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Changing of the Leader

08-10-2007, 01:37

For years Animalpolis had had one rebellious leader. He never wanted to form a union with any of the islands, he never cared for the outside world. To him the outside world was the worst. With the Anti-furry alliances, anti-furrydom in general can you blame the half-man half-uhhh...well no one is quite sure what he is. Dog, wolf, cat? No one is sure. Many embraced his position and respected him, but one. Her name was Haruhi a young neko girl who wanted change. She was a master of the sword and a master of her ideas, or was she? It was the constant struggle of what do you do, keep your power in check, or abuse it to your will. On the outside and inside she wanted to. But power is intoxicating. Still she wanted to overthrow her leader. She felt he wasn't doing a good enough job. Haruhi had one baby sister to take care of, so if she was killed in this duel she would leave her sister orphaned.

"Haruhi, are you sure about this?" her neighbor asked

"I'm sure." She stepped up to the stone palace carved into the interior of a large rock dwelling. "Let the leader of the Animal People step forth, and accept a challenge." The door opened and she walked inside.

"So, you wish to challange my authority?"

"Yes I do."

"You realize the duel for authority is a duel to the death?"

"Yes I do."

"Then fight we shall."

They bowed to each other and engaged in their sword fight. Both were getting nicked beaten bruised before to long Haruhi lodged her sword into him. She had won the duel now she was the Queen of the island. She stood atop the highest tree and held up the sword of her defeated opponent. Cheers and boos and cries rang out.