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The Black Riech opens to the world (factbook)

The Black Reich
27-07-2007, 07:47
OOC: I have been on this site for a number of years, and have slowly been waiting for the time when I would have a nation that would be 'respectable' by my own levels, and wouldn't be sniffed at individually. As such, with a current level of nearly 3 billion people, I think that time has come...

Also, many thanks to the owner of Central Prestonia - if they are still on here - your factbook was the basic layout for mine.

All in all, if you don't wish to read the RP - I am looking at making a new multi-national powerhouse with other nations to provide a new option over those that are already in place.


Capital city of the Lands of the Black Riech, Reicharia.

The sun glistened from the marble granite columns behind Lord Minister Nathan Carroner as the bright morning warmed the air outside the chambers of the High Reichan Authoritariate of Reicha, Carroner looked out towards Mt Reiner and sighed softly, the rolling thunderstorm moving in and around its peak could be seen even from his small podium in front of the chambers kilometres away, as could the lightning that arced from it. "Have to do this quickly, or else I'll get wet" he muttered to himself as the news crews took their places.

The High Reichan Authoritariate had been in meeting for the last three days straight, and it showed on the Lord Minister's face even through the prodigous amount of makeup used to make him appear less tired and used. The news crews also noticed it, and newspapers would mention the weakened state of the Lord Minister in the press releases to come - but that would be something to worry about later - for now, the most important decision in Black Reich history was about to be announced to its member states...

Nathan tapped the mike before him, rapidly gaining the news crews' attentions, "ladies and gentlemen, if you're all prepared, I'd like to get this show started before that show does" he said pointing to the threatening clouds in the distance, a few soft chuckles greeted the verse, but the message got across, friendly, but firm, good job Nathan thought to himself, his friend Tobias, High Reichan Authoritariate member for West Reicha, and his mentor of old would have been pleased with what he just did - simple, yet effective use of leadership dominance...

A few moments later, history was made for the Black Reich:

"My fellow Reichans, it is on this day that I, Nathan Carroner, third Lord Minister of Reicha, and overseer of all principalities of The Black Reich, have come to a conclusion on what may be the most important issue of our lifetime.

For some years now, our nation has kept a primarily internalised, isolationist attitude to the rest of the world, my father, and his father before him, our glorious founder Julian Harmond, were both wise in their decision. The war against the Dynastic regime before this was long, bitter, and still continues to this day, but now our nation, one that was once weak from the struggle, has learnt to adapt, overcome, and prosper from this.

Our nation is now as strong on its own as many of the other known regions, and it has been widely debated in the past whether continued isolationism is of benefit for our nation as a whole.

After assessing the last twenty-year plan, and its current astounding success for our nation, I called a meeting of the High Reichan Authoritariate within the Counciletariat chambers behind me, the subject being our nations opting to open our political arms and allow our nation open acceptance of the world outside and its external influences..."

A loud commotion filled the air as the surprise journalists tittered and tattered amongst themselves, they had expected something big, but nothing like this! Indeed, newspapers had had lively debate after the publishing of the twenty year plan within civil circles about the value of isolationism, but none had expected such a bold move by so young a Lord Minister. Many had come expecting to hear about results of the last workplace reforms for the war materials sector, something else that was seriously affecting the nation and its ability to continue the fight against the Dynastic uprising.

Nonetheless, a few slight taps on the mike in front of him soon drew most people to awed silence, and if that hadn't worked, the thunderclap from the rapidly approaching storm made most sit up and take notice again, like the Lord Minister, they too didn't like the idea of being soaked, and the first clouds were already casting their shadows on the grounds they were standing on.

The Lord Minister continued, "After many days deliberation, and some none-too-friendly arguments about whether we are ready for this, I have determined that our nation is capable of allowing external powers to negotiate with us whilst also maintaining our national integrity as our own independant empire." Nathan paused for a moment to produce a small, buff coloured book from the top of the podium he was speaking at.

"As such, I am now offering this opportunity to our external neighbours a small fact book about our nation, in it is a detailed presentation about our nation as a whole, and I also offer this following chance to begin negotiations with our nation. We wish to develop the Black Reich as a regional power through peaceful negotiations with our neighbours, eventually we wish to create a place where peace and security will prosper, and we will be able to protect our neighbours from the threat of any hostile external adversaries, or from any internal insurgencies or other threats.

The nation is ready for this change of affairs, and most importantly, I am ready to lead it down this path, whatever the outcome"

As if to underline his words, the heavens spoke again with a sharp crack of lighting and a boom of thunder that signalled the beginning of a powerful electrical storm. As Lord Minister Carroner and the news crews were politely, yet forcibly, ushered inside from the severe weather Nathan couldn't help but wonder whether the storm heralded the lightning like rise to eminence of the nation, or its future crashingly loud failure... only time would tell, and that time had just begun...

Official Name: The Armed Republic of The Black Reich
Shortened Name: The Black Reich, Reicha
Type of Government: Overarching leadership is authoritarian and rules with force of arms if need requires it.
Current Head of State: Lord Minister Nathaniel Carroner – Lord Minister for life unless disposed of in 90% no-confidence vote. Currently the youngest leader ever accepted within lands comprising of the Black Reich, at age of 22, took over from his father who recently died in an airplane accident. Is currently recieving diplomatic mentorship from family friend Tobias Morgan.
Legislative Branch:
Supreme Counciletariat of Reicha, comprises of one head-of-state representative for each of the five major Reichan subsidiary provinces. Answers solely to the High Reichan Authoritariate, which is led by the Lord Minister himself - Lord Minister has final say in all decisions, and can only be vetoed after ‘significant evidence suggesting a more viable alternative’ has been presented.

State council of each city-state is responsible for day-to-day inter-regional negotiations, and varies in size and authority depending on province in question.

Judicial Branch: High Reichan Council is comprised of a supreme judge from each of the five principality states.

National Capital: Reicharia (pop. 247 million)
Other large cities: Pordogod (pop. 259 million), Mariaga (pop. 310 million)
Currency: Reichan Harat
Age of Adulthood: 18
Literacy Rate: 98.2% in major cities and 'developed' areas, some agriculture based areas as low as 45%

OOC: More information will be added as I write it.
The Black Reich
27-07-2007, 07:55

Total Enlistment:

The current Reichan military preparedness levels are based upon a 3.5% population national service requirement, based around the previous national census of 2.862 billion people, this means a grand total of about 100 million people are available for military service throughout the entire of Reicha – this number includes those of military service age throughout Pro-Dynastic lands as well. From this number, about 10 million are used by each representative city-state military, whilst an extra 25 million are accepted into the overarching ‘High Reichan Military Services’ – the military arm directly loyal only to the Lord Minister and the Supreme Reichan Council.

The Reichan military, in a state of emergency, can therefore still potentially call up a further 25 million individuals who can be expected to join willingly before conscription is fully implemented.

In reality, the only force that maintains its ‘theoretical’ strength is the HRMS, most provinces maintain below their theoretical limits due to the simple fact that a phenomenal logistics chain already exists for the provision of the High Reichan Military Service, and this is a force more than capable of defending most provinces from each other and external threats. In the case of Upper Reicha, the lands that are still distinctly pro-dynastic obviously do not provide much in the way of military personnel, and an intake of a million people from the countryside there, if that, is seen as impressive numbers for the military arm of this region.

For simplicities sake, this military examination will only look at the forces of the HRMS – the High Reichan Military Services.

High Reichan Military Services Army (HRMSA):

Currently standing at a maximum strength of 10 million personnel, the HRMSA is primarily based throughout four different areas, the land borders along the North Reichan Coalition’s Ironback heights, the NEW DAWN terrorist contested pro-dynastic lands of Upper Reicha, the land borders of the Hellmarric Dominion, and around the capital city Reicharia. Numerous other areas have HRMSA presence, including all towns with a population above the 8 million mark.

In order to ensure little in the way of bribery and corruption can affect the HRMSA, most units are made up of troops from different areas of the region, as such it is often common to meet HRMSA soldiers from the Helmarric Dominion performing civil duties in West Reicha.

The only place such logic does not always occur is in pro-dynastic lands, only those individuals who are proven to be faithful to the Reichan Authoritariate are allowed within the HRMS, and these people are kept together to assist internal counter-insurgency operations throughout Upper Reicha.

The High Riechan Military Services Army is broken into a number of different aspects. First, there is the Upper Reichan Region Group, comprised of roughly a half million of the HRMSA’s personnel, 500,000 people – this is the primary combat rotation for all major Reichan army groups, although no more than two army groups, or personnel numbers greater than 750,000 will ever be maintained in this AO.

The URRG, or as the acronym implies ‘the grunt zone’, is the only active combat zone in The Black Reich, and has been part of the birthing pains of the new country since its creation. The war has seen countless lives lost on both sides, and the remnants of Imperial rule still control enough land to be a viable enemy, one that has actually gone on the offensive a couple of times since in ages past. Nonetheless, the Reichan Authoritariate has decided to allow this uprising to continue to forment, as not only does it keep the internalised economy rolling, it also provides a perfect training ground for greenhorn soldiers, ensuring that the HRMS is a dedicated, professional, and most importantly, battle-hardened force.

The principle army unit in the High Reichan Army is the Army Group, there are about eighty in total, and each wavers around the 150,000 to 100,000 mark, within each of these is 2-3 ‘Armies’ themselves, beneath them is usually two separate entities, either of division or corps strength, of about 25,000 to 37,000 personnel each.

High Reichan Military Services Marine Corps (HRMSMC):

The Marines service is the smallest force in the High Reichan Military Services, however, what is lacking in size is made up for in ability to fight, and the training that goes into a Marine is only beaten by that of special operations trainers and the troops of the Authoritariate Guard. Being Marines, this does lead to some inherent ribbing from the army, but this is relatively light, as the army recognises that whilst they do the majority of the fighting, the Marines are always ‘first in – last out’

The High Reichan Military Services Marine Corps (HRMSMC) is only 2.5 million strong, and from this is separated into naval (500,000), aerial (600,000) and land (1.4 million), comprising of about nine army groups known as Marine Combat Task Forces, or MCTG’s, of about 150,000 personnel, each then follows an allocation of three units called Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU), each with about 50,000 personnel, finally there are three Marine Combat Allocation Groups, or MCAGs, each of about 15,000 to 17,000 personnel.

High Reichan Military Services Navy (HRMSN):

The High Reichan Military Services Navy is the ‘little brother’ to the three primary services, and the big brother to the Marines, it is the smallest service of the big three, numbering in at only 3.7 million people, the HRMSN still has a vital task to perform. Combat operations for the HRMSN includes coastal bombardment, at which naval units have become quite adept, amphibious assaults for marines and army units alike, interdiction of supplies and fighters from other regions of the empire, and engaging with what little naval assets the New Dawn terrorists and their Imperial Dynasty remnant allies can muster.

The navy is focused into three fleets, Fleets East and West, and the Upper Reichan Combat Fleet. Each command differs in the number of Battle Fleets or Task Groups it has, and changes according to requirements. Current naval assets for the HRMSN stands at roughly 400, included in this number is about fifty capital ships, ranging from the two Bombardment Super-Dreadnaughts HRMSNS Apocalyptia and Genesis, armed with super-powerful 54cm guns, and the Stormbringer class of eight heavy fleet carriers, each equipped with 150 naval aircraft.

An oddity of the HRMSN is found in its submersible fleet, where the submersible aircraft carrier Shimmerstrike, with its complement of 30 aircraft, is used for surprise attacks on Upper Reichan pro-Dynastic forces whenever they arch up, whilst the two heavy transport submarines, the cargo submarine Apollo and the heavy assault sub Zues, are used to conduct covert resupply and surprise raids respectively. These designs were actually once part of the Pro-Dynastic Dynastic Naval Arm, and these vessels, having been captured and re-equipped with Black Reich technology, have since been turned against their former owners.

High Reichan Military Services Air Force (HRMSAF):

The most extravagant arm of the HRMS, the HRMS Air Force is the most active arm out of all the elements, as more often than not, retaliation for attacks by Pro-Dynastic rebels or their New Dawn terrorist allies anywhere in Reicha is conducted by bombing attacks on known Insurgent positions. The air force itself numbers in at around 4.2 million people. With a majority of its aviation assets located in the Reichan combat zone and around major cities and other important facilities. The HRMSAF comprises of about 100 numbered air commands, each with about twelve wings under them comprising of about 3000 individuals and about 65 aircraft each, although many wings are not actually aircraft flying. Total number of aircraft in Reichan service is a rather impressive 52,000.

Within the HRMSAF is the High Reichan Military Services Air Force Parachute Corps (HRMSAF-PC), comprised of about 15 of the 100 aforementioned air commands, the total number of personnel in the HRMSPC numbers only 540,000 – but since this force is part of the overarching air force, it does not take the title of smallest service from the Marine Corps. Whilst used sparingly, the HRMSPC is seen as a highly trained force with the same combat abilities as an Army division. Due to their small size, firepower superiority is a must for these individuals, and they are often predominantly equipped with automatic rifles compared to the armies predilection for older bolt-action weaponry.

High Reichan Military Services Authoritariate Guard Elites (HRMSAGE):

A unique element to the High Reichan Military Services, the High Reichan Authoritariate Guard Elites is essentially a military unto itself. Equipped with the best weapons and material available to the entire of Reicha, and given the best training available from any source, the HRMSAGE, or ‘Sages’ as they prefer to call themselves, are a commando-esque elite fighting force. Comprised of 4.6 million soldiers, aviators, and naval personnel, HRMSAGE troops are used to bolster regiments, provide increased fighting efficiency and an ‘in-house’ commando-esque ability, and guard the Authoritariate from any force, including the nations own military if need be.

The HRMSAGE is of sole loyalty to the Lord Minister of Reicha himself, and will only be used in combat as their own force under the Lord Minister’s authority. The 80/20 rule – 80 per cent kept within the Lord Minister’s grasp, and 20% spread out amongst the rest of the services, is stringently maintained by the current commander of the HRMSAGE, Commander Militant Morris Schumann, and means that the city of Reicharia is defended solely by HRMSAGE elements.

Other arms – Special Operations, WMD’s and other services:

The role of Special Operations (SPECOPS) is conducted by the respective national entities, although for the High Reichan Military Service, the special forces aspect of life is taken up by internal Special Operations groups within each respective service. The HRMSA and HRMSC both maintain a special forces facility that produces specialist Snipers, Commandos, and other respective special operations requirements. The HRMSN provides Navy SEAL and Clearance Diver training as required, and the HRMSAF provides its own ‘paracommando’ training, some of which includes the use and utilisation of RALT – Rocket Assisted Landing Training – and RAVLO – Rocket Assisted Very Low Opening training, in which the rocket pack is ignited at no higher than 200 metres from the ground; needless to say this is the most dangerous training available, with casualty rates continuously higher than any other training at this time.

The HMSAGE also provides its own special training, these people, known only as ‘Shadowsouls’ are given training in every technique of all major services, and also receive specialist training in intelligence gathering, assassination, and escape and evasion. Rumours about the three mentioned disciplines being trained by providing the agent with a set of targets and merely kicking them out the door of a transport aircraft without weapons in Dynastic held territory have not been confirmed, although would seem to be just what was expected of such high-end professionals.


With regard to Weapons of Mass Destruction, strict and stringent rules enforcing set limitations are kept in place for all five provinces, the four non-conflicting nations are each allowed the following:

4 nuclear devices
6 atomic ‘dirty’ radiation weapons
No more than 15 tons of chemical agents
No more than 5 tons of Biological agents

The Upper Reichan area is not allowed any weapons of mass destruction of its own, this is primarily due to the potential for capture of such weapons, and the only weapons on site are those maintained by other provinces.

The use of any weapons of mass destruction on external forces is the sole responsibility of the HRMS, who currently maintain an armoury of 50 warheads of varying degrees of power, a full hundred tons of various chemical agents in various forms of delivery system, and fifty tons of Biological agents in similar variations. Production of any WMD’s is the sole responsibility of the HRMSAGE, with a staff of 10,000 personnel producing these weapons at a rate of 1 atomic/radiation warhead or 10 tons of chem/bio material a year, although production can be vastly increased should the need ever arise. All nuclear weapons technology owned by provinces is based around weaponry presented to each province by this HRMSAGE force.

Internal use of WMD’s is greatly frowned upon by the Authoritariate, but, provided it does not affect the stability of the nation, then it has been deemed as acceptable only as a ‘second strike’ from any other WMD attack. No provinces can on their own authority however, attack an invading force from outside the Black Reich with WMD’s without the express consent of the Authoritariate itself.

Any loss of atomic/radiation, chemical or biological agents, and any attempts to reproduce, or unauthorized use of atomic/radiation or biological agents on non-Reichans are grounds for direct military intervention upon the province in question, and the immediate execution of those held responsible for the lapse.


Commander of the Authoritariate Guard Elites: Commander Militant Morris Schumann
This entity is separate to all other military forces and cannot be commanded by even the Chief of the Armed Forces unless specifically granted permission by the Lord Minister himselfChief of the Armed Forces: High Commander Militant: Gregor Marshall
Commander of the Army: Ground Marshal Federick Turant
Fleet Admiral: High Admiral Jasmine Parke
Commandant of Marines: Ground Marshal Henry Deanes
Commander of the Air Force: Air Chief Marshal Timothy Dudley
27-07-2007, 08:05
Nice f.b.; I really like it. Though I must say it somehow parallels my own in some ways...meh, it happens.
The Black Reich
27-07-2007, 08:12
OOC: I have made a map, which can be found here (

Standard Equipment

OOC: My nation is at a WW2 level of tech

Standard equipment of the common soldier of the HRMS is a some form of infantry weapon, commonly a bolt-action weapon but very slowly being replaced by submachine-guns or semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons, a battle dress uniform of field grey with the black emblem of the HRMS on the right sleeve, and a combat helmet and a light ‘flak vest’ designed to spot shell splinters make up the common uniform of all services. Camouflage uniforms are also common on the front line, and more often than not are used by those who are expected to be facing combat.

Armour is also seen in some units, with specialised ‘armour suits’ being used by those who expect to engage in heavy combat. These designs, although effective at stopping most infantry small arms fire, make a combatant extremely bulky, and are very hot and heavy to wear, especially in the heat and stress of combat. Such systems are more commonly seen worn by such people as bomb disposal, mineclearers, or those who must engage against well entrench enemies.

The typical weapon loadout for a 10 man HRMSA/HRMSMC section is as follows:

7x bolt-action/ semi or auto rifle/SMG
4x One shot anti-tank rockets
1x Light Support Weapon – LMG of some description/ reloadable AT rocket or automatic grenade gun/ recoilless rifle etc
1x Sharpshooter weapon or Trench Clearer shotgun/high mag capacity weapon, or another rifle with grenade attachment
1x auto rifle with underslung grenade launcher, section leaders weapon.

HRMS personnel also have a predilection for carrying large numbers of grenades, and it is not surprising to find that Grenadier platoons in HRMS forces often have people dedicated wholly and solely to the use of various types of grenades, these people are often also seen carrying the teams anti-armour rocketry if they have it.

In some platoons, specialist weapons such as proper sniper rifles and large calibre infantry support weapons are available, whilst other platoons may have weapons such as mortars, flame-throwers, thermo baric grenades/rockets and specialised satchel charges available to them, it all depends on the tasking of the group. Other specialist equipment like limited numbers of night vision devices, chemical warfare grenades, mines or other such equipment is rarer in ‘common’ sections, although it is not a surprise to see its use in more specially trained sections of each respective service.



Ancient Reicha

The lands of the Black Reich are known to have been settled by c.600 B.C by the nomadic people of the area who called themselves the Sanshawaa people after their god who led them to the lands they built upon. Before that, scattered ruins predating the arrival of the Sanshawaa suggest a much more learned people similar in style to ancient Egyptians once had some presence on the lands, but little remains to determine if they actually settled here rather than maintaining small trading posts.

The people of the Sanshawaa were highly developed by the time of euro-caucasian arrival, and had developed such concepts as mathematics, roads and had made limited progress into such technologies as bronze swords and the like. This advanced level of development, coupled with their own rustic Caucasian appearance, saved the Sanshawaa from a lot of the persecution that others faced when colonists arrived in 1620, although they still suffered considerably harsh treatment from those who settled the lands during the period of colonisation.

Initial disturbances

The harsh treatment of the Sanshawaa by the original settlers eventually became a turning point in relations in 1822, when Sanshawaa chieftan M’Kolo Mugato led a force of 10,000 Sanshawaa to besiege the colony of Farano in the area now known as Upper Reicha. Using captured cannon, the Sanshawaa eventually stormed the outer walls of the colony and killed a number of the men who had once enslaved them. Such an outbreak of violence was an outrage to the present kingdom, and the leader of the time, Yuri Burklowski, organised a concerted military effort to wipe the Sanshawaa from the highlands of Reicha and move them all to the central island chains. This belief met fierce resistance from the colony of Reicharia, a new colony of people who had left Burklowski’s kingdom due to its racist beliefs, as they believed the Sanshawaa were just as educated as any colonist.

The conflict that began lasted for roughly two decades, and unfortunately ended with the sacking and decimation of Reicharia by Burklowski’s soldiers in 1844. This signalled the start of the empire that would become known as the Imperial Dynasty.

Rebellions halted, the evil rises

The years of the Imperial Dynasty were a harsh, cruel time for the people of Reicha. The leadership of the dynasty distinctly favoured the people from which they came from, and the lands of upper Reicha prospered significantly on the backs (quite literally) of tens of thousands of slaves and serfs – Sanshawaa’s who were now classed as the slave race, the people of West Reicha who had defied the Dynasty during the Sanshawaa/Farano war, and anyone who tried to disagree with Dynastic Law. By the time of the turn of the century, the Imperial Dynasty had significant control over almost every part of land known as the Black Reich. A major war that affected most of the external powers around the Black Riech saw an increase in the limited number of pro-Reichan attacks against Dynastic forces, but little changed. A flu epidemic, and a serious economic depression that occured after this conflict, however, brought about a chance of hope for the resistance.

Rebellion rekindled

The rebellion was able to slowly rebuild under a political title, the Black Reich, the Black signifying the stain on the countries people that should never be forgotten. People began to attend meetings of one man in particular, Julian Harmond, who spoke of equity and fairness for all Reichans. Many people, the commoners and the oppressed classes under Dynastic rule, flocked to hear his calls for equity and justice. But the Imperial Dynasty, with assistance from its new friends from overseas, began to clamp down on the political rallies. The rebellion flared into open conflict again after Dynastic soldiers wiped out an entire Sanshawaa village for supposedly spreading ‘anti-government’ propaganda.

The War of Freedom

Under the leadership of Julian Harmond, the lower classes managed to form a secretive and highly effective guerrilla force, the Reichan Liberation Army, or RLA. The RLA initially suffered some severe letdowns due to traitors, lack of supplies, and inability to engage effectively. But slowly, and with the discovery of a brilliant strategist in the form of then RLA General Gregor Marshall, the RLA managed to develop an effective communication network, then slowly began to get the initiative. The RLA fought the Dynastic forces to a bitter stalemate after three years of retreat. The greatest turning point occurred that same year, when the Imperial Dynasty’s Nazi-esque allies from overseas collapsed upon themselves after the death of their leader in an assassination attempt. The battle continued for another four years, with the RLA slowly attaining more and more success after a major defeat of Dynastic soldiers, which soon saw the RLA receiving large quantities of support and material from their new ‘allies’ in liberated regions.

Rockmann’s Legacy and the collapse of the Imperial Dynasty

By the dying days of the war, the Imperial Dynasty had been pushed back to its final stronghold, the fortress city and historical birthplace of the Dynasty itself, Farano. After a prodigious artillery bombardment, the Reichan forces moved forward. However, in one final act of defiance, then leader of the Dynasty, Hubert Rockmann, detonated the cities ‘failsafe’ bombs. Hundreds of tons of explosives, and thousands of litres of chemicals of all types were spread across the landscape, effectively rendering a full five kilometre radius sterile, and creating an ecological wasteland for another fifty kilometres around. Rumours, which later proved to be true, mentioned that Rockmann and other high ranking Dynastic leaders had fled from their own country beforehand and had escaped the blast, re-building to ‘reclaim their world’ in Upper Reicha. Upper Reicha itself was staunchly pro-Dynastic, and many parts of the land firmly believed that they were superior to all other Reichans, and had refused to surrender to the RLA even after the loss of Farano.

The loss of Farano was squarely put back on RLA shoulders by Upper Reichans, and this in turn led to the development of the terrorist cell known as ‘New Dawn’, a dedicated force that wishes to see the Imperial Dynasty rise again, above the blasted ruins of Reicharia itself.

This legacy has meant that the Imperial Dynasty has never been forgiven by the rest of Reicha as a majority, and that Upper Reicha has never stopped fighting with the Black Reich, and whilst many within Upper Reicha still feel sympathetic to the cause, there are still a few outside of those lands who wish to see the Black Reich disappear under Dynastic jackboots once more.

Present Day

Today, only a short time since the end of the Dynastic wars, the nation of the Black Reich is still struggling with the fanatical efforts of the New Dawn terrorist movement and pro-Dynastic upper Reicha, and has had to extradite itself from a number of small scale conflicts with external forces in times past. Often it is New Dawn terrorist cells who penetrate the hills to the north and try to forment trouble outside, getting a direct external invasion to take place into Black Reich territory.

The nation itself, thanks to a policy of rebuilding the land before continuing the fight, has a viable, strong industry and economy, and is now learning to use its continuing conflict with the remnants of the past in a way that actually benefits the nation as a whole.

Having been worried about the affect of so much power in one persons hands again, the nation of the Black Reich decided to follow ancient greek lines of thought, and allowed five major areas to be developed, each having their own ways of working and living. However, a universal overarching rule of law still brings these people together, and whilst small internal conflicts have occurred since, whenever external threats become apparent all internal squabbles are put aside for the sake of the entire of the Black Reich.
The Black Reich
27-07-2007, 08:13

Major Rivers: Sanshawaa river, Ropeline river
Highest Point: Mt. Toroba, Mt. Toroba range, height of 27,571 ft.
Lowest Point: St. Dorrins crater, Helmarric Empire, 38ft below sea level at bottom of crater.


The Black Reich has many varying lands. Located near the equator, the temperature for most of the country usually hovers anywhere between 20 and 40 degrees celsius. However, during the winter, temps can fall to as low as negative fifteen in areas of North Reichan Coalition Tundra. The nation has a very long coastline, and a number of islands in what is essentially a gigantic horse-shoe bay are home to tropical climes. The Mount Toroba range extends along most of the land borders, and runs down through the centre of the North Reichan coalition, whilst the Sanshawaa and Ropeline rivers both twist through major areas of Black Reich territory and has a number of inland seas and large lakes along their paths.

Generally, vegetation is sparse along the southern lands, whilst the closer one moves to the mountain ranges the more wooded the country becomes. Jungles are a common feature of the more coastal regions of Pro-Dynastic upper Reicha, whereas Desert and bushland, with some limited jungle cover as well, is a key feature in West Reicha’s southern plains.

The one area where no real environment exists at all is the land once home to the city of Farano, blasted into desolate blankness by the explosive forces used, the chemicals used have killed all plant and animal life for miles, and continuing affects of gasses and chemicals from the tainted soil render any repossession by nature all but impossible.

The city of Farano itself, having been built upon a known underground lava flow so as to provide natural heating and geothermal energy for the city in colonial times, is all but gone, the ruins now exist in a land that looks like it came from the pits of hell when, after the blast, the underground lava flow burst from its already weak tubing and seeped through the land.

The area itself is now known simply as ‘Hells playground’, and is avoided by all but the most fanatical Dynastics, who go their as a form of pilgrimage and to show their devotion to the Dynastic cause. The area is found within the more varied terrain of Upper Reicha’s southern regions, where swampland, jungle and semi-arid bush can be found in the same areas.