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Open Enrollment: Storming The Gates of Hell

14-12-2007, 13:16
We are seeking Christian nations and individual believers to join our Holy and Righteous Empire in our military expedition to Hell. The Word says that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail, and since the Word can not be untrue, we know we will defeat the demons who have attacked our great and glorious nation.
Hell is many miles below the Earth. Through cracks in various geological features of our nation, the demons have been plundering our cities and carrying away our people. We can only conclude this is a major offensive on Satan's part to bring a reing of darkness on Earth. It therefore is necessary for believers to join together to fight the demons, seal these cracks and fissures in the Earth and rescue the poor souls trapped in Hell.
Preliminary explorations by heavily armed Special Force Zealot and Siccari Teams have found that the road to Hell is made up of twisting caves, chambers and passages. At risk of their lives, and heavy casualties, they have brought back a rough, preliminary map of the passage to Hell.
Our scientist conjecture the attacks have been incited by nuclear weapon testing, particularly subterranean. Needless to say, after car4eful examinations of the bodies of the demons killed, we can give some preliminary information about our enemies.
Our enemies are horny skinned, reptillian humanoids who appear to resemble humans in most ways. There are some variations among the demons, some having horns, e.t.c, e.t.c . We have proven they are capable of dying by mundane methods such as flechette rounds. They also seem to be affected by holy symbols, such as the cross and holy water.
Other methods that have worked is excorcisms by our crack teams of Special Forces excorcist. Our research has proven that it seems to weaken and drive off demons, and is effective in stopping attemopts to possess team members in our Special Forces.
[B]These foes are real; they mean us and YOU harm. Join DoubleWideville in rescuing the human populace from these demons. Beware their powers to possess you, and turn you against your own people. We found this a problem when a possessed Special Forces member was possessed by a demon and attaced the party through the poor soul. Only people of strong faith, with a trust in the Lord should join.B]
Epsilon Halo
14-12-2007, 14:30
OOC: Uhhh.... my people don't get carried away by horned lizard-dudes... and my country is officially atheist, but we DO have churches, mosques, and synagouges....
Mer des Ennuis
14-12-2007, 17:21
OOC: if you kill something from hell, won't it die and go right back into hell, where it can then leave hell and be killed, then go back to hell...
Torin Prime
14-12-2007, 18:32
OOC: I would say go to hell, but I see you already are.