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"Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?" (ATTN: Questers)

01-08-2007, 10:45
The Palisade, Somewhere in Aequatius Prime

"Fuck it all to hell!" The yelling echoed through the sterile hallways, much to the surprise of the military and government officers who recognized it as the voice of President Holden Reid as the man himself moved through the hallways, his shoes tapping against the floor of the bunker complex. Those of Reid's age cohort had become a disillusioned generation when it came to the traditionalist values held by their fathers, especially when it related to that of the swirling pot that was Gholgoth, and had gained a much stronger nationalist attitude to the business of the Republic. Many had seen the relations with the Freekish and Panteran Blood Pact as little more than riding the coat tails of an ogre who swung blindly at the world and carried little power other than physical might with no respect in the international community. The recent conflict had given rise to the ill will that the current Republic's citizenry harboured for the Freeks and for the rest of Gholgoth, who had become boorish, slothful and gluttonous savages in the eyes of the average Aequatian, and they called for the president to make a change.

The beginning of the nation's history was marked with the Republic constantly acting as a leg for the Freeks, with the deployment of the ARMC forces to quell the rebellion just after founding to the numerous conflicts they had bravely followed the empire into merely out of blind faith, every ounce of Aequatian blood spilled marked more advantages for the Freeks, while at the same time leaving the Republic with no gratitude from their side. And now, the Republic had spoken and released the knowledge of their disgruntlement to their leaders and called for action, a move that would take the Republic in an opposite direction of Gholgothic Solidarity as President Reid had a message sent to the Questarian government: "Armistice."

To whom it may concern,

The Aequatian Republic, although we stand opposite you on the field of battle as part of the New Alliance Treaty Organization and the dark nether that is Gholgoth, has not been directly threatened by your armed forces and feels that it never will. We understand that it is Dreadfire and the Freek Empire of which you have been motivated against and we will say this, we are not of the same blood or soul and are now, more than ever, willing to stand for ourselves and offer our own hand in peace.

We feel there is no need for any Aequatian to be felled by Questarian weapons, or vice versa, and hope that this initiative will be well met by your side, possessing the same wisdom as ourselves. We wish to enter into an open dialogue with your officials in the hopes of ending the conflict between our nations before either of our blood is spilled.


President Holden Reid of the Aequatian Republic.
01-08-2007, 11:01
To: President Holden Reid
From: Prime Minister Winston Foxbury
Re: Armistice

We do indeed hold to ourselves the truths that our two nations do not need to be enemies. For further negotiations we request you send your diplomats to London as soon as possible to meet with H.M Government for the terms of this armistice.

Yours Sincerely and God Save the King,
Winston Foxbury
02-08-2007, 04:23
En route to London, Questers

The Air Force VC-767A transport was painted in the livery of the Republic's State Department, the aircraft converted from its military duties for VIP transport and filled with the luxuries of which government officials were used to having in their position. Gregor Hamil watched the ocean below the aircraft as it flew to the heart of the former enemy, the cabin was filled with classical music, an unknown symphony of Mozart played as ambiance over the muffed noise of the jet's engines. In a short while, the aircraft would be on the ground and Hamil would speak on behalf of the Republic, in the meantime, the pilot requested from the Questarian air traffic controllers a proper vector for their arrival.
02-08-2007, 07:34
The plane was vectored in to land on a military airfield slightly north of London, where a car was waiting to take the diplomat into the city of London itself. Ibuki Yamada shuddered in the morning cold and zipped up his coat a little tighter trying to protect himself from the northern winds and watched as the plane touched down, skidding against the tarmac.
02-08-2007, 08:28
The aircraft came to a halt and taxied into position, being informed of the local weather, Hamil donned his dark gray overcoat as he walked to the exit door. An Air Force airman had opened the hatch and had directed the mobile staircase to the aircraft's fuselage. The diplomat made his way down the stairs, followed by a man in a black uniform greatcoat and beret with the Republic's Sichernstaffel platinum badge and a sergeant's insignia on his shoulder. He approached the waiting Ibuki Yamada and car and greeted him, "Good morning, comrade, I am Gregor Hamil of the Aequatian Republic Department of State and am President Reid's representative in the coming discussions."
03-08-2007, 07:01
"Welcome to Questers." Yamada did the typical Questarian greeting and saluted before shaking the hands of both men. "We'll be taking a short car ride into the city, where we will begin negotiations in the protected bunkers beneath Whitehall."

He opened the doors of the four wheel drive for the two Aequatians before climbing in himself. Gunning the massive diesel engines, it took less than fifteen minutes for the vehicle to get into London and another twenty to get to Whitehall. Opening the doors for them at various stages and handing over ID to armed guards, they finally arrived in the underground negotiations room. Well air conditioned and with plenty of water for the occupants inside, the well decorated room with comfortabl seating would serve well.

Sitting down across from them, Yamada began. "I suppose it would be good for me to let you fellows make the first move?"