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Orbath Expands

03-08-2007, 23:11
Orbathain National NEWS

*intro music*

Two news anchors, one male and one female, both dressed in business attire came on the screen.

''Hi I'm Julia King''

''I'm Jack Walters.''

Both anchors introduced themselves and a picture of a map with an arrow showed on a screen behind them. The female anchor spoke.

''Our top story tonight, a proposed journey into the unknown. The Orbathian government has suggested crossing the Ire mountain chain into the deep, jungle like forests that have remained untouched by the Orbathian people for hundreds of years. We spoke to the economic minister earlier and he had this to say. A clip replaced the map on the background.

''This move will be great economically and will help us in the years to come. It will open many new jobs, give us the ability to find new natural resources, create farming opportunities and prevent over crowding if and when it becomes a problem.''

The clip was replaced by the map and the male news anchor spoke.

''This idea has not been taken well by everyone however. We spoke the the Orbathain Historical Society.'' The map is replaced by a frail old women.

''These brutish men will have no care what so ever about our history and heritage. Our history will be plowed over and stomped on to make room for corporate fat cats trying to make an extra buck. There are artifacts scattered throughout the land dating back hundreds of thousands of years. We cannot allow them to me ignored, they must be saved. We have not been able to recover the artifacts, now is our chance.''

The male news anchor spoke again.

''Not only are historians worried, so are environmentalists.''

A clip came on the screen showing a young, hippy looking, male.

'' This expansion will cause hundreds of thousands of trees to be destroyed, acres of habitat damaged and pollution released in the air. We have been an environmentally friendly nation so far, why should our practices stop. Not only that, what happens if our neighbours decide we don't own the land, why go to war over something so small.''

The clip once again became the map and the female anchor spoke.

''Despite all these worries, it is expected that the Orbathian government will go through with this. A plan is expected to be released by the end of the week.''

OOC: Basically, my government owns a large amount of land that is untamed and uninhabited. My government plans to expand into it. I'm looking for reactions only, nobody attempting to take over land. This may open up trade business opportunities.
03-08-2007, 23:19

DANTAG Heavy Industries Corporation would like to know if there is a possibility for us to open an arms factory in that region,in exchange we would supply your army with very low priced armament and you would receive the taxes for the arms export and land occupation

Thank You

03-08-2007, 23:29

At the moment we have not begun to clear land, As soon as we have cleared and secured the land we will allow you to build a factory. We do not require arms though, so taxes will be fine.


Thank you,the DANTAG Corporation will send $275,000,000,to help clearing your land

Thank You

03-08-2007, 23:30

At the moment we have not begun to clear land, As soon as we have cleared and secured the land we will allow you to build a factory. We do not require arms though, so taxes will be fine.
03-08-2007, 23:44
To the Orbathan Government,

The Buy & Sell Corporation wishes to invest in your nation, and wishes to set up factories throughout your nation to boost your economy. Also, we can, for a price, hire out our mercenaries to defend the territory from the damned histornians and environmentalists. Good day, good luck, good fortunes, etc.

Economically Yours,
Tucker Boot
04-08-2007, 00:09
The congaratulates Orbath on its adoption of Expansionism, and makes two requests.

1. That we may send a team to collect animal, plant, soil, and other specimens from the jungle before it is destroyed, in the interests of relocating it to another location [We have that kind of ecological technology]

2. We also wish to open factories in this area to process agrochemicals, phramecuetical base products, and weapons.
Grand Plutocracy
04-08-2007, 00:37
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Commonwealth of Grand Plutocracy

Howard Brown
Assistant Minister for International Trade
Ministry of Trade and Industry
MTI Building, Commerce Gardens
Great Smith Street
Ilium Percote 1A 2AD

The Government of Orbath

The CGP wishes, in the first instant, to extend the hand of friendship and peace to the government and people of your nation. Our Government hopes that this initial contact maybe the starting point for a partnership of mutual benefit.

Our nation is a leader in both the publishing and wood-chip industries, and as such, has an on going requirement for sources of timber. Therefore, as your nation wishes to clear large areas of woodland, it would appear a deal maybe reached.

Our Government can act as a liasion between your ministry and several companies based within the CGP who will either pay for unused timber or timer cleared by other parties, or enter into contracts for clearing and exporting sources of timber and will assist in the creation of forest nurseries which will allow for an ongoing partnership, not just a one off 'cash-in' of your natural resources.

Whether or not your government is interested in our proposal, we hope that our two nations can still establish economic and diplomatic ties.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Brown
Assistant Minister for International Trade
Ministry of Trade and Industry
04-08-2007, 01:07
To: Tucker Boot

Your suggestion is good, however at the moment we do not wish to fill our lands with corporations, we will contact you in the future if we decide to allow you in.


Both of your requests will be met as soon as the area is secure, we will allow environmentalists in. After room is cleared we will allow you to build factories.

To: Howard Brown
Assistant Minister for International Trade
Ministry of Trade and Industry

One of our main aims is to begin trade with other nations. We would be more than happy to begin selling excess lumber as soon as we begin the clearing process. In the future, we may allow outside companies to move in and do clearing but for now, it will be done by Orbath,
04-08-2007, 01:28
Thank you for accepting our requests.
04-08-2007, 05:26

1:00 - Just past Ire Mountain Chain

A couple hundred air calvary troops sat inside their helicopters. They were dressed in CADPAT style woodland camo, a rarity for Orbathain troops. Each troop was decked out in the same uniform, each with their faces painted in camo paint. Each had scrim attached to their helmets. Each had a pair of NVGs to put on right before they exited the helicopter. Each had a weapon ready.

The first couple of helicopters stopped and hovered. The first troops began sliding down ropes, through the trees to the ground below. The platoons of men each secured a small circle, allowing their fellow soldiers in the helicopters behind them to land. As more soldiers landed, the circles became bigger, linking with one another and creating a large defensive circle. Once all the troops had landed, they took up defensive positions and waited. A few of the soldiers had been tasked with clearing a helipad and had great fun in using the C-4 to blow up trees. A small area was cleared, just big enough to allow one Highwind helicopter to use.


Three Highwind helicopters, two filled with 20 engineers each and one filled with their equipment circled the clearing. They each took turns landing, the engineers on the first helicopter, then the second, then they took their equipment off the third. It was the engineers job to construct a runway to allow cargo planes to use.

OOC: Basically, this is being done in secret until the runway is constructed and more troops can get there.
04-08-2007, 06:13
In declaration to Orbath:

ICCD hereby annexes the territory unclaimed. Since the land was unclaimed, ICCD has as much right to claim it. A naval fleet is being dispatched, we ask you do not interfere. We will be using the area as a refugee center.

:mp5::mp5::gundge:: (reduced)

We should let you know though we are looking for individuals to populate areas of Cazelia, so if you would like lands to expand to, can we suggest you immigrate to Cazelia?

This is not meant as a declaration of war, as you stated the area was previous unexplored. A Dian Exploration group is being sent to the area.

If it is terraincognita then we shall establish. We are also sending civilian settlers to the area.

We ask that we both peacably settle the area.

(Meanwhile off the coast of palamos various refugee centers and "civilians" were being loaded onto troop transports about 15,000 with supplies - on close to 100 boats.
04-08-2007, 07:34
OOC: Basically, my government owns a large amount of land that is untamed and uninhabited. My government plans to expand into it. I'm looking for reactions only, nobody attempting to take over land. This may open up trade business opportunities.

To quote myself...

1) My government technically owns the land, even if it hasn't been touched for awhile.

2) At this current time, I don't wish to RP any invasions, in the future maybe, but not at this time.
04-08-2007, 07:57
11:00 - Next Day - Jungle Airfield

The engineers had taken down anything in the way. Trees had been stumps and stumps removed. Bulldozers had flattened the ground a cleared away debris. A makeshift wooden control tower had been built.


A lone cargo plane lined up with the runway. The cargo plane was loaded with more soldiers and engineers. These troops would replace the ones already on the ground. There was also a General.


A small ceremony was conducted, opening the new base as Orbathain Forces Base Golf. It was yet to be given a formal name. Over the next few weeks it will be given a second runway and they will both be paved. A real air traffic control tower will be built. Barracks will be built for the soldiers. Fences, barb wire, machine gun nests and sandbags will be set up to strengthen the area. Ground units will move in. It will eventually be connected to Orbath by rail, after a tunnel is dug through the mountains and underground.

OOC: Basically the area is being set up as a FOB. This will allow troops and outside entities to begin setting up in the area.
04-08-2007, 08:00
OOC: ICCD, please re-read his post. Also, please do not use smilies ICly. OOCly it's fine. :)

To the leaders of Orbath,

Hello, this is President Kilo of ViZion. I see that your nation is currently in the middle of planning to destroy much of its natural forests. A few things we wish to speak to you about;

1. We would like to offer an alliance, as well as an embassy exchange. Is there an area where we may build an embassy in your nation? Please feel free to build one in our Embassy Court in Vitalita. ((Check my signature for link))

2. We would like to offer trade to your nation, and assist in building your nation up, assuming you accept our alliance.

3. ViZion will send $50 billion USD to your nations economy to keep 75% of the natural forest which you speak of unharmed, while turning your nation 90% green over the next five years. Keep in mind, going green will, in the long term, actually help your nation and its economy, as that shows that your nation and its economy is extremely efficient, thus raising your profits.

Thank you, and please let me know what you think of our three offers.

President Kilo
04-08-2007, 09:56
OOC: oh. we can make nice :fluffle::sniper::upyours: ;)


Dispatch from the Logothe's Office:

Hello there, what a wonderful exploration you and your people have unfolding. It seems very interesting. We'd like to send a film crew as part of an Imperial Geographica segment called ' the land we came from left and forgot about until today' an epic story of territories that our human ancestors used to inhabit but for some reason left and didn't go back until they thought, hell, why not?! It might be useful!

Additionally we'd like to set up an environmentally friendly military outpost called "Rangers area of Operation" it will be a school for woodland operations in the area. Of course these requests arn't mutually exclusive in that if the school doesn't seem right, perhaps the documentary film crew would be.

Also we'd be interested in sending some cartogrophers and engineers to do ground survey to help you remap the area.

ICCD can also offer you technical advice to protect your environment. ICCD's environment is stuning and we love aesthetics and nature. 'gleam'

We are also interested in any other business oppourtunities you may have, such as sustainable natural development, and agroforestry - a dian pasttime.

04-08-2007, 10:41
To: Government of Orbath
From: Governor Orlov of Drvarska


We wish to make a buissness proposal with you about your newly found land. Our country has a large trout farming industry and we would like to expand it more by using a block of your land next to a shoreline for imports/exports. We will pay you some of our income in return for using your territory, I hope this improves both of our economy. If needed we can send some money to help clear land.

Once you have finished clearing land we will send the required material to make the industry and a small dock, along a company of our soldiers for security. Our equipment will come by sea through cargo ships. We will also be sending some civillians to make a small village near the industry.

We look forward to your reply and may both of our nations be successful.

Governor Vladimir Orlov
The Republic of Drvarska
07-08-2007, 05:50
To: President Kilo

This is a very great offer and we would be glad to exchange embassies with you. You may place an embassy on 1 Embassy Court, located in the center of the city, 20 minutes from the Presidential Offices. We will agree to turn our nation green and pledge a further 7 Billion dollars to make this happen. We will, however only be able to sign onto this deal for a five year period. After this five years we may or may not chose to renew this contract. As for trade, we have many gemstones available for export including the very rare, exclusive to Orbath, Sparkling Mountain Stone.

To: International Community

Due to a deal made, we must turn down any future offers for build up in our nation. We have decide to preserve our forests in a effort to keep our nation green. Those who we have already made deals with us will still be permitted to build as soon as we secure an area.

1 Month Later, Jungle Airfield, Orbathian Forces Base

The base had been fully bulldozed, flattened and much of it had been paved. There was now two landing strips, an air traffic control tower, two hangers, barracks, roads, buildings, formal defenses such as trenches, bunkers, fences and machine gun nests. An army unit was about to move in to the base to be based there permanently. So far, this had been kept somewhat secret from the public. But they were getting suspicious, especially after a video of a military drilling machine, drilling through the mountain was posted on youtube. So the President was forced to open up and tell the public the truth.

The President stood atop a stage in front of the Presidential Offices. Thousands of people had gathered, many reporters.

'' You all have heard the rumors, some quite far fetched I might add. There are no aliens, rest assured.''

The crowd of people gave a brief chuckle.

'' It was announced one month ago that we would be expanding outwards, into land, once inhabited by us. We have done this. We have set up a Forward Operating Base to allow us, as well as various agencies to move into the area. We want to give historians and others a chance to unearth our history, something that is important to all of us. But, you must understand that the area must be secure before we allow civilians in. There have been sightings of what is believed to be natives, we are yet unsure of whether they are peaceful or not. We have signed onto some major deals with companies and governments to allow for economic growth, environmental safety and most importantly, friendship. Our most important deal yet involves keeping our natural land alive. 75% of the land will go untouched. 5% of this touched land will be made into camping areas and wildlife reserves. I hope this expansion will please everyone.
07-08-2007, 16:53
The Empire approves of your decision.
08-08-2007, 04:03
Jungle Airfield, Orbathian Forces Base Golf

The Forward Operating Base had been fully completed. An underground railway now linked Orbath to the base. Supplies could be shipped quickly to the base. Areas around the base were cleared to allow for factories and other such things to be built. Civilians would now be allowed in the area. Construction would now begin on a railway that would link Orbath to the ocean.