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S-1 "Rhino" Main Combat Tank [WIP]

14-12-2007, 23:17

Introducing the S-1 "Rhino" Main Combat Tank;
The S-1 "Rhino" Main Combat Tank was first designed as a light combat tank, thought of as a light reconaissance vehicle capable of engaging strong, heavily armored enemy vehicles. However, that design idea changed as the vehicle proved itself as a formidable foe in it's testing phases, and as a result, the Theoroshian Defense Force decided to use it as it's primary armored combat vehicle. Below, you'll find information about it, and prices so that you may buy it if you wish.


The S-1 "Rhino" Main Combat Tank is fitted with one 120mm smoothbore gun. Many of our top designers protested this, submitting that a 125mm smoothbore gun would not change the weight dramatically and would function just as well; however, countless years under the heretical Jostinian rule (which was finally thrown off) had tainted Legion practices; one such practice was making all heavy vehicle ammunition 120mm, not the standard 125mm.

Additionally, the main gun can use the "Razor" missile system to engage enemy tanks and low flying enemy helicopters. It can also fire the usual armor piercing discarding sabot round, the high explosive anti-tank/fragmentation (HEAT, HEF) rounds, and a flechette shell, much like the cluster bomb used by the Theoroshian Air Legion. Also fitted onto the tank is a 6.89 caliber (another practice from the cursed Jostinians) coaxial machine gun, and either a 10.34 caliber anti-personel machine gun or a 12.11 caliber anti-air machine gun mounted onto the top.


The S-1 is protected by various overlapping slabs of conventional armor plating and "Volga" explosive reactive armor (ESA).

Additionally, the S-1 is equipped with the Elphos electronics suite, which has an infrared jammer, a laser warning system equipped with five laser warning sensors, a smoke grenade system which protects the tank from thermal and visual sighting and acomputerised control system with a manual override feature.

It has full nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) protection, and the inside of the S-1 has an advanced filtration system which can filter out the air inside the hull and into the air, drawing in fresh air from the outside. It is powered by a battery which can run for ten hours straight, and can be recharged.


Crew: 3
Weight: 42.7 tons
Four stroke V-12 diesel engine, 840hp
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1,800 liters
Paved road: 700km
Unpaved road: 645km
Snorkeling?: Yes
Secondary Weapon?: Yes - RAAF-9 assault rifle


One Unit: 7,500,000 US dollars
Ten Units: 60,000,000 US dollars
Production Rights: 350,000,000 US dollars

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