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Friend of the Republic(FT)

17-12-2007, 01:43
It was a general broadcast of propaganda that stretched out to all corners of the galaxy. A message, whose background was the glorious star hovering above two pillars who in turn hovered above their base, the symbol of the glorious and mighty Republic. It called out, in a most dignified and mesmerizing voice, for all nations to hear.

"Brethren of the stars, we, the glorious and triumphant Republic, hereby call out to you with an offer of protection and friendship. The universe is a dangerous place, and a veritable hell for those weaker nations, or those who choose a philosophy of pacifism. But you can choose to be safe!

We offer you the chance to become official "Friends of the Republic," entitling you to trade rights and the ability to call upon us for aid should you feel threatened. We are a most benevolent society, and wish to share a glimmer of our glory with you all, in the interests of galactic peace. If you wish to enter into this arrangement with us, simply send a reply.

Carpe Diem!"
17-12-2007, 01:55
ooc the jem'hadder batte ship winters furryt will visit you

ic the winters fury had heard the coms the ship emerged from trans warp coms to the orrignators of the signal this is the vorta dante of the jem'hadder of the grand high guard of the incorpataed states of shinra.

we wish to greet yoour people in the name of the jem'hadder and the corpation
17-12-2007, 01:56
OOC: I'll become a Friend of the Republic if you become a Helot State. =P
17-12-2007, 02:09
(OOC: Ha, no Helot state for me, nor the Republic. All of our members won't submit to others. But anywho...)


A standard reply was sent back to the arriving vessel, and wished it happy travels. It was offered a position at one of the spaceports to refuel, restock, or even dock so the crew could go to the beautifully scaped water world below for a vacation. Along with this, an inquiry was given, asking if whatever nation they represented would agree to the offer of friendship.
17-12-2007, 02:10
OOC: Eye kno. Wuz joke.
17-12-2007, 02:13
(OOC: Lol, Bankercat has disapproved your bank loan.:()
17-12-2007, 02:47
ic that we do we come in peace
18-12-2007, 00:41
19-12-2007, 08:50
Josiah had never been good at doing the laces. He made a frustrated sigh as he once again failed to do the knot that was presented before him. He began to undo the loop and once again began to follow the pattern he had been trying to learn on the weeklong trip from Gaia. He attempted to fold the lace over, under rap it round the thumb and pull it under. Yet try as he might he just couldn’t get the knot to stay. He straightened, looking at the humanoid machine that showed amusement on its flow-metal face.

“Geuhl,” he breathed, watching the machine with an undying hatred. “Could you please do the laces for me?”

“Of Corse sir!” the machine said, gracefully pushing itself off the wall and falling into a kneeling position at the Ambassadors feet. “But might I suggest next time, you learn this sort of thing before we are ten minutes out of the Systems Edge? It doesn’t do for a Imperial Ambassador to show up only to have a robot do his laces.”

“Ha!” he barked, looking down at the robot. “It has been a century since I wore anything with laces, why would I remember it? I am an Imperial Ambassador, I cowed the Veish into submission, I averted the greatest war in history since the Shivan War with the power of my voice alone, I...”

“Don’t know how to tie your own shoelaces.” The machine interrupted, standing up. “Do not worry sir, we will have a child teach you when you get back. As for now, while your stationed in the Republic I think you will just avoid wearing your Dress Boots for anything we can. Now we are making the final approach now, lets get you to the airlock.”

“Make sure it doesn’t open early this time please,” Josiah muttered as he followed the machine. “Last time the mess…”


On the edge of the Talean System a hole in the fabric in reality shimmered into existence momentarily. From it shot the INS Subtle Intent, streaking away allowing the hole to collapse back harmlessly into itself. There had already been arrangements made, the nessersary people had talked so the ship would not be destroyed by any form of system defences, and would instead be allowed passage to the city of Taledon.

Josiah stood on the ships bridge with Geuhl standing slightly behind him. He was watching the map of the system, judging the distances, making sure he still could do field calculations. Despite what the Machine behind him had attempted to let him believe, he was not stupid. With Over a Century and a Half of Experience in both Diplomatic and Military professions he had won more medals and awards then he had places to put them. Now he was going to be working as the Imperial Ambassador to the Republic, a society, he was told, that was wonderfully hendoistic, beautifully savage. The advertisements sounded to good to be true. Which likely meant they where, but there was some nugget in truth to them, surely.

“Sir, maybe now would be a good time to…” the machine fell silent as he waved its comment down. Despite the strong friendship the two had formed in their time together, he was still in command, and with a new crew you needed to show authority.

“Not yet,” he replied, watching their trajectory. “I want them to contact me, I want them to know I don’t go jumping for their favour. Their the ones asking for friends here, and we’re replying to the add. So let ‘em sweat.”

“Yes sir,” the machine said. “I shall continue our current trajectory, we should be arriving at Taledon in twenty minutes.”
20-12-2007, 00:42
"They aren't coming?"

It was an astonished question, every syllabule showing the sheer confusion of the subject. Poln was stunned. An ambassador was about to land at the Taledon spaceport, and the city wasn't even sending any form of representation on behalf of the Senate.

Gregorious, his counterpart who had just replaced the receiver on the hook, shook his head, his facial features contorted in disbelief as well. "That's what they say. Apparently, since they believe their instructions to simply send a message back were quite clear, they feel if anyone wishes a greater meeting here, they would take the initiative."

"So much for our renowned hospitality." Poln replied, still trying to make sense of the situation. He scratched his head of short brown hair and looked around the control room, as if trying to find something among the various computer systems and monitors, or someone amongst the army of technicians and administrators who worked the spaceport, for something that might fix the situation. His eyes fixed upon it, exactly what he had been looking for, the Holy Grail of the room.

"That's damn good coffee we got brewin' today!" he exclaimed with satisfaction as he emptied the mug; the contents of the chalice seemingly lifting all his worries and doubts. That was, until Gregorious stood up, finished his own coffee, and said the deadly phrase:

"Well, we'd better get out there to greet them. They should be touched down by now. My oh my, won't this be a story for Victoria tonight."