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New Grand Admiral of the Royal Navy is Chosen

Aqua Anu
29-07-2007, 19:57
"Good morning everyone, I'm Felica Terjo thanks for joining us. As of today the Queen and Princess have announced the new Grand Admiral of the Royal Navy, Admiral Dutch Payton ( of the AQRN Dutch M. Churchill II who served the Queendom proudly in Both Hanover Wars and noted domestic companion to Dutchess (ooc: Intentionally mispelled duchess) Marina Antonioni ( has been promoted to Grand Admiral of the entire Royal Navy, quite the honor. Both her and Marina have stated they are suprised and quite pleased."

(Recorded Earlier)

Dutch Payton: "Well I was amazed when Princess Subaru and Queen Mikaux Akoowa chose me to take on this momental honor. I will do my best to serve my country and serve the international community."


"Admiral Payton is a history maker being the youngest Grand Admiral ever chosen and the first Lesbian Admiral. What convinced the Royal Women to chose Admiral Payton?"

(Recoreded Earlier)

Mikaux Akoowa: "Admiral Payton has proven to be a strong military leader and a senseable one in the face of extreme pressure."

Subaru: "We would be crazy not to chose her."

Moderator: "Probably the one thing people will certainly be brining up, is a question of the Admiral's Sexual Oreintation."

Subaru: "Well mother and I agree her choice of life-style has nothing to do with her ability to command. It certianlly hasn't affected Dutchess Marina's ability to legislate."

Mikaux: "This is true. While we haven't had a gay or lesbian Grand Admiral before, it makes no diffrence."


"Admiral Payton certianly is a notable advent of gay rights along with her spouse Marina. And in light the Royal Navy is gatering in cerimonial fassion to congratualte and welcome the new commander, with the flag flying hi and the cannons shooting off, tonight will mark a celebration with fireworks should be a great sight. When we return what can you expect for you weekend? We'll find out after the break.