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Silver Axis Invasion, 2057 (Sign Up)

Atlantis X
02-08-2007, 01:29
It is the year 2057, and a trade dispute between Atlantis X and [the first nation to sign up for Silver Axis] has led to a blockade of Lemuria, Atlantis X. I, Emperor Roan Fel, am calling any nations to join the Imperial Allies and fight against Silver Axis (join the Silver Axis, too).

Okay, we're dividing into two groups, the Imperial Allies (I'm leader of this team) and the Silver Axis. If your signing up for the Imperials write your nation's and leader's name in italic. If your signing up for the Silver Axis then write your nation's and leader's name in bold. Remember, there is no bad guy in the game (unless you wanna' go fanatic). Both sides think they're right. Atlantis X refused to trade with [the first nation to sign up for Silver Axis], so they responded with war.

In this Role Play, I don't wanna' restrict the participants too much. So be creative, but don't bring two billion troops to attack a city, and don't use fairies to rebuild one (examples). I will allow StarWars related themes such as the force, weaponry, vehicles, and technology, but create your own characters and give your sect of jedi their own name (don't call them jedi). If you have any questions attach them to your sign up application. Oh, and by the way, the first nation to sign up for Silver Axis become the nation form the trade dispute and also becomes the Silver Axis leader.
The Indonesian states
02-08-2007, 01:59
I, The Indonesian States, will side with the Imperial Allies and Atlantis X

(do i have to list everything such as number of troops, reason you joined etc. ?)
Amazonian Beasts
02-08-2007, 02:08
Atlantis...little heads-up on the time-to-tech ratio, but generally SW tech is considered FT, and 2057-tech is considered PMT...