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A Little Governmental Shakeup (Open)

British Londinium
04-08-2007, 03:49
Rosenberger Manor
Kensington, British Londinium

Only the crickets chirped at the presidential residence, a small but elegant European-style beige building. Two Kensington Metropolitan Police constables walked slowly around the perimeter of the property, their hands resting lightly on their semi-automatic pistols, as they did every night. The waves of Kensington Bay continued to ebb and flow against the shore. Normality would be the term most individuals would use to describe the scene.

Several police squad cars cruised into the circular drive, their blue and red lights pulsating, their sirens wailing. A dozen constables crept cautiously towards the front door, leveling their Remington 870 shotguns with underbarrel flashlights at the building. The lead officer nodded his head, and the door was brutally kicked down. The police officers filed in, sweeping their weapons throughout the house.

"Go, go, go," whispered one of the constables as they descended down into the basement. They were confronted with a disturbing sight - three naked, thirteen year old girls chained to the wall. The locks were swiftly picked, and the girls ran screaming out of the basement and towards safety.

A robe-wearing man descended the stairs, screaming, "What the fuck is going on?" He was clubbed with a shotgun, and his unconscious form was dragged into a squad car.

The man was President Alexandre Lassiter.


President Lassiter to receive death sentence

After the Primary Criminal Court found Alexandre Lassiter guilty of forced prostitution, human trafficking, and statutory rape, he has been sentenced to death by firing squad.

Three thirteen-year-old female sex slaves were found in the basement of Rosenberger Manor, the presidential residence in Kensington.

Mr Lassiter at first denied the claims, testifying that the girls were fourteen, and thus above the legal age of consent, and that they had willingly chained themselves to that wall and performed sex acts.

Later, though, Mr Lassiter withdrew his plea of not guilty as the evidence against him mounted.

On 19 November, the courts found him guilty, but it was only today that the death sentence was announced.

Due to Mr Lassiter's status as a felon, a presidential election is slated to begin immediately.

The execution is slated for two weeks from now.

Story from LBG NEWS:

Published: 07:32:02 LST

The Black Agents
04-08-2007, 04:24
OOC: Rogutis Agentie are willing to break the felon Prez from the slammer if he wants to.
Central Prestonia
04-08-2007, 04:31
OOC: Your age of consent if 14? Bit young, no?

Official Prestonian Statement

The Central Prestonian Government applauds the Londinian judicial system for their decision regarding punishment of ex-President Lassiter. Rape and human trafficking are two of the worst offenses known to mankind, and the punishment must be as great as the crime committed.

Pres. Aaron H. Preston