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Upgrades to the Ares III (Ares 3.15)

07-10-2007, 02:45
SaintB Integrated has made some improvements on the already top notch Ares III assault rifle to improve its utility on the battlefield for the soldiers from several nations who carry it into battle. The new upgrade features many new key items that our assault rifle department decided needed improvement to make the Ares III as competitive as possible in the open market and as useful as possible on the battlefield.

Squeeze Safety
The new Ares III models will all feature a squeeze safety built into the pistol grip that prevents the weapon from being fired unless the weapon is firmly held, these safety features are superior to the standard button or slide safety included on most projectile weapons and nearly eliminates accidental discharges through human error (or stupidity).

Adjustable Sites
Adjustable sites from 35 up to 600 meters will be included on the Ares III assault rifle. The original design only had a static (non-adjustable) site set for 250 meters and while adequate it was insufficient for shooting at extreme range. As the Ares III is capable of engaging targets at well over 500 meters the adjustable site helps improve accuracy at the most extreme of ranges.

Removable Accessory Rail
The KSB-WR 4 can now be removed and replaced with any similar sized weapon rack as to mount accessories produced domestically or produced by a competitor’s companies for optimum accessorizing ability.

Bayonet Mount
The Ares III is now capable of mounting a bayonet; the KSB Bayonet comes free with all new Ares AR purchases. The bayonet mounts directly to the muzzle of the Ares III and extends several inches over the front of the weapon without hindering the ability to shoot, designed more specifically for thrusting than for cutting the bayonet is capable of both uses and is also a serviceable combat knife.

All of these new features are to be included into all future Ares III assault rifles with no increase to cost but perhaps the best news is that all previous Ares III models can be retrofitted with these new upgrades for the mere cost of $35 USD per rifle + shipping! Additionally, to show our support for our customers all nations with Ares III DPR’s will be sent the plans for the new Ares upgrades.