hours later

It was known as the Naval Forces Appropriation Act 2007, and has generally been discussed in public for its military implications – the types of ships that were ordered, the research grants given, and the usual stuff. Few people paid attention to several Wrath class battleships being emptied of their combat complement, and filled with tons and tons of MRE's and emergency products. Only later, when the plan came fully together, would the astonishment begin to set in.

Several Allanean factories were put to work producing a variety of agricultural and building equipment necessary to the new task Allanea put itself to, and a message was sent out to 01MC, requesting multiple Foodsats, a slew of Cargo Transport Dirigibles, trucks and tractors of different shapes and sizes, and if they could send out an advisor, it would be awesome of them.

Finally, a message went out to UNS Command itself, requesting the coordinates of whatever spaceport in the system would be most appropriate as headquarters for the Allaneans' humanitarian mission.
Orthodox Gnosticism
19-12-2007, 15:02
Tagging for the continuing cylon story arc.
UNS Command
19-12-2007, 23:28
The Allanean transmission was received and responded to incredibly quickly. With various threats popping up, multiple nations coming to their aid, as well as dealing with a spaceborne invasion, they were getting far too busy for their tastes. A temporary station had been set up in the Callus System, where the reply was coming from. Guarding by a few ships that could be spared, it was a stretch but they had to try.

"We have received your transmission and thank you for your help. We normally would direct you to our main station at Sol, but we are currently dealing with a threat that has appeared there, so we are closing that off to all traffic until it has been dealt with. Coordinates are attached to this message. We await your arrival and look forward to working with you in rebuilding my torn nation."

OOC: Short I know but nothing more for me to do but wait and say come on in ^^
19-12-2007, 23:35
The Allaneans approached Callus – Alexander Kazansky's giant yacht leading the way, followed by a multitude of freighters and a small amount of escort ships. Even as the ships pulled into orbit, work began.

Robotic construction equipment moved in orbit, constructing two 01MC Foodsats from kits. Soon, the sats would float gently over the ravaged world, producing a steady supply of food to the people below. In the meanwhile, one of the transports opened its cargo bay, preparing to distributed an array of tracking and observation satellites. The purpose was to scan the world below, to estimate the kind and extent of damage below. This would be necessary for further rescue operations.

OOC: In other words I need to know the extent of the damage to your nation and its kind.
UNS Command
21-12-2007, 22:33
The damage on the planet was extensive. This had been one of the many colonies conquered, and then subsequently glassed. The surface shined in the light of the sun and the drives of the various ships, and fires still raged all across the planet. The atmosphere was non-existent, and even parts of the planet were basically molten magma, that burst up from time to time. This was the same situation faced by all the Outer Colonies, and some of the Inner Colonies. Planets like Earth, Reach, and others, were heavily damaged, some were heavily glassed to the point like Reach, which had three-fourths of its surface glassed. The damage figures were all over the board, and the losses faced by the UNSC were worse. The figures of deaths were in the trillions, possibly higher. There were many dead not known about the UNSC due to the scattered nature of the war.

The economy was in shambles, but being buoyed up, for the moment, by recent measures taken by the UNSC government. The rebellions by the United Rebel Front, and the extensive debt the UNSC had from the war, however, was looking to prove the downfall of the UNSC. Their military was hurting, although what they had were mostly rock-hard, skilled, well-trained, and well-versed members of the military who could fight a war again, given enough motivation and resources.

The morale of the UNSC was at rock-bottom. Their economy was almost gone, trillions dead, few worlds left, with only one major agriculture, the rest a mix. There wasn't enough food and starvation, unemployment, and strife was high. All in all, the UNSC was on the brink of collapse.

The station sent this information as an attachment to the message we sent. "We have good news. The threat at Earth has been repelled, and if you so choose, you can now send ships there to coordinate with the main rebuilding effort. Several nations have arrived and we have begun the talks over on the main station. Again, you can stay, leave, or send others there. This is your choice. We thank you for helping us, and look forward to the day we can repay you for this."
21-12-2007, 23:02
It seemed the Allaneans have brought just the right equipment for the job. While of course injections of pure, simple cash would be necessary to improve the economy – and a primary gift of two hundred billion dollars had already been appropriated from the CSS annual budget – the main importance would be lie not in money, but in the immediate real aid in rebuilding.

And so Allanean ships spread out over the UNSC posessions – those few that still survived – and began to deliver the most basic aid. Mark I Foodsats were rapidly assembled in orbit above the worlds, and below, 01MC Cargo Dirigibles ( were used to transport food (primarily military MRE's in bulk) to those who needed them. Additionally, they distributed a variety of robotic agricultural equipment to help people start producing food again. In some cases, the Allanean government would simply paint the dirigibles over and give them to local authorities or companies – based on the idea locals would be better on managing their own relief efforts.

Allaneans produced and brought in not merely food. In many places, Combat Engineers and private companies labored on the production of new road and rail systems, to ensure that good trade infrastructure would exist when they left. In space, the military gifted the UNS Command several thousands comm sats, to use for commercial communications systems. Soon enough, people could make phonecalls to their loved ones again.

To paraphrase the fish analogue, the Allaneans noted the UNS Command already knew how to fish, and were interested in supplying it with a quality, laser-guided, gravitic-assisted tactical semi-automated fishing rod with a monomolecular wire and semi-sapient nanobait.

It remained to be seen if they could fish.