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A Day without a Commie sets records in Box Office

The PeoplesFreedom
30-07-2007, 20:30
A Day Without A Commie a new paradoxical documentary, follows two men, Bean, and Derrick, as they travel to The World Soviet Party. Bean and Derrick, believing the rumors that commies are "normal" and "decent" decided to go on vacation. However they soon find that the supposedly normal people only wish to suck out their brains and do dirty and horrible expierements on them. Soon, Bean and Derrick find themselves running for the lives from commies with horns, fueling Bean's and Derrick's certainties that commies were spawned by the devil. The duo soon begins to fight back, destroying hundreds of communists by karate kicks and by showing them "Epic lulz". As the movie continues, Bean and Derrick move to the evil GUSN center, that they call "Hell". Calling upon the powers of anti-communists everywhere, a huge lighting bolt crashes down and catches the building on fire. The horned communists soon melt from the holy fire, and Bean and Derrick go home, promising never again to believe any propaganda that communism is "okay".

The movie has made an estimated 822 million Reichsmarks in its first weekend debut.
The World Soviet Party
30-07-2007, 20:50
The movie was classified as a "Comedy", critics agree that it's a true "masterpiece which truly shows how even nations with low education standards can make movies for the whole family to enjoy!".

It's estimated that more than half a billion people went to see it on the opening night.
British Londinium
30-07-2007, 20:51
Surprisingly, A Day Without A Commie had large turnout in the first week of its release, with the LBG calling it "the epitome of post-post-post-postmodern work" and "king of the kitsch".
30-07-2007, 20:57
The Imperial Empire of Maldorians applauds this comedy movie. Many Maldorians have seen the movie and call it, "Funny as hell." "Two thumbs up." and the like. Clearly, this movie is funny...
Red Tide2
30-07-2007, 20:57
The movie was one of the few movies allowed to be shown in Red Tide, it had two genre classifications: 'Comedy' and 'Documentary'.

Of course, one of the major reasons the movie was included was because the words 'Epic lulz' was in it.
Aurum Domus
30-07-2007, 21:04
A Day Without a Commie has had tremendous ticket sales in Aurum Domus thanks to the republics traditional anti communist view. Aurum Domus is one of the few countries without a specified government type. They rule in their own unique way.
30-07-2007, 21:08
It is reported that huge numbers of Tartars viewed the movie, supposedly for the "epic lulz."
30-07-2007, 21:14
Cazelian marines got an advanced screening to cheer them and FFI citizens up. the admiral rated it "holy god that was funny"
H-Town Tejas
30-07-2007, 21:14
A Day Without a Commie was released in the PRH-TT. However, in dubbing from German, the Tejano Film Bureau replaced the dialogue with random lines from English, Spanish, and Japanese movies, such as Pulp Fiction, Afterlife, and Gisela, as well as musical sequences from Bollywood films at the most inappropriate times in the movie. Furthermore, they intercut random images, such as this one ( and this one ( It was also intercut with footage of comedian/actor Curro Gomez de la Serna dancing and singing "Mas Que Nada" by Sérgio Mendes...very badly. Anyone trying to download the real version from the internet was given a virus that caused their computer to show a revolving image of Megatron while playing Soulja Boy's "Yah Bitch" on infinite loop.
30-07-2007, 21:17
Movie theaters, as with all modern technology, are extremely rare in Vojvodina-Nihon. Nonetheless, several of the larger and more prosperous Governments had them; usually one large one, in the centre of the capital city. Idunno, also called Unaligned, has no fewer than three; this is partly because it is the largest Government, or rather the largest non-Government as it has no officials and no real community and its inhabitants tend to keep to themselves. It is at the second largest of these three that the movie A Day without a Commie is shown.

Attendance is about average—approximately two hundred tickets are sold—and the showing of the film is average: between two and seven arguments break out during the showing about the quality of the film, the attractiveness of the actors, the amount of popcorn on the floor, or anything else the viewers can think of. Over two weeks attendance decreases until on the fourteenth day the audience consists of a dozen drunken teenagers, a snoring man, a blind man, and the homeless guy who lives in the movie theater.

The movie made 177 dollars 63 cents, 37 pounds sterling 33 pence, 27 roubles and 11 kopeks, 79 pesetas, 120 deutsch-marks (nobody told the guy they were obsolete), 4 euros 37 cents, 300 dinars, and $3217 in Monopoly money. Tickets were also bartered for 27 goats, 16 sheep, a cow, 4 children, an old piece of string, several cans of tuna, and an out-of-print edition of Wuthering Heights someone was using as a doorstop.
30-07-2007, 21:23
"A Day without a Commie" placed number two in weekend box office receipts, grossing a total of 4.047 billion Solaris in its opening weekend, just behind the third-weekend returns of critically acclaimed "Irony of Fate" by legendary Vetalian director Polad Bratus.

An interesting note is that in the Vetalian Russian translation of the movie, the main characters' names are literally translated as "bean" and "derrick" for comedic effect, referencing the legume and oil producing device respectively. This was done intentionally because both words have a sexual connotation in Vetalian slang when used to describe a person.
30-07-2007, 21:54
"A Day Without a Commie" set in 2nd place in Zukariaa, just below "The Kstani Crusades". The movie was called,"Genius, a true work of art," and "A movie that speaks the truth about communists everywhere," by many movie critics. It is expected that the movie may surpass "The Kstani Crusades", a movie about a Doomani crusader in Kahanistan who witnesses the vast stupidity of Kahanistani people, in the coming weeks.
30-07-2007, 22:23
A Day Without a Commie, a documentary about two young men's journey behind the iron curtain and into the hell-like heartland of Communism, The World Soviet Party, was a blockbuster success throughout the Australonesian Commonwealth. It lead in box office sales its first week, just higher than horror fim Teletubbies II: Revenge of the Green Teletubbie, which was trailed far behind by the action/adventure flick Bourne Ultimatum. A Day Without a Commie has already gained a massive following in the Commonwealth and has been ranked with such productions as Supersize Me and An Inconvenient Truth as an earth-shattering, truth-revealing documentary.
30-07-2007, 23:39
The opening weekend of A Day Without a Commie appears to have been a total flop, coming in tied for dead last in the country for box office proceeds, with no income at all. This is no surprise, due to the fact that ALL movies have been tied for dead last, because of the nationally accepted currencies of Xenofungus, the Altarian Dollar has collapsed, Flanian Pobble Beads are only exchangeable with other Flanian Pobble Beads, and no one has saved up enough to own a Trianic Pu, due to its exchange rate of 9 Ningies for one Pu (a Ningie is a large triangular coin measuring 57,000 meters to a side. The national bank of Xenofungus does not accept Ningies as currency due to its policy of not dealing with small change). Viewer reactions of the movie range from immense delight to bloodthirsty rage. Those showing symptoms of the latter reaction were promptly given the address of the production studio and a ride to the nearest airport.
30-07-2007, 23:51
the first day of 'A day without a Commie' in the movie theaters made around 12 Billion Breds (which is around $500,000) the movie was commented in the national News Papers 'Hell, it was funny', 'Omg, i gotta watch again', and 'I still can't figure out why the Panda Bear died at the end.'
31-07-2007, 00:03
"Spawns of Satan? really? facinating indeed... Perhaps we should reconsider our form of government..."

-Frmr. General Yakhov Smirnhov, current street-sweeper
The PeoplesFreedom
31-07-2007, 03:38
World wide reports coming in to TPF made it a resounding success. Sales dipped as expected during its second weekend, but remained strong, pulling in an estimated 550 million Reichsmarks. Already however, pirated versions are hitting the internet and streets, highlighting that increasing problem in TPF. Despite this, the studio estimates the film will continue to have high-grossing numbers for some weekends to come.
New Nicksyllvania
31-07-2007, 08:24
New Nicksyllvanian National News Network:
...Despite being a damned foreign movie, A Day Without a Commie was a runaway success, quickly becoming among the top 10 downloads on the government movie archives. Bandwidth failures occured nationally due to the massive demand. In appreciation of the film, the Nicksyllvanian Government has donated 10,000,000 Nicks to the films studios. To somewhat compensate for the fact that the film was illegally downloaded and distributed by the Nicksyllvanian Government. The Emperor himself has given his approval of the movie, and a remake is planned to be made by Nicksyllvanians and will be filmed in Mo Quia.
31-07-2007, 12:47
Though quite widely watched in Soviet India (viewed by an estimated 450 million Beddgelens thus far) not a penny in profit has been generated by the movie in Beth Gellert. At least, not for its producers. State-sponsored piracy strikes again as comrades join in feeling pity for the people of... whatever hole this came from.
31-07-2007, 13:22
Cinema? People eating popcorn loudly? Idiots who do not switch off their cellphones? Retards who talk loudly when you want to enjoy the film?

There is a better way:


'A Day Without a Commie' available for torrent!

OOC: The HURD has no copyright laws in the normal sense. Since the creators of the film are still listed and no HURDist claims it is an original work by them, it is perfectly legal.
Central Prestonia
31-07-2007, 14:30
A Day Without A Commie took in P$68.7 Million in it's first week in Prestonian box-offices, shattering pre-release expectations of P$20-30 Million. The movie is seen by most as satire, regardless of the original intent of the producers. Said one woman, "I'm a socialist myself, but seeing how these New Prussians are trying to discredit my political belief system is just funny, they think it's turning people off to communism but it isn't, it's just generating laughs." The box-office take is expected to go strong for another few weeks before tapering off in favor of the long-anticipated war movie The Lone Marine.