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Our Troubles (A modern History of Celtayoshi)

01-08-2007, 15:53

The Allied States of Celtayoshi was a large and vast state formed by the merger some 400 years ago of the states of Celta and Yoshi. Since then the nation had prospered, but tensions remained with nationalists on both side. Twenty years ago the murder of Joseph Best, a teenager from the State of Celta, by Yoshian sepratists, sparked large-scale demonstrations. Major roads were blocked and the police were called in to disperse the crowds. Allegations of police brutality were rife, many exaggerated, but it was enough. Intense, widespread rioting broke out between Yoshian speratists, Celtan nationalists and the police. Almost 80 million people straddled the border, with more than 40 million of these living in the capital, Koblenz. Many of them were caught up in the ugly scenes as the police tried to suppress the the rioting. As the riots raged the army was called in. Their response was brutal, and over 50 people were killed and many more seriously injured by the army.
The riots continued nightly for the next month as emergency laws were drafted in parliament. The army was withdrawn once it became apparant that it was highly antagonist and the police struggled on alone. However, as the government enforced a curfew the Yoshian Independence Fighters (YIF) and Celtan Defence Army (CDA) expanded rapidly in numbers, with sympathetic nationalists from both states joining. The two organisations were rapidly listed and outlawed as terrorist, but with funding and arms smuggled in from outside countries they became more and more violent.
For many people life changed as the army was redeployed across the country to protect the nation from terrorists who fought each other and the state.
Fear gripped the nation.

I am hoping for two other people to come in and role play the CDA and YIF. Said nations will be roleplaying a geurilla war against each other and myself (I will be rping the state and the army/police). Although I have stated funding came from outside nations no military repercussions will come to those nations. If others want to get involved I envisage no problem with that. Essentially this is a role play documenting my return to nationstates and explaining my long absense. I have got an ending planned (uneasy peace) but the getting to that point is open to interpretation.