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The Kingdom of Aramon (Darien)

07-10-2007, 08:33
The Kingdom of Aramon

Government Type: Feudal Monarchy

7,500,000 humans
500,000 non-humans

Isles of Man
New Aramon

The Aramonian government is essentially a feudal monarchy, with a high lord (the king) who grants large sections of the country to his vassals (the high council) in exchange for military service and taxes. The ten members of the high council, each controlling an equal amount of land, then grant smaller sections of land to their vassals (the nobility). The nobility then grants small plots of lands to the peasantry, who are required to provide their lords with a portion of their farm output, tax money, and an agreement to provide all able-bodied men in their families for the regional militia in times of war.

The king acts as both head of church and state, and has complete control over his vassals, who are required to enforce the king’s will on their own vassals and so on. While the high council consists of the king’s vassals, they also act as his personal advisors on important decisions like the declaration of war. The high councilmen are powerful and well-respected men, and while each of them is supposed to have an equal amount of power and overall be weaker than the king, some councilmen in the past have attained even more power and prestige than the king himself.

The colonies of Aramon are governed similarly to the mainland, as the entirety of a colony is granted to a viceroy, who then grants portions of the colony to governors, who give small plots of land to colonists. Natives of colonies are treated differently depending on their race; humans are treated fairly and are often integrated into society, elves and dwarves are accepted but treated as second-class citizens, and beastmen are often either enslaved or slaughtered.

Full citizenship is granted to all humans, provided that they accept all the customs and obey the authority of Aramon. However, the nobility is restricted to only those of Aramonian blood, with very few exceptions. Elves and dwarves are allowed to be granted half citizenship, which gives them basic rights but denies them high positions in society.

Notable Figures
Royal Family
King- Daer Tessington
Queen- Ruby Tessington
Heir- Dominicus Tessington

High Council (House Names)

Map (With House Territories)

The Aramonian mainland possesses a wide variety of landscapes, from warm coastal plains in the south to cold mountainous regions in the north. A large mountain range known as the Dalriks runs across the northeastern portion of the country, providing it with an abundance of precious metals and minerals. The southern coast contains many large coastal cities which thrive off trade and fishing, making them some of the richest cities in the country. The Casion River runs through the northwestern part of the country, making the soil there very fertile. Aramon is famous for its alcoholic beverage known as kalum, which is made from the fermentation of the native Aramonian fruit, the arma. (Population: 6,700,000)

Akatosha, located on the northeastern peninsula of Omnia, was founded after the success of the Divine Crusade launched against the heretics in the region. It is currently the most well defended colony of Aramon, and its main purpose is to spread the true belief of the Cyrodillic Church throughout Omnia and perhaps even further into the continent. (Population: 100,000)

The Isles of Man are an island chain east of Akatosha and south of New Aramon. The islands’ small populations contain a diverse mixture of humans, elves, and dwarves; the islands are considered the most tolerant lands under Aramonian control due to the equal treatment of elves and dwarves, despite their half-citizenship. (Population: 30,000)

New Aramon is located just south of the dwarven homelands and was the first colony to be founded by Aramon. The colony provides many precious dwarven and orcish metals for Aramon, which is why it is considered to be the country’s most important colony. New Aramon is the largest and most populous colony controlled by Aramon, with almost one million citizens (full and half) living within its borders. (Population: 970,000)

Humania is a land of many atrocities and is infamous throughout the world of Darien. Located north of the Summerset Isles, Humania provides almost all of Aramon’s slaves from the surrounding uncivilized countries. Slave runs and slaughters occur daily in an attempt to wrestle control of the area from the barbaric sub-humans. Humania contains a very pro-human society which is extremely intolerant of other races, so non-humans avoid the colony like the plague. (Population: 200,000)

Standing: 160,000 (2%)
Knights- 10,000 (armored war horse, plate armor, heavy lance, spiked mace, heater shield)
Squires- 20,000 (war horse, chain mail, lance, long sword, heater shield)
Spearmen- 40,000 (chain mail, spear, short sword, kite shield)
Swordsmen- 50,000 (chain mail, sword, kite shield)
Crossbowmen- 40,000 (chain mail, crossbow, short sword, pavise shield)
Non-human Auxiliaries- 10,000 (native armor, native weaponry)

Reserve: 320,000 (4%)
Light Horsemen- 30,000 (horse, leather armor, light lance, sword)
Men-at-arms- 30,000 (leather armor, sword/axe/mace, round shield)
Spear Militia- 40,000 (leather armor, spear, round shield)
Crossbow Militia- 40,000 (leather armor, crossbow, knife)
Peasant Rabble- 150,000 (padded clothing, pitchforks/hunting bows/etc.)
Non-human Auxiliaries- 20,000 (native armor, native weaponry)

Carrack- 20 (70-90 guns)
Caravel- 40 (40-70 guns)
Gun Sail- 70 (10-40 guns)
Small Sail- 120 (6-10 guns)

Aramon Fleet
10 Carracks
15 Caravels
30 Gun Sails
40 Small Sails

Akatosha Fleet
2 Carracks
5 Caravels
14 Gun Sails
30 Small Sails

New Aramon/Isle Fleet
6 Carracks
12 Caravels
16 Gun Sails
30 Small Sails

Humania Fleet
2 Carracks
8 Caravels
10 Gun Sails
20 Small Sails

The landscape of Aramon provides for self-sufficient agriculture and mining. It obtains many foreign goods from its colonies, most notably New Aramon, and uses the colonies as a market for finished goods. Aramon's main trading partners are Veruna, Cyrodil, and New Aramon.

The main form of currency is the dena, a small bronze coin. The dena is accepted by many of Aramon’s trading partners.