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Discovery of the past CLOSED (ATTN: IOM)

15-12-2007, 14:03
An enormous rift in space opens as a fleet begins to translate into the plane of reality once again. The Ships of an arcane design yet freshly painted. The fleet having a Marking of a robed figure with a sword in one hand with the other held out with a psychic power dancing around it. The exploriatory fleet was a meager ensemble of one emperor class battleship, a couple strike cruisers and a transport ship. “So This is where it happened. .” States Loki as The ship blah finishes translation into the Isstvan system. “Bring us into orbit around the third planet as soon as the fleet finishes translation.
As the fleet begins its movement to the third planet, Loki heads to his arming room. Walking down the corridor he nods in acknowledgment to massing shipmen and astartes. Not wishing to been seen as superior to his men he forbids any salutes or show of rank to him, unless in a situation of formality. Walking up to a non-discrepant door the door opens sliding into the bulkhead to reveal a rather bare room. Off against the far wall was his bed, neat and crisp, as if a new recruit had made it. Next to it was the rack containing his armor and a small three legged stool. Walking through the doorway the smell of oils assaulted his senses along with the underling of incense. Walking over to his armor he picks his helm off of the stand and begins the rituals of cleaning it and preparing it for anything that may have survived on the surface.
On the bridge captain Vasurno directed the fleet into a standard defensive formation in a low orbit around the planet. “Scan the surface for any life signs flora or animal. I want to know exactly what we are walking into.” Vasurno pauses as he ponders a thought. “Also alert the scout teams that we will be requiring their skills in this endeavor.” The Captian was not a young man by far but rather a hardened man who had been in service to reken before the time of Aloura’s reign. His face scarred by a las bolt that cut through his left cheek in the clearing a space hulk heading for segmentum solar. His right leg has long been replaced with a mechanical one after it was hit by a tyranid bioweapon. Pressing a symbol on the arm of the command chair he speaks. “Sir Loki we have reached orbit around the planet and are ready to begin deployment upon your order.”
Standing he secures the final pieces of his armor and walks to the comms station of the wall. ”Acknowledged, I will be there shortly.” Pressing a few symbols on the wall controls Loki continues. “All Captains Report to the bridge in full armor immediately.” Picking up his helm he exits his room and proceeds to the bridge. Loki chose his room as the farthest from the bridge so by the time he made the trip to it his captains would be able to secure their gear and meet him along the way. The first to join him was Druian, captain of the third company. Druian was not the most book smart man but when he got himself onto the battle field there was no one better that could get himself out of a tight situation than Druian. The second to join him was Laurias, of the tenth company. Recently promoted to this title when the former was killed in an attack on a ferval world they were pacifying. As Laurias joined he nodded in agreement at Druian.
The proceeded toward the bridge as the rest of the captains join them. The twenty-one of them file through to a battle room off to the side of the bridge. As the last of them are seated in the dim lit room Loki activates one of the control studs in front of his seat. a Small circle in the middle of the large table opens and a device protrudes from it as the holo map is activated.

"These are the most accurate maps we have of the planet," he starts, "Unfortunately they date back to the heresy." Picking up a small pen like object he presses a button on the side and a small red beacon appears on the map. "This is the supposed location of the first battle of the heresy, and it is also where we shall begin our searches. our mission is to find any remains that we may find of that battle. Dismissed"
05-03-2008, 10:59
'Commander! we have intercepted a transmission from the surface!' calls out the comms officer. 'Its on a repeat and is directed toward Terra!'
' On Screen' Loki commands as the holo projector in the front of the bridge comes to life.
A man in the mark IV armor appears in the projection obviously injured due to recent battle. 'This is Captain Loken of the Luna wolves. The news i send to you is of the gravest times. Horus has turned from the emperor and has begun a conquest for Terra. he has begun recruiting his brotheren and chose this planet, Isstvan III, to cleanse the legions of all who would not follow them.' The man in the message pauses. There are very few of us who have survived the viral bombing and hellfire attacks. i don't know how long we will survive. I Repeat Hrous has betrayed the Emperor and has gotten his closest brothers to follow him. May the empe-. as the transmissions cuts out.
'Thats all that is there sir.' Reports the comms officer
21-03-2008, 22:27
Mercer stood aboard the Dragon's Pride silently watching the events unfolding above Isstvan III. His armor had been recently cleaned and maintained it's ancient surface a form fitting plate of unknown composition. Mercer was one of the few individuals in existence with the knowledge to construct and repair it. He stepped forward and ordered his crew to decloak his mighty battleship. Opening comms Mercer let out a sigh,

Lord Loki what are you doing here? If you are looking for ancient gene-seed you will find none and even if you did it would be of no value to you.
22-03-2008, 19:36
Loki looks toward space through the port hole of the decending stormbird.
'I thought i felt someone following us. . .haha. . . i should have known you would be the one shadowing me. the concerns of Reken here are no concern t you nor any harm ethier so you may be on your way and not involve you-' ,static fills the comms as the ship passes though the atmosphere, 'maters here.'
His mind drawn back to the ship, it takes a steep dive as anti air rounds explode around it. Abvasive actions commence as the servitors increase the dive almost putting the dropship into a stall before banking at breakneck speeds comming level to the surface on the planet just below conventional radar.
23-03-2008, 06:01
The Shadow Chaser Mercer's personal transport flew threw the atmosphere with incredible speed and agility cutting in front of the anti-aircraft fire. The incredibly powerful armor of his personal transport absorbing the impact of the weaponry. He opened comms to Loki,

"Looks like the locals aren't too fond of Imperial forces. Probably some remnants from the Old Imperium we've been encountering pockets like this all over the Segmentum. Considering it would be impossible for any remaining forces from the Heresy to have survived I would bank on surviving Chaos or Imperial forces from the 41st or 42nd millenia."
25-03-2008, 11:46
comming down the ship dusts off as the men embark and shoots back into the sky. Loki and his men sprint for cover in nearby rubble. 'Mercer what did i tell you, You have no business here leave NOW!' Loki says, angered at his friends persistance. "He is playing into my hands" thinks Loki as he and his men skirt through the wrecked streets toward the source of the fire.
08-04-2008, 01:34
Mercer skirted forward easily matching Loki's speed on foot. He pulled free his twin magnums and in a flash they had disappeared replaced by the Angel Arm and the Devil Arm. His hands now spewing hot bolts of plasma. Mercer swiftly and delicately charges forward ripping a nearby armored transport in two with one arm the lightning crackling in between his fingers afterwards. Then so swift not even a Space Marine could eye him he was next to Loki with eldritch fire dancing in a wreath about his head, "What do you seek?"
09-04-2008, 20:36
'Answers' Loki states as he and his men stroll down the empty street. So far out in the ruins only the ocasional rodent would cross their path. As they continue the true signs of battle begin to show, blown out tanks many mellenia old, along with the hollow forms of the ancient mk IV space marine armor covered in a thin slime. 'So many lives wasted. . . .' Loki whispers as he kneels between sets of Luna Wolf and Death Guard armor. Standing he looks toward the center of the ruins. 'And they will pay with their lives.'

Darting in and out of the assorted debris covering the road loki gains a lead on his men. Heavy bolter fire rakes the ground around him as he reaches the edge of the richer districts of the old city. The men cry out in psychic torment as Loki forces his newfound hatred for them upon their minds.

Running foward Loki draws twin power swords. ( Such swords are easily a longsword to a normal man yet to him they barely measure long enough to be bastard swords. Leapinf over the flak board barricade he plunges his blades theough the gunner of the bolter. Ripping one out of his victim's side he slices the other man in twain.

As the momentiary bloodlust passes Loki stops to examine the corpses. Reaching down to one he plucks a single item off of it and turns to Mercer. Opening his hand he drops the scale into Mercer's hand. Tyranid
10-04-2008, 17:12
Mercer turned the scale in his hands and sighed, "It's just like Ultramar was." He stepped forward and spoke in a voice so low only he and Loki would know what he was saying, "You were not supposed to come here.....the Imperium was not to know of the true horror of Isstvan III....I was there but I could do nothing to the start of the Heresey Nurgle had deigned it too important that my people not be involved and our home came under attack by a terrible plague. As we engaged in Warp travel back to the Centurion Galaxy we heard the cries for help as muffled as they were. But we had our orders. We wante dto warn the Emperor but we saw hope in one man. You should know his name for he was one of the first Inquisitors. His name was....Nathaniel Garro Battle-Captain of the 7th Great Company of the Death Guard. The only way they can be made to pay for this is to continue to fight the traitor legions."

He took a deep breath and spoke in a normal voice, "Now we are facing a Tyranid force that you have chosen to get us involved with. My question to you is what do you intend to do? Furthermore Lord Loki as an Inquisitor it is my right to question you on this. As a High Lord of the Inquisition I carry the weight of the Emperor's authority and as such I ask why did you come to the Milky Way with such a meager force? I remember in one of the Council's held it was strongly advised that any fleet traveling to these regions of the Milky Way be ready for war. I left my fleet in anchor in Ultramar. I can have a force of Ultramarines assembled and here in a couple of hours."
15-04-2008, 08:55
Looking at Mercer their eyes connect as deep seeded anger fills Loki's eyes.
"you would do best to stay your lane little inquisitor. Reme." You were not invited here nor are you needed. I allow you to stay here by grace alone. If you insist on testing my loyalty here i cannot promise i will take it lightly. You wo. . " Loki pauses and brings a hand to his ear. Looking at his men they all nod and head back to the LZ at a run. Looking at Mercer he simply says. "goodbye" as he sprints off after his men.
15-04-2008, 14:14
Mercer merely ignored Loki's comment he had not tried to test his loyalty but rather had shared some valuable and forbidden knowledge. He looked around at the torn and battle ravaged landscape and grimaced. There had been so much death and destruction on the scales of which hadn't been seen before. He stepped forward looking at the Tyranid body and saw that it was only a genestealer. Stepping forward he called to Tara and quickly signed to her. With that she collected up four suits of Power Armor each from one of the four Legions that had battled here. Armor which was still painted in the heraldry of the Loyalist survivors. Mercer looked them over carefully and saw that he would have to personally tend to the wargear and said, "Take them to my trophy room aboard the Dragon's Pride I will tend to them on our way back to Ultramar. Tara gave a curt nod and with that disappeared aboard the Shadow Chaser as Mercer gave one last look around he decided it was time for him to leave this planet of ghosts.

A few hours later his black ship had left the system.
22-04-2008, 00:27
Back on the ship Loki looks towards the viewer as a hive ship, splinter of Bohemoth apears over the edge of the planet. surounded by thousands of smaller objects. upon the full apearance from behind the planet the swarm that once surounded the ship surges toward the reken fleet.
'Battle stations! deploy all fighters and fire at will i want a wall of fire between them and us and i want it now!' Loki call out as he reachs for the coms.
-Azrael this is strike fleet history we have encountered an tyrnaid splinter requesting immiedate assistance. i repeat request assistance.-Loki sends over long range vox as the same message is relayed to the astropath. Lets remind these bastards what happends when they mess with the true rulers of the universe.