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Questers Gets Cash Injection

31-07-2007, 21:29
Emperor Hawthorne III stepped up to the podium, smiling. It was a good day to be alive. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was just the right temperature, and his wonderous daughter Prazsac was becoming a woman. Two years, and he could cede the crown to her.

While he was thinking this, his Imperial Advisor Garzahd Redmark led thunderous applause the His Majesty the Emperor. However, thunderous applause soon turned to screams of terror, as a man in all red on top of a wall riddled the Emperor's body with bullets. The man jumped off the wall, and to his death, screaming, "For the Kish rebellion!"

Stunned, the aging Garzahd walked up to the podium. The Emerald Emperor was carried respectfully out, and the "Kish" rebel's corpse was taken for investigation. Meanwhile, Garzahd shakily took up his mantle as Emperor, until Prazsac could take the throne. His voice showing his age, he addressed the crowds, "Rest assured, as Emerald Emperor I will make sure these so called 'Kish' rebels are purged from the Free Empire. Now, back to the reason this meeting was called: the Free Empire is investing five hundred billion Universal Standard Dollars into Questers. That is all."

With that, Emperor Garzahd and the stunned Princess Prazsac walked away from the courtyard, into the safety of the Emerald Guard.
British Londinium
31-07-2007, 22:21

Official Communiqué

Open Declaration:

The People's Sovereign Republic hereby condemns New Vantania for their support for a blatantly imperialistic, intolerant nation.
31-07-2007, 23:32
The New Vantanian government condemns British Londinium for hypocrisy.
British Londinium
31-07-2007, 23:33
"Touché." - Random government employee.
The World Soviet Party
31-07-2007, 23:46
The World Soviet Party's goverment condemns both Vontanas and British Londinium for torrenting movies off the internet and downloading pornography without having paid for it.
31-07-2007, 23:47
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03-08-2007, 18:33
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03-08-2007, 19:08
Questers condemns B.L for being stupid shit eating bolsheviks.

We also thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the people of Vontanas for their contribution to the defence of our realms. Some day, we hope to be able to repay Vontanas for their support of our war effort, but we also pray that such destruction never touches their fair lands.

God Save the King and God Bless the Vontanian People.