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ICCD Statement on Dian Administrative Zones in Cazelia (Open)

04-08-2007, 03:16
Statement from the Emperor, Pope, and Logothe of the Drome, and another person not too well known, an Imperial Justisar - Electronic Press Conference

The news conference room of IIB held a number of commentators and a large 15 ft square projector. It was cut sectionsed into 4 Squares. One was a press conference room with the Emperor, at the Emperor's Administrative Palace Island, the Other was the Pope at a place known as Northern Sanctuary, actually in a garden with some other secretariat members. The logothe meanwhile was apparently at the newly built International Judicary Court, which took on a dual role when there was no sessions as the a major ceremonial diplomatic center on Lacus Prae surrounded by water vines and flowers, it was essentially a floating zigaurat with trees and other plants on the broads outside. He was inside what appeared to be a all weather enclosure. Finally the Justisar was in Cazelia - unknown until now why.

The Emperor was first to speak in what was the most widely broadcast non emergency warning, but even so due to the regular times of seeing an Emperor on T.V. many Dian's hearts must have skipped a beat or five.

The Emperor in his late 70's, a man dressed in a gold and black robe, with touches of shiny metalic grey threads, he was wearing the full garb, including gloves the Emperor's crown. The robe itself was a summer robe though, only just below the thigh and above the knees, short sleeved, the crown wholey metal and uncapped, but encrusted with some very Imperial motifs. His hair long and braided into 8 locks each ending with a embroidered ruin knotting, colour coordinated. If he had pointed ears he could probably pass for an elf but this was no keebler, it was the Emperor. His voice was almost apathetic and feeling as if making a highly viewed public press conference undoubtly flooding most of Dian Airwaves was a hastle.

"Due to the abdication of the Cazelian government, and the flight of the members of the International Taskforce in formerly British Londomium Cazelia, I have extened the Imperial Domain to include Dian Administered areas that were formerly part of the B.L. International Administration. The area called Soviet Cazelia will not be annexed however, but Dian Security Forces and other staff will continue to provide for the Cazelians there with the Joint Task force that has always been in that area since ICCD's initial deployments. As I have been advized by the Senate and Casa MIlitar via Arhnald Vische my dear friend Lugal of the Empire, there will be additional resources allocated to that region, to check recent troop increase. Sadly 3 refugee reaction forces will be relocated to Cazelia, limiting Dian Humanitarian efforts until there is a marked reduction in troop deployments in Cazelia. I felt it important to inform the public of the new Marchlund so called Dian Cazelia. More information will follow from my colleauges and supporters in a few moments.

A 16 seconds pass playing the Imperial State March Anthem

The Pope was next on, a female also very old, looking much like the pope but her cap was a shawl, and the dress was also about the same size as the Emperor's so perhaps more a skirt, but nothing all to sexy considering she was in her 80's unless that's what floats your boat. Her legs wern't to withered but you could almost see the odd vericose vein, very small, you wouldn't expect it considering her medical coverage, so manybe it was just bad lighting.

In latin very wuzzy in a old grandmas voice -
"Hoy! - (continues in latin) with english translation for those using dubbing. We have extended the Imperial Domain to include Dian Administered areas of Cazelia due to the breakdown of government again, and as you know the invasion of the other areas etc.. . Dian Cazelian government will now be engrained in the Dian form of law and governance including representation by voting. Dian Cazelians who register as wishing to take Dian Citizenship upon registration will be treated as Dian Citizens, those who do not wish to take on Dian Citizenship will have their old citizenship so respected, whatever Cazelia that was. While it will take the part of special citizenship - non transferable to their offspring, unless their offspring is also born in a Dian area of Cazelia or ICCD proper. Cazelians from all parts of Cazelia or the outside Cazelia may register, but they must reside in Dian Administered Areas of Cazelia, not including Soviet Cazelia. The old government which remains in Cazelia will still be respected and grandfathered out of existence, and instead transfered as a special administrative body which will fall under Dian Civil and Constitutional Law. Where conflicts exist former Imperial Justisar Alain Thurbough, now ViceRoy Thurbough of Dian Cazelia will be able to make determinations and advice the Dian Senate or Emperor on any such issues. I welcome the Logothe Harsham to speak breifly to address any of the International Community that may be watching this broadcast." She nods and takes a seat and oddly turns away from the Camera and starts to talk with those around her - the sound person didn't cut the mic off. Her words in archaic dian - very gruff and sounds like a mix of cat going through a lawnmower and a the girlyman voice "Can you beleive they actually want to give bloody dian citizen--" the mic gets cut off..

The Logothe Blushes - in EnglishFranglais
Allo, mon amis circum le globe. He smiles, " I am pleasured to clarify le situation wit you all. ICCD is extending Dian Civil laug to Cazelian areas of Cazelia dat wur Dian areas. Cetertainly it is done so dat stability is continued after the breakup of the government of the restructured Cazelia. We figure that there are far too Cazelians to mount a effective government in the area, and that a seperation of the peoples of Cazelia will just lead to a futile war against the new occupier of other parts of Cazelia, ICCD is offering citizenship not forcing it. Also it is not removing any rights of assembly or self oraganization, nor any freedoms of the press, nor rights to form their own assosiations and organizations. ICCD Is not levying any new taxes on Cazelians who remain Cazelian, likewise ICCD will not hear Cazelians in Dian Civil courts if they are not Dian Special Citizens. If a future oppourtunity appears in which other parts of Cazelia are freed from foreign governance that those Cazelians who hold DIan citizenship will be allowed to abandon their assumed Dian citizenship. This process is to help the Cazelians remaining in unoccupied Dian Administered territories, and to insure a stable and safe environment for them. 20 legion divisions and 3 new naval task forces have been assigned to Cazelia to help insure the humans safety, as well as international members of the community that have been in Dian Administered areas of Cazelian and other safety. ICCD will also allow those foreign aid workers which may not have escaped Cazelia to entry at the new frontier. IF the international community has questions or concerns they may address my office for clarification. Thankyou and may peace reign for us and our line." He takes a short bow. you can hear applause from those in the assembled press area.

the New viceroy speaks - only in his sixties the youngest of those yet to speak.
"Dian Cazelia is now a marchlund colony of ICCD. It is my task as administrator of this area to prime it for full status as a Dian Provincia, and to establish the citizenry to self mobilize provincial government so as to establish a house of commons which will nominate sentators and on my appointment lords and viscounts and other from the domestic stock of the population. My role is not one of dictator but instead one that must take the pick of the litter from those that the cazelians send forth. I will also be the highest point of appeal to both Dian and non Dian Cazelians short of the Imperial Courts, such as the Emperor. Dian Civil law will jointly coexist in the areas starting tommorow. Individuals may appeal to either court system, and have hearing, but will always have final appeal to the Dian Court. ICCD will not interfere with the Legacy Cazelian court system, of what exists of it. Any concerns will be heard. I hope to acheive within my lifetime those goals to foster the battered Cazelia to a provincia of the Empire so that they will not be the subject of any more batteries. Cazelia is my child and all these Cazelians cells that I need to protect to keep my flesh functioning. This is not an occupation in is a grave humanitarian endevour to liberate and nurture ever butchered Cazelia"

The commentators on different stations of course have different words to say - on one station it went something like this.

We'll the press conference as well thought concerning Cazelia confirms that ICCD has extended marchlund status to Dian Administered areas in the old b.l. Cazelia. Crimson 1 has not be lifted, nor have we heard any word of nuclear attacks, so you can probably go outside and get some air, and veiw on of the military salutes to the new marchlund if there is one in your area. Stay tuned for your local weather.

Of course Dian Cazelia was still a freeworld country it's citizens enjoying some of the highest civil and political rights in the world. Yet it was unknown if Cazelia would at some point again be a unifed country rather then the now 4 or five zones it had be split into.

In Dian Cazelia though ICCD's flag was being hoisted with Cazelia's flag at various locations, at the same height as Cazelia's flag. Likewise Dian Security forces were going door to door leaving pamplets about the situation - and a raiseed security level due to the potential of an invasion of the area seeking vengance against Cazelian's for their acts of war against an Island, and asking for volunteers and those who wished to held ICCD defend Cazelia or join the foreign legion. Paid work and Dian Citizenship - no taxes for those who chose not to and new civil rights and protections for all those who sought Dian Citizenship.
04-08-2007, 03:29
General Government of Vetalian Cazelia

The Vetalian government, acting through the Viceroyal Praetor, wishes to affirm its support for this decision and will continue to work with the ICCD to ensure the continued stability of the situation on the ground.

In addition, further work on Vetalianization is underway to ensure that the General Government can continue its efforts to integrate the occupied territories in to Greater Vetalia without difficulty. We hope that our efforts are mutually cooperative and will continue to allow the situation in the region to stabilize effectively. Although we intend to fully integrate this territory in to our country, we nonetheless applaud ICCD's efforts to restore a sense of normalcy in the region.

VP Ivan Rochev, Cazia Viceroyal Palace, GGVC