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Looking for a Cartographer

14-12-2007, 08:09
I've tried quite a few times to make a map myself but I really suck at it. They all turned out pretty crappy and I want a fairly good map. If anyone wishes to make one for me, here are the guidelines.

- Orbath is a rather large, densely forested area.

- Orbath has two major rivers running southwest to northeast

- Orbath is bordered by a NPC controlled nation to the north,east and south. The west is coastline

- The capital city is Orbath City. This city has a circle of mountains behind it.

- There are two large military bases along the coast, one directly west of the capital, the other farther south

- There is a base outside of the capital, the rest of the six bases can be scattered wherever.

- The other cities are, Portsmouth, located along the coast near the first military base. Darwin, Mordon, Sangonia, Jackson, and Ellwood can be placed anywhere, except along the coast.

I realize this will be hard to do, considering a lack of details so I ask that you please be willing to change it for me if I need it.
16-12-2007, 08:33
16-12-2007, 08:46
A list of all cities, terrain, and a basic map saved as a .png so that I may visualise it.