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A walk in the Jungle...(closed)

06-11-2007, 20:22
HACK...HACK....Hack hack HACK...crack...


Alexander Quran's chute was caught on a branch of the think jungle, so of course he began cutting away. Just as he was about to make the final incision the branch snapped and sent him rolling to the muddy ground. He got up quickly, and fumbles a bit before looking around. Air insertion wasn't his specialty, as a matter of fact this was his first. He looked around for team members, this was definitely not the best beginning for this kind of operation. Pulling out the machete he began to cut away at the jungle, following the signs of other chutes and hopefully finding his fellow amigos...


The night sky was growing darker as Sgt. Williams drove the lone Humvee down highway 34, (near Stratton and Cthulhu) with him was Pvt. Francis. Standard night partol began. Like any Latin country, the governments owned the cities and anarchy owned the country side. Well most of the country side was owned by Montana Inc. but a lot still had random rebels wandering around, or threats to the Montana Cartel. In response to this Montana had funded the Policia Nacional, a military unit similar to national guard except they could be ordered by both Montana Inc and the government, and more then once had Montana used the Policia Nacional for his own benefit, and he would again.

Sur Region Air Defense Station 1673

"Sir we got some unusual activity..."

"what now, we better not have another air infraction!"

"Sir we just got a call of a report of parachutes in quadrant 24,67."

"Again, im tired of having to go investigate everytime some local decides to drunk dial the emergency defense Number"

But as Montana had ordered the Sur region to be on high alert, every odd thing was to be investigated. already tonight four other possible "attacks" had been investigated, most troops thought it to be a waste of time, but when your checks were written by Montanas you did what they said...

"OK warm up an Apache and send it out."

With that one Apache took off to investigate the next "paratroop attack"
06-11-2007, 21:14
Jeff stood up, off of the hard jungle floor, layered with numerous species of moss, grass, bugs, weeds, and other small plants the grow upon the floor. He bent down and wiped off the dust off of his knees then straightened himself out and picked up his pack, his AK and the Desert Eagle he had dropped once his chute got stuck to some branches in the canopy. He collected himself took a deep breath and started walking towards where he thought he saw Alex land. He got there and only found a parachute. There was a couple of other supplies and weapons upon the floor so Jeff thought the worst that perhaps they had caugth him and their cover was blown or even that Alex was injured and wandered off. He looked around the perimeter and found nothing so he kept on walking in the direction where Stratton and the other guy landed.
Hurtful Thoughts
06-11-2007, 21:28
Stratton saw a light, unarmored military vehicle up ahead with blackout lights on.

So, he pulled off the best pantomime he could of being a downed pilot in need of help getting to an airport. Which would be fairly easy, since he packed his combi-gun in his chute-pack, leaving theonly indication that he was armed with a small knife and an ancient service revolver. His tattered clothes would also help.

His story was simple, his plane had hit a flock of birds and he was forced to bail out, inside the plane was over $1 billion worth of gold and silver he was smuggling into the country for a local drug lord. He also instructed, that if they wished, he could help them find the downed plane provided they cover up the whole mess.

Meanwhile, about half a mile uproad, Cthulhu had his SQUAW loaded with a belt of FRAG-12 and a small assortment of 40 mm grenades on hand for an ambush.
06-11-2007, 21:41
Alex continued hacking away, trying to find someone, after a few minutes he heard a noise behind him. Ducking behind a moss covered rock he waited to see what it was. It was Jeff, so rather then coming out and greeting him he decided to stay behind the rock and wait, just to see if he would notice...


Sgt. Williams saw the man on the side of the road, as he pulled over he called it in, as was standard operating duties.

"HQ, we are at mile marker 115 and there appears to be a down pilot, can you confirm anything over"

"checking, over"

Pvt. Francis got out of the car while Sgt. Williams checked his AM-07 to make sure it was loaded

Francis had his hand on his pistol and walked up calmly to the pilot.

"whats up?"
06-11-2007, 21:51
"Ahh shit where the hell are they, god now I have the death of three opertives on my hand, wait what was that?"

Jeff turned his head towards an unsually large moss covered rock, he pointed his gun at it incase it happened to be some officer ready to kill him, and he slowly walked towards it and said, "Stratton? Cthu? ALex is it you?" He walked closer and closer then was a few steps away and jumped to it's side and saw Alex sitting who had been hiding from him. "Alex, what the hell."
Hurtful Thoughts
06-11-2007, 22:10
Stratton was still fairly calm, though a bit rattled.

"My plane went down about a half mile from here, it came across a freakishly thick pile of birds. Um... So... How much would it cost to make you forget about this? One Million? Five? Two hundred? How about a flat five hundred million dollars each?"

He noticed the group was pretty well armed. For two guys... He was pretty sure that if he wanted to, he could send a double tap of .45 ACP into both of them, but it would just cause too much trouble. He wanted to make sure his whereabouts were erased from record.

He then whispered to Pvt Francis: "If you can get rid of your freind, I could make it One billion..."
06-11-2007, 22:10
he got up, and pulled up his SMG and got ready to move.

"Just seeing how observant you are. Where is everyone?"

A low roar of a helicopter could be heard off in the distance, along with the numerous sounds of the jungle.
06-11-2007, 22:16
"hold on their buddy. whats the rush with the bribery. What are you doing out here?" Sgt. Willaims still held his Am-07 close, but hey this was business, a little extra cash on the side was always nice. now the what was he doing that could offer that much money up though?

"this is dispatch, an apache is in the area investigating a possible parachute landing in the area. You think you found him? over"

"yeah," looking back to the pilot "who you work for?"
06-11-2007, 22:18
"Bah, you think i'm going to do somthing. Aye? Sure I ma going to kill a teammate because, well frankly I don't know why you'd think that. Now gather your stuff, get up, and let's go over to find Stratton and what's his name. You have a map?"
Hurtful Thoughts
06-11-2007, 22:25
"I was smuggling gold and drugs that isn't mine into the country, if I don't make the shipment, I'm dead, so, I figure I'll strike a deal, you fake my death, claim the gold was never found, pocket it for yourself, and I'd be able to start a new life. Of course, I'd like to pocket some of the money myself in order to compensate for this particularily bad day I've been having"

When asked who he was working for, he claimed it would be a breach in confedential information. However after a longish 'stuggle' with words, he eventually 'gave in' and declared it most likely Montana the druglord, but he was never too sure, as he recived his instructions from a sealed envelope which he was forced to burn.

"Say you found the pilot dead due to a faulty chute, and they'll stop looking"
06-11-2007, 22:39
"Woah, this is Montana's gold, You crashed Montana's stuff, and your bribing us with it. You are one dumb fucker amigo. Lets pretend this conversation never happened. OK"

he could smell something was up, to many holes in the story. One:Montana wouldn't kill a pilot who crashed as long as the stuff was recovered. Two: when you produce 500+ kilos a day in country you don't smuggle drugs IN to the country, especially since the cocaine operation is legal in the Sur region. Third: when you own 80% of the infrastructure of the Sur Region Smuggling become unnecessary.

"OK, just relax, we'll get some help here, recover the shit and move it to where ever. If you want to "perish" go right ahead, But Montana Inc aint something to fuck with here man"
06-11-2007, 22:45
Alexander Quran searched his pockets for the map.

"aww fuck whats-his-name has got it. FUCK this operation is FUBAR...thank god its at least a jungle opt. or else i would be fucked.From my understanding the target is on the top of that mountain. We got to get up there, check it for enemey figures, fuck it up and get our guys out."
Hurtful Thoughts
06-11-2007, 23:45
"I was hoping that the mention of one of your better established busnessmen would afford me some protection, however, I seem to have aimed too high, any of you know Former Sgt Mendez from the People's Republic Of Hurtful Thoughts? The Griffencrest Corporatiopn? The Red Tide Mafia? Still, I suppose you want this money found, yes? Or would you rather the competition found it first?"

"I'm a Chitzi, who do think I work for?"*

*See history of The People's Democratic Republic of Chitzeland and the follies of Lenard Copeland
**See also: Chitzi Civil war/Chitze Revolution [1] (, [2] (, [3] (
Note posts 885 to 1391 on R+R.

As for Cthulhu... [1] (
07-11-2007, 00:25
"Fuck. But what about Stratton and the other guy? Do you really expect us to be able to take out that entire place with two guys. Who knows how many they got stationed in there. We find the landing place take out some heavier weapons, more side arms and the sort amd then we can go in. But when we have destroyed it then their military will be after us then the other two ops are stranded here in this chamber pot. Do ya think we should get our guys and maroon the other two?"
07-11-2007, 02:50
"I never said leave them, I'm just telling you what i know. I know we need to find them. God damn this is fucked up..."


"whats a Chitzi?" Pvt. Francis asked without thinking.

"We got this place under lock down...nothing is getting into Mokastana without someone knowing" back to the radio " We have a down plane with Montana Equipment, we need helicopters and lock down out here, high value, Over"

"The is HQ, we are double checking with Montana, Apaches on route, what are we looking for? over"

"a down plane, over"
Hurtful Thoughts
07-11-2007, 03:53
Stratton fumed... And then explained, if with an air of arrogance:
"A Person from the former People's Democratic Republic of Chitzeland, there was a big conflict regarding terrorism, big countries invaded, I got drafted at age 14 as a Foriegn Legionary under the direct supervision of a company known as Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated, on the first day they used our people as target practice as we mached 20 miles to what would become their first training camp"

He paused, recounting how many died was difficult to explain.

"The camp, was then built by those who survived, others were also quickly built. We did this in spite of our harsh treatment because what other nations were doing to our land was far worse. I was then marched 100 miles to Pelsgord to be used as cannon fodder..."

He paused again, looked at the ground, and sighed,

"You remember the tales of the ferocity of the fighting in Stalingrad? Pelsgord was worse, we were fighting Parthians, these people burned cities to the ground for the shear pleasure of it. When burning failed them at Pelsgord, they sunk it, they sunk a whole city, making our victory rather pointless..."

"For those who survived that, and the later assault on the city of Ort, we had few choices left, our homes and families were gone, our nation was in massive financial ruin, all food had to be imported and rationed, our skills were limited. So HOI offered us a deal, form a few divisions and fight their wars for the next hundred years or so, and the debt would be canceled. However, when serving for a nation such as the People's Repulic Of Hurtful Thoughts, you can easily imagine how many wars that would mean."

"Understandbly, I couldn't take it anymore, they knew I was near the breaking point, so they sent me on a suicide mission, this mission, my job was simple, force you to order a lockdown and search for a plane, then to take me in for further questioning. There is no gold, no drugs, just a 15 kiloton nuclear device and no means to move it, oh, and its clock is ticking, I could show it to you so that you could defuse it, or we can just sit here for the next three minutes and see if I'm lying again."

He paused, and leaned against the front hood of the car.

"Or 'm just a lonely pshychotic liar trying to get a free ride down the road, and made a crank call about seeing parachutes, and then walked out here in these clothes. Happy April fool's day by the way. If you need proof of my existance, search HOI's expired personel records, Username: Stratton, Password: Briggs. They'll claim I died a few years ago in Ironcia."

"I dare you, give them a call *hand Williams a card with a phone number on it-* call that number, ask for a background check on Bob 'Briggs' Stratton. And if that's not the truth, tell me what is."
07-11-2007, 06:11
OOC: The region has been under minor lockdown for months, after the bad arms deal Montana ordered the army to Lock down the region again, so this has been up for a few days


Sgt. Williams was tired of this....
"Look get in the back of the hummer, we're taking you in. I'm tired of your shit."

He motioned to the Private who moved in to cuff the "psycho."

"Williams, we got no report of a plane on radar out there over. Just take this creep in, over"

The apache continued searching for down shoots in the jungle....for another half hour
Hurtful Thoughts
08-11-2007, 02:27
OOC: Sorry about the late post....


Stratton then skipped into the Hummer with a childlike amount of enthusiasm, while allowing Williams to handcuff him by holding his hands out in front.

Upon taking a seat, he started chuckling as the HMMWV started to move again, and decided to tell another story:

“This one’s a bit Lovecraftian, but truthful nonetheless, there is a creature that goes by the name Cthulhu, he is older than any of us, and is considered the god of chaos, that or a very strong apostle of it. Many have gone insane by the mere knowledge of his existance, those who don’t believe in his existance generally die horrible deaths.”

He paused a bit, chuckled some more, and finished.

“You sure you don’t want the vaccine before your brain turns into mushy paste that’ll ooze out your nose?”

After that he started repeating "You're all going to die... you're all going to die..." in a sing-songy childish fashion.

The goal was simple, keep their attention focused on him rather than the greater unkown threat ahead by being as annoying as he could get away with.
08-11-2007, 05:45
"Ok HQ we picked up a loon, not a local, we can tell that. Have the Halos picked anything up?"

"Not that we've seen"

The Humvee continued down to the road toward the local national police station.


Stratton and Alex continued slashing though jungle looking for their other comrades...

"what if they are dead? or Captured?"
Hurtful Thoughts
08-11-2007, 20:12
OOC: Alex is with Jeff, Stratton is the Loon...

As the HMWV drove up to Cthulhu's position, Stratton decided to feign falling asleep.

So he lay his head down on one of the soldier's laps, still muttering "You're all going to die..." At some point, he remarked that the officer smelled nice and that it was a shame he was going to die, after which he was silent.

He then remembered Cthulhu had loaded FRAG-12...

"Oopsie... I have to take a leak..."

Meanwhile, Cthulhu watched as a HMMWV drove up, and readied his SQUAW to unleash a deadly spray of explosive slugs.
08-11-2007, 20:41
OOC: ok got them mixed up, and the soldiers are in the front seat while he is in the back


"what do you mean have to take a leak, just hold it and stay back there until we get to the base."

the Humvee sped up to try and get to the base before he pissed in the seat.
08-11-2007, 20:56
We've got a loon.

"What the hell was that? Jeff stopped walking rested his gun upon his shoulder and tapped his left pocket which is where the noise came from." He pulled out a radio and looked upon the small screen and saw the location of where it came from. He gave grim smile and said, still looking at the radio, "Alex I think I know where they are."
08-11-2007, 21:18
Alex was sweating, he had swung his SMG over his shoulder and using the machete to lead, with an older model JagD pistol in his other hand.

"where are they?
Hurtful Thoughts
08-11-2007, 22:26
"Just wanted you to know so that I didn't have to mess up the upholstery..."

He then tucked into what was assumed to be the fetal position, and rocked violently until he lost balance his head went towards the front seat.

Cthulhu saw the car speeding up, not exactly a good sign, but he saw Stratton's head bobbing in the back seat, so he knew it was time to quench the thirst for his blood god...

He first fired a white phospor flare in front of the vehicle, hoping the blinding light and smoke would force the driver to step on the brake, plus it would keep them from figuring out from where he was shooting. This was promptly followed by firing a long burst of Frag-12's through the vehicle's non-bulletproofed windows, and even if they were, the small explosive charge would shatter it, sending shrapnel inside, with later shots hitting people in a sitting position or the far windows, causing more shrapnel.

The HMMWV then left the cloud, and Cthulhu gave chase on foot.

Stratton, while in the smoke cloud, pulled his .45 caliber revolver from his ankle holster and fired a bullet into the soldier in the rear seat, followed by strangle holding the driver who he assumed was dead/wounded and attempted to stop the vehicle by taking the AK from the rack and lodging it onto the brakes followed by pulling the E-brakes.

He then whispered into the driver's ear:
"I warned you, you were gonna die... Now time for you to meet my lil friend Cthulhu..."

Stratton didn't seem to bother with the shrapnel, as his head was protected by the front seat while the oparachute afforded limited protection (not much, but the manyfolds and such kept a lot of the glass from going too deep). His back felt like it was on fire nonetheless.

OOC: I had an alternate method in which Stratton did a tuck+roll out the HMMWV's door, but decided against it considering the car's speed and uneven footing. It also would have taken another post till Cthulhu opens fire....
09-11-2007, 04:40
the flare blinded Sgt. Willaims, his first thought that they were under attack by some militia so he turned a hard right (if you are on the left side of the road, or vice versa) to try and avoid fire. Pvt. Francis ducked for the Emergency button as the bullet proof windshield shattered from the initial blast. Williams was pelleted by glass and shrapnel when he heard the gunshot go off and saw the bullet tear through his private. His pulled out his .45 just as the madman wrapped his arms around his head. The Humvee was heading straight into tree, with his last seconds he fired one bullet into Stratton's elbow before everything went black...

"patrol 23, please respond over''


National Police HQ

"sir we got a panic button from a patrol."

"which one, its not that one heading towards the farm is it?"

"No sir its patrol 23, the one with the loon."

"Damn it, have you tried to reach em..."

"No sir, patrol 23 please respond over"

they waited a few seconds and got nothing..

"what do we got near there?" The captain asked

"umm, lets see..." the private searched the computer for any available units. " We got that apache that was searching for a down plane, but its low on fuel. Patrol 12 and 17 can be there in 20 minutes or so. One Commanche is about 10 minutes out."

"shit, get em there now! Order a few Hinds to be loaded with troops to get out there now"
Hurtful Thoughts
09-11-2007, 06:44
The HMMWV went into a skid (pressing the E-brake locked the tires), and sideslammed into the tree, the .45 to the elbow didn't feel too great (penetrated upper arm), but he made up for that by slitting the man's throat as the radio squacked.

Crawling over the seats with only one good arm, he fumbled the radio, which was made difficult by stil being cuffed.

"This is patrol 23... we're here... the loon was packing some sort of IED... Blood everywhere... He went all martyr on us... Sgt W-williams is dead, as is the loon... Requesting permission to return to base early? The loon said some pretty strange stuff before he blew himself up, something about planting a 15 kiloton nuclear device that'll detonate in the next two minutes... Requesting confirmation that this is just another of his hoaxes and not a real threat, over."

He then released the transmit button and searched the bodies for some keys and a first aid kit.

Around that time Cthulhu showed up and opened the door, Stratton instructed him to remove their uniforms and equipment and dispose of the bodies, Stratton then resumed his attention to the radio.
09-11-2007, 07:29
on the bodies all they would find would be a set of cuffs, the pistols, two back up clips, radios, a few grenades and keys for the Humvee and their lockers in the base.

National Police HQ

"Sir, patrol 23 responded! They say that their is a possible nuclear device out there and we got two minutes"

"Hand me that radio"

"Patrol 23, I want you to stay put, reinforcements are on route, don't die on me now you get that! Patrols 12 and 17 are 20 minutes out, we will send an ambulance along with proper escort. Now what is this ranting about a nuke?"
Hurtful Thoughts
09-11-2007, 22:38
"Twenty minutes? Ah well, if there is a nuke, it'll blow up myself and any rescue units on the way, and I don't want that on my concience, and in about 15 minutes, I'd bleed out anyways... Let me spare you the trouble..."

While still depressing the transmit button, he picked up Pvt Francis's pistol and fired a bullet through Sgt William's mouth and brain, and then let his grip on the transmit loosen.

With that taken care of, they decided to ditch take the HMMWV out for drive to the original LZ, maybe pick up the other two along the way, they left the radio on to recieve any messages, which would be useful.
12-11-2007, 22:25
"What the hell, patrol 23, respond over! Patrol 23 respond!!!

SHIT!!! What the hell is up with that? OK order any air units within a 20 mile radius to get out of there."

"What about ground units sir?"

"If there is a nuke, they got no time, if there isn't then they are already dead. wait fifteen minutes, if there is no detonation order the air units back in."

The captain went back to the Comm room to connect up the chain and request a unit to find and eliminate nuclear threats.

Hurtful Thoughts
12-11-2007, 23:05
After solving the entire mess of a 'rescue party' getting in their way, he scanned through the radio frequencies as he had Cthulhu pick out the shards of glass and fragments from his back. A simple tournequet would have to do for his arm until he has the time to pick the bullet out, sutur the wound, and sew it up. Which wasn't something he wanted to trust Cthulhu with.

With the sallowly embedded shards removed and holes covered, he cleaned off the seats, wore the officer uniforms over his own, told Cthulhu to sit in the back, and drove down the road.

Over the radio, he learned he had a 35 minute*/20 mile window to exploit with his hoax nuke threat.

As he went over another agonizing bump in the road, Stratton thought to himself: "Alex and Jeff better be grateful for his"

*20 minutes for air units to reach him plus the 15 minute delay.
13-11-2007, 00:17
OOC: where is greston?


Alex followed Jeff as they dove deeper into the Jungle,

the 2 minute window passed and at minute 6 three planes flew over the area searching for odd heat sources, parachutes, and anything out of the ordinary, if there was a nuclear device they would want to know what where it could of entered from.

The Navy and Air Force were requesting for any incidents or anything unusual that had happened in the past 24 hours.

the return was 6 Air incidents involving UFOs most birds and other things and 3 naval incidents; mostly just biologicals while one was a miscommunication of subs about locations.

Ground rescue units were still on route to the last location of patrol 23, after all they were going to die irregardless, so might as well as not tell them and let them continue with orders...10 minutes out from the ambush site
13-11-2007, 00:35
Jeff slashed the thick jungle mess with Alex following up the rear. They stabbed and hacked their way through the jungle until the came upon a road in the middle of no where. They decided to walk following the road and a little bit later the found an area on the road that was filled with sharpnal, shards, broken glass, bullet cases and blood. The area had an indeccent smell to it so they trailblazed a few meters and found two half naked dead men hid under leaves and vines. Jeff then inferring that Cthulhu and Stratton where now posing as the officers he used the radio and sent it out to the radion which sent the first transmission. "Stratton, Chultu, you there? If so meet us on the cross roads that lead up the mountain to where we need to be."
Hurtful Thoughts
13-11-2007, 02:03
OOC: I hope that lil pocket radio you have only has 5 miles of reach.

Stratton cursed Jeff for his ignorance of radio silence, especially on the enemy's military frequencies. Rather than turn around, they decided to fake a car accident -a tree collision and flat tire- with one soldier presumably thrown into the woods by not wearing a seat belt and the other slumped over the wheel, to perfect this, they set a small smoldering fire under the hood to simulate smoke and an engine on fire.

Rather than be in front of the HMMWV, where the projected occupant would be, Cthulhu set up his gun again, this time behind the HMMWV to strafe any vehicle stopping to offer assistance.

Stratton, with the uniform of Sgt Willaims on, posed as the driver.
13-11-2007, 04:52
two iron hearts had finally made it to the initial crash site the front was an APV version while the second was the ambulance. 12 men raced out and began searching for the Humvee and and bodies, both which seemed to have disappeared from the crash site. The men searched the surrounding jungle for any signs.

"Command we seem to have major rebel activity in the area. Request air assistance over."

"Air assistance will be availble in 20 minutes over"

"copy that command over," the soldier took his hand off the radio.

"fuck this, ok keep searching troops."


Patrol 17 was coming from the opposite direction, one HMMWV, that passed the suppose "accident" site.

"Shit what happened here, is that 23?"

"Command we got a down Humvee over"

They pulled over to check it out
Hurtful Thoughts
13-11-2007, 05:34
Stratton thought, the car came from the wrong direction, an ambulance was already at the supposed crash site... time to pull off trick #4...

Zombie time...

Stratton started moving, intentionally lethargic, with a vacant stare...

He slowly opened the door, and got to his feet, and then started to stagger towards the other HMMWV... This was somewhat helped by the fact that he had just been shot at twice already.

"Why'd you leave me for dead Francis? Secondly, why'd you shoot me in the arm? What now, you bring your loony friend in a fake uniform and a stolen car to finish me off?"

Cthulhu in the meantime, was confused...

OOC: no, he isn't a zombie.
13-11-2007, 06:49
The soldiers at the original crash site continued searching until one found a dead corpse, then two...

"Sir we found dead bodies, could be patrol 23!"

Two other soldiers ran up to see while the field Sargent ordered his men to take up defensive positions around the area....
just then the radio scanner picked up a signal and squawked...

"Stratton, Chultu, you there? If so meet us (static)ross roads that lead (static)ntain to where we need to (static)"

"shit, those arent our boys," the Sargent picked up his radio and called to command

"Command we picked up a signal, we strongly believe a guerrilla presence is in the region, we also found two naked bodies, could be patrol 23. over"

"copy that, get back to base, we need that ambulance. over"

"Heading back over, OK Boys lets get out of here"

the soldiers ran back to the APC and they drove back to the local National Police station.


National Police command

"SHIT, Those fuckers set us up, theres no way local guerillas can get a nuke, call back in the air force i want them found and bombed to hell, just like the last time they fucked with us. Time we showed these bastards who they are dealing with. Damn Bolivian rebels!"


the senior member of the patrol radioed in to HQ while the other raised his hands, not his firearm to the approaching "zombie"

"Command we think we found patrol 23, over"

"Copy that, who is still alive? Over."

"what is your name?" he yelled to the approaching madmen. It would be about 13 seconds before command came back and told them of the discovery at the attack site.

Hurtful Thoughts
13-11-2007, 16:48
"The name's Sgt Williams, I would also like to ask the same question to you, since we're giving names and playing dumb. You got a working radio? My transmitter's busted and I can't get word out that Francis is a lying traitor."

"I've managed to figre out that Francis intentionally let the loon into custody armed and had the intent to help some terrorists eliminate our defenses in this sector in preparation for a full scale invasion of some sort. He shot me when he thought I was catching on to his plan. I'd also assume some people in the Air defense stations are also in on this, otherwise these guys wouldn't be here or they'd have found the S.O.B.s by now."

"Oh, and I ran into a squad from Interpol, they bolted when they picked up a radio transmission from one of the terrorist cels and are planning on intercepting them. Apparently they don't trust us to do anything besides trip over our own shoelaces. How much longer till armored support shows up?"
13-11-2007, 21:01
"I am Corp. Arbit and this is private Miller, what the hell happened?"

They listened as the "Sargent" explained what was going on

"Full scale invasion? From who? We dont have any enemies willing to do that. Even Kroando wouldn't pull something like that without setting off red flags? As for Interpol why the hell would they be here, we were given no warnings to their agents in the region and they know what happens to random gunmen in these jungles. "

"Patrol 17 this is Command come in over"

"Patrol 17 here"

"We found two bodies at the last known location of 23, could be Sgt. Williams and Francis, the bodies are being brought back for identification. Keep an eye out for terrorist in the region, we are on alert in case of another Bolivian Uprising over."

"Command i got Sgt. Williams in front of me, he says that pvt. Francis betrayed us. want me to bring him back to base for debriefing? over"

"Confirmed bring him in over"

"Ok Sgt. lets get the hell out of here, hop in before we get ambushed."

Corp. Arbit grabbed the AM-07 and opened the back seat of the Humvee while the private drew his pistol and walked backwards towards the car.


Airspace over Situation Area

The Apaches were back, 14 in all were searching and scanning for heat signatures and other signs of guerrilla forces. MIGs and Bears flew over, ensuring air superiority and heavy munitions to be ready to be dropped in a moments notice. Comanche helicopters patrolled the roads and bridges.

Situation area

All civilian owned areas within 10 miles were being evacuated. The National Police wanted to avoid civilian causalities this time, so every Warehouse, gas station and home was evacuated and being guarded by soldiers. Military Intelligence confirmed that the Bolivians had been planning a strike for some time, they feared it would be now. National Police units were ordered to stand down as the first Confederate divisions rolled in.


Hill above patrol 17

In the bushes overseeing this mess was four rebels, watching with AKs and Dragonov in hand. The Confederate army was on high alert and in response the rebellion had dispatched scouts to see what was up. They feared that this was going to be the final push and the last stand. AA batteries and artillery was being set up, infantry companies rallied, the lone tank division of the Free Bolivian Movement was pulled out of the mountains and being readied. The sniper raised his rifle and looked at the discussion happening down the hill.

"We got three men, stripes say none are officers, one private, one corporal, and one...Sargent. He looks wounded, is anyone else in this area?"

"naw we are the only scouts out here. Why?"

"Either they did something stupid or someone else is here, either way let me put this Sargent out of his misery."

"wait let us get into position."

"Hurry they are about to leave, if he gets near that Humvee I'm firing"
13-11-2007, 21:02
The whale king that e-dropped the teams was still in the area fling right above the treeline, sometimes striking the trees as the pilot was about to drop some sopport before bugging out to refuel. The 6 engines of the whale king where going full till as it approved the area where smoke was coming from..

" Drop Arms and transport in 3..2..1.." said the pilot to the mission manager, as he picked up altitude to drop the supplies...

The whale king pulled up hard sending it into a stressed nose up position but with out picking up altitude as the crates where dropped out the back towards the second crash site.

Attached to the crate was armor, weapons , and night assult equpment. Upon dropping off the supplies the Whale king circled around, knowing that having a massive aircraft doing a fly by only 100 feet off the ground was going to shock and stunt any one near by and strafed the emergancy vehicles in the area. After attacking the Whale King pulled up and dissapeared into the clouds over. *The Radar intercept system Went into over drive and blanketed the radar signals so hard that even a little fishing boat radar or even a weather radar would sudddenly light up like a radar Burst had been used.*

Thw Whale King began to take AA fire as it trying to evac the area, The Whale Kings pilot rocked the aircraft in ways that should have killed them, Counter measures where used in case missiles had been used against them. With the Radar burst in effect, They could not tell with the where being tracked or not. Then a round from the AA ripped through the main body and struck The O2 systems so going near Orbit was out of the question.. The Pilot sent the wahle king into a nose dive and headed back towards the treeline heading out to sea... The aircraft then dropped survival kits out all over the jungle floor. As the whale king took more fire The pilot put the wahle king into auto-pilot and loaded himself with a full assult kit and armor and waited for the Whale king to acsend because of the auto-pilot. The pilot and the Ops manager then jumped out the back letting the cover of night mask them.

OOC: * The Radar burst system disables Radar by sending a signal that makes screen turn a solid color. Making them utterly usless. One draw back... It makes the aircraft blind as well. So They cant see if they are being followed.
13-11-2007, 21:15
OOC: Mokastana, cheak Tg's... thanks
13-11-2007, 21:32
"Radar is dead, i repeat radar is dead, flight teams use IRST to find these bastards."

Two MIGs were on its tail, both kept an eye on it and one they were close enough both launched one R-73 missile each. One then let loose a barrage of cannon fire ensuring the plan was going to go down.

"Command we got parachutes I repeat we got men on the ground."

"This is Command we are sending units in to recover them. Good shooting."


Sur Region Defense Command, Bogota

President of the Sur Region, Maria Montana, cousin of Antonio Montana stood in the command center with her usual powerful presence. While yes she was a woman in a world of men, most would rather fear her then dare challenge her power, and not because she has connection into the powerful drug lord in Mokastana. She too had enemies, political and such that would either disappear at night or be found in public parks beaten within an in of their lives.

"What is going on?"

"well two hours ago we got a report of possible nuclear device in the Bolivian region, national police declared it a hoax and claimed that the Bolivian rebel movement was making a move. Then five minutes ago we shot down an unidentified aircraft deep in the defense pocket with advance radar avoiding abilities, we have Hinds on route to capture the wreckage before its crew can get to it and destroy it. Not to mention the intelligence that plane can give us."

"Get it, now"

"We are on it ma'am, Nothing is getting in or out of the region, even civilian flights are being escorted in and out of the region, anything unidentified meets up with a MIG flight team, the navy is on alert as well. They haven't seen anything but they are keeping an eye out."

"I want these people found and treated accordingly"

Antonio and Nicoli were nice compared to their sadistic cousin when it came to pulling shit like this...
13-11-2007, 21:35
OOC: Osteia have him fly in to the Montana Mansion, Antonio is pissed
13-11-2007, 21:44
"where the Hell is Delacosta? I called him hours ago. God Damn it we need to get some fucking work done here."

"Jefe, it's Nicoli, one of the men is about to talk."

"Great, lets get some answers, now call my cousin and tell her that I have a Business partner coming in that needs to be escorted to my Mansion straight from Bogotá International."

20 minutes later....

At Bogota International Airport a Military Helicopter along with soldiers stood ready to take Delecosta off the plane and to Montana Estates. Escorting it were two Comanche Helicopters. This was the Montana back yard and they were taking no chances
13-11-2007, 22:09
The Pilot and the Ops Manager darted from the area and found refuge in a cave about 10 miles from the crash site. They could still see the whale king burning from its crashing into the jungle after getting hit from the Migs. The Pilot got out a map and plotted a course to the nearest major city in the area.. which was a long hike out, but was the only way to get lost in the crowd.

The Pilot and OPS manager started off into the jungle, making sure they avoided clear and open areas...
13-11-2007, 22:14
soon enough the Military had recovered the plane and majority of what the plane had dropped into the region, helicopters and ground forces searched for the down pilot and crew.

However when a Bolivian rebel RPG struck a Hind and forced it to land that became the center of attention, numerous Confederate troops charged while Bolivian rebels fought them off. The first battle began.
13-11-2007, 22:22
The pilot and ops managerwatched as the Hind was struck by the rocket. The resulting explosion lite up the night sky and sent a loud boom sound through out the jungle. The Pilot and Manager soon used the oppertunity to get further and further away from the area.

A long range radio that the Manager had on him started to pick up fuzz and some voices the pilot and manager started to listen in.

" Military frenqencies... Looks like the airwaves are getting crowded. Looks like the hind took the attention off us. We should use this as our chance to get the hell out of this place and to a get our selves some help out of here." said the pilot as the manager listened in..
13-11-2007, 22:34
"attention all personnel, Bolivian forces have attacked us and are using the down Hind to fight the battle their way. Carpet bombers are in route"
13-11-2007, 23:09
"where the Hell is Delacosta? I called him hours ago. God Damn it we need to get some fucking work done here."

"Jefe, it's Nicoli, one of the men is about to talk."

"Great, lets get some answers, now call my cousin and tell her that I have a Business partner coming in that needs to be escorted to my Mansion straight from Bogotá International."

20 minutes later....

At Bogota International Airport a Military Helicopter along with soldiers stood ready to take Delecosta off the plane and to Montana Estates. Escorting it were two Comanche Helicopters. This was the Montana back yard and they were taking no chances

Delacosta was in southern Osteia at his villa when he received a message from his resisdence in Apollo, the Osteian capital. The men at his estate in the capital had a hard time tracking him down, Delacosta had recently married Maria Santos and they were on their honeymoon, his private jet was notified to be ready to leave within the hour...

"Im surrounded by idiots...a message from Anthony..of the highest importance..some how manged to delay getting to me for four hours!"

Maria lay on the large bed wrapped in satin sheets drinking wine from a delicate glass,

"Darling...calm sure Anthony got it under control.."

He looked at her and chuckled while buttoning up his black silk shirt over his kevlar vest, under his arms were the duel custom gold plated 45's...

"The boys said he was pissed! PISSED...! somthings going on ..."

He pulled on a white suit jacket looking in the large mirrors on the walls before him. Delacosta rushed over and gave his wife a long passionate kiss, he brushed her beautiful face with his hand..

"I will be back soon, i love you"

She smiled and replied,

"I love you too"

Delacosta rushed out of the house to the waiting stretch Lincon Navigator in the driveway, looked up to see Maria on the balcony, she waved and he got in the car headed for the airport. Upon arrival at Apollo international he went straight to the runway reserved for his private Concorde jet that would take him to Mokastana.

It was a rather quick flight to his buisness assosiates nation, the jet landed on the airstrip, Delacosta and four of his top men got off the plane at his side and the group moved towards the waiting helicoptor that was heavily guarded... he knew things had escalated here in Mokastana but this? there were two attack choppers hanging around for escorts...

"What the fuck is going on..." he murmurmed to himself as he boarded the chopper

"Ok, lets get this moving!"

Jose, Delacosta's top bodyguard said to the pilots tapping them on the shoulder. The helicoptors and the escort flew over the jungles below, Montana's mansion came into veiw.....
Hurtful Thoughts
13-11-2007, 23:10
OOC: When was the Whale King shot down? I thought it returned safely...

"Full scale invasion? From who? We dont have any enemies willing to do that. Even Kroando wouldn't pull something like that without setting off red flags? As for Interpol why the hell would they be here, we were given no warnings to their agents in the region and they know what happens to random gunmen in these jungles. "

"Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated, acting independedt of People's Republic Of Hurtful Thoughts, Interpol's been chasing them for months on multiple counts of genocide and illegal use of chemical and biological weapons."

"Ok Sgt. lets get the hell out of here, hop in before we get ambushed."

Corp. Arbit grabbed the AM-07 and opened the back seat of the Humvee while the private drew his pistol and walked backwards towards the car.

Stratton thought quickly, if they checked the other HMMWV they'd discover it didn't crash, if he was detained for identification, he would be discovered as a spy... 21 skidoo it is then... They ain't gonna take him alive...

He turned around and waved in the general direction of his HMMWV, and proclaimed he had a few things to fetch, while his hand was out of the Cpl's sight, he gave Cthulhu to do some high angle grenading upon the HMMWV and a strafe of the men.

He was pretty sure the Cpl would refuse his requrst, so he instinctively shrugged, at which time Cthulhu opened fire with a 40 mm HEDP grenade upon the beaten HMMWV...

Stratton crouched low and rushed towards the new HMMWV as Cthulhu opened up on the befuddled Cpl. To prevent suspician, he acted as if the fire was directed at himself even though he knew none should be. As such, he took a roll somewhere halfway down the way and felt the supersonic crack of a bullet slightly in front of his forhead. He then rolled behind the HMMWV for cover and planned to sneak up behind the other preoccupied occupant.
14-11-2007, 00:07
OOC: apperently he kept it flying inside Mokastana for some odd reason


Patrol 17

"go ahead, Sgt but hurry up, we need to get out of here." then the first grenade exploded behind the private knocking him to the ground.

it was a trap

the Corporal had served with Sgt. Williams in the past, and knew this wasnt him. which is why he wanted to get close to the spy. when the first grenade detonated he ducted behind the open door of the Humvee and aimed at the spy charging the car and let loose a burst of 7.62mm rounds into the spy. Just then AK fire opened up from the hill and Corporal Arbit was pinned, he jumped into the HMMWV and hit the panic button.

The hill

The rebels saw the grenade detonate and knock the private to the ground. Immediately the rebels opened fire unto the HMMWV and the down soldier, killing the soldier and pinning the corporal in the HMMWV. The snipers bullet had apparently missed the sergeant. He took aim and fired again. Two rebels rushed the battle hoping to steal the Humvee. They ran in charging with loaded AKs firing at anyone they saw.

Hind battlefield

The Bolivian rebels had a strong hold north of the Hind crash site, which the crash site had finally been recovered by Confederate forces. Twenty minutes later the Bears unleashed Fuel Air Bombs on to Bolivians and blew the strong hold to most battles with the Bolivian Rebels it was quick and ended with a big boom. Scattered Bolivians fought against Confederates randomly in the think jungles.
Ground forces were moving in quickly and were ordered to keep and eye out for those pilots....

Montana Estates

The helicopter landed at the Montana Villa with no troubles, then the military escort left. Leaving Delacosta in the presence of his business parter who, like unusual, was pissed.

"Delacosta, welcome to my home, sorry for interrupting your honeymoon but I'm surrounded by dumb fucks here. I wish we could catch up but i got shit everywhere here. Point is I was selling some arms to buyer in Arab-Canada, they shot my man Nicoli and then we ran into some trouble in the jungle, I think they sent Commandos to get their men back. They fucking stab me in the back and then send men to kill me and get thier boys back. FUCK THOSE FUCKERS!!! We have information that the fucking cockroaches are in Skismire hiding. I am getting a team together to go fuck em up. I need to know if you have any contact or men in that area we can turn to."
14-11-2007, 00:34
Delacosta shook hands with his assosiate and removed a cigar from inside his suit jacket pocket, Montana looked out raged...

"It's alright my friend, Maria wanted me to tell you she said hello..on a good note.."

Delacosta thought for a moment,

"Now to buisness.."

"I can have my people look into the contacts situation, in the mean time is there anything else you require of me Anthony? men...munitions? funds..?"

Antonio used his cigar cutter then placed it back in his pocket,

"What ever it is you need my friend, i am here to help....tell me what it is i can do.."

He struck a large match lighting the cigar that he put in his mouth,
14-11-2007, 00:45
"i need men, mine are tied up with the Bolivian rebellion going on along with trying to find these commandos and guarding my bases. Not to mention the clean up of Gonzalez's remains."

The head of Gonzalez still rested in the glass container in the main lobby, entitled: Montana's Competition.

"maybe i just need to relax a bit and let my men do thier jobs.."

He sat down on the large sofa and put his feet on the $5,000 ivory coffee table,

"how's life been treating you?"
14-11-2007, 00:56
Delacosta took a seat across from Anthony nodding his head, he grinned..

"Thats what we pay our men for to do their jobs....even though they fuck it up on a regular basis, we can't do it all ourselves...chill out amigo..and lifes been saddens me to hear this terrible news, we will right this...

He reached into the inside of his jacket and tossed Montana a cigar and his cutter. Delacosta continued,

"I will have some men sent down ASAP, they will come equiped for the job....uhh, how many do you need? what about gunships? APCS?"
14-11-2007, 01:17
"none of that, this is just a recon, into Skismire. I need smuggled weapons in. and a team to check out this office building we heard about."

He cut the cigar and lit up, smoking usually relaxed him on days like this.

"we just need to see what is there, and get some answers on who these fuckers are, maybe organize a peace talk in their own office. Preferably with our men guarding it."

he grinned that that thought, then a gaurd came up to the two.

"Montana, Nicoli said the subjects have been moved to another location. Both mad it in good health. One Arvin, the one who spoke will be held in Bogotá, the other is to be sent whever you want him."

"send him to Bogotá as well, if he don't talk make him the example then."
14-11-2007, 01:32
Delacosta nodded,

"Ok, i can put together a expert team...Ex spec ops, goverment agents.. they always get the job done and it's clean every number one choice"

He puffed his cigar and added,

" i was speaking of the heavy stuff, it was ment for your actual armed forces...the option is out there, the prince has been so generous recently..."

Antonio chuckled,

"When do you need my team?, and are we in the dark completely? or do we have a specific target..? tell me all about this..why ..where and how it started my friend so i may have a better understanding and help you come up with a resolve...

Delacosta gave Nicoli a slight nodd and sat there listening to the conversation, but he didn't act too interested...
Hurtful Thoughts
14-11-2007, 05:38
Stratton was now the center of attention, and he didn't like it one bit.

Cthulhu was shooting at him from the rear, the Cpl saw through his cover and was drawing a bead, and now some bogies come running down the hill.

The Cpl was a good shot, and managed to put one shot in the lower left arm and another in the right hip, he fell onto his back, and instnctively drew out the service pistol and rattled off the entire clip of .45 into the enemy HMMWV.

Exhausted, he simply went limp and feigned death as the Bolivians came down the hill.
He thought it would be odd, of all the places he'd been to and battles fought against insurmountable odds, to die here. To a lowly corpral that just happened to get lucky.

Cthulhu kept a deadly barrage of automatic fire upon the HMMWV until he noticed the Bolivians, at which time he ceased fire, and slunked out from the woods with his MG resting behind his neck. Barrel noticeably smoking. He was obviously neither Bolivian nor from Mokostana, as the customary garb of a Khornate chieftan was plate mail, albeit plate mail with kevlar underneath and a camo smock over it.
14-11-2007, 07:00
Patrol 17

Corp. Arbit laid down in the now shot up mess of a Humvee, with his head near the passager side door and feet by the gas. He had managed to live, he was bleeding and probably shot, but alive nonetheless. He hit the gas with is foot and the Humvee accelerated froward, he looked up and turned the wheel as he tried to get the hell out dodge. Of course driving like this wasn't the recommended method and he skidded out of control into a ditch about 30 yards away.... Picking up his AM-07 he looked out the back to see what was going on.

The two rebels saw Cthulhu as he came out of the bushes, recognizing him as neither ally nor confederate they raised their rifles at the Khornate and one yelled something like "Who the Fuck are you?" in authentic Sur region Spanish.

Alex and Jeff quickly made it to the scene and Alex tossed one grenade into the crashed Humvee and watched it explode, taking the life of the "lucky" Corporal. Alex raced to Stratton and upon seeing Bolivian rebels and Cthulhu he raised his gun and asked something like "who the fuck are you?" In authentic Mokan Spanish.
14-11-2007, 07:10
Montana Estate, Bogotá

"Naw ever since I won the contracts for the Sur region Confederate Military i have had factories producing Tanks and APCs and IFVs, have you seen these IronHearts, god damn Lyras designs some great shit, I have them in service for my own security personnel now. No did you hear my cousin is president of this Mokastana region? Damn she is one crazy bitch but gets me anything I need. Now as for the situation in Skismire here is what we got out of the interrogation with one of the people who betrayed us, it is all we know. We believe the man is named Arvin"

Montana picked up the remote and turned on the TVs menu, he accessed he security files and found the proper file to play on the coffee table's lone speaker...

" Listen carefully.... I had to ensure that they where not listening to me. I work for a group called the Jackus Sanctum. they are well funded from outside sources and are ran from a single office in a nation called Skismire. The Office Director is only known as 'The Man'. No one knows his exact name or what he truely even looks like. Some says he always where a professional face masks that alter his appearances everyday. The Office is located in a credit Star Building in the sublevels 5-20. Each floor is locked spereatly from each and escape routes lead to various places within Skismire, Also each level is stocked with almost 300 trained agents and has lock down measures for each.

( Arvin becomes emothional )

They Have three ways to get to the sublevels, first in directly through an elevator on the top floor that is labeled as out of service. the second is through the parking garage a part of the wall has a pipe on it that is labeled 'caution gas'. the third is a sewer exit that comes up into the upper level mens restroom.. All of these routes are well known and well defended. Plus the sewers are trapped with C-4 explosives at random lengths.

As for why we betrayed you.. WE didn't the other person you captured.. he broke the deal and shot your men under his own measure. The Jackus sanctum had nothing to do with the double crossing. Unless they had planned that to happen with out my knowing, which is unliking as I was the mission Manager."
14-11-2007, 15:42
Delacosta nodded slowly watching the video, when it was finished he exhailed cigar smoke and spoke...

"Ok my friend, i make the call..."

He text messaged Jose who was outside the room,

Contact Lt. Trask and have him and his men ready themselves immeaditly

Delacosta turned his attention back to Montana,

"So, we are just seeking information? nothing more..? i need to have my guys gear sent ahead because there is no way they can get into the country with it..."
14-11-2007, 16:04
Jeff jumped out of the brambles with his AK raised and watched as Alex blew up the HMV nearest to them and then ran over to the downed Stratton. As Alex looked up Jeff saw him yell something in a foriegn language towards the unknown troops staring him down with rifles and machine guns. Some of the men were sitting upon a tank so even if they took out all the men they would still have the tank rounds going up their ass. But Jeff trusted Alex because the men said the same xact thing, in the same exact language, with the same exact accent.
14-11-2007, 17:34
OCC: what tank are you talking about?

Montana Estate

"I want to set up a meeting with 'the man', find out what happened, and if he doesn't do what we ask, then i want the building leveled. That is what we are doing."

Montana took another long drag on the cigar....

"I want him to pay for the damages he caused, however he sees fit to do so. I will send Nicoli to do the talking. Along with your men of course, but I can almost be certain that this will end with that building coming down."

another puff...

"what i want to know is why they wanted the guns in Arab-Cananda, and not Skismire? maybe we kick the shit out of 'the man' and get the answer huh?"

Patrol 17

"Some one get on helping Stratton!"

Alex yelled that over his shoulder as he watched Stratton bleed on the uneven pavement. What happened next was a long string of Spanish going back and forth between the rebels and Alex, both yelling, aiming rifles, the rebels pointing their rifles at Alex, then Cthulhu, then Alex, and back to Cthulhu. The converstantion was something like:

-Answer me! who the fuck are you?

--Who the fuck are you? Your a Mokan arent you? You Fuckers...

-I a fucking exile we are...

--I dont give a fuck who you are, your Mokan

-Fuck you! Yes I am Mokan, so what you going to shoot me?

--Fuck you Mokan, we should kill you and your buddies

-You would be losing a valuable ally if you did that you piece of shit

--what the fuck you mean by that, we wont fall for your confederate tricks,

--we want the head of Montana, our employer sent us here, if we were confederates would be of killed this patrol? Dumbass

The two rebels stood there thinking for a second, guns still up. Then their leader, the sniper came down from the rocks, with his pistol in his hand but not raised. he spoke to his troops also in Spanish and looked over at Alex, and began to talk calmly with the "the mokan" the spanish went on for a few minutes until a low whir was heard from the tree lines.

Both the leader and Alex cursed in spanish and alex, realizing his team didnt speak spanish told them that an apache was coming, the patrol must of hit the panic button in the Humvee...

the leader motioned them to follow him, which alex was about to until he turned to try and save stratton as well

Montana Main Security Office, Bogotá

Nicoli stood over the body of Bishovik, power drill in hand. This time he went into the other shoulder, just for good measure. He looked into the mans eyes and grinned.

"you shot me, and now your paying for it. I want you to know that i will not kill you. Instead i will give you hell right here, in this very room. Your the first one to do that, you know. So I naturally have to make an example of you."

with that he took a butcher knife out the fire and slammed it down on his hand, taking three fingers.

"So what do you know? and why did you try and steal our guns and money?"
Hurtful Thoughts
14-11-2007, 21:16
Stratton calmly but painfully raised his head and almost whispered.

"Everybody, for the love of god get down and act dead, they're coming expecting a firefight and to ID their suspected survivor of patrol 23, so get down."

As the chopper came into view, Stratton raised hand still clenched around the empty .45 automatic he took from Pvt Francis, his service revolver still tucked neatly in his ankle holster.

"Oh, and Jeff, F*** you..."

He then aimed the empty gun at Jeff and pulled the trigger, in frustration, he weakly threw it at him.
15-11-2007, 02:39
the apache flew over scanning for signs of life both visually and IR, the crew saw the burning Humvee and the assortment of people racing into the jungle (rebels). Alex was kneeling over Stratton and decided to do something either really stupid or really effective, he waved at the chopper as it unloaded it's cannon into the retreating rebels. Alex reached for Stratton's pistol and handed it to him...

"you may need this amigo"


Command we got rebel activity, and what appears to be survivors....they aren't shooting at us, get an ambulance here, with escort over.

the hill

The commander was lying down pretending to be dead. His men who ran didn't have to fake it.

whatever happens, don't get the RPG
15-11-2007, 03:01
OCC: what tank are you talking about?

Montana Estate

"I want to set up a meeting with 'the man', find out what happened, and if he doesn't do what we ask, then i want the building leveled. That is what we are doing."

Montana took another long drag on the cigar....

"I want him to pay for the damages he caused, however he sees fit to do so. I will send Nicoli to do the talking. Along with your men of course, but I can almost be certain that this will end with that building coming down."

another puff...

"what i want to know is why they wanted the guns in Arab-Cananda, and not Skismire? maybe we kick the shit out of 'the man' and get the answer huh?"

Delacosta nodded his head in agreement,

"Sounds good to me amigo, i am egar to see how this turns out..."

Delacosta inhailed his own cigar and added,

"You know what..FUCK THE know why, cuz' WE are the MEN hahaha, if they want to fuck around we will kill em' all...blow that fucking building up and piss on the ashes"

"The Man will find his head next to our friend Gonzalez's in your foyer"

Delacosta chuckled...
15-11-2007, 03:12
They both laughed at that idea...

"Yeah man, just what i need, a fucking trophy collection of fuckers who fucked me. That will teach anyone from messing with Montana. Hell Delacosta after this we should take his head and mount it on the fucking fireplace!!! HAHAHA"
Hurtful Thoughts
15-11-2007, 03:47
"Thank you, but I always pack a spare..."
He then points at his ankle holster. He takes the gun anyways.

He then gave a weak smile.
"At least I'll get these bullet holes treated... I'm starting to look like swiss cheese..."

Cthulhu lay on the ground, it was extremely difficult to tell whether he was really dead or faking it, he wasn't breathing. And the fact that his plate mail was habitually swabbed in blood splatter made it difficult to tell if he was wounded. His camo-smock was a bit torn up as well, revealing a number of dings, dents, and some holes in his armor from previous battles.

"Don't worry about Cthulhu, if he's dead, going to his aid would just get us killed, if he's faking it, then it would be best not to blow his cover. He's more useful that way."

A sizable pool of blood was developing on the road underneath and around Stratton.

"Who wants to bet I can bag us a Hind to ride in? *Weak chuckle interupted by a coughing fit* Now help me to my feet... And rip off the [part of the uniform with the namepatch on it]..."

After a bit of attempting to get up on his own, he rethought the idea of walking with a massive bullet hole in his thigh...

"Use that cloth to make a tournequet, they wouldn't dare remove it till they patch my wounds then."

Where'd Greston go?
And yes, there is a safe way to tie a tournequet around a hole in the neck (think sling).
But that's irrelevant for now.
15-11-2007, 04:03
They both laughed at that idea...

"Yeah man, just what i need, a fucking trophy collection of fuckers who fucked me. That will teach anyone from messing with Montana. Hell Delacosta after this we should take his head and mount it on the fucking fireplace!!! HAHAHA"

Antonio laughed,

"Gonzalez was a prick anyways...fuck him and anyone else who messes with us, got anything to drink my friend?"
15-11-2007, 05:08
Sur region

Alex tore off the name tag and was using rags to tie a tourniquet around the leg wound. He worked on getting Stratton in at least a stable condition, given the battle going on around them it wouldn't be too long for an ambulance to arrive...

Montana Estate

"yeah of course, follow me to the bar, we got everything you can think off"
15-11-2007, 06:00
Sur region

Alex tore off the name tag and was using rags to tie a tourniquet around the leg wound. He worked on getting Stratton in at least a stable condition, given the battle going on around them it wouldn't be too long for an ambulance to arrive...

Montana Estate

"yeah of course, follow me to the bar, we got everything you can think off"

Delacosta went with Montana over to the bar and helped himself to some Wiskey on the rocks,

"I can hardly wait to see how this operation goes, i am egar to see what progress our men make...and on another note, you must come visit some time my friend, in have never been? let me show you some hospitality, come and drink up all my booze haha"
15-11-2007, 06:33
"once we get everything back to the peaceful ways sure, we will...I just hope they don't try anything on my supply lines..."

The both began to drink up...
15-11-2007, 20:13
Delacosta took a shot of his wiskey and replied,

"They hit the supply will fuck with international buinsess, OUR international buisness....then we will really have to do somthing harsh.."
15-11-2007, 20:24
taking another shot of tequila Montana got a tense look and shook it off...

"Damn this is good, Who knew those bastards on Mokan Island could come up with that good of tequila, it beats the Mejican shit for sure...Ok, Okay," he said as he regained his sense of business. "Lets see what major lines we need to protect, follow me to the records room."

he took the bottle of Tequila with him...
16-11-2007, 02:43
OCC: what tank are you talking about?

Montana Main Security Office, Bogotá

Nicoli stood over the body of Bishovik, power drill in hand. This time he went into the other shoulder, just for good measure. He looked into the mans eyes and grinned.

"you shot me, and now your paying for it. I want you to know that i will not kill you. Instead i will give you hell right here, in this very room. Your the first one to do that, you know. So I naturally have to make an example of you."

with that he took a butcher knife out the fire and slammed it down on his hand, taking three fingers.

"So what do you know? and why did you try and steal our guns and money?"

Bishlovek screamed in agony. In less then three hours he had lost three finger, a leg, and if they drilled his shoulder anymore they would fall off as well. "Hey you know if you keep cutting stuff off you have notinh else to torchure me with. AAAAAAAAAA. Ok, ok, I shot at you because I wanted to. I wanted to screw over you damn Mokans, get the supplies and keep the money. I guess that worked well."

The Hill

"Jeff ran over to the downed Stratton. He had sympothy for all fellow haters, but he wouldn't give a damn if he and a few friends just blew up an entire city. Jeff was weird that way. As he kneeled down next to Stratton's body he helped Alex tie the tornique and he watched as the Apache hung above them scattering the leaves and other various light things around. When he and Alex were walking Stratton back onto the road he stepped closer and said in Stratton's ear, "I can see if they'd let me take the heli, the heli will probably follow the ambulance you'll be in and we can have 'em take us to where we need be, then I'll take hold of the heli, shoot up any escorts then you 'n Alex can take control of the ambulance and leave it on the side of the road like that HMMVVW over there. How 'bout it?" then he pulled away and continued walking.
16-11-2007, 03:41
Intergo City, Arab-Canada

Sean Cherfield, Robert Yulik, Jackson Pruserb, and Jefferson Hides stood at a bus stop at the corner of a large intersection in Intergo City. Sean was walking in circle at the corner with his cekk phone to ear. He was calling the head of Black Cerebrum or as know to everyone outside of it as the Jackus Sanctrum. The call went to voice mall so Sean left his message to the machine, "Hello sir, me and another team from Black Water are here. We are going to go and aid Alex, Stratton, Jeff, and Chlutlu in the Mokan jungle to get Bish back. We are telling you because of course you are head of it, and we need ways of transportation. We are well armed, we each have a standard of a AK-47, Colt Desert Eagle, and a packet of frags, we were allowed to bring our own personel weapons aswell so we have alot more then that. Please call back if you can get us there if not just leave the message to our reqruite friends. Bye."

When he said there would be alot more then that, he was correct. He himself besides have the standard had in his pack 13 more side arms, nine of them were custom made, a large machete, inside a guitar case he had a CETME, a MG4, a Zastava M76, millions of rounds a various types of bullets and bullet cases. Robert liked explosive weapons and stuff with a high velocity rate so in his pack were, a RPG-7, two M203s, a SQUAW, a Gewehr G36, two CTAR-21 Assault Rifle, and a L85A2 IW (SA80). Jackson also had L85A2 IW (SA80), he also packed into his case a Uzi, eleven side arms, and 2 MAT-49. Jefferson who was more of a sniper was carring a M76, a M40A3, a M1014, a M82A1, and a IDF SR-25. All in all almost everyone in the group was weighed down by their weaponry.
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2007, 04:27
"I was more so considering just making them think a heli is the safest way out for wounded, take me in, and shoot the pilot and such before they reach the panic button, your plan has notable flaws. Now go see if the other HMMWV still works"

He then points at the smoldering decoy.

"And don't forget to set up a sniper position, my sniper rifle should still be in there... hope you've got good aim... And keep to the far side of the car so they don't see the muzzle or scope... the gun is suppressed*, so it'll take them awhile to figure out what's going on."

*He neglects to mention the ammo is supersonic. So they'll still know they're taking fire...

OOC1: HTH did one of your guys get a SQUAW-15, that's exclusive special issue to the FPM!
You're also a tad unrealistic about your loadout if you ever plan on lugging that for 40 miles...

My 2 guys scoffed the standard issue, except the nades. A DE is unreliable in frontline combat, the AK didn't have the versitility or range of the SQUAW-15.

The lil combi-gun Stratton strarted with is practically a combat shotgun+sniper rifle in one, which only sucks when you get within range of assault rifles but not within pistol or shotgun. A place he should never be to begin with. Though if any of them would take an AK, it would've/should've been him.

IC2: continued:
Stratton then attempts to pick up an AK from one of the dead Bolivians. After checking to make sure he was dead (it was) he fired a quick burst into the corpse.

He then used the gun as a crutch (after removing the mag and clearing the chamber), the short and stubby profile of the gun didn't help...

He then walked over to the wrecked (the one that was naded by Alex), searched for the radio transmitter, and tried to get out a message. He intentionally changed the pitch of his voice o he wouldn't be recognized.

"Patrol 17, officers down, officers down, made contact with multiple rebels. Request helicopter medivac of wounded and permission to kill prisioners, over."

While giving this message, he rummaged through a small collection of audio cassettes. After transmitting he turned his attention to Jeff again.

"When the helicopter arrives, put this in the radio player, crank the volume, and tape down the radio transmit button, then get out of there, better still would be to crank the volume, load the cassette, tape the transmit, then turn the cassette player on... It should jam their radio when they cry for help."

The cassette was labeled "All your base" (

OOC2: Yeah, I'm evil... It was eithefr found in the HMMWV or Stratton carried it with him...
That or he could be packing "Rooftops" (
Or Mokan can use the first song he hears on the radio when he wakes up...
And yes, this endbit of OOC spam is just to hype the old movie "Red Dawn" (
16-11-2007, 05:48
Bishlovek screamed in agony. In less then three hours he had lost three finger, a leg, and if they drilled his shoulder anymore they would fall off as well. "Hey you know if you keep cutting stuff off you have notinh else to torchure me with. AAAAAAAAAA. Ok, ok, I shot at you because I wanted to. I wanted to screw over you damn Mokans, get the supplies and keep the money. I guess that worked well."

"We'll it seems that wasn't too smart now was it?"

with that statement he took a hammer and crushed another finger...

"you know the human body is a very efficient system, capable of surviving even the most horrific accidents and damage. Sure the body may lose limbs, become cripple or the mind may be retarded, but it can survive."

This time he took a bottle of acid and dripped it on the smashed finger, and lead a trail of it up his arm...

"but if it doesn't, well we got some of the best doctors in the region here to keep it alive...hmmm"

a doctor ran in........"Nicoli, you got a call"

Nicoli looked a little dissapointed, but then he grinned and looked at the other hand and plucked off the middle finger with a pair of hedge clippers...

"I think i will keep that, see to him..."

The Hill

OOC: the radio is dead...


The helicopter got suspicious when it saw another man with the two...after all patrol 23 was assumed dead and 17 only had two men with it...who was this third guy?

"Command, we got three survivors, notify the APCs over"

a few seconds later they squwaked back

"Copy that over"

two Ironheart APCs were just around the corner, one the standard APC with mounted machine gun, the other was the ambulance variant...they would be there in a matter of minutes...

OOC: that is evil, and i love that movie...
16-11-2007, 17:12
The Pilot and ops manager who had the previous mission of surviving now was considering adjusting their mission to ensure the rest survive as well. They where both thinking the same thing... They had spent many years together, preforming missions around the world for various employers.

" We cant leave them here to die like this... I'm going back." said the pilot as he picked up his rifle and started to turn around.

The Ops Manager laughed as the pilot turned and said:

" You know if you leave then I have to follow... your a pilot and you cant be lost.. I guess I have to go with you.."

The two where not far from where Stratton and the others where located. So they turned around; the ound of the heli was unmistakable. The pilot could tell by the wind produced it was close to ground possbilly hovering... if so He had a plan...

As they ran through the woods, they came to a point where they could see the chopper in the air as it looked down on the people below.. The pilot and ops manager decided that coming from behind the chopper would be est to stay clear of its guns. AS the chopper sat in one place, The pilot and ops, manager sprung into action, the quickly climbed trees close to the bird and awaited the right moment, as it came they took graple hooks and swung them onto the apaches weapons wings. With the sound of the rotors above the pilot would have to be super-man to hear them graple. The began to claim up and up and soon made it onto the weapons wing. They made their way to the cockpit and placed a brick of C-4 on to the cockpit window and then looked at the pilot and pointed down....
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2007, 19:16
*tries other radio on first HMMWV and again tries to request permission to execute prisioners*

Stratton then points his AK at Jeff, while leaning against the 'smashed' tree.
"Put your hands on the hod of the vehicle!"

He then noticed two men in flight uniforms scurring under the heli. He was in doubt that these men were from their unit, but it could just be a ploy to force him to act 'out of character'. He waved at the heli to appraoch for landing.
16-11-2007, 20:23
"This is command we are patching you though to Field Sergeant Giovanni (Static)
.......This is Giovan(static)...Damn this piece of(static)......(static Clearing up) never mind we see you look to the west"

From the western side of the road two APCs rolled to the damaged vehicles. On the main gun of the lead APC was Sergeant Giovanni.

"Looks like you guys just went though hell...These damn Bolivians must of been planning this one for weeks."

From the back of the APC ten soldiers ran out to help Alex and Stratton secure the "prisoner" and secure a perimeter. The Bolivian Commander continued to hide under a bush and pretended to be dead. Hoping not to be found.

Meanwhile on the apache it wasn't the sound that caught the pilots attention so much as feeling the helicopter lean to the right when an addition 400 lbs was on the weapons wing (2 men plus equipment on the light side). His first though was that he snagged a branch so he put on full thrust and shot up, hoping that the launch up would balance the helicopter out. If they could stay on though that then it would be a miracle...

"APC am i caught on a branch? over"

Giovanni looked up at the Apache and saw the two men hanging on the side, one with a block of C4, he aimed his gun and yelled into the mic

"you got Bolivians on your wing!!! How the hell?"
16-11-2007, 21:05
Jeff put his hands up as a swarm of Mokan soldiers surrounded him. "Mother fucker", muttered Jeff under his breath as the soldiers grabbed the ends of his sleeves, while the heli lowered. But then it did some crazy movement and then one of the other Mokan soldiers pointed his gun up at helicopter.
16-11-2007, 21:09
OOC: Bish only has his left pointer finger, and every finger, except his middle, on his right, sucks for him.
16-11-2007, 21:12
Jeff was searched for weapons and had his feet and hands cuffed, all behind his back and was dragged to the APC to be locked up while the medical team raced up to help clean up Stratton.
16-11-2007, 21:15
OOC: The pilot is one one wing, the ops manager is on the other. it shouldn't make any unbalancing on the aircraft.Also I am assuming that the APCs' weapons are automated ...

The pilot primed the brick and attached it to the cockpit window. While wrapping a tether to the aircrafts forward section. As he looked at the pilot in the cockpit he pointed to his wrist as to indicate that the timer was ticking. Then pointed to the ground below.

The Ops Manager on the other wing was busy readying his weapons to possibly engage the APC's. He looked down to Stratton and nodded, then well still attached to the Apache he leaped down, head first letting only his head and part of his arm to allow his weapon to show pointed his weapon at the APCs' mounted guns and began to fire single rounds into the weapon itself making them hard to use at best without endangering your self in the process.
16-11-2007, 21:18
OOC: I still think the idea of climbing onto an Apache in mid hover is crazy but whatever..


The pilot saw the C4 and knew he had no time, he pulled up and fast as he could, if anything he was going to take those bastards with him. While the pilot worked on the tether the pilot turned to the left preventing the ops manager from hitting the APCs and pulled up harder. He pulled out his .45 pistol and fired throught the windshield at the pilot...
16-11-2007, 21:37
Two soldiers were walking Jeff over to the APC when all of a sudden some guy did a James Bond move on it and jumped out of the heli and started shooting the weapons on the APC. The two soldiers threw Jeff to the ground and started shooting at the maniac James Bond guy. Jeff cursed because he couldn't put out his hands to break the fall, so he hit the side of the APC and then fall on his face. Jeff knew this was his chance so he rolled arounds until a AK was to his back and he reached out and picked it up off of a dead Bolivian rebel who's bottom half of his body was crushed from the wheels of the APC. He didn't even take the time to get up, because he couldn't, so he manouvered the guns so he held the trigger, but still had the barrel facing men, and he fired 70 rounds at their backs. He wanted these bastards to die, because after them he would do some talking with Stratton.
16-11-2007, 21:41
As the apache pitched it throw the pilot against the choppers body and in the nick of time as the pilot inside began to fire at him. The rounds rang out as the pilot shot. The pilot outside quickly grabbed the C-4 on what was left of the window and lobbed it towards the APC's, given the height of the Apache chopper and the power of his throw it would have made it somewhere between the two.

The Ops Manager fell off the choppers body and dangled on his tether holding his weapon. The force of the erratic movements made it hard for him to aim at the APCs' weapons.

" Hey get this bird grounded.. ! I cant aim for shit!" screamed the Ops Manager as he held on to the weapon fixtures.

The Pilot laughed and replied

" Trying.. I cant do everything.!"
16-11-2007, 21:55
OOC: If Jeff is hog tied then how can he pick up an AK?

Alex pulled Stratton behind the "crashed" humvee with the medics to avoid getting hit by the ensuing chaos. He knew that Jeff was cuffed in a way that would stop him from causing trouble, especially since the two soldiers slammed him into the side of the APC and held him there, there were 8 other men to shot at the helicopter, but no one did. The sergeant ordered the men not to fire as he communicated with the pilot to get something done.

thats when the C4 hit.

It landed on the side of the road causing a massive shock wave of damage taking out a few trees, 3 men and rocking the APCs.

The pilot fired another round at the pilot, followed by another. His main goal was getting that bastard of his chopper, as for the ops manager he would deal with him after the pilot was off.
16-11-2007, 22:05
OOC: he could roll around, and lay next to it and grab it, he couldn't shoot it the traditional way, but it will still fire bullets. So my post remains.
Hurtful Thoughts
16-11-2007, 22:32
OOC: I still think the idea of climbing onto an Apache in mid hover is crazy but whatever..


The pilot saw the C4 and knew he had no time, he pulled up and fast as he could, if anything he was going to take those bastards with him. While the pilot worked on the tether the pilot turned to the left preventing the ops manager from hitting the APCs and pulled up harder. He pulled out his .45 pistol and fired throught the windshield at the pilot...

ROFL! Helicopter gunships have ballistic glass rated for rifles and sometimes .50 caliber rifle, a piddle .45 colt wouldn't do a darn thing except bounce around inside the pit... Would be beter to nose up and fire a rocket in hopes of frying those guys with the backblast... but meh, maybe your pilot was just operating in 'panic mode' and wasn't thinking.

Me wants to shoot Jeff in leg with AK if he still tries to pick up a gun with his hands tied behind his back.

Stratton now found himself behind the HMMWV agian, this time, when he looed towrds Cthulhu, he noticed the 'corpse' blink. Stratton then updated Cthulhu on the surroundings via hand singals devolped by the FPM (meaning most likely that it would be gibberish to anyone else).

The shock wave made a few things roll, his gut didn't feel to great, so he 'relieved' himself behind a tree. He then clambered into the HMMWV (the engine was still on), gave Alex his sniper rifle, and set it into reverse, hopped out, and released the handbrake, causing it to idle backwards. Stratton simply grabbed onto the front bumper and was dragged across the road.

As he neared Cthulhu, he let go and the HMMWV just continued to move backwards in low gear, it would really suck to get pinned between a Hummer and a hard thing, such as an APC.

Focusing his thougts back on other things, he whispered to Cthulhu:
"Think you can knock out those APCs with 40 mm and 12 ga if I deal with the troops?"

Cthulhu blinked twice.

The APC thingy, rubber band tracks, nice and simple (
Reminds me of the HT-101, EIT-101*, and HT-101 "Vanquish"*
*Non-liscensed copies
In my opinion, calling an HT-101 a Vanquish is like calling the M113 the Gavin.
16-11-2007, 22:39
OOC: heres your handy dandy thread list.
16-11-2007, 22:50
OOC: me wants to shove a machete up.....


Intergo City, Arab-Canada

"Hey Robert, Jefferson you will be coming with me, we are going to Skismire. A Mokan boat will be leaving there soon, so we will get over there, stowaway, and then when we land at Mokastana we will meet up Jeff and the other operatives in the jungle. Jackson you get to come with us, but you will stay in Skismire, I've never heard of Mokastana being tied with Skismire so somthing is up. So you will be investigating that. Okay?"
18-11-2007, 05:54
OOC: A hog tied man slammed against an APC tries to shoot at two men who are charged with escorting him....hmmm

Behind the APC two to men held on to Jeff as he suddenly tried to fanagle an AK out from under the APC and fire "70" rounds into them, especailly since one one on each side. After the soldiers chuckled for a bit he actually got a shot off and wounded one of them, the other responded by firing a 3 round burst into his body to wound him, the next round was straight into the skull, they could always take one of those loons on the chopper as a hostage...

The helicopter, after getting tired of having these bums hanging on went for a new approach, he flew the apache low and away from the convoy, keeping the body hanging hitting tree after tree while flying is such an erratic manner as to try and knock the "pilot" off...

Ales took the sniper rifle and with his other hand sliced the two medics and let Stratton roll back. two solider saw that and fired at Alex, who took a few hits and landed on the ground. The Bolivian commander then "resurrected" and began to snipe off a few men...all hell was breaking loose and the APCs began firing like mad and so did the troops. All unaware of what was going on...

"Command this is FS Giovanni ambush, get us help!!!"
Hurtful Thoughts
18-11-2007, 09:17
Using 2 different perspectives:


Stratton just had the time to see Jeff take a .30 caliber to the head, and Alex take a few himself and become a collapsed heap on the pavement (though still alive).

The Hind was gone, and so were the 2 new guys, either those two were the guys they were supposed to rescue, the aircrew, or some random guys with a deathwish he'd never be able to figure out.

One of the Bolivians also apparently understood english as a few seemed to be still alive, that or new ones arrived and he'd be stuck in another Mexican standoff until the next wave of unfriendly reinforcements arrived to settle the matter.

He then used his AK to get to his knees so he could get a few good shots off at the now panicked soldiers, he focused on aimed rapid fire semi-auto upon the heavy machine gun atop the Ironheart and other soldiers as they presented themselves or as they became aware of what was going on, namely that one of their own was shooting at them.

Not too long after, he heard a familiar sound, something like a potato gun, followed by a good sized explosion on the lead Ironheart's tracks. A 40 mm HEDP had blown a track, this was followed by a murderous burst of buckshot upon the infantry from Cthulhu's SQUAW-15.

Everyone was having fun killing except Cthulhu, who was still stuck on his back wondering if it was safe to roll over.

He heard an AK fire a quick long burst, followed by a short one, screams of pain, then silenced by a single killing shot. He heard a mag hit pavement during a tactical reload, a few shouts, more shots, and the sickening thud of a man going down and someone's cheap rifle clattering on the pavement.

He heard a HMMWV crash into something, more screams, followed by shouting and massed automatics weapons fire, an ambush, more shouting, confusion. he decided to sneak a glimpse around himself, and saw Stratton taking aim at the Mokans.

It was now or never, do or die.

Cthulhu rolled onto his back, plunging another HEDP into his AG-36 and took a snap shot at the nearest Ironheart APC, he then quickly slammed in a fresh belt of buckshot off his bondolier and sprayed the streets clean.


The sight was impressive, a SQUAW-15 firing 300 shells per minute, each and every shell loaded with eight .33 caliber round balls of buckshot, spitting out almost as much lead as an M61. This carnage continued for about the 60 seconds it took for Cthulhu's 50 shot belt to run dry, as he had taken to firing in shorter bursts ov\f what could be best described as overly lethal covering fire long enough for him to slam home another 40 mm grenade.

When he was getting near the end of the belt, he decided to lob one of his HEDPs down the open commander's hatches of each Ironheart.

Stratton meanwhile was making sure nobody was getting any pot-shots off on Cthulhu. And managed to throw a few frag grenades at the hatches of the APCs. One missed the hatch of the medical one, and merely blew up on top of its roof, the other appeared to be a spectacular home run, though this was later attributed to Cthulhu's 40 mm grenade.
18-11-2007, 17:34
"Command this is FS Giovanni ambush, get us help!!!"

"This is command, we got air support coming in fast, sending you though over (static) this is lighting 1 where u wants us to cook over?"

cook meant napalm, and lighting teams were ussully fast fighters in the air that do quick firebombing and get out....

The explosion shook the APC and the Ambulance one began pulling back to get out of the carnage, if that one was down...well medical supplies in enemy hands were not something the confederates were willing to allow. The few soldiers still standing were either hiding behind the APCs or hiding in the ditch the first humvee was crashed in, when the grenades began to blow the track they new they had to get out or kill something.

"On the sides of the road, were stuck but the ambulance is pulling out!"

A few grenades exploded here and there, then one fell down the hatch of the lead APC right in front of S Giovanni

"Just cook this whole ar-" (BOOM) and the line went dead.

Overhead the two MIG-29s dropped free falling bombs on the sides of the road, close to the lead APC, the confederate troops cooked as well as anyone else caught in the blast...
Hurtful Thoughts
18-11-2007, 21:28
OC: Well, I'm cooked...
That leaves wounded Alex.

Being supersonic, noise wouldn't be able to warn those two, Stratton can't really move that fast, and Cthulhu's having too much fun with his bloodlust an GPMG to notice or care.

Plus their proximity pretty much means that them and Jeff are now Kentucky fried in Napalm.

Kinda funny when you think of it.
In Stratton's last odessy he survived a naval bombardment on his city with 5" railguns and the occasional nuclear explosion. Only to get killed here by Napalm...

Well... Napam doesn't outright kill though...He'll live, for awhile at least.

Pain... Burning... Can't see...
These thoughts raced through Stratton's mind as he tried to use a last ditch trick...

He pulled out a satalite Radio provided by the Leafanistani Mafia...

"Hello? I'd like to request an ICBM strike..."
"Your call is important to us, please hold"
He then sets that line on hold and connects to another number:
"Hello, HOI? It's me, Bob Briggs Stratton, yeah, I'm still alive, yes I know I've been AWOL for 6 months, I was kinda busy trying not to get killed. Mind picing up my corpse over here in Mokanstana? Nevermind why I'm here, just send an evac team and some really good lawyers... Oh, and I'm taking about 5 others with me, so set up some freh employee files for them too."

While talking on the phone, he pulled out a syringe and injected him with an old Hurtian painkilling cocktail. It had a few negative side effects like decreased sanity. He managed to pick up knowledge the controled substance back in his tour of duty in Chitzeland, and was issued a small dose of some demilitarized variant of it by the FPM.

What he didn't know, was that it wasn't a drug, and it sure wasn't a painkiller, it was a biological weapon he just injected into his blood, a derivitive from the rather controversial HE80 program. The demilitarized varaiant being actually closer to being given an IV drip of some magic shrooms until you OD and become a slobbering mess.

He then got back to line one:
"I'm sorry, but your request has been denied"

His conciousness then went blank.

Line two was blinking.
Seeing the APCs wounded, he went in for the kill and charged. He didn't waste time reloading a fresh belt onto his gun, instead, he pulled out a grenade and picked up an AK from a dead soldier and resumed fighting. His goal was to reach the 14.5 mm HMG on the APC to knock out the other track and any Hind that shows its face again.

Then the napalm struck. The flame licked and seared his back. His armor provided a little protection from flash burns, but he knew the Kevlar underneath would now be useless.

He cookd off and threw a grenade behind the APC, hoping it would catch a cluster of soldiers unaware, forceingthem to run uot from their cover and in front of the muzzle of his gun, that or stay put and get a frag grenade in the face. He was pretty sure from past experiance that these soldiers were too cowardly to self sacrifice themselve on a nade for the better of the team. More likely they'd fumble to try and throw it back, only for it to blow in their hands at about chest or head hieght.

He grinned as he saw the resaults of his work and pulled the trigger.


Yes, the Five Points Mafia do have nukes, about 50 of them.

Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated isn't a nice band of merry mercenaries to play with.

HE80 has ben used in 3, maybe 4 threads before, it ain't a zombie plague, it just looks like it at a certain time. Kinda like really bad rabies or "28 days later".
19-11-2007, 02:59
OOC: can I take the RPing poccesion of one of the Bolivians. If I can I'd like to keep this character for a while (assuming he doesn't die here) and possibly have him in a rebelion war you might have, that you were talking about.

IC Assuming you will say yes:

A pile of ripped up leaves and tree branches that had been shot down from the volleys of bullets from earlier directed at the Bolivian rebels. He had been knocked out by one one of the heavier branches hitting his head, so he layed unconcious for most of the battle up to the napalm droppings. He cleared some of the leaves and branches and looked at the road to see charred bodies, melting guns, about ten carceses, burnt HMWWVs, and burnt frags surrounding a group of messed up APCs. Next to one of the APCs layed three bodies all with AKs in hand. Two of them were crying and screamed for their scorched bodies and the other one was hogged tied and lit ablaze. The hog tied body layed motionless even though a small fire was lit upon his head. The Bolivian decided to stay laying and watch what this little scene would turn into in another ten minutes. Already that area went from "Pretty Picture Perfect" to "Chrash Site with four bodies" to "Large Military Involved Investigation" to "Battle Scene" to "Slighty Calm" back to "Large Military Involved Investigation" and then once again "Battle Scene" and then to "Charred Napalm Landing Zone" all in twenty minutes.
19-11-2007, 06:02
OOC: that was more like three or four hours...if not longer

and if you couldnt tell the area your in isnt very populated by people, so the effects of this "virus" could or could not be interesting....but we'll let the napalm do the trick


Just as Giovanni requested the area was cooked...No one survived, except the ambulance APC, but the medics on it were dead, with only three men left alive(the ambulance crew survivors). So it instead was ordered to return to base and get those supplies to a safe location...given the situation a Hind was ordered to fly in and check for survivors, 7 minutes later it flew over and on the western side of the cooked area it repelled five men down to see what happened...they were wearing gas masks and cheap fire gloves and one had a fire extinguisher with him. They went into the smoldering rubble to see what if anyone lived...

In the rest of the region the Bolivian army was forced to surrender or retreat back into the jungles. Overall after 5 hours of fierce combat and bombings around the the area 2,150 Confederate soldiers were Killed and 4,673 Bolivian rebels were killed. Along with numerous tanks, APCs, and thousands of guns, rockets and other toys were lost in the jungle...

The situation was declared an emergency by president Maria Montana and she requested aide from the rest of the confederacy for the assistance of her region
Hurtful Thoughts
20-11-2007, 00:02
OOC: Most of the times I used it before i wasn't to populated either.
It isn't a virus (which would have infinite shelf life and would just make it a matter of time before a huge outbrake), more of a fungal parasite with a bacterial enabler that pumps out hallucegenic biotoxins. Killing any part of the chain pretty much makes it useless, and the bacteria eventually kills the fungus anyways.

Likewise, a quick defoliant, penicillan, or anti-fungal cream would kill it, anti-septic would do nothing, carbon detox just treats the symptoms.

1- Military testing grounds (to test how fast it spread, gain data on effectiveness and to prove it wouldn't kill the world)

2- Swamps of Chitzeland to send critically injured soldiers back into battle on a suicide charge, bit a few Parthians who had to be removed and quarantined.

3-Another controled island military test, they needed live moving targets and practice mopping up infected sectors.

4- Old (expired and dead) stocks of the stuff used as bio-toxin/chemical weapon in Blackhelm Confederacy. Caused some nasty bad trips and some mean cases of Post-traumatic stress dissorder.

5- Five points Mafia cultivates the stuff as a designer drug giving a long lasting acid rush to sell laced with their Premium grade Opium.
20-11-2007, 18:26
OOC: hmm intriguing, Montana Inc may try to buy some for "research" purposes...
Hurtful Thoughts
20-11-2007, 23:32
OOC: Uh, no. Though FPM should look into having the bacteria also produce a fungicide to limit the possability of acid OD related deaths.

Fun part is that the LSD the chain produces also works through the skin...
And it don't take much to get 'high as a kite'.
A rather odd toe fungus?

As Stratton came back into conciousness, his perception was clearly altered.
A series of gingerbread men carrying candy canes were approaching, and a bummblebee hung in the air...
"I suppose I'm a little bit hungry..."

He dropped the phone, and stood up, not relly displaying any strong signs of pain.

He felt a slight stab of pain on his left leg, and saw a red and white candy cane sticking out of his skin. He also saw a whole bunch of burnt gingerbreadmen... Also with bits of candy cane sticking out of them, each in their own pool of red maple syrup...

He then looked at the busted up APC, and saw a life size house of candy...


He took a few steps forward...

Then his mind briefly took a glimpse of the horrid reality, enhanced by his 'trip', rotting and burning flesh, men in gas masks and carrying AK-47s, a helicopter with its minigun pointed at him, and a rather intense pain.

It alternated between these two distorted realities, of intense pleasure and bliss to intense pain, horror, and suffuring.

And he froze, not sure of what he was seeing...

Cthulhu had taken his time to clamber into the smoking ruins of the APC, swap barrels and bolts, and set it for 7.62x39, he also loaded up his spent belts with said ammo. The 14.5 mm on the roof looked serviceable, but he decided rather to just close and seal the hatches and start looking around inside for something otherwise useful, like the driver's seat...
21-11-2007, 17:25
OOC: just so you know, the AM-07, what my troops use is a 7.62x54mm round, the rebels use AK-47s just because that was the most popular gun in the area before Mokastana Expansion.


"Command we got one survivor, looks confused over"

"Copy that bring him in."

The squad looked at him unsure of what he was doing, but then again, he had just been ambushed and then fried....and looked like hell...

Two man went over to the man in Confederate-like rags and saw how messed up he was.

"Land the Helo, we need to get this man back to base and worked on,"

"Hey man, I cant put her down here, the road isn't wide enough, i can drop a basket and let him in there."

"OK drop the basket"
Hurtful Thoughts
24-11-2007, 04:06
In that case he'd most likely not alter the SQUAW and use the PKM and 14.5 mm on the APC.

But besides that, I've been stumped ever since the napalm was dropped, any suggested course of action?

And yes, I realize that Stratton isn't gonna survive the RP. He's pretty burned up... ( Except he's still walking and somehow talking...

Come to think of it, not many people would even be alive after what he's been through...
He's been gassed, shelled, drowned, shelled some more, burned, run over by a tank, offshore railgun bombarded, shot, napalmed, beaten within an inch of his life, starved, and then shot again...
24-11-2007, 17:52
OOC: well everyone is dead, that apache with the crew is probably back at base and the guys are either dead or captured, Alex and Jeff are dead, Stratton should be, Cthulhu is wounded and hiding in an APC...maybe we should just consider this mission FUBAR and over, and now they just need to survive. I was going to have them escape with the Bolivians but with them all dead as well...

After Thanksgiving break and im back in school im going to have a Civil in Mokastana, Perhaps in the chaos Cthulhu can escape. As for Stratton, if he has lived though all of that perhaps Montana Inc. Research labs could get something from him...(Cyborg anyone???)

Just ideas...
Hurtful Thoughts
25-11-2007, 04:24

After Thanksgiving break and im back in school im going to have a Civil in Mokastana, Perhaps in the chaos Cthulhu can escape. As for Stratton, if he has lived though all of that perhaps Montana Inc. Research labs could get something from him...(Cyborg anyone???)

Just ideas...

Good luck with that...

Stratton has a tendancy to turn traitor on anyone even threatening to control him.
And Cthulhu, even though you might still capture him healthy, doesn't mean he'll be too compliant. Being a Khornate Tribesman trained by some pre-revolutionary Hurtian spies (back when shovels in CQB was 'in') does that...

And before thinking that Stratton is easier to control, he isn't. Derranged or not, he'd most likely send a ballpoint pen through the eye of his captors.

So no trying to make him a super soldier, it'll only bite you in the end...
Though it would be kinda neat to see Montana, Mendez, Grant, Griffencrest, JC etc trying to hunt the guy down one last time in the middle of a civil war...

That would be interesting...

I also just remmembered that Cthulhu blew the track off the APC, he's stuck...
The active phone on the pavement would be an odd detail... (2 lines open)
25-11-2007, 07:27
OOC: hmm, ok then these are just ideas where to take it, and i was wondering how long you wanted to keep Sratton, but if this is his last ride we will make it worth it...


The two men went up to the Stratton...Both ready to hit the deck in case of attack, along with the rest of the fire team.

"Sir are you alright? we will get you out of here"

Another one, the lead Sargent, saw a bliking phone on the ground. He picked it up and looked at the device...who was on the phone...Curios he hit the TALK button and said "hello?"
Hurtful Thoughts
25-11-2007, 20:26
Line 2: "Bout time, Stratton, who else is with you? We already sent a a few good men to pick you up, plus lawyers as requested. Are you in any sort of legal trouble, or just the usual? But we'd still like to know what you've been doing these past 6 months... Most likely in a level IV quarantine facility since they started 'disinfecting' Ironcia..."

Line 1: "I'm sorry, we can't send in the nuclear weapons you requested, it seems our friends are escalating our primary conflicts for us a bit faster than expected. You're on your own. Give our regards to Cthulhu, if he's still alive..."

As he was about to make an escape, he remembered busting the treads of his ride, the HMMWV would be his best bet, and that was kinda on fire by now...

Stratton frew his attention to one of the things as they picked up his phone, He also just managed to coherently notice he was carrying an assault rifle...

Things were getting blurry...

"[speaks incoherent gibberish]"
27-11-2007, 23:37
The Sergeant realized what he was listening to...nuclear weapons, Stratton, men to pick them up....??Chinchilu??

The sergeant Took out a pen and paper and began scribbling down clues...and then spoke up...

"This is Sergeant Welter of the Mo-(stops clears throat)-Miami Police Department, who is this? And why is this man in my city?" to line 2.

The men looked at him oddly and he motioned them to trust him, and to take that rifle out of the wounded man's hands as they loaded him into the basket.
Hurtful Thoughts
28-11-2007, 00:50
"Hello, HOI? It's me, Bob Briggs Stratton, yeah, I'm still alive, yes I know I've been AWOL for 6 months, I was kinda busy trying not to get killed. Mind picing up my corpse over here in Mokanstana? Nevermind why I'm here, just send an evac team and some really good lawyers... Oh, and I'm taking about 5 others with me, so set up some freh employee files for them too."

Line 2: "Bout time, Stratton, who else is with you? We already sent a a few good men to pick you up, plus lawyers as requested. Are you in any sort of legal trouble, or just the usual? But we'd still like to know what you've been doing these past 6 months... Most likely in a level IV quarantine facility since they started 'disinfecting' Ironcia..."

"This is Sergeant Welter of the Mo-(stops clears throat)-Miami Police Department, who is this? And why is this man in my city?" to line 2.

Response: "Sir, this is a secure line. Where are you holding Stratton? And we also know you are lying, as he already told us his location. So officer, by what means have you acquired this phone? Anyways...we suggest you take him alive, and put all personel who have had direct contact with him under quarantine, and make sure to burn the dead immediately. We are already sending a team to handle the situation he has most likely caused."

Stratton attempted to bite and continue holding the rifle until one of his arms tore up in the scuffle. So, without any meat left on his hand (just bones and blood) to hold the gun, it fell to the ground. Stratton collapsed due to his injuries shortly aftewards.

OOC: keep in mind, the LSD and derivitives produced can be absorbed through skin, and it wouldn't take much in pure form to get you very high very fast. Luckily, that stuff is pretty diluted through his bloodstream. Still...
28-11-2007, 01:29
"Ok So i am Sergeant Welter of the Mokastana Confederate Army. We do not know who this Stratton is. Or why you want us to burn the bodies, this area already was hit by napalm, so nothing should be alive."

The man they were trying to restrain bit them and after his arm slid off the two privates ran off to puke as he fell to the ground. The Corporal picked up "Stratton" and loaded him into the basket...

"lets get off out of here Sergeant"

OOC: they got cheap fire gloves, gas masks and the standard uniform of battle ready Confederates...aka long sleeves, any other way to spread it...
Hurtful Thoughts
28-11-2007, 04:42
Fluids and foodstuffs, corn and wheat being very effective incubators for the fungus. (includes bite wounds, especially if untreated or if it broke skin)

In short, eating anything he's touched. If the stuff gets aerosolized, then you've gotten it airborne for awhile.

Your next drug shipment might be affected, especially if any of the workers 'sample' the goods before shipping.

Slight tendancy for local wildlife to get infected, at which case they get a tad rabid.
As for the Ironcian strain (which was a virus), he's clean of that stuff (somehow), but that would be why they want the bodies burned. Particularily because:
A: It is a friggin virus
B: They don't want you to have it
C: It tended to raise the dead
That infection was 'cured' by railgun bombardment, a few FAEs, followed by some nukes, then a bunch of multi-national mop up divisions buttoned up in APC/IFVs.

"Well someone called us, are you absolutely sure there aren't any survivors? Either way, we'll be heading in to retrieve Stratton's bloated corpse. We wanted to have him alive so we could figure out what he's been doing for the past 6 months. He also said something about others with him. I'd assume these people aren't local to your country, treat them with extreme caution, as they themselves may be infected."
28-11-2007, 04:56
The Sargeant looked at the body lying in the basket as the two privates cleaned themselves up. He realized what is going on...

"We have him, he is sitting passed out in front of me. We thought he was one of ours."

then something else dawned on him...

"Infected with what? and their are no other living people around here. they all got cooked."

to the corperal

"call command tell them we have evidence of foreign play in the uprising, and that man is in on it."
Hurtful Thoughts
02-12-2007, 00:42
Line 1: *continues blinking*

Line 2: "From what you've told me, you do not have the situation under control, a small team of specialists are already on the way to clean up your mistakes, at least set up a quarantine zone or stand down."


Sits in blown out APC listening to everyone talking outside.
[A soundproof APC? Ha!]

A solitary boat in international waters
A skeleton crew greeted an incoming helicopter as it touched down on deck, they took the time to start refuelin immediately as the guests were briefed and re-armed with more standard issue weapons.

This solitary boat was one of many mobile resupply stattions, allowing for the rapid mobolization of up to 30 divisions upon landing at a port, or in this case, outfitting a small covert team with choice weapons for a small profit.

This operation was off the record, some would consider it black marget or illegal arms dealing to a bunch of well connected gun nuts. Still, business is business, and it is booming...

Considering everything, the team was miniscule, a single Mi-26 Halo loaded with a squad of 15 men, many of these people being more correctly reffered to as legal advisers, doctors, and field medics. The only one that didn't fit in the above catagories consisted of the a pair of 3 man teams (HQ and heavy weapons) the rest consisted of 3 lawyers, 3 field surgeons, and 3 medics.

While on deck, they onloaded an HT-101E8 chassis and prepared the turret to be slung underneath the helicopter. They also loaded up liberally with automatic weapons, medical supplies, explosives, food, water, and fuel lots of fuel.*

[*Omiting large sections of SIC briefing*]

The men then boarded their helicopter and took the remaining dogleg to Mokostana.

*Indiginous Weapons to be used:
PGL-40 (rapid fire grenade launcher)
HM-320 (underbarrel heavy weapon system)
CC-35C (very heavy anti-material rifle/light cannon)
CM-38 (Squad automatic weapon/Assault rifle family) 6.5x55 mm
HAP-655 (Compact Assault Rifle/sniper rifle/PDW) 6.5x55 mm
HT-101E8 (an MGSed HT-101 APC, similar to but older and buggier than the Lyran design**+***)
MMP-1 (a combat drone)

**105 mm main gun, amphibious
***Could also be an "HT-101G6" armed with a 125 mm gun-mortar...
02-12-2007, 01:37
Seargrant Welter was listing on the phone and knew that this shit was caused by misinformation. and this guy was getting on Welter's nerves...

"Who the hell are you? Your man comes into our nation and assist a revolution, and you call it our mistake. If you want anything done here then I'm going to need to know who the hell you are and why you are fucking with our nation. You get me?"

Stratton was loaded into the helicopter along with the rest of the team. His limp body was restrained and the helicopter went to the local National Police station to get him medical assistance and imprisonment. One of the crew had a tranquilizer gun ready in case he woke up and tried to get out.
Hurtful Thoughts
02-12-2007, 07:52
"You may call me Mendez, Straton made a call to Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated, a corporation of sorts. The Chitzi sector if I'm not mistaken. His call was then transfered to me due to its... political importance. He's been MIA for the past six months and he was last seen entering a country that had to be glassed due to an uncontroled outbrake shortly afterwards. Fail to contain the situation within your nation and we'll have to do the same to yours. In the meantime, yoyu nation will be under observation and we'll have to make bio-safety inspections of your nation at our own expense. Trust me, Stratton has caused me a fair amount of grief. I'm now going to transfer you to our customer service center, pleas hold Mr Welter, and make another threat to me again and I'll see to it you get demoted... We couldn't care less about your petty squabbles inside your own borders, we aren't paid enough to care."

[Call is put on hold, muzak plays]

*Line 1 continues to blink*

*Statton starts drooling in his coma, his right index finger twitches and his left eye squints from time to time, he stops bleeding, shortly afterwards his vitals start dropping*

So they completely missed Cthulhu? Rookies...
07-12-2007, 07:13
OOC: yeah, the only with expierence here is the Sergeant.


Now that he was on hold he switch back to line one....

they were on the way to the NP station, no attacks on the helo were made...
Hurtful Thoughts
17-12-2007, 19:40
Been thinking/got bored

Stratton's medical condition:
In a coma, weak pulse, stopped breathing

Cthulhu: In APC
He knew his armor was wrecked, most likely all working motor transportation was removed, and from the looks of things he was the last surviving member of the ill fated mission.

He had 2 choices:
Choice One: Run, even though he was pretty sure the way out was blocked
Choice Two: Fight

He decided he'd draw an equal portion of blood.

The rebels were dead, his team was dead/captured, and the mission compromised to the point it would be a matter of time till they found him.

May as well make things difficult.

He removed the heavy, bloodstained, and somewhat rusted plate armor and half-melted kevlar, along with the clothes it fused with. Then set about procuring a new set of Mokan cothes and kevlar, and set his plate mail back on -mostly a pride issue. He then inspected a few examples of Mokan infantry weapons, found one that still worked, and loaded up with ammo, explosives, field dressings, rations, grenades, water, more ammo, dog tags, unit insignias, documents and field manuals*.

His goal was to load up with enough hardware to make a platoon cringe, enough supplies to survive indefinately, and to remove any quick means of figuring out who died/survived the firefights, plus to better understand their tactics.

He then went about checking the vehicles, the APC was missing a track, but that could be replaced, the decoy HMMWV was a flaming wreck, the other HMMWV was blown up, and the medical APC was gone, though he saw the tank tracks leading away.

So, lacking anything better to do, he proceeded to fix the tracks on the APC by following the instructions he foun in one o the field manuals, though the tools weren't exactly where they were supposed to be.

Reduce idler wheel tension, pop the pins of the damaged track, replace track section, insert fresh pins, re-adjust idler.

For more fun, he also propped a dead Mokan outside the commander's coupala.

Phone: Line 1
"I'm sorry, we can't send in the nuclear weapons you requested, it seems our friends are escalating our primary conflicts for us a bit faster than expected. You're on your own. Give our regards to Cthulhu, if he's still alive..."**

*Usuall located in left/right breast pocket in US military personel

**Assuming you heard line 2 first, talked awhile, leaving the old message on hold, then took line 1's message.

OOC: should this shift to another thread?
Was thempted to re-quote the "there's no such thing as zombies" line again...
17-12-2007, 19:53
OOC: was that team still coming in?

and yeah the recording just going on and on....makes sense


The Sargent was confused about what the hell the person was talking about....left right breast? what?

"Hello, who is this?"
17-12-2007, 20:01
with an attack by Bolivians on a communications center increased security was being ordered across the board. This meant that tanks and APCs and Trucks would be rolling all over these back jungle roads. Not the National Police, but the Confederate Army. Aircraft flew overhead and Apaches patrolled the jungle.

Coming around the corner was 3 T90 tanks rolling passed to get to the NP HQ 13 miles down the road. Following them was 3 IFVs and 4 APCs mixed with 10 Transport trucks.....No one really cared for a bunch of damaged vehicles, yet.

As for stratton, the Helicopter had landed and he was being taken care of by the local Hospital team in the HQ. The standard Base for National Police included a Hospital, Motor Pool, Helicopter pads, Bunkers, Barracks and one main Armory, complete with everything from the JagD pistols every "Officer" carried to shells for the IronHeart IFVs. Inside they were cleaning up Stratton so that he would look presentable for anyone who wanted to claim his body. With Montana in Prison it was doubtful he would try and claim it, but someone from Montana Inc might. The confederates wanted him, hence the convoy above, to find out who "helped" the Bolivians, and why he was here. Any other takers?
Hurtful Thoughts
18-12-2007, 04:40
IIRC it's a 30+ minute drive by HMMWV to get to his location, even longer by heavy tracked vehicle convoy.

Plus tanks make noise.

Coming around the corner was 3 T90 tanks rolling passed to get to the NP HQ 13 miles down the road. Following them was 3 IFVs and 4 APCs mixed with 10 Transport trucks.....No one really cared for a bunch of damaged vehicles, yet.
The convoy was heard in the distance as Cthulhu was still removing the busted track section and searching for a replacement.

Not quite instinctively, he dove back into the APC, taking the 'scarecrow' commander with him, he then peered through a vision block, hoping nobody noticed the toolkit he had hastily kicked under the hull.

He then looked over to Alex's corpse, only to remember that he forgot to retrieve Stratton's rifle...

Stratton not quite dead yet, condition stable/slowly getting worse.
Still have those HOI boys...

"*"ed sections were OOC notes.
Oh right the phone...

Phone: Line 1:
"I'd like to ask the same question. Since you called me."
18-12-2007, 05:33
IIRC it's a 30+ minute drive by HMMWV to get to his location, even longer by heavy tracked vehicle convoy.

Plus tanks make noise.

The convoy was heard in the distance as Cthulhu was still removing the busted track section and searching for a replacement.

Not quite instinctively, he dove back into the APC, taking the 'scarecrow' commander with him, he then peered through a vision block, hoping nobody noticed the toolkit he had hastily kicked under the hull.

He then looked over to Alex's corpse, only to remember that he forgot to retrieve Stratton's rifle...

Stratton not quite dead yet, condition stable/slowly getting worse.
Still have those HOI boys...

"*"ed sections were OOC notes.
Oh right the phone...

Phone: Line 1:
"I'd like to ask the same question. Since you called me."

OOC: I know that, but it takes a while to repair track and damage on an APC with only one man using damaged tools. So sooner or later they would of came by...



"This phone was recovered by Military personell in Mokastana by agents screwing with the local rebels. Now kindly explain to me who im talking to"

The tank patrol was warned of damaged vehicles on the side of the road, but NP had already cleaned it up, so they would ignore it for the most part, unless something peaked their intrest, or something was left in the middle of the road...
Hurtful Thoughts
18-12-2007, 05:45
"Is this a joke? Captured? Them? ! Roockies... Ah well, no big loss..."

Other end of phone:
'Snake' hung up the phone, he was in some deep trouble, two of his men had been captured, and most likely with incriminating evidence of their involvement, and the last thing he wanted to do was bring a 2 front secret war upon the small private army he and his companions made for themselves.

He then attempted dial a number to contact his direct supirior, who happened to be out. Nobody picked up.

Looks like he'll hae to fix this himself...

He then dialed up one of his 'units' stationed in The World Soviet Party, and infomed them to pick up the details to their next mission. The details of the mission would not be covered in the phone call, only the details necessary to retrieve the details to the mission, and those details were in code...

I'm pretty sure Alex died in a ditch.
And it wouldn't be so much the presence of stuff, rather the abscence of ID, weapons, and papers.
Not sure if they moved [I]all the bodies though.
18-12-2007, 05:52
The Sargent Checks both lines and sees they both hung up...

"Very well, now who the hell do we have in this room?"

"We don't have an ID on him, no Identification on him, we cant even tell where he is from, regional wise. As for his condition he seems to be stabilizing." The nurse stares off into space....

"nurse NURSE!"

"Ohh sorry, i though ahh, umm....wait, no... we will keep an eye on him."

She could of swore that table was warped for a second...hmmm.....need to cut back on the meds, is all she thought to herself.


Hospital staff has touched his skin, don't know the extent of infection, but that seems like a start....
Alex is dead, and Stratton's body was the only one recovered, the NP relies heavily on Jungle life to clean up battles....
Hurtful Thoughts
18-12-2007, 06:15
Hmm, infected medical staff...
Imagine what that would do to other patients (wounded soldiers/rebels/prisioners) and the rest of the staff unless promptly quarantined?
Especially if things were as touchy-feely as on Grey's Anatomy...

Toxins would spread easy, the disease itself would take awhile before it becomes 'infectious' from the staff to the patients. About 8 to 24 hours? (depending on their immune system and any immunity deficencies and suppressents)

I suppose it's time HOI came back into the picture to quickly remedy the situation before it takes over the whole base...

IC post to follow. I'm going to sleep.
Hurtful Thoughts
18-12-2007, 18:08
Aboard Mi-26 Halo:
John Bradley, the squad leader, started the more sensitive in flight briefing.

"Alright, the man we're after is Bob Stratton, he was inducted into the Central Hurtian Intellegence and Security Agency by HOI, as such he did not take orders from our regular chain of command and has security clearances greater than ours. His previous combat record includes knocking out an entire heavy tank platoon and mechanized infantry company single handedly in Pelsgord with not much more than a knife, an M16, and some hand grenades. This guy was -and most likely still is- very deadly. The last place command knows he's been to is Ironcia (, which you all well know was recently glassed after an appant breakdown in their level IV quarantine. We have reason to belive Stratton was that break of quarantine. Thus we are to assume he's infected with whatever caused Ironcia to get glassed."

He paused to catch his breath, bringing an ominous silence (besides the background noise of the rotor blades and rain pounding on the airframe).

"He was also reported to have brought 5 others with him, we are to find these bodies as well, and take them alive as the situation requires. For our action to keep the Mokans from killing themselves, we get to keep our jobs, failure would resualt in our abondonment and eventual painful death. Any questions?"


*officially introduced on post 6, quick recap of his history on post 41, he had an un-named cameo in the Chitzi civil war thing called Revolt and Revolution.
18-12-2007, 18:25
The Sargent forgot he even had the phone still on his person when it went off...



The Nurse, Charlie Domingo, was going back over the "the insurgent" as staff was calling him now. graduating near the bottom of her class she was turned down by most private hospitals and ended up working as a nurse to the recently formed National Police. Not like it mattered because the government ended up paying most of the bills for hospitals anyways. The body was cleaned off and now looked like any other patient in the hospital. Of the small staff of 40 Nurses and 10 Doctors and 20 Surgeons, only Charlie and two other nurses didn't wear there recommended latex gloves all the time.

Earlier when she had finished cleaning him off and doing a routine check she took off her gloves, then looking at the body she touched his hand and said:

"i don't know who you are, but you are pretty doomed."

then she walked away...
Hurtful Thoughts
18-12-2007, 19:02
"This is John Bradley, Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated, may I presume I'm talking to the current holder of Mr. Stratton's shiny black phone? Anyways, I'm calling in regards to retrieving his possessions. For financial reasons of course. Oh, and to contain the mess he's caused."

*Bradley then flips a switch turning on a homing beacon*

The Mi-26 begins tracking down Stratton's phone signal on final approach, giving a slight weave or "crazy ivan" to pinpoint the location by parallax shift.

18-12-2007, 19:56
The sargent was tired really of all this, so he was talking and walking the phone to a superior officer, in this case the local "Chief of Police"

"Look, we want to know what your man was doing in our country in the middle of a civil war. I do not know about the higher ups but I'm pretty sure that no one is going to let you have him unless you give us an explination as to what was going on here"

outside he jumped into a Hummer and drove to the Command Center and radioed for the chief.

Sur Region Air Defense Station 1673

"This is ADS 1673 we have an unidentified aircraft in airspace at location XX,YY. It could be a Bolivian strike team preparing for something stupid."

"This is flight team 1-1-6, we are on route."

The 5 MIGs flew towards the unidentified aircraft, staying high and importing radar information from ADS 1673 until it was in range to shoot down.

Tank patrol

"God damnit, we got a wreck in the middle of the friggen road."

"Its more off to the side charlie"

"Fuck off, can we push it?'

"Only one way to find out."
Hurtful Thoughts
18-12-2007, 22:22
"Well, we already know you have someone in custody, so I guess we can start by having him brought in for questioning and requesting that all persons who have had physical contat, living or dead, to be quarantined. Hold on a second... What? Alright, offload the tank, we'll continue the approach on land It appears as if a hostile radar station is tracking us, we've also confirmed 5 bogies approaching fast. It would be quite difficult to carry this discussion any further if you shoot us down, would it not? Besides, would the rebels carry any Mi-26s in their inventories?"

The helcopter came in low and hot, close to the trees, and dropped its tail in a flair, rocked forward, and the sqaud drove the HT-101 out the ramp, into a 2 meter drop to the ground. The helicopter then did a reverse climb as it promptly set the turret into its mount, it dropped the shackles, and then was off again.

The squad was now split into 2 groups, with the delta team in contol of the IFV, and the HQ detail in the chopper, and everyone else more or less evenly plit amongst the two.

The delta team was in a hurry to get the turret and its 35 mm cannon operational while advancing, as well as starting the gas turbine for a 'hot start', the diesel could be started later. Controls were still sluggish, but as the engines warmed, responsiveness improved, and eventually the diesels would start.

He noted the APC he was in getting pushed off to the side of the road, slightly damaging the rear ramp and armor, and most likely making a mess of the toolkit he left out.

He just sat and waited in the meantime hoping for the convoy to pass.

Best description I've picked up of flying a helicopter after the tail is shot off is that it's like riding in a tilt-a-whirl for 25 miles with people shooting at you...
You'd be surprised what the sheer willpower not to go down behind enemy lines can do...
24-12-2007, 03:26
"yes they do have Mi-26s but I don't think i can do much to help you out. Hold on."

The "police chief" took the phone...

"who is this?"


"unidentified aircraft, surrender immediately, Do you copy?"

When it tried evasive maneuvers they fired cannon rounds at it. Trying to take it down without doing to much damage to the interior....

"Command it looks like it dropped vehicles! get some ground forces here ASAP!"

Somewhere on some road

The APC was eventually pushed off and the convoy passed by, the last truck was left to see if anything valuable was left or to clean up anything the rebels could use. In total 20 men were now offloaded to clean up the mess. They were carrying small SMGs that looked like AKs, not really pointing at anything. Instead they began loading the dropped guns and supplies into the truck. 5 men were sent to get the shells out of the APC, They looked in the hatch with a flashlight and one stuck his head in.
Hurtful Thoughts
24-12-2007, 06:55
Master Seargeant John Bradley, Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated, here to retrieve the body, Please hold, I'm trying to figure out what some flyboy thinks what a surrendering heli is supposed to look like.

"Yo man! Stop shooting, this flying crate isn't armored... So do you want us to land here or someplace with more security gaurds?"

True, the Mi-26 wasn't an especially well armored heli, but it acqquired a fairly good reputation of reliability.

Hydraulic fluid was gone though... Controls a bit stiff... The pilot was having a pretty hard time keeping the plane airborne as it turned around and started going in lazy circles around a tree in the forest.

The swashplate was starting to smoke.

*Note, I kinda nerfed the effects, since a 20 mm vulcan has a tendancy to rip through a heli like it was a paper target.

Ironheart APC:
Cthulhu fiegned death up near the drivers compartment, slumped over the driver's back, this allowed him to get a good view of their feet as they walked around the crew compartment behind him.
31-12-2007, 21:37
Master Seargeant John Bradley, Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated, here to retrieve the body, Please hold, I'm trying to figure out what some flyboy thinks what a surrendering heli is supposed to look like.

"Yo man! Stop shooting, this flying crate isn't armored... So do you want us to land here or someplace with more security gaurds?"

True, the Mi-26 wasn't an especially well armored heli, but it acqquired a fairly good reputation of reliability.

Hydraulic fluid was gone though... Controls a bit stiff... The pilot was having a pretty hard time keeping the plane airborne as it turned around and started going in lazy circles around a tree in the forest.

The swashplate was starting to smoke.

*Note, I kinda nerfed the effects, since a 20 mm vulcan has a tendancy to rip through a heli like it was a paper target.

Ironheart APC:
Cthulhu fiegned death up near the drivers compartment, slumped over the driver's back, this allowed him to get a good view of their feet as they walked around the crew compartment behind him.


"Are you in Mokastana now Seargeant?"


"Land at Montana AF base 139, location is being forwarded to you."

The base was a small airstrip, mainly used by Montana Inc and the National Police for helicopters, to smaller propeller planes sat on the runway, no one was sure if they were YAks or really old IL-...whatevers, The airbases Air defense system was three guys with stingers. However now it was two Ironheart APCs with SAMs capabilities and numerous Humvees from the National Police. They were ready to see who decided to puncture the air space this time.
OOC: ok then, we'll see how it goes down

Ironheart APC:

The senoir soldier took the flashlight and began looking in the fridge and capartments of the APC to see if their was anything salvageable and told the lowest private to pull the bodies out. The three men had put thier rifles over their shoulders and were carrying the munitions out and loading it on the back of the truck. The private went over to the front section and began pulling on what looked like a carcass before he turned and puked.

"Ahh now thats some good liquer, what the hell? Did i give you an order to puke?"

the the corporal noticed Cthulhu

"Who is that?"
Hurtful Thoughts
01-01-2008, 00:06
OOC: hoping the engine of the Ironheart is still on

"Yes sir, landing at Montana AF base 139, your air force has been kind enough not to shoot down our medics, though we had to drop some supplies to remain airbourne. It would be nice if you could help straighten things out, like whether or not we should register your nation as a biohazard."

The helicopter changed course accordingly, the plane tended to yaw and sway almost uncontrolably, and the pilot was having difficulty flying it in a straight line.

"Looks like this bird will need some repairs, please give Mr Montana's AFB 139 forewarning that we'll be making a priority 2 crash landing and would request either a damage control team onsite or alternate means of transportation arranged upon landing."

HT-101E8/Delta Team
Listened in on conversations
Diesel engines finaly running
Course maintained towards Police station

Ironhert APC/Cthulhu
01-01-2008, 19:11

"Let me what I can do."

With that he put down the phone and called up Montana AF base 139 via the national Police network. He explained what was going on and then was told to get to the air base immediately, along with the soldier who had talked to them. As he was grabbing his gun and running out the door he picked back up the phone to see if the man was still one

"I will meet you at the AF base, you better have a good reason for not going to government channels to get here"


"Copy that, damage control is on the runway."

APC on some back road

"Private check out that body. And figure out what is with that steel thing around is neck"

The private went up to the body and saw in its face that it wasn't Mokan, Bolivian or even indigenous.

"Sir, take a look at this guy. Wasn't their a rumor of foreign play in the region?"

"There was. and we may have our proof now, Garcia, get over here and help the private load this body into the truck. We got evidence of some one else being here."

Hospital, National Police local HQ

Doctor, we have two patients in E wing reporting hallucinations. They have blood samples on the way to the lab to see what is causing it, but they have been giving morphine and restrained."

"Good, do we have any reason to believe that there is a common factor?"

Just then nurse Charlie comes around the corner charging the doctor and associate with a surgical blade.


The doctor moves out in time and his associate uses his clipboard as a shield. Doctor hits the alarm button and kicks Charlie in into the wall. She falls over and the associate tries to kick the blade out of her hands but ends up getting stabbed in the leg. The doctor, still wearing latex gloves, grabs her hand with the blade and twist it off and puts the raging lunatic into a wrist lock. Security arrives and sees the mess...

"shit what the hell?"


"Through me the cuffs, there must be something going around the hospital!"

One guard does so and the cuffs the raging Charlie, the two security guards don gloves and pick her up and take her to the holding cell in the hospital.

The doctor, out of breath now, goes over to a desk, picks up a phone and requests a lockdown on the hospital. Something is going around.
Hurtful Thoughts
07-01-2008, 16:39
You do know that Cthulhu is a 'tame' variant of these guys ( Post Khornate civil war ( version actually...

I just picked a few of the less volotile ones up after TKT went offline.
(Former Soldiers of TKT's stoned government)
Some were still loyal and well disciplined in contrast to the 'wild' nomads. (

Allthough I will concead that the tame ones wouldn't be wearing nearly as much steel plate.

Sorry about such infrequent posting, but work always comes before play.

APC on some back road:
Cthulhu, having missed the opprotunity to go out in a fight, was thrown ito the back of the truck. Apparently they believed he was dead, a sign that his extra training as a special operative in the Five Points Militia paid off, that or none of them were medics and he was lucky they couldn't find a pulse.

Thus, having lost his much valued firearm, he remembered that Alex dropped Stratton's rifle somewhere in the woods near the burning HMMWV, plus he could, if needed, scrounge up some other left-behind weapons.

Now all he needed was a way of discretely getting off the truck as the soldiers finished loading up... And noticed a hand grenade...

Montana AFB #139
The Mi-26 was still having trouble with the tail rotor out of commision, so landing with power wasn't feasable, they'd have to dead stick a landing relying upon autorotation ( This was so that engine torque wouldn't swing the plane out of control ( as it attemped to settle onto the ground.

Upon safely coming to a stop, seven men hopped out -2 with guns in hand, the other 5 appearing more as war corrispondents with weapons issued to them just to carry- as the pilot hung up his headphones and also proceeded to vacate the now disabled helicopter.

Although it was odd that some had donned MOPP grade 'Alpha' ( NBC protective gear...

But before leaving, flipped a small switch located on the backside of his seat, activating an emergency homing beacon. Such beacons were normally supposed to be removed and brought with the pilot in the event of a downed aircraft, instead, he rigged it through the helicopter's main radio antenna for greater range.

It wouldn't be long before others would come looking. The pilot had a plausable excuse for the activation of the beacon, being that it could have registered the landing as a crash and turned itself on as a safety measure.

[2 lawyers, 2 field surgeons, 1 medic, 1 pilot+2 crew chiefs/flight team]

HT-101/Delta team/"Bandit Two"
Still driving towards National Police HQ/hospital.
The commander noted the relative location of the Mi-26 called "Bandit"
[3 man heavy weapons team, 1 lawyer, 1 surgeon, 2 medics/Corpsmen]
07-01-2008, 18:24
OOC: I'm on break so work will come back soon enough...

APC on some back road:

Next to the body(Cthulhu) sat the Private that had helped load his body up. They were handing him the extra shells from the APC and rifles and even two RPG-29s, one from a dead patrol Humvee and the other from the back of the APC. The soldiers bodies were loaded into the truck as well for proper funerals, back home, while the Bolivians and Alex were left on the sides of the road for the animals to consume.

"Hey we just got an update on Mejico. Looks like the Confederates are winning."

"Who the fuck cares about Mejico. All i want to see is Montana Inc. back up and running so I can finally get that plasma 52'' TV shipped in. Damn Confederate Investigations, the warehouse is being searched for illegal arms so they cant ship anything out until its done."

"Corporal how the hell did you get a plasma TV on military pay?"

"I did some work for Montana.....Hey we all do it. why not get a little extra something for it."

The men continued to joke and talk about the effects of the war had on El Sur.

Montana AFB #139

Six men armed with AM-07s walked up pointing guns at all of them ordering them to lower their arms.

A Humvee pulled up and out got the local chief of Police. He was an older man, who had gotten comfortable behind his desk, the tire around his stomach showed that. Standing at a towering 5'10" he walked over to the visitors and noticed that they were wearing HAZMAT gear.

"Who was I talking with on the phone and what the hell is going on here?"

Behind him a Military flight team of three Apaches and two MI-24 Hinds were flying into the base as appeared that Generalissimo Dugal wanted to know what was going on in his region.

HT-101/Delta team/"Bandit Two"

OOC: what are they driving?

IC: Apaches were flying all over the region to keep track of enemy movements and engage if nessesary. However these units did not appear to be Bolivian, on account they did not look like anything the region had gotten its hands on in the last 10 years. So the pilot of one apache flight team, three apaches all together radioed them asking who they were.

"Unidentified ground forces, halt and identify yourself at once."
Hurtful Thoughts
07-01-2008, 20:55
An HT-101 IFV, well, the MGS derivitive (not sure if it's the 125 mm gun-mortar or 105 mm cannon version, not that it matters in this RP).

Similar to the econo-box appearance of the Ironheart APC.

Would now be a bad time for an Mi-8 or a PO-2 loaded with a few members from FPM showed up? (or worse still, an attempted 80,000 foot airdrop ( -video just for illustration)
08-01-2008, 02:37
OOC: first off they would have to get into the region, where as this being the third time a foreign power decides to enter uninvited they are stepping up air defense, but who are they and what would they be coming for?
Hurtful Thoughts
08-01-2008, 05:44
FPM is the agency that 'donated' those two yahoos, they coming to remove evidence of their involvement.

Think you can spot an AQM-34N ( ( ( ( ( or RQ-10 Archangels ( [DMG's own creation]?
Well.... Maybe...
(Succeeding would imply you being capable of what China wasn't back in 1980, shooting down a TR-1, though they did shoot down 5 older U-2s by 1968 [still, it had >95% success rate])

And the only thing hard about intercepting an AQM-37 ( ( is the required 5 minute response time...

I'll take my chances with the RQ-10...

Getting into the region shouldn't be too hard, Slim class cargo ship or old converted ICBMs?
08-01-2008, 18:55
OOC: can we get back to the IC and while the RQ-10 Angel does look difficult to spot, I'll compare its countermeasures to what i got and see if i can counter it in some way...
Hurtful Thoughts
12-01-2008, 19:21

FPM has the manpower... Not sure if they have enough heavy stuff that could actually be any worse than another rebel raid upon the National Police HQ...

So then I'd wonder what they'd actually -feasably- try and do.

In short, I'm stumped and I've been putting off planning how the FPM would actually do what it wants to do. Plus I liked the original epic-ness of a HAHO jump from >50,000 feet, but most likely I'd really just LAPES some guys into the drink and let them swim, maybe try and use a Fulton recovery for final extraction and an Mi-17 version of the ACH-47A 'Guns-A-Go-Go'.

Hmm... Fulton recovery system with a former sino-soviet biplane...
Hurtful Thoughts
27-01-2008, 08:57
Alrighty, I think I finally figured it out (mostly by deciding that all other methods of insertion are pipe-dreams)

Privately Owned Slims class Cargo ship: (
1,000 nautical miles offshore, Cruising @ 15 kts, bearing 235 degrees

The ship flew earlier under the false flags of The World Soviet Party, one of their many benefactors, mostly because until recently, it had been hiding in one of their ports loading in fresh supplies while being given a wink and a nod by the easily corrupted government officials.*
*TWSP will back this claim, though he isn't really corrupt

Nothing inside its holds was legitimate, though they did have tarps forming bowls in order to carry the veneer appearance of a ship hauling coal, which was used to help feed the boilers.

Cargo hold A, for quite some time, had been used as an office, meeting room, sleeping quarters, and briefing room. Likewise, conditions were cramped for their 25 new occupants.

Cargo hold C, in the extreme rear, served as a hangar for a pair of Y-5 bi-planes, equiped with floats, and the hatch and faux cargo were set so that it could easily be opened and closed, with the deck-mounted loading cranes able to move these planes into and out of the water.

Cargo hold B, just forward of the superstructure, held fuel, ammunition, and other stores. There were plans to modify this hold to either carry a battalion of soldiers for short durations or an ICBM, but in the meantime, it housed a pair of Mi-17 helicopters modified into special purpose gunships, sitting alongside a pair of equally fearsome technicals.*
*Gunships equiped with a fixed gast type 35 mm autocannon under the nose, plus stub-wing pylons and a predominantly forward-only armor protection, the technicals each carried an 82 mm 2B9 Vasilek gun-mortar mounted piggyback with a Kord HMG in the rear bed, there were smaller pintle mounts along the box sides for GPMGs such as the PKM.

It would still be awhile before they came within range to deploy their advance scouts. None of these freedom fighters had any real experiance in covert operations, aside from what they had been told and what they managed to practice back in The Khornate Tribes. But make no mistake, these people had been fighting in open conflict for nearly as long as they could walk and carry a gun, they could fight quite well.

Unlike their earlier practice raid upon hapless cadets and trainees cunningly manuvered into a position of oprotunity, this time, the bullets would be real at all times, and they wouldn't be forced to counter lethal reactions with fake weapons.*
*A misunderstanding during the practice raid caused many to believe it was a real attack, and thus opened fire upon them with live ammunition, while all they had were blanks, miraculously, nobody was killed, aside from some Maldorians who walked into a life fire zone for the 82 mm mortars.

A truck loaded with corpses on some back road:
Cthulhu was still acting dead, and remained very convincing, even as he landed on his left arm at an odd angle when they threw him in the back of the truck, which actually was what he wanted.

He wanted his arm under himself so he could ready and prime some hand grenades unseen. He moved only his fingers so as not to move the rest of himself as he searched blindly for a 'grape of death'.

Montana AFB #139
"I don't believe we have talked, you aren't the Seargent I was talking to earlier, or did your rank just leap a few pay grades in the past hour? It would be important to interogate this... *pulls out a notebook of hand scrawled notes in archaic shorthand* Sergeant Welter... Or would you rater we fall back to our standard operating proceedure, glass this whole region, and sweep the memory of all this under the rug as a mere footnote, if even that would remain?"

Even though he knew he was outnumbered, outgunned, and outranked, he kept his tone hinting that he was the one trying to be patient with them.

"So if you will, either step aside or go fetch Welter and prep him for interogation."

HT-101M3 "Bandit Two"
(I opted for a Gun Mortar, since my country has little use for 105 mm guns)

Upon sighting a helicopter, the officer in charge made a critical decision.
"Smile and wave boys, smile and wave..."

He then fetched a radio broacast:
"Unidentified ground forces, halt and identify yourself at once."

He pressed the PTT button on his radio and gave his response, though he didn't order the 'tank' to slow down.

"Ah, just a trial run on some new hardware under development, new stealth tank, very hush hush... So, out of curiosity, did you pick this up on your scope or did you just happen to see us as you flew by?"

Edit: AKA: Why you don't use LSD as a painkiller for combat troops

Infermery: Stratton wakes up
While at the hospital, his wounds were healing, the bullets had been removed, holes and cuts had been stitched shut, and nobody expected him to go anywhere in his condition.

He regained conciousness, however, with the hallucegenic cocktail running thick in his blood, it would be a fair bet that words could not describe what he saw. He woke up in hell...

Naturally, his first instinct was to get on his feet...

Well, he tried at least, he managed to sit upright, and noted to his horror that something had made a complete mess of his arms, in his perspective, they were crawling with maggots, and rotting off his bones.

He tried to find someone who could help, and weakly called out to an apparation in the hallway...
"H.. help... me...."

He then started to walk, dragging an IV tree behind him, which in his distorted sense, was a monster, trying to hold him back.

He fought with this 'monster' ripping needles and heartrate monitors off his chest, his skin felt numb...

He tried to remember, but all he could remember was being shot, people dying all around him, a city burning, the feeling of sinking in quicksand, tanks, the sound of thunder, artillery, and flames, from the sky, the smell of napalm. He was certain, he was dead, and this was hell...

He was running a high fever, his body was fighting off the infection, and he was losing...

Alarms sounded as his heartrate monitor flatlined, it wouldn't be long until doctors would rush to the scene... Nobody could predict what Stratton would see in them.

If you've seen the climax to this movie (, then chances are you know what to expect.
28-01-2008, 03:02
7th Air Attack Flotilla, 400 nautical Miles west of the city of Ecuedor

With the war going on Mejico and the recent addition of the Mokan navy joining the fight against Nosovian forces it became apperent that an attack was possible. Therefore attack planes were scouting the waters and other search planes were flying around scanning for enemy ships.

Soon enough a Bear caught a radar signature of an unknown ship nearing Mokan waters. They would not engage just yet, but two Su-33s were keep on call to intervene when it got closer

A truck on a back road

"How we doing with these munitions?"

"We got about 20 ish shells left in the APC to load on th truck. The rest are to damaged to use."

Montana AFB #139

Generalissimo Dugal was not amused.

"Tell me what is going and what do you know, you don't just fly in here making demands. Now explain what is happening in my region"

OOC: I have a headache and will add more later
Hurtful Thoughts
28-01-2008, 04:56
BTW, I had to find a map and realized that if the boat were in the Sur region it would be going parallel to the shore.

May I change directiop in the earlier post without it being considered a change in course?
Since I was thinking the north approach was clear and everything else was landlocked.
(I was thinking of a completely different map, and for future refferace, land on the south side of DMG)

IIRC, the original goal for the landing was Bogota ( from the Sur region, and everyone jumped early.
Oh, and is that rebel leader on the hill still alive?

Location/Course would be corrected to 1000 miles off S. Mejico/N. Sur region bearing 115 degrees +/- 15 degrees of zag
28-01-2008, 20:53
OOC: yeah change it if you want, honestly I am not good with bearings anyways so i didnt notice, so i guess that would be the 8th fleet off the coast of Santa Villa who sees they are moving north in case of battle with Nosivia, so perhaps the 7th wolf pack...yeah i'll change it to the wolf pack sees it.


Bandit two

"Central Command, can you figure out if there is a test for covert tech going on in my area?"

back to the convoy...

"I saw you guys on my pass, you do know about the safety issues of this area right? "


The head doctor was now in quarantine with three other staff members who had made contact with Charlie, each one was in a separate "bubble." Security had gone to each of Charlie's patients and most were cuffed to their beds and under armed surveillance to see if any showed symptoms of something. The local HAZMAT teams were called in once it became apperent that this was being passed on from person to person. Security donned rubber gloves and face masks as they patrolled the halls, and began checking paperwork to see if any other staff had made contact with any of Charlie's patients. Two security gaurds now went down the final hall of Charlie's patients:

"So who is infected so far?"

"We got four patients, and three staff, Charlie, obviously, the doctor she stabbed and Jose of course."

"well with the way he talked about Charlie's blow jobs if she got anything he was bound to. So which patients."

"Lut. Domingo, a private who got shot by rebels during their second wave of attacks, and FREEZE!"

The guard pulled out his pistol and saw Stratton pulling needles and screaming at the device stuck to his body via needles and tape. The other gaurd on the other hand started to approach the frantic man, waiting to see how crazy he was...
Hurtful Thoughts
28-01-2008, 23:15
Come to think of it, it should take a matter of days/weeks for a ship to travel from TWSP to Mokanstana, so I suppose your response could be re-entered later.

IOW, due to fluid time, the ship isn't anywhere close yet even though I already posted it.
I thought the truck was already moving?

Bandit two:
"Safety issues as in being mistaken for those stupid Bolivian rebels? Or safety issues such as the Bolivians somehow managing to ambush us?"

"Besides, where else, besides beyond the country's borders, can we test this against real combat personel to test their effectiveness as a completely unsuspecting nation? Getting caught here is far less of a political embarrasment than getting caught overseas and getting involved in another war, correct?"

Montana AFB #139
"Alright, then first-off, who am I speaking to? And why, praytell, does said person need to know what we are doing?"

"Ah, well, then. Such information is on a need to know basis, with live updates, and frankly, we were never told you needed to know. Now may we go interogate the sergeant? As he's the only witness -and consequently the only lead we have in our investigation- we have at the moment, and we'd like to speak to him while he's still breathing."

He paused...

"Unless you're here to tell us he's already dead and you just let one of our deadliest terrorists loose? You [I]DO have him in captivity still, right? Or did he escape another one of your third world prisions again?"

Bradley apparently had been following Stratton for quite some time...

Meanwhile, we shift our focus back to our demented superspy that is Stratton
Stratton, still under a very bad trip, saw two apparations, soldiers from hell, approaching him.

He instinctively reached for his ankle holstered .45 revolver, but found nothing...

He knew he was outgunned, he'd need to find help, or a weapon, something...

He saw a branch in the tunnels, and ducked into it...
What he saw was horrifying...

Two more octipus-like creatures hovering over some quite delerious souls, somhow bound to separate tables... ready for live vivisection...

And two more 'soldiers of hell'...

It didn't take him long to figure out what they'd do to him after he was caught...

He then noticed or remembered that those octupus-demons are very weak fighters, and plenty light to swing around, but too far from.

So, he looked closer, these soldiers had to be armed with something besides teeth, right? He then saw something that resebled a garrision belt upon these demons... easy access weapons... keep pulling stuff and you're bound to find something useful...

Hith that, he charged the nearest soldier, gave him a bear-hug, trying to use him as a shield, groping for any non-secured items on his belt... in frustration, he started to bite at the demon's ear...

He felt the demon's arms flailing against him in a futile gesture, he still felt numb though... he then felt somthing else, he was trying to get something from his belt... his weaopn of choice, of course, why search when he does it for you...

Still, this presented a problem, he had to kill this demon fast, before he could break free and kill him... He ignored the moral complications, barred his teath, and bit deep and hard. Meanwhile, his left hand was trying to wrestle the weapon from the soldier's right...

He heard moaning, screams, terror, gunshots...
He thought to himself...
I'm in hell, this is survival, get used to it...
28-01-2008, 23:44
OOC: OK we'll wait on the ship entrance...

and no its not moving yet, they are about to though....


Bandit two

" I was referring to the high alert about potential foreign powers using commandos in the area. "

"Unit 5556, we cannot get confirmation of any military vehicles out there."

"Copy that."

back to the unit

"what are you guys working under? I cant find confirmation of your existence."
29-01-2008, 00:10
Montana AFB #139

"I am Generalissimo Dugal of the Mokan army. I assume if you are flying into my region without any reason you should tell me why."

[his response]

"What the fuck do you mean third world, if you plan on leaving my country in anything else besides in a body bag then you will tell me what you are doing here. Now before i throw you all in prison for illegally entering the country i will give you a chance to explain what is going on here."


"After him!"

The two guards chased after the mad man and turned the corner to see him struggling with another guard. Both pulled up their pistols and aimed, looking for a shot, either legs or kill. ANother gaurd came after the mad man with his baton until they saw he was going for the gun.

Three shots rang out. the first was at a kneecap from between the two men fighting, the other two were at an exposed shoulder and head. They werent going to let this get out.
Hurtful Thoughts
30-01-2008, 17:19
Bandit Two:

Infirmary: Mokastana National Police HQ, Bogata, Sur region
Stratton didn't even feel the first two bullets go into him, though his left knee gave out suddenly, causing him and his advarsary to crumple to the ground.

The last thing he saw was the gaping muzzle of a gun aimed at his temple.

He drew his nearly acquired handgun...


Being supersonic, he didn't even hear the gun go off before he was dead.
Likewise, he didn't even know what hit him.

The gun he had grabbed, likewise, was also leveled in the general direction of the officer's head. The officer was just a few moments faster at the trigger.

His arm fell, the gun landing with a metal-on-blood sound.

His corpse twitched for a few long and nearly silent seconds under the wieght of the other soldier.

The gun, still in Stratton's death grip, also rattled and twitched on the floor with him until someone decided to pry it out of his cold dead hands... Which were black due to lack of circulation and the earlier napalm strike. Nobody would have seen this since they were gauzed up, except parts had unraveled, exposing skin.

Blood and brains were scattered everywhere thoughout the hallway, they say the human body only carries 2 liters of blood, yet it always seems as if someone took a swim in it at times like these. The floor was slick and sticky at the same time.

Montana AFB #139
Bradley removed his mask, so as not to distort his speech.

"Right now, it is to talk with Sgt Welters and see if he's been infected with anything. But our main reason is to clean up a mess a single person has caused by taking something that wasn't his, and dragging it out here in this backwards bannanna republic, along with many other places no doubt. And I quite assure you, if you don't want us here, you definately don't want the person we're looking for to be hiding inside your borders."

"Officially, none of this has, or is about to happen. So if you ever plan upon writing your life's story after making a coup and taking over the country single handedly, I'd suggest you forget we were even here by the time we leave. Otherwise we'll have to send a larger clean-up crew to take care of your loose ends."

He then thought he smelled something like industrial grade disinfectant...

"Did you just arrive from a field hospital?"

Cthulhu: Roadside assistance with a bang
*continues searching for hand grenades*
It isn't easy when trying not to move or look at what you are doing...

He thought he found two...
He was looking for a canister shaped HE or WP one, the other was more baseball shaped, most likely a fragger...
30-01-2008, 19:30
Bandit two:

"yeah, what division, group, whatever, or are you part the the Formal Brass, In that case can i get your Command unit number?"

Infirmary: Mokastana National Police HQ, Bogata, Sur region

OOC: actually its a few miles out of Bogota, its a local base for the jungle patrols.


The two shooters quickly cuffed the bitten man and injected him with morphine from one the tables that still stood after the brief fight. Luckily they had on latex gloves and full clothes so not much blood made contact with their skin.

"We got a break in quarantine! Blood everywhere, target neutralized."

Outside a squad of National Police marksmen had gotten out HAZMATs suits and entered the building. The five men went down the hall armed with AM-07s and were given the orders to shoot on site any unusual activity. Doctors and nurses were told to raise hands and kneel when they came by. There first order was to secure the incident that just happened.

"Hazmat unit on your way. Any infections over?"

"One guard was bitten, god damn I don't believe in zombies but what the hell is this."

"Information is being forwarded to Generalissimo Dugal and MBSA."

The five men then came around the corner and saw the blood shed.

"Get down get down now, drop your weapons!"

The two guards did what they were told and sprawled out on the clean floor and were quickly cuffed and brought to another room to be locked up. Now six rooms were being used to quarantine potential infected. In total 13 people showed symptoms of infection but they were all quarantined in locked rooms. The others were either in the main lobby waiting for the Army to come in with their HAZMAT teams and clear it. The rest were in the "bubbles" waiting to see if they showed signs of infection.

As of now, the situation was contained.

Montana AFB #139

"Sir," the Genarlissimo's radio squawked, "we got a situation at the nearby NP base, it appears to be a virus or something, as of now it is contained."

No doubt Bradley heard it and judging by the look on his face Dugal knew that this man knew what was going on.

"Very well, everyone involved in the situation is here on the air base. CHINGAME!"

He screamed into the radio

"Get Hazmat to the MAF 139 order no one to leave. I want every person here contained! As well as connect me to whoever is in charge of the situation in the local PD base and get me symptoms, it may be loose here!"

To the local gaurds

"Find Sgt Welters Now, and bring him and his squad here now."

Bring out your dead:

"Ok shells loaded up, Private Domingo, use the bodies to sort the shells so none go bang back there, and stay back there and keep it that way!" Lets move out."

and with that the truck loaded up and they went on their way.
Hurtful Thoughts
30-01-2008, 23:52
Bandit Two:
"We can wire them from here if you'd like, please hold..."

*switches frequencies*

"Bandit Two to Bandit One, we are under interogattion by air unit... 5556... Three Apache gunships. Suggesting any Charlie Omega Alpha for practice insertion scenario one-zero-one-niner Bravo Foxtrot Lima?

A shakey voice crackled back...

"Tell them to report to MAFB #139, a Genarlissimo Dugal of the National Police may want to talk to them. Hold on a second, I may be able to get him on this line... Scenario 1019 BFL is terminated, weaponsfree, knockitoff-knockitoff-knockitoff."

Delta team was glad to hear they may actually have proper clearance finally and won't have to stall anymore...

"That'll be swell... Forplay mode dissengaging... Does this intercourse have any protection?"

*Switches frequencies back*

"Genarlissimo Dugal is giving us clearance, currently at MAFB #139, would you like to speak to him yourself?"

Montana AFB #139
"You know, wouldn't you have believed we thought he'd have done something like this... We've got a few doctors in the whirlybird back there who know this stuff pretty well, plus a pretty good lawyer if Welter's would like any legal counsel."

He then yelled over to the helicopter, almost while grinning ear to ear:
"Hey! One of you docs! get over here and check our freind over here over! He thinks he's infected!"

The Laywer responded:
"You may want him over here first! Flight 5556 is giving Bandit Two the once over, and you know how that Delta team has itchy trigger fingers!"

Bradley then, and only then, decided it was necessary to let on more information:
"Oh, right... we also dropped off a tank on your doorstep if you decided to 'shoot first-ask questions later' like so many other ungratefully backwards third world bannana republics. And trust me, Bandits Two and Three each have permission to clear 500 square miles of destruction at any destination they want unless told otherwise by me... Bandit Two is a tank, Bandit Three is an SSBN... And Bandit Two picked up the 'Weapons free' order as soon as we touched down. Bandit Three gets theirs as soon as Bandit Two stops transmitting..."

"Hence why I'm confident you'll be reasonable now that I've told you that there literally is an ICBM aimed at your head, and the trigger is in the hands of three trigger-happy Mokastanian flyboys who right now are mistakening the trigger for some drunken Bolivians... Looks like you've got too many loose ends to be calling chingame already..."

Truck, Road, Cthulhu, and you
Having finally found the grenades, he waited for the best time, he remembered that the truck would have to take a sharp corner, and slow down, the men in the back with him caused little grief...

Pin out... release lever... let grenade fall to floor...
One potato... I can hear them talking...
Cthulhu felt the truck slow down...

Two Potato... Pull another pin...
Loose objects rolled on the floor as the truck turned
I think they noticed the grenade... I hear yelling...

Three potato...
The truck was straigtening out again and accelerating
Better get moving before I ventilate myself...

"For the blood god!
Cthulhu threw the other grenade, a frag, into the front cab, as he tucked, ducked, and rolled out the back while grabbing the nearest gun available, that meant the WP (though it could be HE) was already cooking off in the rear with the ammo... And that someone was going to have their face lit up like a bonfire...

Picking up weapons wasn't much of his concern, between the frag landing in the driver's compartment and the ammo cooking off in the back, the truck was bound to crash and something useful was bound to fall out...

His primary concern was to find cover and concealment from any stray shots.
Thankfully, the road had a ditch on either side to prevent the tropical rains from washing it away.
31-01-2008, 03:44
OOC: sorry its short

Bandit Two:

"Genarlissimo Dugal is giving us clearance, currently at MAFB #139, would you like to speak to him yourself?"

"Copy that."

switch to command line...

"Command, can you confirm with Generalissimo Dugal that is this freindly."

"Hold on a second"

Montana AFB #139

Sgt. Welters and his squad was brought to the doctors to be examined by bradley's team. Meanwhile Dugal was on the radio confirming with that Bandit two was not to be shot.

"Whoever the hell you are, can you ensure that your unit will not shoot if my men if they are told to back off? bring them back here, I'm sure the situation is being handled well enough now that we are aware of whats going on. What are we facing damnit!"

Things going boom, whats new


"Shit, kill him!!!"

these were last things heard as the truck and ironheart rounds exploded into a ball of flame that disintegrated any way of telling that it was a truck. Outisde two men had manged to get off in time. One was the driver, who saw the grenade and ditched without thinking, and the other was the private in the back who jumped with he saw the body come alive. The deafening roar of the explosion shook everything a few miles around. An explosion like that would not go unnoticed. especailly in a state like this....The private and corperal driver got up pistols raised.
Hurtful Thoughts
31-01-2008, 05:54
Bandit Two:
"We won't shoot, but we're going directly to or objective's last known location, hopefully we'll find evidence of his location from there. I'd suggest you ask Bradley, Mr Dugal, since this frequency is well monitored... But I can say this: Congratulations, you're pregnant! And it's a bouncing dead baby boy!"

Montana AFB #139: Interogating Sgt. Welters
The men then retrieved their guns and went in to test/interroate Welters.

One of the doctors let the seargent take a seat at a desk in a dimly lit room, he oked a needle into is arm, took a smal blood sample, and checked his eyes, then left without saying a single word...

Then three men came inside, and closed the door behind him, the two security detail and the lawyer... they asked a barrage of questions:

"How long have you knows Bob 'Briggs' Stratton?"
"Where did you get that phone?"
"Where has Stratton been for the past 6 months?"
"Is he working with the Bolivians?"
"You said something about cleaning up after a battle, where there any bodies that appeared, out of place?"
"Where are they keeping Stratton?"
"Why are you covering for him?!?"
Did he divulge any information on project HADES with you?
Well then, what did he tell you?

At this point one of the officers was clearly distruaght, as he was pointing a rather large rifle at his face...

"You better be telling the truth, punk..."

"I believe that is enough questions, soldiers, you may leave us alone now, scare tactics won't work on guys like Welters, it just causes them to lose control of their bladders..."

And so the laywer managed to push the two gaurds outside and into the hall.

"There, that's better, now then, is there anything else you'd like to tell me before I leave and let those two go after you again. Stratton, as you may have guessed, is a very dangerous man, your cooperation would be greatly appreciated, both as a service to us and to your nation's own security. By witholding information, I cannot save you, and you'd be doing your nation a great disservice, if you have kids, please think of them, and then think of what would happen to them if whatever Stratton was doing here succeeds."

See this? This is my [new] BOOMSTICK!: Cthulhu's new toys (
Seeing as he managed to grab a AM-07 rifle from the truck as he left, and the pistol he still had on him, Cthulhu now had the tactical advantage. Sort of...

He also completely destroyed any fast means of his escape, besides going back to repairing the Ironheart APC or walking...

He'd be a sitting duck repairing the APC, besides, hitching a set of wheels was more like the strategy someone like Stratton or Alex would dream up...

Nope, he'd walk, he'd also let the befuddled survivors lament over their fallen comrads. He'd be watching them of course... The goal here was to blend with the surroundings... instil a healthy dose of fear into anyone who gets in his way... eventually they'll learn it's best not to.

Along the way though, he managed to retrive Stratton's rifle from Alex's corpse. The gun had 20 bullets and 5 shells...

Unknowingly, this almost random occurance would increase the fear of a zombie epidemic.

But anyways...
31-01-2008, 17:07
OOC: as for the bolivians, there may be a few still wandering about....

and now that bandit two has clearance, where is it going?

Montana AFB #139: Interogating Sgt. Welters

Of course the Mokan Army had HAZMAT coming in and were asking Bradley's doctor's what to look for, and Sgt. Welters was not allowed in the room alone with them, two mokan guards in HAZMAT were to oversee the "interrogation." Once the barrage of questions and all that was done he finally looked at the lawyer type and started talking:

"I do not know who the fuck Stratton is. All i know is that I was ordered to go check on an incident where a BBolivian attack had occurred on NP forces. The soldier in charge had ordered a napalm strike on the area, killing and barbecuing everything around the attack site, including the NP guys. Me and my squad gets in there and sees everything cooked. However one guy in NP gear is still alive and acting insane, i thought he was just screwed up from the fight, you know shell shock, PTSD, whatever....So we take him back to the local operations base for hospitalization. Next thing i know is my Hind team is sent back there to help manage with a quarantine. but before we get there i am called back here from Dugal himself to be interrogated by you guys. What the hell is going on?"


The private and Corporal managed to get together after the blast took out the road.

"Shit man, this road is just full of shit isnt it?"

"God damn it Private! YOu job was to prevent this from happening you piece of shit!"

The Corporal quickly pistol whipped the private and kicked him on the ground.


As soon as his attack stopped he turned and aimed his pistol out into the jungle. As for an explanation of that attack, the corporal was new, he was only three days promoted and had about a week before he was done serving and could go back to Lima. Of course his superiors had always managed to keep his temper under control. They were now all dead...

"Shit get up private, the "dead" body is out there somewhere."

"Fuck you Guevera! Even you thought he was dead, you helped me load him unto the truck."

Local NP base

"Well Generalissimo Dugal, we have not let anyone enter or leave the infirmary since we noticed it, and records show that no one from the infirmary has left the base. So for the base the situation has been quarantined. Judging by incubation rate. Any other infected in the area should of shown signs by now. I am declaring the area quarantined and contained. Only HAZMAT allowed in or out."

"Very good. We are working with outside specialist on this to figure out an origin point."
Hurtful Thoughts
31-01-2008, 19:55
Montana AFB #139: Explaining to Sgt Welters
The laywer then sighed...

"From what we know, we sent an unstable operative, Stratton, into a hot-zone... apparently he somehow managed to get a hold of one of their experimental bio-weapons, smuggle it out, and bring it here. Of course, he first went through the trouble of releasing upon the country of origin, we recorded multiple self-inflicted nuclear detonations over the past few months over there... From what little cooperation we recieved from them before we lost all contact, and rumurs from some refugees we took in, the disease was capable of re-animating dead tissue, even after being fried... A shot to the head is the tried and true 'cure' so far, and even then summary cremation is necessary."

"We didn't come to contain this disease, we came to wipe it off the face of the earth..."

"Now this is just a hypothetical explanation, if all this information is correct, than that napalm strike was in an attempt to kill the first zombies... Apparently it failed. Do you still have any units in that area?"

"Still doesn't explain why Stratton called us to retrieve his and three other corpses... Or why I'd be needed..."

He thought aloud to himself for a moment...

"That sly dog... he's using the disease as a bargaining chip for his extradition and freedom, meaning he has the cure on his person... he knew he was going to be captured, and thus... but why haven't we heard his demands yet?"

He then regained composure...

"We're sorry for inconviencing your mission, though I'm pretty sure our doctors could do their job better inside a hospital, and for security and secrecy reasons, a quarantined one would do nicely. Now then, this shell-shocked soldier, has he been identified yet?"

Bandit Two:
Still moving...

Cthulhu's Odyssey
It was clear that the mission was a comlpete failure, nobody was coming for him, since JC's operatives had a penchant for epic failure, and HOI wanted him dead, and FPM had washed their hands of him until he returned, so he'd have have the training he had recieved to to rely upon.

He headed soutwest, for the coast, he'd swim home if he had to.

He chuckled a bit at this thought... as he'd been told by his CO that a simmilar situation had occured on New Roanoke island... very similar...

He looked back, and saluted, for he was leaving a man behind enemy lines...
Stratton's been through worse, if his stories are true, he'll get out on his own...

Truely bitter irony since Alidor=Ironcia, the man caught swiming was from Alidor, Stratton went AWOL in Ironcia...
He also had issues with the utter difficulty it was just to kill specific people...
As a rule, I can't kill my own characters (they generally can't accidentally suicide themselves), so any self-imposed injuries he survives has a good likelyhood of making him appear stronger.
31-01-2008, 20:46
OOC: As for Cthulhu, is he infected, and does he want a job?
Montana would be willing to make a deal...its a way out


Montana AFB #139:

"No he hasn't, I dont know who the hell he was.I just recovered him, but in the last day or so none of my men have shown any odd behavior like that guy was."

Just then Generalissimo Dugal knocked on the door, wearing minor HAZMAT Gear for protection. (OOC: Im assuming your doctors said he was ok, and not infected, along i with his men)

"I'm sure you are not harrasing my men too much, but i think we should get to the hosiptal and confirm that this is your virus in my country."


In total 9 people were considered infected and one of the two gaurds had gotten infected by blood spatter getting on his hand, though his symptoms were lighter then the rest. The bitten one was chained down in a locked room with the other 5 highly dangerous ones. the four Minor ones were locked up in the next room and kept quiet, deep in their own visions of the world around them.
The top two of the fours were considered quarantined, and entering them for any reason was considered to be shot on site. Many patients were corralled into the last two floors and outside a mobile clean room was being set up taking up nearly half of the helicopter landing zones. A round "door" was being hooked up to the hospital and people were being transferred out into it to be examined further my military HAZMAT, and resistance would be shot. The rest of the base was evacuated...

Upstairs two men in full HAZMAT gear went into the room with the more difficult infected, armed with silenced SMGs they gave each one a three round burst to the skull.

Supersonic bombers in Mejico were loaded with MOABs in case of outbreak.
Hurtful Thoughts
31-01-2008, 23:51
Now how could Cthulhu be infected? He was camping near/in the APC...
-He's just returning to his normal, 'feral' self, before he was simply tame and well behaved.

I was considering the idea of Bandit Two runnning across the pile-up and the two survivors...

Sorry about the really short post.

MAFB #139
"Sounds like a good idea, we'll get access to better lab facilities, lab assistants, and most likely a large number of dead and hopefully living specimens to run tests on."

The Hurtian doctors were overjoyed.
01-02-2008, 20:00
MAFB #139

"Then lets get to the Helicopter, I want this thing out of my fucking country before it spreads."

The Hind was warming up and soon enough once they were sure that the sergeant's men were clean.

They flew to the base ready to clean up the last of the virus....
Hurtful Thoughts
03-02-2008, 05:45
In the air On the way to the quarantine zone, again...
"I'm sure the men here are plenty clean of the disease, besides, if they are infected, we do have our own pilot..."

I should be ashamed of how short this post is...
So... should bandit two run into your survivors of Cthulhu's wrath?

Two guys with just pistols coming face to face with a foriegn 'tank' after being ambushed by a dead guy and their truck exploding for the sheer epicness a-la SPR...
03-02-2008, 19:13
OOC: well Badit two has been given clearance by the Generalissimo himself, however I still don't know where they are going...but by the sound of it they are bound to hit them sooner or later


In the air

"I am aware of that, but your Hind is out of service, and I would prefer that my men be behind the wheel on this operation. There has already been enough "outside" play in this region. Speaking of which where are those ground boys you have going?"

Up ahead the radio cracked...

"Sir we got a call from MBSA."

"tell them i cannot talk right now!R12!"

"Copy that sir"

Quarantined base

The majority of the staff was now in the large mobile clean room being checked for any signs of infection, however it seems like the infection had been contained. The base staff was of course being held close by mainly in case of a Bolivian attack and also to ensure the virus doesn't get out.

"Sir, I think we have found patient zero. Follow me."

Two Jaguars in full HAZMAT gear were following one of the doctors also fully dressed in the bulky outfits.

"Whatever this chemical is, this one has far higher levels in his system then anyone else here by a long shot, even Charlie doesn't have this much in her system."

Of course Charlie was on the bed next to Stratton, both had their wounds patched up to prevent further blood loss. The blood was all cleaned up and located in another room down the hall under armed security.

"WHo is he?" the Jaguar asked

"We don't know, his records show he was picked up as a survivor from a Bolivian attack about 20 miles from here the area got napalmed."

"Ok then, I'll get a team together and we will head out at once." Into the radio, " we have a possible PO, get the Hind ready now, I need security in the air as well."

With that he was walking out to get to decontamination center when a man approached him.

"are you the officer in charge here?"

"Yes i am and i am busy what do you want."

"Jose Martinez, MBSA, we need to know what is going on."

"Shit, very well, find Dr. Zimmer, he will give you the update, Now i have to check on the Point of Origin to see if its contaminated. "

"Good luck i will be there shortly."

On the road again...

the two NP soldiers were now walking to the nearest base, unknowing to them the one on lockdown in the above paragraph. It was still quite a few miles, but what else would they do.

"This fucking sucks."

"Maybe you should check the pulse next time dumbass."
Hurtful Thoughts
04-02-2008, 01:32
Well, they dropped off roughly where the original group did -if not earlier- and are heading for the last confirmed location of Stratton (where he made his epic phone call that kicked these recent events into play) and the last assumed location of Stratton.

And since pretty much all of Cthulhu+Stratton's destruction occured in the same spot...

Bandit Two: Conversation between commander and driver
"Multiple IR signatures detected, sir."
"What kind?"
"Mostly burning debris from the looks of it dead bodies, 2 live ones..."
"Right down the road past this corner."
"Are they armed?"
"Can't tell"
"Gun it..."

The gas turbines roared back to life, surging an additional 250 horsepower through the vehicle, which now accelerated rapidly as it attempted to turn, forcing 'Bandit two' into a side-skid and raising a coud of mud, dust, and dirt behind it.

The tank was, almost for a moment, suspended in motion with one of its tracks off the ground, which after a very long, ominous moment, fell to the ground, crushing some military paraphanalia underneath.

It then just sat there, both engines running and being revved.

"Driver, what do you think you're doing?"
"Just be patient... [to himself] come on... work with me you two boneheads..."

Cthulhu watched... An MGS with HOI markings?! What were they here for?
He knew that whatever brought them here, it wasn't going to end well for anyone, and that they meant to get whatever they were doing done...

Otherwise they'd have just sent a three man team... He counted six through Stratton's riflescope...


Since when did the Five Points Militia issue IIR on their scopes?!
Especially to entry-level inductees... So many questions, so few answers...

Quarantined base:
After a long-winded discussion on what the ground unit was doing
Patient zero was eventually, after a long debate over who had better authority, analysed and eventually identfied to be Stratton's Corpse.

Cause of death was of bullet wound inflicted to the head at close range. All other physical injuries, considering the proximity to advanced stage EMS personel, were deemed survivable, although life threatening.

Toxicology reports were reviewed by the Hurtians, and squirreled away in the corner of the labs they had borrowed from the Mokas.

They recognized the disease, it was one of their own, slightly mutated, but unmistakenably their own. And they sure didn't want a country in the middle of a civil war to get their hands on any of it, lest they start breeding it while trying to reverse-engineer the disease back to its more potent parents.

And that was the easy part...
Now came the more difficult task of leaving no witnesses or evidence...

Sorry about maybe being a bit vague and linear on the QZ part, but I'm considering advancing the plot further. Assuming that the 'study' takes about an IC week. (meaning FPM will be showing up as they leave, and whatever B2's doing they'll get done first)
04-02-2008, 02:58
OOC: are we going to say that the civil war is now over? since it is on the other threads?

Somewhere on some road...

"what the hell? Who the fuck is that?"

The two men heard the vehicles coming and managed to get into the ditch with pistols up as they drove into sight.

"Who the fuck is that?"

"I don't know but it stopped."

"who the fuck is that?"

Quarantined base:

Three Helicopters took as the Commander left to attack site. Their goal was to check the napalmed area to ensure nothing else was contaminated. One broke of to the north while the other two continued west. The Hinds were soon to be outdated once Mokan Command could get a better trasport chopper, but until then the NP would continue to fly these airborne tanks.

"So these Hurtians create a bad ass virus and it gets here? Fuck em."

"HAHAHAH, ohh well, lets just call them and make sure that its all cool."

"Hurtians, are your ground boys going to meet us at the burn site?"

OOC: what study are you talking about?
Hurtful Thoughts
04-02-2008, 20:23
OOC: Doubt it, but didn't this RP start before the CW?
So the end resault is that I should refrain from killing any of your re-occuring characters. So a Montana strike has been out the window for some time.

The doctors trying to ID the disease and such.
They really didn't want you to know it was one of theirs.
And now that everyone seems to know, they most certainly don't want to figure out any simple 'cure' besides killing all infected.
'Officially' they claim the disease came from Ironcia, though they know very well that it is not the Ironcia virus, but instead an obsolete Hurtian combat drug...

Noting that the men clambered into a ditch, the HT-101 followed, and placed one tread firmly into the rut...

"Resistance is FUTILE! Surrender now or we will be forced to squish you."

Cthulhu: Welcome to the jungle...
Cthulhu wasn't too pleased with the appearance of HOI forces in the area, and frankly, he wasn't interested in staying around long enough to see the mushroom cloud that was synonmous with almost every 'humanitarian mission' conducted by HOinc.

Therefore, with everyone nicely distracted, he decided to get a head start at making a run to freedom... This mision would mark the total breakdown of any future cooperation between JC and FPM forces...
04-02-2008, 21:23
OOC: In all honesty i dont even think Montana or anyone who works for him was even aware that this attack was directed towards them

Ok so we'll just say that as of now anything north of the region is being blown to hell by civil war and GWO forces are also running around.....I think we might need to get GWO in on this if anything major is to happen, like a nuclear detonation or further issues....

also that is just the general thought that the virus is theres, since they came after it, no matter what they call it.



Both men got up with hands in the air....

"Guevera, we are fucked...."

"got a better plan?"

Outside the Quarentined base

Two smaller and more agile helicopters were flying in to the base, both had the markings of the MBSA Biological division, a smiling skull. There job was simple, find out what this was, bring some back for research, and figure out who brought it here, by any means nessecary....

Napalmed site

The two Hinds were approaching the site quickly, since it was much easier to fly there then drive, not to mention this road had quickly become a hell zone given the amount of damage and personal lost here in the past few days.

"Command we are approaching the burn site, doing a once over to check for bodies."

The commander's Hind flew around as the other lowered to drop grappling lines for the HAZMAT teams.

"We see a few possible ones, lowering teams in to see"

Armed with AM-07s and flame throwers they descended down to check and do a body count.
Hurtful Thoughts
05-02-2008, 00:25
OOC: What does MBSA mean?

Road: Napalm site
As the two men surrendered, the medics hopped out...

The first question from their obscured mouths: "Are either of you bitten?"

They gave a very brief visual exam from a distance, and then motioned for them to hop on the back of the vehicle, but not to go inside.

A pair of Mi-24 Hinds could be seen rapidly approaching, slowing to a hover, dropping lines, and offloading troops in Hazmat.

Mokastana National Police HQ: Still under quarantine
Due to the quarantine, normal operations had been expected to slow to a crawl...
Amazingly, they didn't...
The temporary 'expansion' seemed to be picking up the lag caused by the stricter security.

It also suggested that more men had been brought to the base... And they went through a quick head-count...

Then they saw the MBSA choppers...

"Shit... You two... stall them..."
Bradley directed his two heavily armed gaurds to block the main entrance
"You three, secure the specimens, now!"

The doctors and medics, for a moment, were baffled...
Then Bradley demonstrated by pulling out his gun, and shot a live infected soldier in the head with his silenced pistol, fired through a pillow for an added measure of secrecy.

"Get moving, burn the bodies and dump the blood... I don't want any trace of this left standing!"

He then made his way to the boiler room, gun at ready...
It wouldn't be long till they found out what was going on...

The lawyer was in a state of he was trying to develop a decent cover story for these actions...

Blood samples were either dumped, mixed, or intentionally contaminated beyond the point of recognition in pretty much anything within arm's reach, including bottles of draino, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, ethyl alchohol, painkillers, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach...

The drain-cleaner, in particular, had the signature habit of eating away at any organic matter, such as flesh...

The only trace of the disease that would remain was the toxicology reports of highly concentrated LSD in all their systems, a factor that time, and burning, would soon solve.
Odd footnote:
'Project Hades' (
Mania, Psychosis, and eventually Derealization would come first, followed by gangreen.
First signs would be heavily dialated pupils.
Mania: insomnia, irratability, irrationality, and increased drive/compulsiveness for pleasure.
Psychosis: Delusions, Hallucinations, completely random thought
Deralization: Complete loss of any sense of reality, starting to accept the hallucinations are real, and belif that subject is invinciable
05-02-2008, 01:45
OOC: Mokastana Bureau of Secret Actions, basically the Secret service, FBI CIA NSA all rolled into one. Different divisions handle different issues. For example, Biological Division handles chemical outbreaks, viruses, disease control etc. while Foreign Intelligence Division is more espionage. Thus allowing easier flow of information amongst the agency. However Bio Division is different then traditional military HAZMAT and quarantine because MBSA will destroy whole areas for containment, as well as study them for future (secret) use.


Hand me my brown pants....

"Well it looks like they didn't want to kill us after all, but what the hell is going on? They don't look like GWO guys."

"I don't know private, but just keep quiet, See those Hinds over there, there our boys, If these guys were bad i don't think they would drive to meet them. Now as for the HAZMAT suits I don't know..."

"isn't that the wreck we cleaned up?"

"I think so"

Burn baby Burn

The five man team on the ground began to search the blackened APC and vehicles for any signs of survivors or contaminants. After they searched enough and couldnt find any Soldiers or outsiders they called the flying Hind...

"Command its just Bolivian Bodies here, it looks like someone else was here and cleaned up. They took the munitions and apparently the bodies. Contact the local PD, make sure that it wasn't them."

"It appears that a military convoy on route to the quarantined base cleaned it up the truck should be on its way, shit was that the wreck we passed back there? heading back to see..."

"Ok command, we will try and determine if anything could of survived the napalm strike. Besides patient zero. and look for any clues of what happened."

Local NP HQ, Quarentined

The small helicopters landed and two teams, 10 men altogether, got out and raced for the main entrance, wearing full body Hazard suits and carrying .45 caliber SMGs...

"Bio 1 is on the ground, moving in to assume control."

the first five men went to the outside clean rooms and found the officer in charge and explained to him who was taking over. the second went in to find the Hurtian doctors. when he found the "stall team" he introduced himself.

"I am Major Albert Cruz, Bio Division of BSA. I want to know what we are dealing with here and how to contain it."
Hurtful Thoughts
07-02-2008, 02:59
Adding more names...
I just hope the real John Bradley doesn't come back to strangle me...

Local NP HQ: Quarentined
Private Larry Gibbons started his stall, as his comrad went off to fetch a cup of coffee...
"Hello, Major Cruz, I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to let anyone beyond this point until given the all clear by my direct commanding officer... He's inside, I could have someone go and bring him up for you, if you'd like, sir."

George Stimson, the lawyer, decided to walk around, to calm himself, as he passed the front door and heard the private's rather good attempts to state that they had no authority on their own base anymore...

Timmothy Randerson, the head doctor -along with Dr Jeff McManus, and HOI corpsman Ira Strank- were still busy removing all traces of the disease from the building.* The Corpsman usually stood outside the door to stand watch and make sure nobody was getting suspicious as the two doctors went through a meticulus routine of making specimen devoid of any useful information.
*Found out that chlorine (like in the amounts found in tapwater) destroys LSD...

John Bradley was still on his way down to the boiler room, mostly in the very likely event that his sentries failed to keep the new arrivals outside...

Highway 34:
The interior of 'Bandit Two' was crowded, as it was only designed to hold the crew, a bunch of ammo, or maybe 4 passengers, but never both, even with only a quarter ammo loadout, the passenger seating was still constricted to two spare 'seats', which were really just looose ammo crates...

This left five passengers rindin outside the protective hull, this consisted of two lawyers, the prisioners, and a medic, as they were deemed most expendable for the mission.

Lacking anything better to do, the lawyers gave a series of simple questions...
Along the lines of:
Who are you?
Why were you out in the middle of the road?
Where are your rifles?
Are you hungry/thirsty?
Do you need to go to the bathroom?

At the same time, the medic, pretty much tried his best impression of being a psychiatrist/lie detector... Jotting down notes in coded shorthand, in latin, along with listing what drugs he should avoid giving the prisioners.

They soon came across a pair of Hinds, and some soldiers, and a few burned out cars, plus an APC with its port-side tracks removed.

Sgt. Ralph Hayes ordered Bandit Two to reduce speed as he popped his head out the commander's hatch to ask questions.
07-02-2008, 03:57
Local NP HQ: Quarentined

"Hello, Major Cruz, I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to let anyone beyond this point until given the all clear by my direct commanding officer... He's inside, I could have someone go and bring him up for you, if you'd like, sir."

"No thanks"

with that one of the other men pointed a gun in the privates face as Major Cruz pushed him aside. Lifting his SMG up he moved into the building with the rest following behind him.One kept a gun on the private telling him not to move.

Behind them the other five men were spreading out to take control of the base, each soldier was put in charge of a certain area and make sure the containment stayed.

Highway 34(why not):

"Ok so we were cleaning up that napalmed site, right." The private wouldnt shut up...whats new.

"and we were loading up the bodies-"

"shut up private. We found evidence of foreign play in on the APCs, a body, only the bastard was playing dead and managed to blow up the truck and escape. So who the hell are you guys and why are you here?"

Bio-Hazard team,25 feet away:

"Who are you?"
Hurtful Thoughts
07-02-2008, 04:50
Local NP HQ: George Stimson to the rescue!
The lawyer promptly intervened...

"I'm sorry, but legally, morally, and ethically, I can not let any of you proceed any further without permission. If you absolutely must come in, I'd suggest you record your name, rank, serial numbers, and provide written medical waivers, plus a thurough physical examination prior to entry. Otherwise you run the risk of compromising current projects underway, as well as the general welfare of this country. So in everyone's best interest, please turn around, and get proper documentation."

This commotion, meanwhile, had alerted the other gaurd, who could be seen already behind cover -the receptionist's desk- with a belt fed CM-38 with underbarrel HM-320 triplex-loaded with double-aught buckshot (think Metalstorm 1 ga shotgun set in full auto only... or something capable of pounding as much lead downrange as a fully loaded AA-12 in a single shot, considered a 'last resort' weapon).

"Please do as he says... And please stop pointing your guns at any of my men... It doesn't make you appear any more legit than the Bolivians..."

He had clearly dropped his styrofoam cup of coffee onto the ground, as a puddle of the light brown liquid dribbled across the floor.

This had also gotten Ira Strank's attention, as he was in a low kneeling position with his gun drawn and leveled, capable of providing perfect enfilading fire with his HAP-655.


Doctors McManus and Randerson, had just finished their 'mop up' of the room they were inside, but noticed Strank with his gun drawn from the doorway.

"Oh dear.... Now what? Isn't there an alarm for these kinds of things?"
"Why yes, Dr McManus, there is..."

Randerson then took a sheet of paper, a lighter, and a chair, then found a smoke detector/sprinkler system...

Highway 34: Search and Rescue or Seek and Destroy?
The Sgt faced the bio-team:
"Sgt. Hayes, Hurtful Outcomes Incorporated Delta team, non-routine search and rescue as primary objective with seek and destroy as secondary, sir. We found these two..."

The medic on deck then restated the privates earlier statements from his shorthand:
"These people have already said the following: 'Ok so we were cleaning up that napalmed site, right... and we were loading up the bodies-'

Ahem, he was then interupted by the corporal here...

'We found evidence of foreign play in one the APCs, a body, only the bastard was playing dead and managed to blow up the truck and escape.'

Would you like to allow us time to further question these two? So far they don't seem infected, though judging from their story, they came into awfully close contact... I'd suggest not taking them aboard a plane lest they turn and kill the pilot."

When everyone is fully armored, a LMG+UBGL, and an AR vs 5 SMGs seems stacked in your disfavor if my men shoot first. Considering there are also another LMG+UBGL combo and 3 PDWs in the immediate vicinity.
07-02-2008, 06:40
OOC: short post before bed...

Local NP HQ: When people who don't exist meet others like them

"I'm sorry, but legally, morally, and ethically, I can not let any of you proceed any further without permission. If you absolutely must come in, I'd suggest you record your name, rank, serial numbers,--"

Major Cruz had had enough.

"Shut up. I don't know who you are, but as MBSA we have access to everything in this country without prior clearance, so i suggest that you show us whoever is in charge and get us there now!"

A Mokan NP officer who came by (they would leave you alone in the building alone you know) saw the standoff between the lawyer and MBSA soldiers. For a second he stood back and watched, this was far beyond anything he was trained for.


"very well if they were here before then ensure they are not infected or anything."

That one Hind that took off north a while ago.....

"command this is baby boomer, i got the bottle and getting back to feed the kids over."

"copy that"

the MBSA agent held the case in his hands, inside was thermyte, ready to melt the contents, standard MBSA high risk cases, inside was a vile of blood, strattons blood
Hurtful Thoughts
08-02-2008, 04:22
Didn't they contaminate Stratton's bloodwork beyond recognition?
And didn't the highway cleanup skip the bolivians and Alex?

Local NP HQ: And when the going gets tough, run, don't walk, to the nearest exit
"And legally, I'm pretty sure that private being held hostage could feed all of you to those, things, in self defense... So, if you'd like to go ambling around the area blind, with the good chance of walking into one of the live containment chambers, fine, keep going, we'll hold our fire till after they rip your head off... So wait here as I get the Lietenant... Or anyone else willing to act as your guide..."

Stimson then walks away.

The gaurd behind the counter, asks how long they plan on pointing guns at each other before deciding to work together.

Ira Strank just sits there, eyes coldly locked onto the Major, gun drawn, hammer cocked, finger on trigger. He kept this posture as he approached, then eased himself into the doorway and a standing postion as they passed.

Highway: Does the highway even need a description?
The medics of Bandit two examined what was left of the wreckage, trying to piece together events... Crime scene forensics...

The doctor gave a slightly more thurough physical of the prisioners, mostly bloodwork and checking for cuts, bruises, and lessions. So far things loked promising, though he noted the private had taken a sharp blow to the head recently, and may want treatment for a mild concussion. So he let Cpl Guevera watch over him for the next 24 hours as a 'wet nurse'.

One checked under the Ironheart...

"Did anyone on your team try repairing this tank?"

Cthulhu: The wild thing
He breathed a sigh of relief as the Hind and HT-101 continued onward, seemingly to pass him by.

His impromtu camoflaged shelter was merely a rough nest of leaves, providing some thermal and considerable visual protection, and most of the background noise of the jungle should...

Oddly, the jungle was dead silent as the people left...
He also noted the absolute lack of bugs crawling on him...
08-02-2008, 20:19
OOC: The guy flying off with the vile of blood is Jose Martinez, the MBSA guy who got their before you did. on this post (


"we don't operate withing the boundaries of legality, So get us a guide, but don't tell us what we can and cannot do. It is our job to contain this and find out what this is."

The Major and his team kept their guns up and watched as the Mexican standoff continued.

"Lower your weapons and we will, the only reason we are allowing here is because you know what this is and we haven't found that sub of yours yet."

With all the red tape and questionable actions going on it was amazing that anything was getting done, but this was the last group of people that would be on site learning what is happening in the jungle.


"Not that we know of. We just got here."

The HAZMAT team noticed it as well, they found Guevera who said that they noticed it but didnt think much of it. If anything it was Bolivians and his patrol scared em off. Though that does open up a lot more possibilities...

OOC: why is the jungle quiet?

sorry for the short post i got to go...
Hurtful Thoughts
08-02-2008, 21:40
With all the gunfire, and napalm going on, most large wildlife would be frightened away.

Also guessing, that with Mantana's heavy dealings with narcotics, he may stumpble upon or near an opium plantation, wich has a tendancy to attempt setting up an artifical facade of being wilderness while keeping premium production, hence no bugs. Since most bugs are bad for agriculture.

Besides, you did say a farmer saw chutes, so there IS a plantation of some sort nearby.

Highway 34: CSI...
Hayes poddled out of Bandit Two for a closer look, and noted skid marks, and that some tools had been crushed...

"This vehicle was pushed to the side of the road by tanks... It doesn't seem as if any government forces had any intention to fix this thing... But what has me wondering is, how did Stratton do all this? He wasn't even issued a pistol before he went AWOL..."

He paused...

"I mean, sure, he had a record of knocking out a platoon of tanks single handedly... but still... that was with an assault rifle... not with his bare hands... Someone had to be supplying him with weapons... and medical attention..."

Local National Police HQ: All you had to do was ask nicely...
"Strank, get over here!"
Ira Strank rushed over to the Stimson, saluted, and stood there.
"Guide these people and make sure they don't get into any trouble"

"Aye sir!"

Ira Strank then led them into the first room, mostly blood storage with a pair of dead bodies, all the blood splatter had already been cleaned and steralized.

"Take whatever you want to the lab, second floor on the left."

The sentries only slightly reaxed their aim and took their fingers off their triggers. One calmly and slowly pulled out a mobile radio...

"Hayes, Rose, Brad, we have a minor breech, people claiming to be federal black-bag jobs, currently being given tour of the secure facility, permission to call in the zekes?"

"Negative on zeking the feds as zeds in non-secure facilities, they might catch on..."

"Roger, will await further advisement"

"Yeah, they don't write this kind of stuff into basic SOP anymore, do they?"

Meanwhile: McManus and Randerson conversed on the subtle differances...
"Stratton and his victims had far higher concenrations than expected, looks like someone geared them for production of toxins rather than as a weapon itself"
"Plus it isn't as hardy, a resault of being domesticated and coddled in a lab, also seemed engineered with rapid and inexpensive clean-up in mind"
"What are you implying?"
"It goes sub-critical in record time, less than 24 hours after exposure to a decent food-source, but since its own toxins poision itself like in the original, and that it isn't as resilient, you'd either have to siphon off the toxins or it would kill itself in about a week after being activated..."
"So there was no risk of any of this getting blown out of proportion?"
"Not quite, as it dies readily, it never reaches super-critical concentrations, so the victims actually have a good chance of surviving, and telling others, provided they are in good health and don't kill themselves while high..."
"Heh, so we're here because our government still believes that dead men tell no tales... This is a designer drug then?"
"Yep, with a very stringent copywrite protection built-in... Leaving only two successful manufacturers of this variant..."
"So we figured out where Stratton has been hiding for the past 6 months?"
"He either sided with the corprates or the communist rebels, flip a coin..."

*McManus pulls out a coin, flips*

"Capitalists it is then... Looks like we'll have to pay Griffencrest a house call after this..."

"Why him? He doesn't even know about the stuff!"

"But he is in a position to be outraged at the peddling of such drugs behind his back, in his own capitol, with a single order he can essentially shut down the CA's entire narcotics industry on a whim."
09-02-2008, 04:53
OOC: OK then, for a second there i thought you had something else up your sleeve...


The god damn highway...

Guevera decided to speak up when he overheard the talk about a tank pushing this over...

"yeah our lead tank did that. Pushed it out of the way. Found some foreign guy inside the APC, had on some strange plate mail, is that this Stratton you are talking of?"

Meanwhile the Jaguar team continued searching for anything of interest, they found a few bodies in the jungle, both apparently killed by heavy MG fire, and an RPG not far from there. Soon a body of a Bolivian officer was found, COD was undetermined due to burn marks and the lack of care of the jaguars. After they figured out that the jungle was pretty clear of any survivors they came back to the road and notified bandit two of the findings. After looking around the APC they found another body that was tied up and shot, then burned.

Perhaps an appropriate fate for the guy who killed the mission.

"Hey sir, check this guy out, he's cooked but hes Mokan, Islander too."

"So we have a Forgeiner by the name of Stratton, a guy in plate mail, and a Mokan Islander here. Does this tied up guy look to be Bolivian?"

"No sir, to charred to tell, he was close to where the napalm hit."

"damn, We'll something big happened here, by the sound of it the outsiders met up with bolivians, and something went to hell, perhaps the troops coming through here. then all hell broke loose."

He looked to the Foreigners...

"Any chance your Stratton could of carried the virus with him, syringe or anything?"

NP Base

Major Cruz and his team followed, two men were left at the door in case anything happened. This meant that Cruz really had three men with him.

"I Don't really care to see how you are cleaning it up. As long it is cleaned up properly, now what is it?"

He didn't have time to be given the show. He wanted to find a Dr. Zimmer and figure out what this was. Then destroy it.

Inside Cruz's headgear his radio went off, with a direct connection to the director of Bio division...

"Major Cruz this is command come in."

"Come in command."

"Destroy all evidence of this break out. Sample not needed."

"Copy that command."

To the "tour-guide"...

"Orders just came in, I want any sample or evidence of this break out destroyed. Who is in charge here."
Hurtful Thoughts
09-02-2008, 06:30
Who said I didn't?
Just because I don't pull fast ones doesn't mean I'm not tricky...

I'll do the highway later...

Local PD: They agreed on something?!
"Orders just came in, I want any sample or evidence of this break out destroyed. Who is in charge here."
"Ah, that's good, I was just stalling long enough for our men to clean up the entire operation... We'll be done in about 5 minutes... Brad's orders. So, it's all agreed that none of this ever happened?"

McManus was walking out of one of the labs, smiling...
"Ira... get ahold of Bradley and tell him we found out exactly where Stratton has been hiding..."
He paused as he saw Cruz...
"Who's he supposed to be?"
09-02-2008, 06:50
OOC: I never said you were done, just seeing if you were building up to something...


Local PD: No one died...WTF?!?!?!?

"I know you were stalling for something, Now lets see what it was."

"Who's he supposed to be?"

"I am Major Cruz of the Mokastana Bureau of Secret Affairs. we need this bug cleaned up ASAP, I don't want any traces of it left. So let's all agree this never happened and you get rid of whatever it is."
Hurtful Thoughts
10-02-2008, 05:31
Well, a farmer reported chutes...
So I was wondering one day...
And figured that the witness wasn't too far away...
And then I remembered how predominant Montana's drugging industry was...
2+2x3=8 whereas (2+2)3=12 kind of thinking...

Highway 34: I wouldn't say he killed the mission
"I dunno, we're not kept up to date on the gestation period of bio-weapons, he could have been a carrier of the disease, only to have it triggered when his immune system became compromised by... oh, right, you're on the need to know only basis..."
He paused, and thought...

"Alright, so this APC was already here when these gues showed up, so why is it here? And where did these other vehicles come from?"

*Noting the pair of burnt out HMMWVs with Alex's corpse slumped one of them, and the burning truck of munitions and bodies*

Jungles: The Cthulhu Chronicles
Cthulhu froze in place as he saw a pair of soldiers wandering about the woods, sunset would be coming soon, or rain, something, it would at least afford him the chance to move undetected.

After a short while they dragged out Alex's corpse, he was lucky to have picked off Strattn's gun earlier, otherwise his unit would have been compromised...

He had time, he was no longer on the clock, and he was certain that it would have taken a miracle to have made this operation a success, nobody knew each other, there was no real leadership, everyone else was weak or stupid...

Still, he felt welt of guilt in his throat, as he knew it was his own cowardice that caused the group to get dispersed in the first place. But he was trying to suppress that feeling, rationalizing that nobody was fit for the mission, beside Alex or Stratton perhaps... But he saw Alex go down in a hail of gunfire, and Stratton wasn't much better...

So this is what a suicide mission feels like...

He wanted to leave, but there was still a slight chance that stratton would make an escape worthy of telling the clan for years...

Local National Police Department, Sur Region:
Well, only if you don't count the five infected the doctors just shot...

McManus grimmaced... And said with a wink:
"Whatever are you talking about?"

Bradley appeared from the boiler room, slightly stricken, as if the opprotunity to do something fun had been taken from him.
"Anyways, I'm sure you can hold your end of the bargain and convince Dugal and Welters not to tell, otherwise we'd have to come back, spin a new thread of deception, cap a few more stiffs, and make few failures dissapear."

Strank interjected.
"I'd suggest you get rid of the bodies to make room for any new arrivals, and to take down the tents as soon as your team has confirmed the area secure. A good cover could be that casualties had been so heavy around here that a temporary field hospital had to be set-up and the base turned into a morgue... This place has a crematorium, right?"
11-02-2008, 05:11
Highway: it was a cluster fuck without leadership.....

"records and interviews with local communication centers show that a patrol was attacked out here, some guy threatened the area with a nuclear device, a few more patrols got attacked. So they sent in more forces. Wait, there were some terrorist that caught by trying to blow up an apache mid flight. Crazy guys tried to board it via tree and plant an explosive. apparently they flew to a local AF base and they were captured..."(OOC: I should probably contact arab-canada to check that out though)

Local NP base

"i have a better idea. The Bolivians got a hold of a cruise missile, we managed to evacuate the base, which was a field hospital for the battle. However many doctors would not leave because many patients could not be moved out. They sacrificed their lives to save others, only they did not make it out before the missile hit."


Two Bolivians were tracking through the jungle, all the explosions and HAZMAT teams were sparking questions. so a few spies were sent out to see. However they did not know that they were only ones sneaking around...
Hurtful Thoughts
12-02-2008, 04:14
OOC: 'Jungle' section is not my best work, hopefully it gets the point across regardless.

Highway: Four bodies...
Hayes tried to take all this info in, while recalling the basics he started with.

1st: Some guy threatened the use of nukes, meaning this person was in custody, and could speak coherently.
2nd: This person brought friends
3rd: In this group, presumably, was stratton
4th: This group ran across Bolivian rebels
5th: Stratton called for a HOI evac of 4 people
6th: The team only found 2 unidentified bodies, plus stratton, the police ran across the 4th, which has escaped, and another two unknowns.

"Oh... shit..."
"... Sir?"
"Scan the woods... We still have roaches to find... Have those guys look for the Heli-jackers"

Hayes hopped back to his tank and kicked the driver; the tank then turned off the road and crashed into and through the woods. Hayes then proceeded to 'button up' his tank and set the thermal imagers.

He briefly poked his head out to speak to the two 'new recruits' from the PD...
"Would you like to help us hunt your zombie, with a tank?"

Local NP base
"Fine by us... so... do we have a ride out or do we wait for our second wave to pick us up?"

Stratton's scope was working quite well...

As he could see a pair of bolivians cowering by a tree, pretty much doing the exact same thing as himself... wait... what are they cowering from?

Just a lone tank? Unless they did something that would directly expose their outlines, the nearly blind tank-crew won't have much chance spotting them...

IR searchlight...
Well... At least I can keep tabs on the tank...

Dismounted infantry...
Just not my day... hope they aren't lookng for me...

Maybe it was time for a bit of misdirection...
An pistol... a bit of twine... a handy stump... there...
Now all I have to do set it to aim in either of their general directions by attaching a peice... here... and here... and to the trigger, there...

Alright... remote decoy gun platform set... now all I have to do is move a safe distance away...

*sneaky crawl while trailing the twine*
12-02-2008, 17:43
OOC: so we have the plane they flew in, the supplies it dropped for the team, the body of Alex, Jeff, stratton (which i assume you have identified) The first Bolivian scouts had been killed. the second ones are probably now in the sites of the APC and arab-canada will get back to me on the situation with the pilots.

as for the time, can we assume it has been a few days since the beginning of this thread, aka the lockdown of the base has been a day or two, people have been considered clean, or not infected and safe to move.



"It wasn't a zombie, dumbass here just cant check a pulse, but yeah lets do this."

They hopped off the tank and let it crash threw the trees, that last they needed was to be a cushion between the armour and a fallen branch. Instead they followed behind it when the two HAZMATs came up and asked what was going on. They informed the Jagaurs that there still was one operative out there and they are hunting it. In that case the four Mokans joined the hunt.

"Command, we have an enemy survivor, unkown if infected, requesting air support for the hunt."

"This is command. Contacting local AF, propbably only get you 2 or 3 apaches. MBSA is here in force."

"Damn it," he said allowed, "Copy that command."

"MBSA?" the private knew who they were but not what they would be doing here.

"Yeah, clean up crews, they will make it to where this infection never came here."

"thats good right?"

"By any means necessary."

Local NP base

"You can ride out on a Hind, but first we need to know what are we dealing with here. How dangerous is this bug and how fast can it spread. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere but we need to know. Show us what you found."

Outside the missile warnings were going off and the base was being evacuated....again. Given the fact that the bug showed symptoms within a few hours of infection and lockdown started yesterday night it was safe to move them out. A missile was being loaded by MBSA teams in the jungle to strike the base in about 30 minutes, unless Major Cruz ordered a change.


The two Bolivians saw the tank roll into the jungle and though:

"thats no Mokan...."

They did a quick look over thier weapons, one Mosin-Nagask, one AK-47, and a few grenades between the two. They could not take down the tank. Even the RPG that the other Bolivian team had was now captured by the HAZMATs.

So instead they hid quietly and slowly tried to move back into the jungle and get out of there, alternating as one watched and the other scooted back
Hurtful Thoughts
18-02-2008, 02:10
List of Characters:
Original rescue team:
Alex (KIA)
Stratton (DOA)
Cthulhu (MIA)
Jeff (KIA)
'Pilot' (MIA)
'copilot' (KIA)
'Ops-Manager' (MIA)

Bandit One:
Lt. John 'Slam' Bradley
Pvt. Larry Gibbons
Pvt. Abraham J. Foyt (previously unnamed)
Corpsman Ira Strank
Dr. Timmothy Randerson
Dr Jeff McManus
George Stimson, legal consul

Bandit Two:
Sgt Ralph Hayes
Cpl. Alexandria Sheppard
Pvt. Adrian Vance
Corpsman Isaac Freeman
Corpsman Johnothan Knots
Dr. Don Mossman
Bo Snow, legal consul
Cletus Darvill, legal consul

A bunch of nameless dead Bolivians

Patrol 17 (KIA) -Sgt Williams, Pvt Francis
Patrol 23 (KIA) -Cpl Arbit, Pvt Miller
1st Sgt Giovanni (KIA) -along with an entire armored platoon...
Cpl Guevera (POW)
Pvt. [Insert name] (POW)
Sgt Welters (Detained)
Genarlissimo Dugal

'Major Albert Cruz'
Jose Martinez
Dr Zimmer
Hurtful Thoughts
18-02-2008, 07:37
Welcome to the Jungle: For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.
Cthulhu pulled the cord, firing a random shot in the rough direction of the Bolivians. What he would do next would be more of a reaction than an a more pro-active solution. He had spent his inititive, now he hoped the enemy would waste theirs.

Bandit Two: Aimless character development
(backtracked storyline on events inside Bandit Two while Hayes, the lawyers, and the doctor were outside, mostly to illustrate that the crew still thinks Stratton is alive)

Just for simplicity, everything inside was small-talk and banter.
To sum it all up, I suppose a quick bio of the crew is in order:

Cpl. Alexandria Sheppard
Specialty: Designated Marksman/Sniper, and "propoganda-commando"
Nationality: Herholtzer, PDRC
Gender: Female
Very religious, (Catholic), due to a heavy propoganda champaign during Copeland's rule sparked by Pope Roland.
Recruited early in the conflict by HOI, and trained in the fine arts of sniping/counter-sniping, as well as the use of heavy weapons to be used in propoganda in the event of a protracted conflict.

Pvt. Adrian Vance
Specialty: Driver
Nationality: Providence, PDRC
(Not the Pudite controled DSCRC sector in the east)
Gender: Male
Bio: Shanghied into the service when a mob formed by HOI and sympathisers drew every able bodied man to "march on Ort to drive out the Parthian devils", manwhile, his home was sacked by the unchecked Pudite advance.
After the war, he had the choice to start off with nothing in a bombed out city full of others who made the same choice, or to remain in HOI service, get some money, and a safe place to sleep, and help rebuild in his own way.

Corpsman Isaac Freeman
Specialty: Combat Medic
Nationality: Khornate (displaced)
Gender: Male
Bio: A medic from the shattered remmenants of the Khornate military, during the conflict, his division, then composed of 83 survivors, joined the 'Free Tribes' corps of HOI after being given the promise that they would soon retake the country.

Corpsman Johnothan Knots
Specialty: Medic
Nationality: Kampfenburg, PROHT
Gender: Male
Bio: An upstarting medical intern from the financial district paying his way by joining the Hurtian Army resserve, which was then liquidated and transformed by HOI.
He only wanted to be a plastic surgeon at the local spa...

Dr. Don Mossman
Specialty: Microbiologist
Nationality: New Roanaoke Island, PROHT
Gender: Male
Bio: He was born and raised on an island military base, draw your own conclusion.

Bo Snow
Specialty: Interogation and cross examination, think Spanish inquisition...
Nationality: Immegrant to PDRC from Dephirian annexed "New Loisiana".
Gender: Male
Bio: Being of the folk that preffered to be left alone, rather than smothered in government attention, he traveled to the Hurtian 'buffer zone' which was the closest thing to the open wilderness left remaining, where the laws were looser than in other sectors, and nobody asked too many questions. Considers the idea of indulging in black-market trading.

Cletus Darvill
Specialty: Defensive attorney
Nationality: Khornate immegrant
Gender: Male
Bio: Unlike his military minded squadmate from the same country, Darvill fled from the country at the first opprotunity, and is only on this mission because of his greed.
He may have a problem with indulging a bit too much in luxuries...

Local NP base: Quarantine lifted
"It depends on how informed the locals are, you could very well end up with zombie bolivian rebels fighting bolivian rebels... Of course, our employer wouldn't want that to happen, even if it did benefit your country. Mostly because it would resault in termination of our contract and immediate notification of the proper authorities. And while they'd be at overt activities, they may as well topple your government.

Which resault in added costs, insurance premiums go up, fuel gets burned at prodigious rates, economic sanctions, nationwide quarantine zones, bribing the journalists..."

Lt. Bradley then interupts the aimless ramblings:
"Under the current situation, it depends on how easily your men can go from town to town destroying any means for the disease to spread uncontrollably, after which, it should flicker out after about 6 months to 2 years with judicious use of seek and destroy missions. That or we can all cross our fingers and hope we're all f'ing lucky that someone waltzed into your country with a potentialy highly contagiuos disease and yet failed to infect a single person before arriving at this hospital... Not sure if animals or wildlife are greatly effected."
Hurtful Thoughts
22-02-2008, 07:09
Bumping away for the weekend.

Bradley thinks you plan on blowing up the Mi-24 with him inside...
Overall score:
Z+ AKA: bring on the nukes...

Physical: B
Mental: B
Experiance: B
Emotional: F (a loner)
22-02-2008, 16:03
OOC: sorry ive been sick, kinda hard to post...and i was thinking....just thinking....depends on how cooperative they are
22-02-2008, 21:48

The two Bolivian rebels were almost out when the shots rang out. then something off to the side fired at them, they didn't know what is was but they hid from the bullets. Firing now would probably get them killed. The Bolivian with the AK-47 looked over and tried to get an idea of what was shooting then decided that these foreign tanks need to be reported. He turned to run and ran like hell....the other now laid behind the tree with a single bolt action rifle vs. tanks, infantry and incoming fire..

"I SURRENDER!!!" he yelled in Spanish...

While the HAZMAT teams behind the tank heard the shots and heard the surrender report and translated it for the foreigners. They stood back and tried to figure out where the shots were coming from.

Local NP Base:

"We want to make sure this doesnt get out, but with minimal damage, and I'm sure you can understand our distrust of outsiders telling us to massacre large amounts of people because they can't keep track of their own people or viruses. That and of the numerous MBSA HAZMATs going around they haven't found any town with infection in it, of the two within 50 mile radius of here. Is is possible he had it in a syringe or something and infected himself when he got here?"

Of course Cruz didn't trust these Foreigners and there lack of an explanation how there man got here with a potential disease, of course he couldn't do anything about it until they found that damn sub, assuming that wasn't a bluff to keep them alive. Of course he wouldn't kill em, the MBSA was efficient, but fair, only if they proved to be responsible for the loss of men and these attacks. Then well, they would simply disappear...
Hurtful Thoughts
01-03-2008, 04:12
Jungle: Why don't you go fetch the prisioners?
Bandit Two:
Hayes: "Hold Adrian, this seems to be a trap, lets have one of these police officers figure out what's making them so twitchy..."

Sheppard: "Sir, I see movement, it's a runner..."

Hayes: "Cut him in half..."

With a slight nod, she shimmied up into the coupala and took a seat atop the main turret gunner's position, and aimed the pintle mounted 12.7 mm Kord heavy machinegun, as using the coaxial 35 mm would have been wasteful.

She looked though the daylight scope, strained to see through the thick trees, found her target, settled her breathing, and instinctivelty drew the trigger up tight, and releasing her grip as soon as she felt the recoil, letting scarcely 2 shots ring out.

Hayes watched through the IIR to see the resaults.

Whoever was up on that turret, she was deadly... he also knew that the tank had IIR, and that as nice camo leaves are, it won't last long, eventually the insulation of the leaves would create a warm pocket to give away his position, rather than hide it, he needed a better distraction than those two farmers...

Local NP Base:
Bradley: "Wait, we never said massacre them. We told you it depends on how well you can keep an eye on them without causing panic, and how much information you belive you can entrust the locals with. As admiting that a complete unknown managed to waltz right into your country, cake, drinking buddies and deadly nuerotoxin in tow, and you didn't even realize until his mother goose came calling about his whereabouts to drag his carcass home."


McManus: "It is good to hear that the infection apparently hasn't spread, which would suggest very strongly that he was carrying the contaigion in a sealed container, one that most likely broke during a skirmish he had with some locals. Problem with that story is, of course, is what happened to the other guy in this gun-fight? Or is there another guy you have that you aren't telling us about?... Anyways, Bandit Two and your other search party should be able to piece together what happened at ground zero."

Bradley: "Since we're still sitting here pointing fingers, mind if we look over radio chatter from the area around ground-zero before and after Sgt. Welters arrived on-scene?"
01-03-2008, 21:48

The rebel fell over dead. No doubt about, he ran and took both rounds in the chest. His buddy continued to stand with his hands in the air and looked over his shoulder at his dead buddy.

The HAZMATs walked closer to the future prisoner, trying to figure out what had spooked them out of their hole. Normally Bolivians wont make themselves known like this. Something or someone was out here. Two attached IR scopes to their rifles to scan the jungle, though in warm jungle it would be hard to find someone with or without em.

"What were those shots?"

One man yelled to the Bolivian...

"Someone over there!"

He pointed towards Cthulhu's gun set up...

Local NP base:

"Look, I would love to play the blame game here, but if you have forgotten this place is about to be leveled by a rocket. The Base is mostly evacuated, so lets get on the helicopters. Our Halos have already left so we need to get into the Hinds, I will be one with you guys and we will fly back to Montana AF 139. In the air we can stream you our recorded conversation if you would like?"
Hurtful Thoughts
01-03-2008, 23:17
Jungle: Initiating sur-prise in 5...
The rebels were spooked, pointing at something, a concealed gun position...
"Sir, shall we approach with caution, or just spray the area with a mad minute and check for bodies?"

"Bullets are cheaper than lives, but those two are already as good as dead, and chances are they already know it..."

To Cpl Guevera: "Why don't you and your buddy flush the area out, we'll cover you from here..."

To Alex: "Watch the area with the kord, if you see a flash, shoot it, and hose down the immediate area around it... Try not to hit the corpral."

*Cthulhu lies very still, he's about 30 meters away from the gun*

Local NP base: "Get into the Choppa!"
"That would be alright."

He turned and yelled down the hallway
"Let's move people, we're standing atop a rockets's final LZ! ETA 1 minute!"
02-03-2008, 00:07

"Alright we will go flush em out"

he didn't like the idea of enemies to the front and foreigners to the back, but that was the situation, if it was a Mokan Ironheart behind him he would probably of volunteered to go ahead to save the cherries and the ride home, but this was slightly different.

He lead his team deeper into the jungle, using zig zag syle going from rock to tree to ditch, places they could hide in case of getting shot at that would provide the most cover as well as allow them to most are to shoot back at.

"Corp. Guevera, this is Apache unit, hear to provide support, what am i looking at over?"

"We got a bandit here on our side, a bolivain prisioner up ahead and a possible gun position we are coming up on, can you get us a pass and see whats there? over"

"Copy that, given you a pass."

With that the apache flew over the gun position and scanned for any unusual heat signatures or oddities.

NP BASE: soon to be a crater

"Lets go!"

The MBSA soldiers watched over the scientist and foreigners and doctors as they left the building as ran to helicopters. Soon enough they were on halos too leaving the base and watching the building as it stands for the last few minutes. Over the horizon a missile flew towards the base and soon enough engulfed the building in a show of sparks and fire. The missile crashed into the center of the building from a upward angle tearing it in half as the initial explosion lights up the windows and soon enough blows them out. In the next blink the building flies to pieces and that is left is a smoldering wreck...

"So," Major Cruz says to the team around him, "Shall we start the streaming?"

With that he pulled out a PDA and logged on the MBSA network, via satillite, and worked his way into the NP database and soon enough had the recorded conversation coming up..

"Give it a second to load..."