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Incursion of Fortune (FT, semi-open)

12-12-2007, 04:46
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The Dominion of HuTianDi has recently expanded to include a second system. This second system has been in the possession of the dominion for our years and is flourishing. The planet has rapidly developed with the help of nanobot assemblers and numerous colonists used the newly set up jumpgate at the edge of the system providing effective travel.
The Surface of the planet had once city created by nanobots in the International or postmodern style. The planet now had a single orbital elevator rising from the surface and a small fleet patrolling the system to prevent the little piracy present and agaisnt any possible threat posed by alien races. Overall the colony was peacefull and was undergoing a nice stage in construction.
Amazonian Beasts
13-12-2007, 04:17
New systems were always fun!

At least, for the organics. The automaton stumbling across the stars into the new system didn't share the same sort of enthusiastic response about the pursuit of ends-it was merely doing its job. The system was fairly basic, a white main sequence star and several planets (one inhabited). The probe quickly shot about on its subspace drives-the Dominion was good at speedy ships-analyzing and sending off active sensor pings across the system. They were likely detectable, but the probe had activated camoflauge protocols. The Dominion abhorred cloaking for the most part, but for a defenseless probe meant to investigate, cloaking meant that data would be able to be relayed back to Dominion space without sending out multiple probes. The cloaking system wasn't as advanced as breakthroughs in camoflauge had been-the Dominion was better at anti-cloak detection than cloaking means, by far-but the probe, wielding numerous sensor absorbant wands and light-absorbant spreads, could move about unseen by most active emissions sensors and the naked eye.

Rounding a gas giant, the probe sent off several more pings. The inhabitants were building up a nice little civilization, but it was just that...little. The Dominion was an old and large expanse of changing and fluxing times, currently headed up by the Sith. It was now an imperialistic regime, one that would no doubt like to take a little bit of the share of such a growing and developing civilization. Being Sith, they were misunderstood-the Dominion was obsessed more with self-improvement and their own benefit, not so much with the oppression of others as the traditional Sith were. It was a secular system, rather than an idealistic one.

The droid didn't care though-it didn't have feelings. Deactivating the cloak for hyperspace, it clicked once through its vocabulator before activating a Class-.5 hyperdrive, blasting into the other dimension of travel.
13-12-2007, 04:57
[Command Bunker on the Planet]
The command bunker was a location designed to be impervious to all by the most determined attacks (However, such attacks would render the planet inhabitable). It was a secure place that all information from the entire system was relayed. Now it was in a utter state of chaos. The recent discovery of a large energy spike and a disappearing ship caused much concern. The sensors of the system struggled to fins the ship only to come up empty handed until later the ship reappeared and disappeared.
[Meeting room]
The Top leaders of the system now met in a room. The room was surrounded by the holograms that made up all the command centers in the Dominion of hutiandi. The looked over the information gathered by the ship.
A space admiral spoke up. "It is obvious that the race is not trusting, or it would have contacted us. We MUST ready for an imminent attack by a superior race. We must request reinforcements from the main system to bolter our defenses against any secret or unsecret attack." Other admirals and generals around him concurred. The commanders then made plans to increase the security of the system. Patrols were increased and sensors were on constant alert waiting for another unannounced entry. For now all the people could do was wait.
[a week later]
A small fleet arrived from the main system via the jumpgate. The fleet consisted of some of the newest commissioned ships and would help bolster the relatively weak defenses of the system.
14-12-2007, 04:02
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Amazonian Beasts
14-12-2007, 04:33
"Hell! Least you could do would be refine the damn picture!"

"My bad, sir."

The engineer punched the console again, the holoprojection twisting as it came further into focus. A solar system, complete with last-updated planets, projections of spacial debris, and other obstructions came into view.

"A'ight, whazzat?"

"First planet had some odd readings sir..."

Several admirals, headed by Admiral Kenseth Darby, sat in a briefing room with a tech engineer who had opened up the probe that had investigated the system. The room glowed with the blue hue of the hologram, no other lights shining upon the reflective durasteel floor. They had already been briefed, a fleet was already forming, but were once again reviewig data.

"Presumable resistance?"

"Can't say, sir. Probe didn't pick up too much interspatial activity. Some outpost and static type, however."

"Presumed defenses?"

"Minimal. Probe recieved no sort of scan, even though the camoflauge was giving off considerable sensor output."

"Alright, convey the data to Thunder," Darby instructed, getting up with the others. "We'll go rendevous for deloyment."

"Gotcha, sir."

The admirals departed on a shuttle as the engineer began phasing data to the flagship of the forming fleet over the planet Reylon in the Outer Colonies, a military planet that had recieved the data. Out here, flexibility was a valued asset-and by taking some resources for the predatory Dominion, which thrived on nature's bounty, Darby would at least rise in prestige and honor. Battle was always a nice little trait.

The shuttles rendevoused with the outward-bound fleet, an armada of 21 capital-grade starships. Translucent Thunder, a Challenger-class dreadnought, captained the fleet, comprised mostly of medium-grade vessels but also with a few smaller ships and larger vessels.

"Set hypercoordinates," Darby stated form Thunder's bridge. Some small, insignificant system would provide him with an outpost in the expanding Dominion to scratch for resources, as well as set up a distant resupply and defensive position. It would work good.

After coordinates were set, the fleet moved out-blasting off towards a three-hour jump that would take them to the fringes of the system in question.
15-12-2007, 01:08
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Main system
The main system was a bustle as the forces of the DMTD have been placed on a general alert. Due to the recent destruction of a large amount of property and ships there was much xenophobia and paranoia in the system. The fleet was once again recieveing a large amount of funding allowing it to update its beginning to be outdated fleet. Now ships patroled the routes more alert and waited to see if there would be any attack.
Meanwhile the council was deliberating weather to send more ships to the other colony. The colony had not the resrouces to support more ships for any real length of time and to do so would incur a large expense of the part of the government. Already reports of the increased security showed a decrease in pirate activity and would it be right to send a large fleet in on the basis of a whim of fear.
The council said no and thus decided not to send more ships, however, it did agree to leave numerous droid (capital) ships withing five minutes of the jumpgate and thus provide limited support while an adequate response is set up.
A large thirty ship droid fleet gathered by the jumpgate. The ships were the latest in the attempt at artificial intelegence on use on a war ships and the only crew abord were robots. These were the first ships of its kind, the first ships to be built, and operated without manned observation, but though they were like that they were still bulky shapes as full scale obirtal docks had not been completed and all sections of the ship had to be sent up into orbit of wherever it was created by mass driver. However, the benefit to this was an entirely modular ship from the armor to the engines to the little recharge sockets in the droid storage area.
The ships were slim with all power devoted to weapons and propulsion rather then the things required for human life. (It still mounted the small crew quarters mandated by the government in the event that the ship ever needed to carry passangers) They soon colled down from an active to a standby state.
Now life went on as normal in the dominion. People traveled people bought and sold nothing had really changed other than the fear made evident by recent events. Hopefully it would all prove to be nothing more than fear and a sensor glitch but still people could hope and hold their breath.
Amazonian Beasts
15-12-2007, 23:20
"Emerging from hyperspace, commander."

The tone of the AI's feminine voice roused Darby from his half-slumber on Thunder's bridge, the standard time 08:41. Mid-morning. Far past usual waking call, yet Darby had been operating through the night before the hyperjump. The transit had provided him a chance to sleep.

Wiping his eyes, Darby stood to review the approach sequence: "Signal the fleet to initiate pull-out procedure."

Upon the command, the vessels began to shoot out from hyperspace, small ships and big alike, capped by the 3km-long dreadnought flagship, shot from the travel dimension into realspace, emerging in a fairly close formation.

"Spread out, and get some scans on local space. Go to Yellow Alert."

Shields went up across the fleet as the corvettes, the most sensor-attuned vessels of the fleet, began sending active sensor pings across space. The ships began moving out into an assault formation, cruisers providing an exterior defense with the flagship spearheading the midsection of the fleet.

"Looks like we came out a little closer than we wanted captain..."


"We're at the fourth planet of the system. A little deep, but shouldn't be a factor."

"Start sending probes out. Determine if there's a hostile presence around."


Probes shot out from Thunder, small violet dots against the icy black of space. Sensors on each probe began scanning for heat, electrmagnetic interference and waves, and for impressions against the spacial plane of gravity.

"Fighters to Alert-5."

In the hanger bays of ships, droid fighters began coming online, clicking to each other in droid language, while pilots began moving towards their manned ships, finishing up with preperations for potential combat.
16-12-2007, 03:54
[The Eternal Battlegroup]
[[bridge of the Eternal]]
The bridge was mostly quiet during the normal operations of the ship. Nural interfaces allowed quick transfer of messages within the ship and also allowed to accurate aiming of weapons in a manual fashion without the use of hand controls. However now a alert came audibly.
"Unknown spatial disturbance.... comupter analysis indicates that it matches the disturbance of the unknown vessel"
The captain quickly responded. "General quarters throughout the fleet! Activate cold plasma shielding maximum density. Bring all CWIS and weapons systems online. Prepare for combat and alert the planetary command center." affirmitive nods, registered by the neural interface (a purely PMT technology since it is under development) came from all stations and soon the fleet and all departments throughout the ship. The ten ship fleet was ready for battle. Now the holographic grid activated in the center of the spherical 0g bridge. The sensor reports from all the ships in the system were complied and displayed. Directly in front of the fleet was a definite anomaly not normally seen. What came next surprised the fleet. Twice the number of ships in the Eternal battlegroup and many times larger also. It was a no win situation for the fleet as the admiral/ captain of the Eternal gave a grave message to the fleet and his crew: "Today we must delay this fleet. The previous scout did not attempt to communicate and thus we must assume that the fleet is hostile. For this glory of the Dominion, TO BATTLE" the fleet began moving with all its defenses weapons and shields powered up. Large trails of hot plasma from its naquadah enhanced fusion engines (no antimatter in this system... to expensive and unstable to risk a trip through the jump gate though the first planet had begun making some antimatter with gas shipments fromt he gas giants in the system via intersystem (as opposed to intrasystem) jumpagtes/ FTL initiators/ sustainer) The ships tore through space at all possible speed approaching the enemy ships. The first salvo was the MAC cannons, MAC cannons were able to be quickly recharged by the ships reactors and waste plasma-energy distribution network. The shells need not hit as it was still a fairly large range away but if any hit it was hoped that the shells would do damage. As the ships drew even closer hypervelocity multi-gigaton missiles were launched. These missiles were nauqadah enhanced and allowed to the creation of a small yet powerful warhead. The missiles were guided and headed for the enemy fleet. At this point the secondary railguns, also used for point defense, shot small .5 caliber rounds at the enemy ships at an astonishing rate. Hopefully all this volume of fire would damage and slow the enemy ships.
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Amazonian Beasts
16-12-2007, 23:03
The AI's holoprojection perked up again on its visual field: "Inbound weapons fire from a ten-ship formation inside the kill range, commander. I'm directing countermeasure systems to intercept phase across the fleet."

"Do so, Ayla," Darby confirmed, using the AI's dubbed name by the crew of the Thunder.

"She" was the overall leader of the artificial intelligence's of the 64th assault group, the collection of ships that had invaded the space. Ayla also was in control of numerous systems and operations, which could be manually overridden (though generally weren't-her efficiency was through the roof). Contrary to myth, the AI was virtually invulnerable to most EMP weaponry and computer-infiltration weapons due to numerous redundant systems, tie-ins to the mainframe, and alternative memory locations (enhanced by bio-neural circuitry-literally a living computer).

The MAC rounds, railgun shells, and missiles came on towards the spreading fleet when the countermeasure systems across the fleet came online, all ships moving to red alert. Spatial charge rockets, older weapons but still quite effective in interceptor roles, shot out in the hundreds to attempt to pick off the gigaton missiles. To intercept the shells, electrified fields of magnetic chaff and gravitational charges-meant to create holes of dense gravity to throw off lines of fire. It didn't seem that distortion clouds-fields of electrified gas meant to dissipate energy weapons-would be of much use today. So far, the enemy fleet had only deployed mass weapons.

The interceptor rockets, as usual, had the greatest rate of interdiction. The small, lightning-quick warheads streaked towards their targets, and when closing to within one hundred meters exploded with channeled force. Each explosion fired out a miniature vortex of energy, blowing out energy to either destroy the enemy missiles entirely or throw them off track. The chaff and charges had success, but not to the same outstanding level of the rockets. They had a greater field of fire, but the enemy had used a good deal of weaponry in the smaller mass weapons. The electrified charges were able to divert some of the shells and stall the progress of others, though the chaff wasn't the most effective. The MAC shells had a habit this time of going right through the chaff fields.

The shield banks of some of the larger vessels, from the distance fired absorbing the majority of the damage, flashed greens from impact strikes.

"Hawk's forward shields have sunk to 46%," Ayla reported in from visual form.

Scarlet Hawk was a Scythe-class gun frigate, a light frigate meant to provide weapons support for attack corvettes and destroyers. They were lighter ships, yet packed a nice punch. Their shield banks, however, left somewhat to be desired; additionally, they carried only one fighter squadron and one gunship squadron. The rest of the fleet, primary damage to larger ships, was in considerably better stance. The opening volley had occured at the distance of several light-hours - plenty of space for interception times, and even that that had gotten through had been insufficient to instill worry. Experience with major powers of the galaxy had given the Amazonians years and years of time to continually upgrade defensive systems.

"Have them redirect aft shields to fore."

"Affirmative commander."

Thunder, Resilient Darkness, and Pire of Winter - a Challenger-class dreadnought, Nexu-class battleship, and Legacy-class battleship respectively - broke off into a battle formation as the smaller ships moved to the left and right of the triad of the heavy warships. The fleet's four attack corvettes struck a line before the three leaders, ripping open fire with their quad pulse turbolaser batteries, arced to the fore. Plasma drivers - the plasma-encased heavy baradium shells of the Dominion-slugged forth from the corvette formation's batteries towards the enemy fleet at .9c.

"All ships, pick targets and open fire."

A swarm of positron torpedoes - larger, shielded antimatter warheads built with rudimentary droid brains to evade contact with interceptor rockets - rocked from the fleet as two Akira-class destroyers moved into an assault formation with the four corvettes, closing in at attack speed before the three monsterous warships. A Spartan-class battlecruiser attempted to make a flank around the enemy formation, popping off two dozen ion rockets - smaller and blazing fast warheads loaded with ionic warheads - towards one of the enemy's smaller ships.

"Signal Darkness and Winter, Ayla. Have them concentrate on the largest ship."

"Affirmative, commander."

As blue turbolasers, red plasma drivers, and missile weaponry continued to pulse out from the fleet, the three largest warships pulled into a triangle formation, with unrestricted arcs of fire at the fleet. As a Centaur-class attack cruiser shot between the hole in the triangle, blasting away with its fourteen fore-firing plasma drivers, the three ships ripped open a barrage of fire. Winter shot first, its three foremost combine cannons - weapons designed to combine the firepower of six turbolasers into one solid beam - ripping through space in a solid green lance. Darkness and Thunder followed suit, the 3km flagship adding with a full volley from its fifty quad turbolasers that could be angled forward for a direct attack. Local space lit up with the glow of firepower.
17-12-2007, 00:18
"The enemy intitiation countermeasures, few missiles and secondary projectiles got through their defenses which seem to consist of some form of magnetic shielding, Chaff, and some barrier of some sort. The enemy is returning fire. Spectroscopy indicates heates plasmas and some form of plasma coated shell."
"Initiate countermeasures" yelled the admiral. The entire fleet had a networked defense net each responsible for a separate section and each relying on their own sensors rather then the network due to the lag of lightspeed. However, this in no war hampered defensive reaction.
The numerous CWIS banks on the ships sprang to life along with the secondary railguns which now were redirected at the incoming missiles (not that it matters, general direction of enemy ships anyway). Continous streams of blue slugs moved at a percentage of lightspeed matched only my the larger mac cannons. Any hit caused by one of these fast moving shells would result in damage to whatever incoming solids there were.
In addition to the Railguns smaller metalstorm batteries put out millions of reactive metal bullets that also contained an oxidizer. These sheets of metal would blow up with anything that it touches and provided an effective defence against kenetic energy weapons or unshielded missiles. In addition to these were proximity missiles. These missiles had limited effect due to the speed of the enemy prjectiles but were still used. each missile had a 1 kt warhead capible of a variable yield in response to distance from the ship. Soon the missiles exploded with brilliant nuclear fire as the enemy projectile approached. The entire fleet was blinded for several seconds as the main computer worked out sectors that the missiles were allowed to be used in to keep the view open to aid in targeting.
The most intruiging defese system, however, was a PASS system that had enough power to burn through metal. Each ship had several of these laser units that shot at a object creating a ball of plasma. A secondary laser then ignited this ball resulting in more brilliant explosions.
To any outside observer the defense of the fleet was nothing more than a big firework show. Explosions of nukes, plasma, and metal created a large glowing area around the fleet. The area was filled with radiation and debris from both side's weapons and yet the ships went through firing their weapons. However, even with all the explosions enemy projectiles still got through. Mainly these consisted of the gassious shots of plasma launched by the enemy. The plasma in the shots was absorbed by the magnetic containment/ cold plasma (almost dense as a solid) grid. This grid absorbed many forms of electromagnetic radiation and also provided a defesne against plasma and directed energy weapons. However, it did not protect against the explosive lances that were contained in some shots. These explosive elements detonated on the almsost solid plasma leaving a gaping hole in the defenses of the ships. These holes were quickly taken up by cold plasma generators located within the ship itself as repairs were conducted by nanobots bringing material in from nearby armor to repair the several meter deep holes in the ships.
All during this time the ships still shot their weapons. MAC shells still lanced out and missiles flew toward the enemy ships in columns specifically avoided by the CWIS systems. The missiles would then spread out after a citrain distance to hit targets. Now these missiles used a detonation system that would detonate as soon as part of the casing was vaporised by enemy proximity missiles.
[Bridge of the eternal]
"Sir the valiant has been disabled, its crew arabandoning ship as the captain seeks to move the ship away from the fleet to limit collateral damage when the reactor blows" the admiral only nodded as the message.
"Sections ten to twenty of deck fourteen are gone, vaporised by an enemy plasma cased slug. emergency bulkheads are in place. Mac cannon two is disabled, a power conduit was severed, it should be back on line in several seconds as repairs continue. Another rumble rocked the ship. cold plasma generators in the drive section is down, hot plasma is being diverted from the...." the ensign was cut off as a larger jolt by magnitudes occured briefly causing the lights to flicker as the emergancy power units came on line restoring bridge functionality. "Sir... that last hit was a matter-antimatter reaction we have lost most of the rear of the ship. Main power is down with no chance of recovery. All defenses are now being manually aimed and powered by emergency reactors."
"My...." the admiral sat silently "abandon ship, all hands abandon ship. The Eternal is lost."
Soon numerous escape pods, coated in the charactaristic diamond mesh that coated all HuTianDi Ships emerged flying away from the battle at all possible speed joining with the survivors of the two other ships lost. The admiral still sat as his chair as the inevitable came.
Soon all the officers on the other ships saluted briefly as the Eternal was torn up in an antimatter explosion. Then they continued to fight.
There were only six ships left now. It had only been a few minutes and most of the fleet was lost. Hopefully time had been bought.
Above the colony all the ships of the scattered fleets gathered going through the intrasystem jumpgate network.
Amazonian Beasts
18-12-2007, 04:40
"Mass fire on the survivors! Annihilate the enemy!"

The fire came on hot as fighters and gunships began swarming out from hanger bays like swarms of angry hornets. They formed up into squadrons, droid fighters blasting out on engines to close in while the manned fighters, loaded up with missile weaponry, would strike from distance to avoid heavier casulties and provide fire support for the droid fighters that would draw off CIWS fire.

"Hawk at critical damage, sir!"

The frigate took another MAC to the port shield banks, the shields snapping in a flash of white light as the crews tried to get redundant generators online. A gigaton warhead smashed into the engine conduit of the aft section, an explosion blasting through space with pieces of metal and organic matter.

"Provide fire support, immediately!"

"We're losing her!"

Two evac shuttles blasted away from Hawk towards the flagship as another MAC hit, this time straight into an exposed hole in the hull. The hull led right into engineering - and the MAC struck home. A brilliant light flared hot as antimatter released from containment fields, blasting into the matter of the ship itself and its fuel sources. The entire rear of the Hawk had been sheared off, the foreward section, on emergency power, still rattling off scattered shots as it attempted to make a final stand. It technically was still alive.

"Novus to 29% shields."

This was worrisome, slightly. Novus was a Pinnacle-class heavy cruiser, a considerably stronger ship than a simple gun frigate. It had been taking damage, and while the bigger ships were hardly getting scars, the smaller ones were taking hits to resilient shield banks.

"Focus firepower on the surviving enemy! Lay waste to their hides!"

Darby was vivid aboard the flagship. He hated casulties, and Hawk certainly seemed to be a casulty this time around.

CIWS blasted out from the fleet, the usual plus added jamming screens and decoy emitters to attempt to draw off guidance computers. As a torrent of like fire blasted from the Amazonian fleet, the fighters and gunships let loose.

The manned fighters and gunships opened up first, so the warheads would reach around when the droid fighters - expendable - would begin runs. A load of positron torpedoes and ion rockets blasted away, as well as biological warheads - not viruses, but literally living missiles designed to slice through hull armor and release flame and explosion throughout a ship's interior. If contact with shields was met, than the warhead would release its entire large payload into a concentrated spot in a shield grid, in an attempt to create shield permeability issues.

The missiles streaked in towards the enemy as the droid fighters reached gun range. They didn't have turbolasers - containing, rather, the lighter lasers - but could fire at such a rate that it seemed all of space was lit with the cobalt heavens. The droids, roughly one hundred ten in the first wave, ripped open fire on just the two smallest ships, blasting away as they made complicated manuevers that no organic could ever make, attempting evasive action to preserve their own meaningless lives.

Aboard the three largest ships, meanwhile, landers were preparing with ground forces. The fight, once done in space, would proceed to the surface against these hostiles.
18-12-2007, 05:05
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[New Fleet command ship Element]
"Another ship has been lost" said an ensign as another ship exploded in a brilliant fusion explosion amplified by whatever naquadah was present on the ship.
The now acting admiral slammed his fist on his chair. The status report scrolling on the holographic system showed that the ship had lost almost half it's defensive weapon capibilities and the supply of the large multi-gigaton missiles was almost expended. The admiral knew the ships had put up a valiant fight even destroyed some of the enemy ships.
"Tell the fleet to fight to the death. We must stall so that the fleet may enter its defensive formation at the planet."
"Aye sir" And so the ships fought on. Soon more ships were cut down reducing the defensive fire and thus the amount of devastating anti-matter missiles got through. Explosions went through the fleet as it was quickly cut down by the sheer number of weapons used. The traditional armors used, while able to protect against the relatively simple MAC shells and laser cannons of pirates and comprable ships were not match for the missiles, explosive projectiles, and plasma bolts shot by the enemy. The plasma, while able to be absorbed by the plasma shielding that coated all ships, still ate away at the diamond coating and eventually the laminated nanotube composites until the heat from the shot could be dissipated into space.
With all the fire numerous CWIS systems were knocked out gradually the defensive fire became less and less as more batteries were knocked out. With the reduction of defensive fire more of the overly destructive fire came through and soon all the ships were nothing more than pieces of metal, some large enough to contain sealed compartments that contained living people. However, all but emergency power and life support was gone and the debris posed to greater threat than a slingshot did to a wall.
All that remained was the inhabited planet, its two moons, and a intrasystem jumpgate station along with accompanying fleets (15 at the jumpgate, 45 at the planet/ moons). These were what stood between the small fleet and total conquest of the system. No renforcements could come as any message to the hoem system would take several days and the same amount of time for a response back. Thus the only thing that the people could do was warn the main system in the event of a defensive failure.
The Ships all waited seeing if the enemy fleet would make a more agressive move further into the system and all held their breath even as civilians were being ushered into bunkers and foot soldiers took up positions in buildings and strees in cities and various stratigic points in the countryside (the countryside has a lose network of trenches and bunkers).
Amazonian Beasts
19-12-2007, 00:15
"Victory is ours, commander!"

The weapons officer of the flagship was elated as Darby took a seat down at the command chair. The first defensive fleet had been wiped out.

"Status on the fleet."

"Three down, we're at eighteen. Hawk, Raider, and Malintent."

Respectively, the Scarlet Hawk, Dusk Raider, and Malintent were a gun frigate, heavy frigate, and attack cruiser. Losses that would hurt, but not imperative. Action could still continue, and the three main ships were barely scratched on their shields as the defensive energy banks quickly worked to replenish, abaltive hull armor coming online to seal gaps while droids fixed up systems that needed repair.

"Fleet will be at 100% operational capacity in fifteen minutes. Not full, but it will be enough if there are more of the enemy."

"Continue penetration deeper into the system."

A system energy gate of sorts - perhaps a jumpgate that were used in different societies - stood in the way before the planet. It would be the first priority before the planet defenses itself were taken care of. The fleet continued to move on, fighters and gunships returning to hanger bays as the formation powered to full sublight drives, preparing to engage the second enemy formation with all batteries operational.
19-12-2007, 03:30
((I assume you are at the intrasystem jumpgate with the fifteen ships))
The fifteen strong fleet was now arrayed in a defensive wall against the oncoming fleet. The ships shone with the refractive qualities of the diamond which coated the outer hulls of all the ships. Soon the ships glowed light blue with the activation of the cold plasma shield. Soon all the weapons of the fleet were fully charged and loaded as the fleet awaited for the arrival of enemy ships into the maximum range of targeting.
Soon the enemy ships entered it and numerous MAC shells lanced out. These shells, being kinetic weapons, had the longest range of any weapon carried by the fleet, but also the least accuracy. The shells lanced out at near relativistic speeds towards the enemy fleet. The dense shells glowed white with heat as it passed through space toward the enemy fleet.
After this first salvo the defensive wall broke up due to the fact that a still target was a good target even with the most primitive of targeting systems. All the while they continued to fire MAC shells at the maximum allowable rate. With both sides moving toward the other the next weapons that lanced out were the missiles. The missiles launched vertically from the ship before quickly moving in a horizontal manner toward the enemy fleet. It coasted most of the way similarly to a kenetic projectile until a visual target lock was obtained on a captial ship. At this point the missile's engines would start up again as it guided the missiles to the enemy ships. also at this point numerous smaller white hot shells emerged from the railgun banks located on all ships as a secondary weapon/ PD against missiles. These white hot shells streaked towards the enemy impacting on their shields.
All the while the ships of the defense fleet used their networked systems to create a coordinated system to protect against enemy fire at the greatest possible range.
Amazonian Beasts
20-12-2007, 05:27
OOC: Yup, at the gate.


"Fifteen ships! Bunched line!"

"Engage at will," directed Darby, settling down to his command chair.

The benefit at range against point-to-point mass weapons like MAC rounds was that they were fired with linear trajectories, and lacked guidance computers. They were just shells, after all. With so much distance, it would take them a slight bit of time - several seconds, at least - to reach their targets, even at .99c. That gave the Dominion time for more...innovative countermeasures. As the first wave came in, spatial charges were blown up with massive frequency across the frontal bow of the fleet, sending rippling waves and kinetic energy shooting across space. Newton's Second Law always in effect, the energy of the force created a reactive counter force against the mass weapons - the MAC shells went shooting off in different directions. The enemy would have to close to utilize their shells.

The rockets were a bit more of a distraction, as they could avoid and go round the carnal space waste being created as the Amazonians advanced. As the rockets flew in, laser cannons and plasma weapons ripped open salvos, followed up by interceptor rockets and electrified flak grids to throw off guidace with jammer screens coordinating. It was a complicated and numerous system, but it worked well. Only a small proportion of originally fired missiles penetrated the deep defensive screens of the Dominion and managed to contact against the redistributed shield grids of several ships. No losses yet, and things were still looking up as the Dominion fleet went to full impulse against the enemy formation.

The Amazonians now cranked out their own long-range weapons. The plasma-encased slugs were useless at a long range like this - to easy to knock off course. A heavy salvo of missiles went first, blasting away like a dust cloud of lethal bee stings - antimatter bee stings. The rockets quickly accelerated to .9c, guidance computers coming online as the torpedo shields went up. They would provide light defense for the warheads, about to be supplemented by other weapons.

Amazonian energy weapons were easily modified, and in some cases, some ships were designed for specific purposes. In this case, one of the cruisers had a few interesting weapons for long-range encounters - essentially, a sniper turbolaser beam. The combine cannons of the three large capital ships could easily make contact at such a range, traveling at near-light speed and lacking the problem of disturbing paths of travel like shells did. As the three main craft opened up, the cruiser moved into position between the three largest warships, ripping open with its improvised "sniper turbolasers." The weapons were hyped-up in their reactors, boosting power into a beam that could travel significant distances without any remote loss of power and a very accurate guidance system. As the fleet continued to close and support craft readied, the long-range turbolaser and combine fire flew out amidst the swarm of torpedoes and rockets, lancing in at the enemy formation of fifteen.
21-12-2007, 00:30
Command Ship Tribulation
The tribulation is the first ship of its class. The class is new with only ten in active service. It had a new stealth system that shields it from detection. The ship was surrounded in a special material that bended all light around the ship instead of letting it reflect. The ship also carried a radical new cooling system that allowed for all ehat to be moved to the rear of the ship allowing for a near invisible ship except from the direct rear of the ship. This invisibility was hightened by the fact that the ship had remained in postion for almost a week thus allowing for no plasma exhaust of any significant temperature in the mask of plasma created by the 15 combat ships.
In this mostly automated ship a large computer system coordinated the defense of all the ships in a manner more efficient then the networking protocol used in place of a central command vessel.
[Bridge of the Tribulation]
The bridge officers watched the battle as numerous automated messages moved to and from the ship's computer, the closest thing that the dominion (yay we are both dominions... this is going to get confusing... well i don't know your nation name yet) had to a AI. The screen showed the ships of both fleets converging. In between the fleets moved numerous projecitles, missiles, and plasma weapons that attacked and countered attacks. It looked like maddness as shots missed wildly or some hit. Around both fleets was a fine cloud of computer data. If one was to focus on this the computer would say "general mass effect point defense weapons." both sides got relatively few hits in and with the data collected from the previous battle few major weapons hit. The massive fire put out by the HuTianDi fleet was able to deflect most of the solid weapons by sheer volume of directed fire to a general target area. With that many of the enemy's antimatter missiles, though shielded were knocked out by there millions of exploding bullets each hit draining the shields until the missiles themselves were destroyed. The missiles then exploded in a large explosion. It was normally this, not a direct his that caused damage to the ships of the fleet. The approaching fleets were mostly stalemated in its long distance exchange until numerous beams were launched from an enemy ship. The bridge crew gasped as the surprisingly accurate energy blasts slammed into one of the ships (I assume is coordinated fire on one ship) the first few shots were absorbed by the plasma shielding. But this shielding could only dissipate only so much heat over its surface area. Soon its armor boiled away and the other shots went right through the ship emerging as a straight beam before the ship emerged in a brilliant explosion of a naquadah boosted fusion reaction. The admiral immediately spoke up.
"Code b shiarsan feng dui ar, Admiral Li commnse activation of station defensive network, long range set up." on a second screen several weapons turned from red to green in a popup eminating from the jumpgate station "Target enemy desengated a21, fire all particle weaponry" numerous blue beams lanced out from the station. All the beams traveled at relativistic speeds as it impacted the enemy ship's shields. In the time that the station took to activate the weapons a second ship was destroyed. The admiral could only hope that the particle beams would be enough to knock out the enemy ships.
[Jumpgate station]
The jumpgate staion was mostly automated but now several people stood on the "bridge" with the authorization to use station weapons (powered by a boosted antimatter-matter reaction) The station was alive with the particle beams that could only originate from such a large station or a planetary body. The people watched the fleet in hope but also knew that should the entire fleet be destroyed, the fleet retreats, the station loses power, or the enemy ship get withing a certain distance of the jumpgate the station would explode with the collapse of its anti-matter reserves. So all the people on the station could do was hope for a victory however unlikely it was.
Amazonian Beasts
21-12-2007, 05:14
The fleet was getting harassed by the station, but the fleet was of little worry. The specialized cruiser continued to snipe with its point-to-point amplified turbolaser composite beams while the "Big Three" bore down on the station, closing in to make full use of their arsenal. The plasma beams were a nuisance, but the Dominion had ways of dispersing like weapons, deploying fields of yellow ionized gas that somewhat dispersed the energy of the plasma as it vectored in on ships. It was a slight countermeasure, but nothing permanent, besides the material flak fields, could truly stop a point-to-point beam. The weakened hits slammed into the shield banks, flashing green from hits - still with plenty of integrity. The three main ships, all battleship-class or higher, would take a lot of damage before grinding down.

They concentrated their combine cannons on specific locales in the station shields, firing for effect to create maximum damage in as small a point as possible. This would, if it worked right, overload the shield bank in a shorter amount of time and snap the station's outer defense, leaving the hull vulnerable to massive bombardment by the three primary vessels. At a certain point, all three halted, turning to face starboard and directing shields to double-up on exposed areas. From the broadside formations, at a dead halt, the three major vessels ripped open a giant side salvo of plasma weaponry and turbolaser fire, space itself seemingly on fire with a myriad of energized death.

The rest of the fleet, fifteen smaller vessels up to a battlecruiser in class, focused on the remainder of the gate fleet. They broke into a scattered formation, far enough away to avoid swarm fire but close enough to be able to make overlapping rings of countermeasure effect. Giant gas clouds began expanding to dissipate particle fire as flak fields and energized crossing grids began activating. CIWS guns turned on as well for close defense to pick off missiles, but still two of the ships were hit hard enough to bring their shields down below 30%. The fifteen vessels, once in range, quickly emptied their hangers of their fighter complements before ripping open their own fire from multiple vectors, supplemented by the sniping vessel staying defensively behind the formation.

A torrent of missile fire vectored out, along with heavy plasma driver fire - shells were now viable weapons at such a close distance. Energy fire and plasma weapons cut through space's black expanse as the fighters and gunships took to the outsides to come around the enemy vessels, launching their own missile barrages. Weapons were coming in from all sorts of angles thanks to the support craft, taking advantage of every guidance angle and computer targeting system at their disposal. Generations of warfare had trained the Dominion to overlook casulties - they had suffered numerous personnel casulties to top their three capital ship losses - and to focus at only the task at hand. Shield directives and defensive audibles were keeping ships fresh at this second phase of the attack, utilizing redundant shield generators to take over for weaking shields while the original generators recharged.
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[Jumpgate station]
"Enemy ships are consentrating fire, heat dispersion in sector A-2 is exceeding design limits and hull temperature is reaching critical levels." another explosion rocked the station. The captain pounded on the colsole.
"Rotate the station! bring the unexplosed areas to the front and comense repairs on the damaged areas."
"Yes sir." the station began moving even as more fire began pounding on it. In several areas holes had been punched straight through the cylindrical shape of the station. The plasma shielding was having problems dissipating the heat and in many places it glowed brightly but slowly the areas that moved out of the line of fire cooled down back to the slightly lighted light blue color.
The station continued to fire its weapons even as the areas brought to bear the brunt of the attack began to wither away under the fire of the enemy ships. The station, while a large structure was not designed for combat and soon it began to lose containment of its anti-matter containment fields.

The fleet faired no better. Ships were suffering under the massive amount of fire put out by the enemy fleet. Already the fleet was down to ten ships under the coordinated fire of the enemy fleet. Now they all focused their fire on a battleship hoping to bring at least one ship down before they all fell like the initial defense fleet before them.
((Sorry bad post.... I have to run... I might add more details later but thats the general outcome of the post))
Amazonian Beasts
22-12-2007, 03:28
The station's rotational fire through off the targeting computers for a microfraction of a second aboard the three attacking capital ships - just enough time for a heavy volley to penetrate the lines and impact the shield banks. Two of them, including the flagship, remained with greenish shield hits, but the smallest battleship's shield banks flashed yellow - down to a more vulnerable 59%, shields being diverted power from lesser systems, like hanger bay general life support. Countermeasure systems went up immediately later, a massive spurt in to counteract fire. Another swarm of missiles went out, but this time were instructed to take multiple vectors. This swarm was easily double the yield of the previous, meant to take a blitzing form to attack every possible angle as energy and plasma weaponry continued to pound in from the three ships and plasma-coated shells slammed forth from constantly loading quad batteries.

Fighter losses were starting to mount, though primarily amongst the close-in fighting droid fighters - the manned fighters and gunships, designed to open up new lanes for missile warfare, stayed out like flitting wasps for the gnat horde that was the droid support craft. The droid fighters attacking the station had easily lost 40% of the initial deployment force - and would have been far greater had they been manned vessels without the acute reactions of the droid brains - but were getting supplemented by additional reinforcements.

The fleet itself suffered one loss - a frigate exploding brilliantly in red and yellows - but besides that continued their mounting assault, breaking into three-ship formations (and one two-ship group - the sniper and its escort) to harass the enemy fleet on the move and from multiple vectors.
22-12-2007, 19:06
[Jumpgate station]
The jumpgate station was now taking heavy damage. The area brought to bear contained the main matter-antimatter reactor. The shields across the entire hemicircumfrence was at heat dissipation capasity. The glowed brightly from the added heat as it attempted to disperse the collected heat. In a bright flash the shields were released when the hull of the station began to melt. At once the collected gasses rushed out into space quickly cooling. The shields attempted to reform with a light blue plasma coating formed. However, the next shot hit the main reactor. The reactor, now relatively unprotected was hit. The shot of plasma went right through the reactor and in the picosecond that it took the magnetic containment fields to reform several atoms of anti-matter escaped allowing several atoms of the antimatter-to escape. The shots also destroyed the secondary and tertiary containment fields. The now escaped antimatter interacted with the matter present in the normal universe resulting is several small explosions of insegnificant magnitude. However, the proximity to the magnetic containment field interfered with the containment of antimatter and a large nuclear explosion occured reducing the station to numerous stay atoms and small to large pieces of debris. The jumpgate station was no more.
the fleet now in disorder due to the fire of enemy forces could do little as the enemy focused their attention on them. Still their orders stood to delay the enemy and destroy as many as possible. Now there were only nine ships left. Enemy fighters (I didn't even know you launched any well whatever) had destroyed the escord of drones sent out by the station and now they were under fire from all sides.
A single order came from the main planet saying, "Defensive preparations are complete, all crews are to abandon ship and set their ships on a FTL ramming of the enemy fleet.
The remaining ships did just that their crews exited in torpedo like lifeboats heading away from the battle even as their ships elongated and struck the enemy ships in post-relativistic speeds resulting in a brilliant matter-antimatter explosion that would hopefully destroy the larger ships of the enemy fleet.
Amazonian Beasts
23-12-2007, 17:41
The nine ships of the enemy fleet pulled a manuever the fleet was completely unaware of - they were able, somehow, to defy relativity in realspace and jump straight to post-light speed. And, unfortunately, they did it right into the enemy fleet. One of the enemy ships hit too much of the countermeasure field that was by this point a swarming mob, blowing through the countermeasures at velocities far too high to even survive minor impacts. The ship blew apart as the Amazonian fleet fired all across the enemy forces.

One of the jumping ships attacked the flagship, but slashed against the formidable shield banks. A considerably smaller ship, even jumping, would not be able to break into the hull of the flagship - though it did snap the shields of the giant vessel, something the shots of the fleet had not been able to do. The other, smaller vessels of the fleet weren't so lucky.

The enemy forces, in their suicidal tactics, slashed right at the Amazonian fleet ships. Of the seven that did make an impact, all seven made a fatal crater in the Dominion lines. Trying to pull out of the way was useless, as there was no time, despite the distance between the fleet - it had only been a few light-seconds, giving only a few seconds for the fleet to respond, which did not happen. Seven smaller vessels watched their shields snap upon impact, then saw the remainders of the vessels slam straight through the ablative hull plating. Kinetic energy, mass times velocity squared, was incredibly high upon impact. The ships broke up or completely exploded upon impact, taking both combatants down. In all, three cruisers, two frigates, a destroyer, and a corvette were annihilated by the suicide attack.

Darby was unfazed - he had seen far worse death inflicted by far scarier opponents - but he knew that a mere ten remaining ships would not be able to overcome any last defenses. Recharging the flagship's shields, he sent a hypermessage back to station command, rallying a secondary force - this time with bioships, lithe, intelligent, completely organic vessels with the ability to move far faster than normal capital ships (due to a far smaller size), though inflict damage comparable to heavy capitals with biotechnology. The second fleet got the message as it flew from hyperspace (messages flew considerably faster than ships at hyperspace - they took merely minutes rather than hours), and immediately began a jump. It would take three hours for them to reach hostile territory - and hopefully, the enemy wouldn't realize the survivors of the suicide attack regrouping. Next time, Darby would be more careful.
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((all the little lifeboats are going to freeze apperantly... well whatever... you know most FTL systems dont require a acceleration most are just opening some sort of interdimensional conduit but since this is warp drive it can work from a dead standstill to speeds greater than C without the use of a newtonion drive)))
The ground was a bustling of commotion. Everywhere it seemed as if there were moving rivers of small robots. The robots were actually interlinked nanobots that used themselves and materials to construct. The rivers seemed to be everywhere and where they ended was some sort of weapon. Sometimes it was a railgun turret, others missile launches, and still others pillboxes to defend against ground invasions. The entire city was being turned into a large fortress, and at the center of the city lay the half finished space elevator. It lay there empty, with no work being done on it. It was now a secondary priority with the oncoming aliens and the possibility of a ground invasion, or worse yet an orbital bombardment. people still scurried about they all awaited the inevitable assault in the knowledge that the local defense forces were most likely incapable of defeating the enemy.
Droids walked the streets now. The droids were lightly armored troops that all carried weapons. Occasionally some organics could be seen. These organics were the elite, capibile of things that droids are incapable of even with their technically lower strength and agility. The city braced for war as defences rose up on every corner, many capable of hitting orbits, though their power at that level would be negligible (except for several ICBMs with a multi-gigaton warhead.... but making a missile escape orbit is quite hard)
The Mass driver located on the outskirts of the city was now continously sending up packets into orbit. These packets were weapons and supplies for the ships along with numerous weapon laden satellites. Some of these satellites were prototype particle beams (... command and conquer generals US superweapon) that packed a punch with less wasted power.
In space the forty five ships were scattered about the orbital area to both decrease the chance of a single hit doing too much damage and to protect the entire circumference of the planet from any forces that the enemy might use to launch a multi-pronged attack. The ships were in a constant alert state with all weapons powered and ready for launch with a moments notice... now all the people could do was hope that the preparations were enough and the enemy could be diverted from the planet once it was proven to be a hard target.
Amazonian Beasts
24-12-2007, 19:57
Local space flashed hot white as the reinforcement group blasted into the area. Seven more capital ships came into the area - ranging from patrol craft to the reinforcement group's flagship, a battleship - along with twelve smaller bioships. Darby was damn impressed by what the fleet HQ had decided to send. Though the majority of the bioships were of the smaller variety that were provided every so often by the Dominion's dimensional partners, HQ also had a branch dedicated to developing unique Amazonian bioships. The similarities between the two types ended there - the dimensional varients were loaded with a few, high powered weapons and were small and designed for speed. Amazonian bioships, on the other hand, were monstrous creations of titanic proportions wielding thousands of living weapons. The worst of them all now sat before Darby's ship, miniscule in comparison - the Worldship.

The Worldship, contrary to its name, was not as big as a planet, or anywhere close. It just had a nasty habit of razing anything hostile on a world when it got there. The craft itself was slightly over 28km in diameter, the second largest craft in the Dominion fleet only to the Alpha dreadnoughts that served usually as flagships of full armadas.

Linking up with the fleet, the combined forces, now twenty-nine ships strong, including five command capital craft, began moving out towards the planet, shields up, weapons on full, fighters and support craft at Alert-5, and prepared to battle to the death.
28-12-2007, 16:05
((sorry for late post, its crhstimas and I went to go visit family.... that and I typed it all out and then my internet crashed when I pressed post... needless to say I am highly annoyed))
The of the 45 ships that were stationed at the planet only 14 could meet the threat when it came. These ships quickly formed up in a tight wedge with the two most advanced ships of the fleet at the tip. There was also a gap larger than usual between the two halves of the fleet. The engines flared as the fleet moved to meet the larger enemy fleet.
The two newest ships were half the the four ships sent as the flagships of the system defense fleet. These ships had the latest in metallurgy and no longer depended on a carbon based defense scheme. The hulls of the ships still had a diamond coating to scatter laser beams but the armor and main hulls were no longer a carbon nanotube composite around a ferrous hull. Now the main armor was a metal of a higher melting point and strength then carbon or tungsten allowing for great resistance against plasma weaponry (can't destroy what is resistant to the heat of the attack) The metals were developed as a response to the actions of pirates using newer ships that were able to enter the sun's corona for a longer length of time than military ships to escape. However, other than than and the large size of the ships, 850m, there was nothing that significant about them that differentiated their weapons or defensive capabilities other than the increase that came with their size.
Behind the fleet close to a thousand of the new prototype solar powered particle beams (like an ion cannon from command and conquer) reached maximum charge. Soon they all fired their weapons in one coordinated launch. Bright blue beams lanced out toward the fleet. These particle beams, originally shaped by magnetic fields and accelerated to velocities near c encountered a similar magnetic field currently being projected by the fleet. The beams merged into one in this new magnetic field and were further accelerated and aimed toward an enemy ship, the ship that would later come to be known as the world ship. The beam would hit in a concentrated area of about three square meters and hopefully being the shields down and hit the hull. Such an attack was now no longer possible with the capasitators on the particle beams charging once again.
The fleet now fired one volley of MAC shells directly behind the particle beams before splitting up in just about all directions. By this point two more ships had joined in the battle. The ships moved in the general direction of the enemy fleet using the chracterised long range shells and missiles when the opportunity came.
[behind the fleet]
One sole ship stood back in a unchanging position. It was entirely unmanned and its computes coordinated with ground computers to make an amazingly accurate FTL jump
Amazonian Beasts
28-12-2007, 19:10
The worldship decided to take the point of the fleet defense without any intiative by Darby, though the organic craft itself was manned by a small amount of crew. Aboard its fleshy, bony halls, however, the worldship carried absolute loads of combat forces ready to engage at a moment's notice. The vessel began emitting its own form of "shield" - an electromagnetic charged atmosphere it projected from numerous pores in the ship's absorbant carapace. Powering up its bionacelles - biological devices using magnetism to move the craft - the worldship began advancing on the enemy fleet as the rest of the Amazonian craft followed up behind in a protective echelon.

Fire immediately began from the enemy fleet, a powered beam weapon flying from all ships of the formation. They struck right at the worldship, combining together before hitting the outer layers of the defensive field. Unlike the synthetic ships of the Dominion, the worldship - and other bioships - used their organic field as a layered ablation grid that absorbed fire the deeper it penetrated. The beam weapon sliced through, slowly dissipating as it nailed the outer layers and kept moving, slicing through to the deepest layer - a particle field similar to capital ship shields. The beam hit, breaking into and finally past the field to slice into the hull. By this time, the enemy weapon was somewhat weakened, hitting the organic carapace of the living starship and blackening the spot upon impact. Organic fluid spurted forth from the gap of penetration as the beam finally lost power.

The ship, a semiintelligent being of its own accord, was thoroughly angry. The crew aboard began directing functions for the vessel, the ship itself taking the initiative to act out. As the ablative energy field began redistributing energy to cover the wound, the vessel began firing away at all fronts from its massive body. The ship itself carried 810 meteor cannons - pores that emitted molten-hot pieces of whatever slag the vessel consumed pressured in specialized chambers within the ship's core. In addition, it carried 142 heavy meteor cannons, capable of throwing pieces of slag far bigger and faster - eventually sizing some up to the mass of small freighters and large starbombers. They were the first weapons deployed, a massive torrent of burning slag, heavy in mass and velocity to accumulate giant kinetic energy levels, towards the enemy formation in all directions.

The worldship was the only ship firing, and would be as the Dominion fleet stayed behind its protective body for the time being. They had no need to join until the two forces closed somewhat, and the worldship itself could take massive amounts of damage. The giant biovessel opened up with its electric turrets - small protrusions on the surface of the vessel that ripped up electric beams at the enemy ships. The positive about these weapons wasn't just their ability to inflict heavy damage (the smaller "battleships" of the bioforces had a "superheavy" electric turret as their main weapon that could quite literally cut through a corvette), but to disable systems too.
29-12-2007, 06:27
((beams came from the satellites.... not the ships the ships just acted as a lens focusing the countless beams onto one point also... isn't plasma hotter than metal the only difference would be density and mass and thus kinetic penetration.... or in size pulverisation))
[Sole ship left behind unmoving]
The ships, which was unmanned, suddenly flared to life. Its FTL engines engaging in a brilliand flash of light. The parallel computing of the planet's computers and the ships had resulted in a brilliantly accurate FTL jump magnitudes beyond what was normally required. For an instant the ship dissapeared only to reappear in a span of time only detected by the most reactive sensors. The ship had jumped right behind the world ship on underside where for some reason the weapons were less numerous (a theme common to just about every FT ship..... why I don't... no wait it might be to survive a re-entry without damage to the ship) The ship had been rigged to fire every single one of the missiles in its armament at once. Hundreds of nuclear missiles now lanced out toward the enemy ship in the split second after the ship emerged back into normal space. For sure the ship would be quickly destroyed but it had accomplished its mission, the complete emptying of its missile armament into the enemy ship. Now while it lived it continued to fire small calibre railgun shells at the world ship.
((OOC: could you explain more about this "electric beam" from what I know about electricity this should be impossible since electricity cannot form a damamging beam, a beam it can but of no damage. The electrons, or something like beta radiation, would be easily blocked due to its low mass and electrical attraction. From your description however i take it to be a form of an ionised particle beam which would have the mass to cause damage along with the electrical charges to over load stuff))
Countless droid fighters were now being moved up the mass driver ((you should try to knock this out.... just a little note its going to keep sending supplies up)) They formed a near continous stream that moved into space. Once in space the small, agile fighters moved toward the battle that loomed ahead. The nanites on the ground were leaching metals out of the ground and deuterium out of the sea as quick as possible to create a massive amount of fusion powered fighters, if lightly equipped. Most of these went up into space on the mass driver but some were put into cleared caves in the surrounding mountains.
Those in space sped toward the enemy fleet where they would use their railguns on enemy fighters or perform coordinated suicide runs on enemy ships as a semi-intelligent nuclear bomb They would all try to hit the same area on each ship to bring down localised defenses and increase the chance of damage
The purely modular build of the Ships ensured a complete multiple redundancy across almost every section of the ship. Each section had an emergency fusion reactor and banks of batteries in the event of the loss of main power or modular detachment from the main ship body. These roughly hexagonal modules not only provided a spaced armor effect but also limited the ability of the enemy electric beams from damaging the ship. The only affected areas by the enemy ion attacks was the hit module itself. However, the damage caused by the particle beam was more extensive. On the smaller ships the particle beams could go straight though the ship usually crippling it and causing the standard detachment of modules which could continue fighting.
To counter this the fleet used a modified obsolete space charge (not a depth charge) The space charge contained a high temperature resistant metallic Chaff. It was highly reflective and could scatter lasers. The chaff would hopefully scatter the beams as they passed through lessening their power. With this and the high temeprature and impact resistant armor of the ships the enemy electric cannon's effects were greatly lessened and the ships continued fighting.
The molten metal was another story. While the hulls of the ship were able to withstand the heat of the projectiles, the velocity and size poised a great danger to all ships. one of the ships was completely pulverized when it impacted a larger piece. The only defense the ship had were the pulse laser systems which detonated a ball of plasma in front of the molten metal. This scattered the metal causing many smaller, less powerful impacts over a larger area.
There were now 16 ships in the battle, three had been lost bringing the total amount of ships in orbit of the planet to 42. The ships continued fighitng doing evasive maneuvers and firing their weapons as the enemy world ship and the following fleet drew ever closer.
[Hidden Pirate base]
The pirates of the system were armed with fairly new ships with many illegal weapons. These pirates now gathered up their fleets and got ready for a jump to the battle, after all what would there be left to steal if the victims had been destroyed (50 ships from 100-400m... small even by my standards there are also several hundred unarmed civilian ships, some still manned, in orbit over lunar base 1.... what you do with them is at your discresion.... though it might be a unwise course in the long run if you do destroy them..... it might incite partisan activity later)
Amazonian Beasts
29-12-2007, 23:09
OOC: Plasma is hotter than metal, but if we're talking kinetic energy damage, than it's pretty easy for heavy metal projectiles to have more penetrating power than plasma (not counting heat damage from plasma). Combine both (which is what my plasma drivers do) and you have plasma's heat damage plus the kinetic energy (.5(mass)(velocity)squared) into a single shot. Overall, a massive hulk of burning metal moving awfully fast could do more damage; you'd just need a much bigger gun to do that with (like the kind aboard a 28km diameter living vessel...)

Electricty can be damaging, which is what my cannon goes for. Lightning is damaging electricity. My weapon is something like an electric eel, just directed at a single point rather than a spread attack and amped up by a hell of a lot (to put it into the hundreds of petawatts (quadrillions of watts) power range). Lightning usually is in the terawatt range. What this'll do is use an incredibally hot jolt of electricity to burn/blast through whatever is in the way...destabilize the energy of shields, melt through armor, blast people...etc. Upon contact with the interior of your ship (after beating through the shields), the electric energy of the weapon will short out systems with an intense blast of electricity. A weapon doesn't need to have mass to cause damage; energy weapons simply burn through things (like this does) or destabilize things upon contact (like this also does). The phaser, for example, is an energy weapon with no mass that produces nadion particles for disruption of material.

No, it's technically not a's basically directed lightning taken exponentially up in energy levels. It fires an invisable beam of negatively-charged ions at .9999c at the target and generates a blast of electricity of a positively-charged site picoseconds after the initial firing. The electricity follows the focused beam up to the target (and if there's atmosphere involved, it produces a shockwave that blows stuff out of the way, too). Against smaller things, like fighters and ordinance, the focused electricity will destabilize reactants within the craft/ordinance once quickly penetrating the outer exterior. Blasts last for about .3 seconds. Technically they can miss at longer distances, but when you're fighting close, the electricity is moving pretty'll likely be a straight shot and impact. At longer ranges, such as light-minutes and light-seconds (the latter being often-used ranges for firing), it could be less useful. They're primarily shorter-range weapons, supplemented by the meteor cannons at longer ranges. The ionized targeting beam keeps the electricity on track and prevents vacuum-assisted electrical dispersal.

As for partisan's usually quelled when I glass a continent or two.


The worldship intelligence quickly picked up the smaller ship coming underneath and entering the massive behemoth's outer energy fields. Starskippers immediately detached from the vessel's eight outer arms, switching their flight arms toward the rear of each living fighter. Electricity flew from the starskippers as the worldship emptied out flechette mines to deal with the missiles, as well as activing singularity projectors (OOC: the name is misleading...they're weapons that produce intense gravitational fields, much like Star Wars's gravity well projectors and Dovin Basals, not actual singularities. Though that would be cool too).

Flechette mines exploded all over the lower face of the worldship as turbolaser pulses exploded all over from the synthetic ships behind the worldship and the other bioships, all vessels now starting to break formation and blast fire. The worldship carried no antimatter reactors or weapons, but instead relied upon naturally-grown weaponry and its own life for power and offensive/defensive force. Bioflechettes exploded around the nuclear missiles, small baradium razors flying out and exploding. A corvette dumped off a seismic charge to attempt further intercept, with limited success as a titanic blue explosive wave of baradium exploded with heavy force.

Altogether, though, roughly a hundred of the missiles still made it past the torrent of fire coming from the quick-reactive worldship into the lower levels of the energy protection fields. Redundant organs activated to divert more power as successive missiles struck again and again, punching a hole through the lowest field and finally striking into the hardened exoskeletan of the creature. Nuclear weapons had always had a bit of trouble exploiting shields across the galaxy - the Dominion shields were no exception after thousands of years of refinement - but the sheer number of missiles being launched was problamatic. With subsequent multiple strikes on single areas, the energy defensive grid of the worldship failed to maintain all layers of defense, producing gaps.

The remaining nukes blasted through the shield layer, blowing out of the skeleton in large, flaming blasts. Chunks of skin, organ, nerve, and muscle exploded outwards from the organic craft - certainly not enough for such a massive spacefaring creature of this size to suffer crippling damage, but enough to cause a major indentation and blow out numerous weapon systems on the rear-starboard lower quadrant of the ship. It would be healed with time from the vessel's natural immune system and repair cells, but that would need time. For now, the energy field continued to resurround the wounded, bleeding injury to the massive behemoth.

Thunder ripped open a massive salvo into the suicide ship, three combine cannons coming to bear at extremely close range - there was virtually no way they could miss. Positron torpedoes shot from the manned fleet, flying all around.

The worldship had operators who naturally were angered at the attack, but the ship's animalistic mind itself was angry. It was only semi-sentient, true, but it could still vent - in some ways, it was partially autonomous. It only knew itself and the Dominion - and violators of either were prey and enemies. Other bioships began moving forward for attack runs as the synethetic ship, leaving the suicide enemy vessel to the fate of the massive amount of ordinance launched at it, moved into attack runs.

The droid fighters of the enemy that attempted to close were sadly mistaken in their attempts. The heavily shielded manned fighters of the Dominion and the biological starskippers maybe could have a chance against their own point defense, but the PD weaponry was thick fire. Intense laser fire blasted up, along with ion rockets quickly accelerating to velocities of high fractions of c. The rockets exploded with violent force, creating a good deal of exploding droid fighters before the enemy formations. The droid fighters even were quite susceptible to the dogfighting lasers of the manned fighters as well, though Dominion droid fighters quickly accelerated away engage.

The worldship itself, still enraged at the suicide attack, began its own offensive. It launched roughly 80% of its complement - 4200 starskippers - quickly before reverting back to its salvos of meteor cannons. Molten slag continued to fire back at the enemy formations at subrelativistic velocities that seemed nearly impossible for chunks of the size being shot out. The amount of debris coming in assured that there was plenty of ammunition avaliable as well - what debris there was wqas quickly consumed. Electric beam weapons, coupled with flechette missiles, supplemented the flaming chunks flying towards the enemy formation.

The synethetic fleet, still in double digits despite several successful droid fighter attacks (the enemy fleet would be better off using something with a little more punch and survivability) began their own offensive. The manned fighters and gunships were kept nearby to continue interdictions on the weak droid squadrons - a few casulties had mounted, but nothing serious - as the synethetic fleet began their attack. Blasting away with antimatter warheads, roughly eight thousand torpedoes and rockets blasted away quickly from gunships that made quick targets on enemy capitals and satellites before moving back to the fighters and from the capital ships themselves. Turbolaser fire continued towards the enemy fleet, coupled with plasma driver shells.

Biological battleships - really not sized to be battleships, but dubbed so because of their lethal primary weapon - now closed to shorter-ranged attacks, allowing their speed to avoid retaliatory fire but closing for near-guarenteed shots from their superheavy electric weapons, powerful enough to punch an unshielded corvette in two pieces and containing petajoules of energy - more than a combine cannon on the flagship. The battleships closed, blasting past on their magnetic acceleration "engine" units and opening fire on the enemy formation indiscriminately.

The thousands of starskippers, meanwhile, went to go solve the problem of the droid fighters that were a nuiscance to the fleet - they were occupying the hundreds of droid fighters and manned fighters and gunships that could be better served to engage the fleet. From being down severely in the numbers game, the Amazonian fleet so far was holding its own - worse battles certainly had been seen before. The starskipper formation, each organic fighter with an immune system that warded off enemy biological and technological weaponry (such as Borg nanoprobes...which had, in the past, once been a formidable weapon), bore down towards the planet, headed directly for the mass driver and fighter forge. They spread into wider formations that would allow near continuous fire and minimize the effect of spread weaponry. As they closed, bearing down through the atmosphere, the fighters began opening fire down on the planet surface, the electric weaponry blasting shockwaves through the air and proceeding with the electric weapons. Equipped with micrometeor cannons, the starskippers saved these weapons for closing with the driver and forge themselves.
31-12-2007, 23:02
The driod fighters were not fairing well. Even with their numerical superiority and greater agility their weaker weapons and armor were no match for the enemy fighters. Still their larger numbers enabled them to reach a stalemate as dozens of fighters fell for each of the enemy. However, at the current rate the number of fighters would be expended before the enemies and now the fighters only struggled to buy time.
The ships faired no better. The one sole ship that actually opposed them was more than a match for the combined forces of the planet.
The enemy's electric beam was only partially effective. The large bolt of lightning would hit the outer armor, diamond, and was dispersed throughout the ship creating heat along the way. He hit from the weapon would melt the armor immediately where it hit penetrating to the second layer, a carbon nanotube composite. When it his this layer the energy flowing into the slightly charged nanotubes would be carried along its entire length essentially making the ship a giant radiator. However, ships sustaining multiple hits from the weapon quickly melted away into globs of molten metal.
Fighters that got hit by the weapon were not so lucky. One hit was able to make the onboard fusion reactor lose containment and caused the fighter to erupt in nuclear fire.
By this point the numerous particle beam satellites had recharged and now launched another strike at the worldship. What ships could projected magnetic fields directing the relatively concentrated beams into one. It was about double the hit area when it hit the worldship, hopefully it would still inflict some damage on the target area.
The ships soon returned to their fighting bringing down the power intensive magnetic field and firing MAC shells and missiles. The futile effort of the ships was apperant when few shots penetrated the evenemy's pd systems and molten shrapnel tore apart two more ships even as three entered the battle. The ships fought on valiently even as the enemy worldship loomed closer
Amazonian Beasts
01-01-2008, 20:46
Victory was near for the hard-fighting Dominion forces, and they could taste it. The enemy continued to focus on the strongest (and subsequently largest) ship in the fleet in the worldship - one of a small group of large vessels that could handle an entire fleet on its own (it probaly had more mass than the entire enemy fleet as it was). The nonliving vessels were mopping up droid fighter waves that came again and again, a pointless use of their heavy weapon emplacements as the bioships continued to harass the enemy capital ships. The synethetic vessels accelerated to attack speed, blasting past the slow-moving worldship towards the enemy formation, the three main ships that had been through the entire ordeal leading the charge once more.

The synetheic fleet took a point ahead of the molten slag-spewing worldship, point-defense laser beam weapons lancing out like blue needles at nearby and passing missile weaponry. Chaff fields and magnetic projectiles blew out across incoming MAC rounds, the sacrificial lambs of ammunition exploding inbound ordinance that stumbled across the torrents of crossing debris. Upon achieving a desired position, the synthetic fleet broke left and right, giving full barrages of positron torpedoes, plasma drivers, and turbolasers directly at the enemy capital ships that still defended the planet.

The smaller bioships broke off from the attacks on the fleet, letting the worldship keep up its long-range assault with several hundred electric projectors and meteor cannons (now converting to projectiles about 3m in diameter, but firing at a much faster rate to keep the enemy fleet constantly harrassed). The speedy bioships, utilizing their manueverability to avoid incoming fire, lanced out at the satellites, peppering with smaller meteor cannons and launching their electric cannons at full charge towards the harrassing satellites.

The satellite weaponry hit hard on the worldship's shield grid, but this time was more dispersed. The overall effect was less damaging than the last burst - it failed to break the layered energy banks this time, the worldship slowly but surely chugging on through space closer and closer towards the enemy fleet. Flechette pods emitted by the hundreds from the worldship, churning towards the enemy fleet and exploding into thousands of razored, heavy metal flechettes. The effects of the enemy fleet on the worldship were getting less and less noticeable as less and less fire came out, even as fighter and gunship numbers lessened slightly from the continuing fighter battle - at this point almost an afterthought. The worldship would deal with the fighters if it had to, but that was doubtful.

In atmosphere, the starskippers continued to harass the mass driver. They hadn't encountered any organized resistance so far, which was positive for the thousands of living fighters that raced about like wasps.
07-01-2008, 00:56
The space fleet was in ruins. The entire defensive satelite grid had been destroyed and the only method to replace them, the mass driver, had also been rendered in operable. all that remained in space now were twenty ships. more than half the fleet had been lost and those ships had bearly made an impact on the largest enemy fleet. Everyone knew that the planet was lost and all that could be done to save the ships had to be done. The enemy ships were int he formation now and nothing could be done. All the ships broke off and accelerated along random trajectories before activating their FTL drives and escaping the system. Eventually the ships would drop out of their FTL state and turning to a rondevouz system before heading home to prevent the enemy from finding the location of their home planet, something that would most likely be obtained from reconstructions of any destroyed hard disk on the planet surface.

The moon surrendered after this event and brodcasted a message of surrender across all radio frequencies

The battle would now solely rest in the hands of the ground defenders. With the size of the ships now orbiting above the planet it was more than likely that the enemy not only had superior technology but also numbers. However, the ground forces planned to defend against any enemy incursion.
Fighters rose to engage the enemy fighters attacking what remained of the mass driver installation. However, overall the forces waited for whatever end awaited them as the civilians huddled in their bunkers to wait out the battle or bombardment that would come.
Amazonian Beasts
08-01-2008, 04:35
The starskippers began breaking formation with the mass driver suffering considerable damage, juking and weaving to avoid fire as starskippers began to drop out of the sky in trails of smoke and bursting fluids. The organic fighters were massed so thickly that it was virtually impossible for the enemy formations to not score hits, but it also allowed a considerable amount of firepower from the Amazonian fighter wings as soon as the organic intelligences began reacting to the enemy fighter assault. Soon, electric beams (the sheer number of Dominion fighters prevented the use of the non-homing meteor cannons) began lancing out from fighters, the air lit up with charge and targeting shockwaves.

The moon's surrender was recieved by the fleet just as three wings of droid fighters shot out from the synthetic ships. With the target now finished up, the fighters turned their attention to the surface. They rocketed down towards the aerial battle to assist the biofighters - while the droids were weak and lacked shielding, they were firstly fast-moving and annoying targets that in numbers could rip apart shields, but also delayed and distracted enemy attention to give the massive quantities of organic fighters plenty of free space to rip apart enemy squadrons.

The worldship had no starskippers left - hundreds were coming up from the planet for refueling and rearming (they were held back upon coming up, and would be released later), but still roughly two thousand of the sentient fighters were still engaging in the atmosphere. They would be coming up later on, as the dropships and manned fighters would head down to the surface once the enemy air cover was eliminated. Air superiority was priority number one for Dominion ground tactics - gunships and assault shuttles would assist ground vehicles and infantry in attacking and destroying targets.

In orbiting space, the bioships stood by as a defending force, eyes on the moon in case of trickery (the inhabitants there would be dealt with later), while the worldship would launch organic assault pods down to the world's surface in a preplanned pattern. Escort shuttles, cargo gunships, and landing dropships from the synthetic fleet of nine - one more had fallen in the final moments, a battlecruiser - would deploy to the surface under the guidance of the manned fighters.

As the fighter battle continued to rage, the droid fighters now joining the aerial combat and adding their force of lasers and microtorpedoes to the fight, cities and population centers began to be targeted for potential attack from space. Bombardment was not a particularly favorite tactic of the Dominion - they preferred live captives and slaves until the actual government of the civilization surrendered, when a favorable settlement could be established. Until then, the civilians and military would suit very well in labor and psychological ammunition.

In space, all sorts of ground warfare pieces were being loaded aboard various transport means for combat. The assault pods of the worldships, small devices capable of racing and slamming into a planet's surface and deploying numerous assets, were filling up with supplies, ammo, troops, or vehicles - capable of carrying sixty troops in one, a full supply cache, two light tanks or walkers, four Hornet speeders, or one larger tank, walker, or artillery piece. They were quite useful and could be deployed considerably faster than the synthetic landing ships - but were allocated only to worldships, as part of their role in being able to conquer entire worlds signle-handedly.

Troops loaded aboard dropships as vehicles crawled aboard, manned fighters preparing to be launched and sent for escort duty and to begin harrassing and assaulting positions of the enemy. The Dominion preferred a preserved world, but would support with orbital fire when neccessary against fortified positions. Overall, though, the ground forces were expected to prodce in titanic battles that generally went to the strict, brutal forces of the Dominion - they had no qualms about killing civilians...or feeding them alive to some of the larger, carniverous races of the Amazonians. Humans were the smallest race of the Dominion, and still stood at an average of over 7' tall with genetic markers and flags enhanced. The burly Skrawl, one of the most recognizable symbols of the Dominion, stood nearly 16' feet tall when extending to full height.

Three major population centers had been targeted, located on the same primary continent. Others would be targeted and subjugated later, but the Dominion preferred to concentrate targets into localized areas where the heavy fire of the Amazonians could be utilized. Here, barrage was inevitable - as several more starskipper wings came up from the surface fight, another droid interceptor wing heading down, plasma drivers began ripping open from the synthetic fleet. They weren't targeting the population centers - rather, the areas of vegetation and obstruction for radial kilometers outside such population centers, in circles of up to fifty kilometers in radius. Such areas needed to be eradicated so that clear ground could be produced for the huge armies of the Dominion to have staging grounds. Red and violet fire blew froth from the capital ships, shooting out towards the vulnerable areas below. If anyone lived in these rural areas, designated with bare population marks on Dominion shipboard computers, they would have a...difficult...time trying to see the next day's sunrise.

Once the bombardments of the three areas began, clearing out the areas around the population centers, the Dominion ground forces would begin entering, first with the drop pods and then with the landers. It would go as they usually did - brutal, aggressive, and triumphant.
13-01-2008, 23:37
((only one population center... large one though its like the north east with the new york area surrounded by farms... oh and by the way I always take population in NS to be number of billions... it makes the most sense))
The fighter battle was a losing battle. The enemy fighters, better and more numerous. quickly beat down the defending fighters leaving few of what remained. Those that remained hid as the enemy surface bombardment comensed.
There was nothing that could be done against the bombardment. There was no weapon avalable to hit the ships in such high orbitals. The enemy weapons burned up the farms and the outermost defenders leaving nothing but scorched earth in their wake. Soon the surface battle would begin.
while the fighters had taken down almost 90% of the defending fighters they were still targeted. The remaining fire was from the buildings in the city above which they fought. This fire consisted mainly of smaller caliber railguns or larger caliber autocannons which shot bursting shells. They came from almost every building as they were built by nanobots from what materials were avalable. They were powered by the buildings and weapons themselves as they were covered in a photovoltaic material which converted light into electricity. This material was efficent enough to work even at night with the light of the moon. However, there was also enough energy stored in each building for a day of sustained fire.
In the cities defenders stood completely motionless as most were droids. The end was imminent and there was nothing anyone could do.
Amazonian Beasts
14-01-2008, 23:14
OOC: Whoops. Well, consider my post to target one center rather than multiple.


The fighter horde above the city was thinning as less and less support craft stuck around, the numbers dwindling to around three hundred. Abruptly, the three hundred vessels took off at a full gait away from the city - not out into space or in evasive action, however, but towards a designated location four kilometers away. It was a large expanse, over a kilometer long swath that had been carved up into barren plains. Various debris was strewn about, providing impromptu cover for the infantry that would soon be coming.

From orbit, a parade of dropships and landers began proceeding down towards the planet, gunships, assault shuttles, cargo shuttles, and assault fighters flying escort and point. The worldship opened its eight outer arm-nodes slightly, aiming directly over the point where the attack had been designated to attack. The three hundred starskippers on the planet's surface now rose up from low flight cieling, designating targets up towards the capital ships orchestrating the attack and waiting for any potential reinforcement flee the enemy could send from other systems.

At a signalled cue, the worldship seemed to flash a slight red for a momentary second. This wasn't the worldship itself - it was its hundreds of drop pod pores emitting a plasma boost from the ship's eight nodes, blasting towards the surface below. Three hundred drop pods, each capable of sixty troops or various configurations of armor, shot towards the vibrant world below. The plains of the devestated farms glanced upwards towards the heavens to greet the invaders. The battle would be a slight uphill fight, preventing the directed-fire artillery from getting crucial hits until later in the fight. Commanders had taken this into account - missile artillery was in high supply for this attack.

As the landers and dropships breached the middle atmosphere, the first drop pods slammed into the torn earth. Fire and debris scattered around as the muscular door to the first explosively shedded, fifty armored Sangheili warriors jumping out from the pod. Two more dropped fifty meters away, Helots, Skrawl, and Humans coming forth from the pods. Another pod smashed down another twenty meters away, two ATD heavy six-legged walkers shuffling out and immediately activating defensive screens. All across a 1200 meter front, pods came crashing down and deploying various armor, artillery, transport, or infantry. Gunships raced in the sky overhead, coming down now before the landers and dropships.

War droids were popping out now, all sorts of various forms of automaton and dangerous creatures of the Dominion emerging, from the standard Human infantry to a towering platoon of Skrawl Provokers. The entire front began to move as one entity, slowing advancing the first of four thousand meters to the boundary of the city. Unfortunately for the denizens of the alien metropolis, this was easily within range for the artillery pieces and even the longest armor weapons of the Dominion. As the first landers and dropships emerged on the field, cargo gunships depositing large armor pieces, twelve Heavy Artillery Projectile Platform (HAPP) artillery pieces began unfurling their positron torpedo tubes for directed spray attack against the city. The point was to force the denizens out to a fight - masses of infantry and armor were already swarming the gradual incline towards the city.

As if on cue, the forty gunships inbound on the city began bracketing potential targets. Split seconds later, ion rockets began bristling out from dorsally-mounted twin launchers aboard each gunship, the bright cobalt warheads spinning quickly to high speeds as they vectored in at targets. The gunships blasted overhead the enemy positions, laser-beam turrets lancing down like green needles from ball turrets on each gunship. On cue, hundreds of postrion torpedoes leaped up from the twelve deployed HAPP artillery, spinning coils into the air to draw off anti-targeting devices and homing in on sites designated by the quick flyover by the gunships. The landers began deploying their own forces, more and more swarming out to continually increase the giant force on the ground.
16-01-2008, 22:44
The entire city had become a fortress. Thousands of droids were inside the city and hoped to protect it against assault by the forces outside. Short of nuking the entirety of the megalopolis there would be no way to destroy all of the defenses.
Still the enemy gunships did damage, with no reasonable amount of functioning fighters left they could strike almost at will at the targets on the ground. The missiles hit hard on the numerous buildings in the city. Soon many came crashing down, among these was the historical Towering Spire, the largest building on the planet. The tops of these buildings came down, some hitting their neighbors and others just falling in on themselves. A swath of burning destruction was left but still many of the defensive turrets were active. Half of those that remained attempted to hit the gunships while the other half fired at a near vertical angle. These shots were entirely ballistic and with their speed would go up several km in the atmosphere before coming back down to the planet. Their target were the extrapolated location of the dropships that fell from the sky.
The shells would travel almost as fast as a suborbital projectile and the constant stream of them would be more than likely to heavily damage anything it hits. Missiles were too hard to make with the resources avalable and so only railgun projectiles streamed out... hopefully it would be enough.

((OOC:... Im waiting for you to advance but whatever: a description of my defenses:
outside city
Outer layer: destroyed
Middle layer: nothing much.... just a few grouped units armed with tactical nuclear weapons that will retreat after the weapons are fired
last layer: more nukes, network of strong points connected by trenches
numerous garrisoned buildings, rooftop weapon emplacements, standard city warfare basically))
Amazonian Beasts
17-01-2008, 03:20
OOC: One thing with the tac nukes...don't expect me to RP them like big-badass weapons like in real-life, because by the same token...I'm utilizing ground-warfare antimatter weaponry (100% efficiency in matter-energy conversion, mind you) that if RPed realistically...would have probaly annihilated your entire city and quite a bit more. Like a lot of things regarding the ground warfare, I dumb down the effects somewhat of some weapons, unless stated that they are meant for mutherfucka-asskicking by my opposition. In which case I'll throw in my big guns, too.

Granted, they'll still do lotta damage.

Do you have civilians, per chance, in this city?


Landers were taking off from the city after depositing swarming masses of forces now, masses of black and grey that had once spotted the destroyed countryside now seemingly a solid swath of advancing insects. Infantry columns and scattered companies stood tiny in comparison to the tanks and walkers now moving quickly towards their objective - the city itself. Forefront in the charge were the Krayt Assault Tanks and armored HE Droid walkers, each unit a leviathan amongst the ants that were the common soldiers on the ground. The Krayts were quickly selecting targets, rolling along on ten oversized durasteel pneumatic wheels, while the walkers plodded along on three metallic legs, plasma driver weapons spokes facing outwords to rip open salvoes.

Targets bracketed by the gunships were lit up across every armor and infantry commander's datapad on microholographic displays of the battlefield and built into pop-up displays in soldier HUDs. Out of the real effectiveness of starfighters, Banshee atmospheric fighters, each containing a skilled pilot, rocketed overhead to replace the gunships in air interdiction duty, the weapons emplacements of the city having taken a light toll on the gunship numbers. Squall droid gunships provided CAP for the mobilizing ground forces as the skies themselves seemingly darkened, small shadows darting like wasps across the unseen ground.

The advancing armies were a boiling, angry swarm of metal and biotics, millions of weapons and thousands of sentient minds - both natural and synthetic - advancing on the city. Commanding it all was a lone Clone Soldier, Field General Omega AX21. He was simply a number and a designation - but his mind, sharpened by in vitro chemicals, genetic manipulation, and an entire life dedicated to war and suppression readied him for what was simply any other day in the office. His gold-emblazoned white armor shined in the sun, a stalwart amongst the crimson armor of the elite Shock Troopers, the plain whites of human soldiers, the gray and black of the Skrawl soldiers, and the blues, greens, and dark violets of other races.

"Commander," - his personal aide, Subcommander Venas 'Skolee, a Sangheili officer, and a damn good one. He was emotional, yet tactically brilliant and great in analyzing small-picture situations, the perfect counterpart to Omega's cold, calculating, strategic mind.

"Go ahead subcommander," Omega replied, his eyes hidden behind dark amplifiers in his curved helmet - yet smoldering gray underneath.

"We have achieved a thirty-degree push against the Western approach to the enemy metropolitan area," the Sangheili reported, dignified, "and frontal armor is ready to engage on your word."

Two Banshees buzzed the two leading officers as they moved towards the front, the aerial attack craft to the lead of the entire formation already spouting off energy mortars as they picked and dove away from the city defenses, staying out of the range of fire but simply adding another nuiscance and attempting to fray any organic nerves not yet mad of the enemy.

"Engage. Artillery support and infantry close assault with armor backing it," Omega replied, his mind seeping through the initial combat with a simple algorithm, "Grind them into dust."

"By your command," the Sangheili said, clicking his oral mandibles together with lust for the kill.

At the front, torpedo artillery from the rear continued to soar overhead, trails of smoke and exhaust from the high-speed missile weaponry blasting towards the city, loaded with positron warheads. The droid gunships began taking point, rockets sweeping towards the ground and pinpoint beam weaponry making arcs and sweeps as they dove and flanked to avoid return fire. From the ground itself, an eruption seemed to come from potential energy simply waiting to be expended.

A massive surge of energy and matter blasted forth at enemy lines, the middle layer of the original outer defenses of the enemy. They weren't high in number, but the plan was to eradicate them quickly without heavy casulties. Groups were spread out, individual groups themselves having individuals at least several meters apart from one another to avoid scatter weaponry eliminating massive numbers of friendlies. Banshees screamed overhead, their engines producing a terrifying shrieking howl as they launched energy mortars and tore the ground with two plasma drivers.

As the infantry began their attack, the armor responded with a similar display of force. The HE droids and Krayt tanks leading the charge opened up, the droids launching a withering display of plasma driver fire while the tanks ripped open with rocket weaponry and repeating heavy laser cannons. ATD walkers opened fire with heavy plasma drivers, lighter walkers and speeders firing with laser weaponry, plasma drivers, warheads, and static cannons. Torrent droids raced to the front on their dual hoop wheels, launching masses of rockets towards the enemy as thick as raindrops.
17-01-2008, 22:09
((civilians are mostly in the large bunker underthe center of the city... other smaller bunkers are located throughout the city... but yea they are all hiding... such small nukes also dont do that much damage... the only reason that mareica would even have a reason to use nukes would be to stem the tide of a russian armor adance))
[Command center, bunker adjacent to the civilian security bunker (though entirely separated)]
A holographic map of the city was in the center of the room. For now the scope of the battle was large enough that it was zoomed out to show a large area surrounding the city. The enemy forces had roughly enclosed the entire city and there would be no escape, and even if there was one it would be impossible to leave the planet. Talks of surrender were circulated among the civilians but for now the military would attempt a defense of the city.
Tactical nuclear missiles streamed out. these weapons would be unable to destroy anything more than 100m from its detonation point and any real damage would be within 25m. However, the main use of the weapons was the brief burst of extremely intense radiation produced by the weapons. The burst would hopefully eventually kill the beings exposed to it.
The outer areas of the city were quickly being reduced to nothing but rubble under the constant barrage of enemy fire. However, the troops held their ground and waited for the enemy.
Soon the enemy came. Enemy droids moved forward past the continuing tactical nuclear explosions. The droids manning the line of defenses outside the city fought back. They launched return fire in the form of streaming personal ETC weapons. The power supply for railguns had not yet been developed and so it was not able to be used in such small weapons.
Rockets also flung out. These rockets were aimed for the enemy tanks and would hopefully be able to destroy them.
The entire line responded to the enemy charge and the battle was a mass of smoke trailing missiles on the holographic map. However, quickly the outer defenders were breaking under the superior enemy technology and numbers. Blue blimps constantly winked out of existance and soon only half of what remained left. The order was then given to withdraw into the outer areas of the ruined city and activate the tactical nuclear mines.
Amazonian Beasts
18-01-2008, 03:49
Micro point defense flayed out from ground heavy armor, equipped with miniaturized particle beam projector weapons small enough to be incorporated in tank armor. The knife-like green laser weaponry lanced out through the atmosphere, intercepting some of the nukes. Others penetrated through the dust-laden air, impacting and throwing up explosions and fire as cries of infantry were heard. Flames roiled from the front as the frontal armor were hit with missile weaponry, vehicle shields flashing and giving out in some cases.

The infantry picked up the droid infantry advance as it was coming, finding their own amounts of cover while the larger infantry, as the Skrawl and the Chymerons, prepared heavier guns. PEER repeater lasers were already set up and stuck behind deployable energy cover pieces, bubble shield matrices protecting groups of other soldiers under fire. The Skrawl stood tall and unshielded, yet had enough armor - both manufactured and natural proteins - to reflect initial weaponry.

The PEER emplacements ripped open fire, laser bursts coming in so thick they looked almost like continued streams of blue fire. The Skrawl warriors towering above the rest of the infantry armed their MIBA beam weapons, red energy bursts lancing across the battlefield with enough power to sheer through the armor of a heavy hovertank. DH9 heavy infantry rockets raced out from infantry locales, anti-infantry missiles streaking forth to strike at the enemy as a torrent of lasers, charged bullets, plasma, explosive charges, and energy-coated needles flew out from the thick lines of the Amazonians. The nukes were taking a slight toll, but the landers were beginning to return from reloading aboard the planet-dominating worldship with more numbers.

The armor was faring considerablly better, their fire blowing huge chunks out of the battlefield grounds before them, massive pits of dirt and craters of rock left behind. Shields on each armor unit flashed with impacts of enemy weapons, the armor units themselves responding with rocket fire, turbolasers, and heavy charges. Corresponding with the armor assault, a call along the front lines sent around for fire. On command, several hundre incendiary grenades were hurled towards the enemy with startling force from Skrawl units, utilizing muscle ability exponentially greater than the dreams of humans to gain considerable distance. Upon impact, each grenade spewed out nearly three pounds of flammable material that quickly caught from the air itself.

Gunships made another pass, pinpoint laser turrets raking the ground and drawing up explosive force. Omega noticed this, oddly - the ground before the city had been blown to virtual scrap, giant craters, canyons of rock and steel, and fountains of death created from weapons, yet the rake by the gunships drew a high-yield explosion from the turf. As the enemy infantry droids fell back towards other positions just within the city, Omega decided to test a hunch. He rarely ever missed anything on a large-scale, and this was such a thing.

"Send the .44 group forward," the group commander ordered, IDing one of the forward companies.

The clone soldier company moved forward, ahead of the other groups towards a more pristine pocket of land. They were expendable by Omega's standards, and proceeded to prove his hypothesis correct. Upon advancing a certain distance, the lead soldier seemed to almost jump, a fire blowing out from underneath him and enveloping nearly the entire company in a bright fireball. Expendable.

Mines. Not something Omega wanted to deal with.

However, the clone officer had better strategies to deal with such hinderances - a tactic rarely used by the Amazonians anymore for its ease of dismissal. Mines had been much replaced with "hidden droids," small droid units burried amongst the ground and in foliage that could jump out and quickly raze entire platoons of soldiers with withering salvoes of fire before they even knew what had happened. Combined with the latest in sensor masking and active camoflauge, the droids were nearly invisable - the latest development in ambushes. Obviously, such wouldn't be neccessary for the Dominion aggressors in assaulting a fortified metropolis. Brute force would.

Clearing the minefield - even though Omega could order a depth-gravitational scan of the area surrounding the city and get a good representation of the proximity of the field - could be achieved most simply, while also giving off a great show of fireworks, through an orbital bombardment. Turbolasers had a habit when hitting the ground of blowing up huge chunks of ground and also detonating anything in the local area, whether mines, buildings, armor, small animals, cheese...

"Orbital," Omega commed up to space in a fraction of a second, "Instruct Pestilence to engage a 300 arc, hot, penetration surrounding city."

"Order confirmed, ground."

Omega's order, in military shorthand, was fairly simple. Fire turbolasers (hot) in a 300 degree arc around the city with enough force to engage penetration of the ground in a standard trench-shot formation from the cruiser Pestilence of Heaven. The reason to leave out sixty degrees of the city and potentially an escape route for survivors in the city was one of cruel humor by the space commanders - if any survivors wanted to try and escape the city via the sixty-degree arc, the ground commanders would let them...become the ornaments of a meteor strike by the worldship's meteor cannons, which would essentially atomize any fleeing survivors and blow massive craters in the earth that would turn a sunny day into a very cloudy one...impacting with the force of gigatons through such a massive orbital strike. Naturally, any allies would be well cleared out by the time of firing.

From the sky, massive blasts of blue came smashing in towards the ground as the ground force peeled back quickly. They were easily out of the explosive field by the time the firing commenced - the commanders had been careful to avoid collateral damage - but the turbolaser bolts left deep incisions through the land. Clone infantry watched through their emotionless helmets as energy pulse after pulse slammed into the earth, explosions and fire blasting upwards in hot, burning columns. After a short parade of explosions, the firing abruptly stopped - the cruiser had quickly finished its prerogative.

The infantry now looked out over a scene that somewhat resemebled an atmosphere-less moon. Massive craters pocked the land they had once been standing on a mere twenty minutes before. Gruves were gouged into the ground, evidence of severe prejudice indicted against the ambush-harboring earth. If Omega had a conscience, he would've probaly hoped for the sake of the residents in the city that they had no mines inside the supposedly no casulties had come from the simple tatooing of plain earth. Blasting of city streets, however, could lead to a quite bit more damage.

As if cued in a symphony, rocket artillery immediately began firing as soon as the barrage was over, positron torpedoes soaring over the heads of the infantry and armor once more, now mobilizing forward and shooting off turbolaser blasts, as gunships rose up back into the air, the battle stabilizing back to normal again. One company of clone soldiers and many tons of earth less, the battle was back on again.
20-01-2008, 03:30
The forces of the city were in disarray. The enemy bombardment had taken a heavy toll on large parts of the city. Parts of the city had been reduced to nothing but molten slag and pieces of stone, and others were almost completely intact. The majority of the large buildings had been taken out and only a fraction of the original rail gun turrets were still intact. Those that remained were all in makeshift bunkers within the city. The forces had taken what defensible positions remained and all the forces awaited an advance by the enemy into the city.
[Civilian bunker]
The great majority of the people the city were located in a large bunker complex. The complex consisted of 1000 connected bunkers each containing 10,000 people (big city). It was contained in the deepest areas of the city closest to the original landing point of the colonists. It was here in these bunkers constructed specifically for such a event, if only previously theoretical. In one of these bunkers the government had a meeting around a holographic table containing a view of the city,
“The city is almost completely destroyed,” said one. The twenty people present watched the continued bombardment of the city as numerous building fell into ruin and were destroyed.
One of the people present broke down and started crying saying “All we have worked for, destroyed.” The room was mostly quiet.
“We should consider surrender now, we will be conquered eventually it is the inevitable.” Several heads nodded at this statement. A general shook his heads at the words.
“We must continue fighting!” he exclaimed as he pointed his balled fists on the table. “We must weaken the enemy in the event that they ever find our homeworld.”
“Do you realilize how illogical you sound! The resources needed to build such large ships is enormous and our nation could not even support several of them. Therefore we must assume that the nation attacking us is also vastly larger in size. I therefore put forth the motion of the surrender of this colony.” He looked around “all if favour say aye.” All the civilian members present said Aye and thus sealed the fate of the colony.
[City above]
A single droid soldier marched out with what could only be called a white flag. Hopefully he wouldn’t be shot on sight as he continued to approach the enemy lines. The people in the bunker could also only hope that the enemy could understand the symbol used for truce.
Amazonian Beasts
20-01-2008, 05:59
The white flag was not a universal symbol to the Dominion - when they called for surrender, it generally was on a high-band frequency message, accompanied by a general deactivation of all armor units. However, a single, weaponless droid walking out of the city that tank units prepared to enter was a bit of a quandry to the soldiers and armor pilots readying for a harder urban fight against hunkered down foes.

A single Shock Trooper platoon, headed up front by a four-man commando squad (all humans) walked forward towards the soldier, aiming ICWS and laser rifles directly at the droid's torso. The four commandos walked forward, three wielding thrust rifles while the forth stuck his arm straight out, a plasma saber accentuating his grip with a lethal touch.

"Identify your purpose, droid," the commando leader ordered.

Across the line, several armor units aimed plasma drivers at the droid, others aiming towards the city, as gunships hovered in the air, wary for potential traps. The droid was a bit confusing - were the enemy trying to draw them off with a strange diversion? If so, the Dominion was staying home.
20-01-2008, 18:03
The droid was a standard hutianDi battledroid. it was purely functional with a internal frame surrounded by gray armor that blended into the cityscape that dominated the background behind it. It moved with two legs in a roughly humanoid manner. On its side it bore the insignia of the 2nd interstellar naval brigade. It bore the rank of 2nd lieutenant and carried no weapons. It then began speeking through its vocal modulators in the basic language of hutiandi, a Chinese variant that differed little from the mandarin of old earth.
"I am Droid 1445231 of the 2nd Interstellar Naval Brigade. I come to you with a request from the governor of the city which you are now besieging. I have been told to tell you that the colony wishes to surrender to avoid further damage to the city itself. Should you accept a delegation from the city will come in exactly one hour."
The droid stood motionless and awaited a response from the still unknown aggressors.
Amazonian Beasts
25-01-2008, 22:13
The commando narrowed his ashen eyes, hidden behind his ocular helmet mounts. The translation matrix of the helmet instantly deciphered the relatively easy language into Galactic Standard, coming through clearly for the human warrior. He slackened his arm, bringing in the plasma saber and deactivating the blue blade. However suspicious he may have felt, droids generally weren't programmed for intricate lying - especially not bare-bones battle droids.

"So be it," the commando replied, backstepping slightly and indicating for a return to ConGreen over his integrated communications device within his white armor, "We'll wait the hour. No tricks - if they fail to show up by sixty minutes, we will resume storming your metropolis. You have one hour, droid. Inform your masters."

The commando wheeled about, headed back towards the lines as the Shock Troopers around him backpeddaled, guns still square on the droid as the entire line relaxed...ever so slightly. One could not entirely relax in war - simply recuperate and reload.
26-01-2008, 17:24
The Battle droid radioed in to his superoirs. He then told the enemy forces that a single shuttle craft would be arriving from the city.
[One Hour Later]

The Governor of the colony along with a disgruntled general came in one of the last remaining shuttle craft to get around the moon like landscape of the ground around the city. In side the governor shed a few tears at all the wasted hard work as he looked on what was formerly farmland and what was once a great and bustling metropolis.

The shuttle set down near the enemy lines where the governor left the shuttle along with the general. They came with no guards, after all they were surrendering, and walked with in a relatively calm manner.

They approached the enemy forces and announced themselves as "Governor Li Pao, and General Zhou." They had come to surrender to the enemy, which was most likely bound on territorial expansion. Hopefully they would be able to strike a reasonable settlment of territory and reconstruction within the system.
Amazonian Beasts
26-01-2008, 23:58
Two Assault Tactical Defender walkers advanced towards the front, between them a massive Krayt battle tank, towering into the sky for over fifteen meters. The two walkers slowed to a halt, the tank rolling to a stop twenty meters before the shuttle from the city representatives. A small door opened in the front of the tactical monster's frontal armor, three Shock Troopers stepping out before Venas 'Skolee, Omega's strategic aide, stepped out, toting a plasma rifle.

"Venas 'Skolee, tactical subcommander," the Sangheili officer replied to the diplomats' introduction. He wasn't here for formalities...and such, would let the diplomats open up first. Omega had let him use flexibility in dealing with the such, 'Skolee's clone commander was certainly not against levelling the city and enslaving the civilian populace.

Droid armor was taking up defensive positions as the infantry lines began to set up a basic base camp all across the line, shield fortifications going up along with proximity-detector burrowing droids for ambushes against enemy incursions. Establishing defensive measures was always a key to holding territory, and the Amazonian armies could do it well. Already, a system of order and organization was taking hold across the lines as the soldiers settled down into a front-lines barracks style of holding pattern, waiting on the results of the meeting to tell whether they would be fighting again or simply staying put. Either way was perfectly fine.

At the front, 'Skolee's two orange reptilian eyes narrowed into slits, glaring down on his diplomatic opponents as an Assassin Droid stood on his either side. 'Skolee liked to make first impressions somewhat intimidating, and the young Sangheili officer was fairly good at it. He had brought enough of a show of force to prove that he wasn't kidding when he was more than willing to continue to pummel the city. It didn't matter how it turned out, but the system and its resources eventually would be at the disposal of the Dominion, with or without the local inhabitants.
24-03-2008, 04:32
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Governor Li Pao, and General Zhou walked to the designated meeting area. The General walked with his normal stride and had a solemn face adorning his head, but the governor was intimidated by the subcommander. He had never seen other races before, let alone soldiers of other races. Still both had a job to do and they had to finish it.
The two men walked though the enemy camp. All the buildings inside were prefabricated, a staple of military facilities for their efficiencies in construction. As the two men followed the subcommander to the meeting center the governor looked back at his once proud city only to see a large plume of smoke above the obscuring structures of the base. He then slowly continued to follow the subcommander.
Soon the men came to the meeting room where the surrender talks would begin. The two men, being the people surrendering, differed to the enemy to begin the talks.
Amazonian Beasts
25-03-2008, 03:57
Several looks had passed around towards the men of the city, but nothing important. The fight had been intense but short, and the soldiers were always in the mood to finish things up quick before too many people died. Certainly they were coded, developed, bred, and grown for fighting, ever since they were concepts in genetic databases or infants on worlds of the other races of the Dominion - but death was a waste of resources, if nothing else. Rather not be wasteful and preserve soldiers than simply throw them away on bad plans to counter enemy holdings.

'Skolee led the two men from the city - his droids behind the party - to the command station, far to the rear where Omega, several Sovereign Guards, and a vast array of artillery and the heaviest armor lay back, waiting for the word to keep firing and lay the city down below its foundation. Omega had no intentions of that, though - he wanted to be resourceful and utilize what he could. Always better to strip the enemy down and lay low a system while also keeping those around still alive. That used less weapons fire, which could be saved for far more important battles, while at the same time finishing a campaign of exploitation.

"Gentlemen," Omega said with a bit more dignity than he usually reserved behind his white and gold battle helmet. "A pleasure that you realized reason when it knocked upon your door."

As the victor, Omega was going to enjoy the moment rather than rush it, even as an efficient clone soldier. Sometimes the human mind did take over.

"Now, your city lies in question to its fate. I have more than enough forces here to turn it into sheet glass...but that is against both our best interests. Let me here from you what it is you desire...or better yet, let me back up and figure things out. What greater civilization do you belong to, as it is obvious this is not your centralized hub?"
25-03-2008, 15:37
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The two people looked at each other at the fact that this enemy wished to know from which nation they hailed. The general gave a slight nod to the governor who began to speak.

"We hail from the system, Zhong in the HuTianDi Empire. We have been on this planet for quite some time now and have developed this colony. However, one thing we will not tell you, though you most likely know, is where this system is (that jump gate had to go somewhere.....). Our people want nothing more than to keep living on in peace as we have been doing since this colony was founded. Therefore all we really want is to keep developing this planet and maintain trade with our home world, though it stands to reason that such an event will only occur if you attack them too and also conquer that system." The governor sat back at the end of his discourse and awaited a response from the clone in front of him.
Amazonian Beasts
01-04-2008, 01:46
If Omega could have smiled he would have done so. The opposing diplomat had a fairly good grasp of the situation - the Dominion forces were tenacious and weren't going to surrender a prize very easily. After all, what was the point of wasting resources to simply let this system do what it had been doing before when there was another system it was linked to? Who, additionally, could raise further forces to attempt to rally and force out invaders. That was a stupid move in the outset - the logical course, naturally, was to go big or go home.

"I'm pleased that you have a hold on the surroundings," Omega replied candidly, "But of course, this planet will certainly not be peaceful if we can't have all or nothing. And of course, nothing is not an option."

Omega let the last sentence sink in a little bit before continuing.

"The Dominion is in here for the ever-persistent quest for resources for a burgeoning empire and a spiraling population that grows bigger by the day. Blame nature, blame Amazonia, blame yourselves - inevitably, we will find and conquer your home system. Of course, if this takes too much time command obviously will not be pleased...and do you know what happens then? They blame me."

"I dislike inefficiency and bad reports. Wasting resources in finding your home system - which of course we will do - will not reflect well on a well-trained and capable military force. And naturally, this is going to be taken out on this planet. In the quest for resources, the Dominion need not make things harsh or unbearable on the inhabitants of a client civilization - it is perfectly suitable to let them live their lives, albeit with Dominion presence in-system utilizing mining and other extraction methods to get what we want. However...other things can happen."

"The Dominion can always simply raze your entire world, use every atomic component and energy discharge as power and energy, and enslave your entire population...casting your men to labor and testing, sending your women to breeding facilities and expiramentation chambers, and implanting your children with desired medical enhancements to turn them from bubbling cherubs to emotionless killing machines. It is an effective and efficient method that has worked with unruly civilizations in the past...quite well, if I might add."

"Of course, we can avoid all that if you tell me where I can send my warships to invade your home system. You can be assured that you'll be let to go about your normal routines and procedures of your civilization, while the Dominion will simply establish military space stations and orbital and ground mining facilities on uninhabited or lightly inhabited terrestrial worlds or around gas planets. Not a bad trade, seeing as we also protect our investments with the use of deadly force against invaders. A double boon for you."

"Obviously, I doubt your home world would surrender if you asked nicely...which is why all I need is the coordinates to your home system. I will get that surrender from them, rest way or another."

Omega finished there, allowing the diplomats to respond with any counter offers or dissent.
02-04-2008, 00:47
After several minutes of silence the governor spoke up. "The exact location of the home system is limited to military personnel and all computers have been wiped. However I will say that The jump gate led to the home system and from what I understand it has to point exactly at the other jump gate with relatively little room for error. Thus with your computers you can go reconstruct the original destination of the jump gate."

The general glared at the governor. The governor only ignored him, after all his responsibility was the colony, if he was to be labeled a traitor so be it.

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Amazonian Beasts
07-04-2008, 04:24
"Very good," Omega replie remonstratively. "Rest assured that you will be allowed your own amount of autonomy from finished acquisition of your territory - the Dominion is not an oppressive state if it does not need to be. We are simply here for resources to continue to satisfy greater and greater demands, and if we do not need to slaughter for them - so much the better."

Not always, however. Omega had a thirst for blood and very much enjoyed the pace of fighting - but he also had a talent for talk, and could use the right words when he had to. This was one of these times - if he could save war material without having to fight at all, so much the better. Now, his goals were accomplished for him, and he would have a population of this colony that wouldn't be itching for rebellion - something that was always an annoyance to put down over and over again.
13-04-2008, 20:27
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[Home System]
The staggered arrival of numerous wounded ships warned the home system of the enemy threat. They would come, all in due time, if they were expansionist then the home system would soon be on their path for conquest.
Preparations for any coming battle continued at a frantic Pace. Done ships were under construction and entered service ate the rate of one or more a day/ On planets numerous particle cannon satelites were being put into commission. The system was getting ready for an invasion fleet and no one knew if it would be enough

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26-04-2008, 21:34
[Colony planet]
The governor of the planet went back to the city. It was devestated, filled with numerous ruins, still time would heal all. As he looked around numerous nanobots began to reshape the city forming new buildings from the old and preparing the way for the reconstuction of the city.
[Home system]
The home system was tense with the prospect of an ememy fleet entering the system. Still everything proceeded as normal. Freighters still moved back and forth transporting all sorts of goods from perfect crystals, something not attainable on the planets, to antimatter from the antimatter production facility on the first planet. These freighters were mostly autonomous run by large companies that dominated many markets. Still a small, but growing percentage were reclaimed outdated freighters, still able to use the jumpgate network, which were manned by small companies dedicated to the production of new goods. Even with the advent of nanobots, all nanobots were government owned with their own limiters and failsafes and a dedicated department was used to eradicate unauthorized nanobots. This led to the continued growth and development of what would otherwise be a stagnant economy.

These civilian ships were blocky designed either for speed or cargo. They have changed little since the advent of the intrasystem jumpgate network. With FTL sensors one could see numouers FTL ships traversing these networks. They all employed a relatively inefficient phase plane jump method that shifted each ship into a slightly different plane of reality outside our own in what is known as "subspace". Though this method ships moved and if the radiation were to be shifted into visible light the light would be blue and yellow.
Around the planets numerous suboribtal craft used gravity to move great distances and large highways of anti-grav units helped in the matter as "cars" moved up and down the planet using hydrogen fuel delivered from the gas giants. Transportation in the system was highly controled in specified paths as ships moved though space, cars on planets, boats in waters, et cetera. It was a normal day in the life of a Hu Tian Di citizen.

For the military, however, all things were not normal. The large boom in population and production technologies allowed it to have numerous ships at its disposal. The vast majority of these, numbering almost 10,000, were drones. Of these many were custom drones randomly hampering jumpgate travel to check for illegal goods. Some of these drones however, were dedicated to combat. These were "first response craft." Their fast engines and powerful weapons for their size allowed them to effectively hamper pirate activity. They traveled in packs amplifying their power and used messages from the intrastystem sensor net to find threats and destroy or repell them.

Ships also transversed the system. These ships were now grouped into fleets. Fleets were either centered around several battleships/ assault carriers or fleet carriers. These fleets were large with around 30 ships in each fleet and they patroled the system destroying all threats to the nation. It would be these forces that would hopefully deter any assault.

Each planet and moon also had numerous defences. These were mainly large MAC cannons that shot large projectiles at enemy ships and the system had several thousand acting as orbital elevators/ solar power platform. The main gun itself was operated by several cold fusion reactors supplemented by hot reactors on standby. It was all part of each planet's defense net. The other main part of the defense net was a swarm of satellites. Most were of the particle cannon type but some were a CWIS type satellite built to destroy missiles that may impact the planet. These satellites could turn and target independantly and shot numerous diamond crystals at targets at high speed. Such a method would easily shred any object not shielded by some sort of armor.

on ground and space numerous forces abounded. The most advanced were the newest line of mechas. These humanoid form robots were extremely manuverable and would hopefully be effective agaisnt any target. However, other more convectional forces continued to be built in preparation for a war.