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Presenting the Ares K7 assault carbine!

25-07-2007, 21:23

Introducing the Ares K7! The Ares K7 is designed as an improvement over the Ares Elite AR, using technology developed in the Ares III assault rifle incorperated into a weapon designed for Special Operations. The K7 is pictured here with its foregrip attachment.

Improvements Over The Ares Elite
While the Ares Elite is a superb weapon its aging design is not very modular or adaptable for the induvidual missions needs or soldier's tastes. The Ares K7 however is highly modular and able to fit several attachments and perform several roles in the hands of the same soldier. The K7 also features improved fire control system from the Ares III giving it greater range and higher muzzle velocity, of course increasing its damage potential. Additionally, the K7 is compatable with the 40 round clip used by the other Ares Assault rifles but its size prevents the 120 round drum. The Ares K7 is built in the same manner as the Ares III utilizing carbon fiber and molded fiber glass.


Sound and Flash Suppressor - The Ares K7 has the same suppressor used by the Ares Elite, the suppressor is good for about 500 rounds and is easier to replace than the suppressor on the the Ares Elite. The Ares K7 can be used without the suppressor, shortening the weapons overall length by nearly 20 centimeters but of course does not provide the benefit of stealth.

Extending Shoulder Stock - The K7 comes with an extending stock which can help reduce recoil when extended.

Detachable 3x Zoom Scope - The Ares K7 like its predecessor is fitted with a 3x variable zoom scope to improve accuracy and target aquisition; unlike its predecessor this scope is not integral and can be removed for use of other hardware.

Bottom Mounted Attachment Rail - The Ares K7 has an attachment rail capable of supporting several extras. These attachments can be removed and replaced in seconds, allowing the soldier to adapt his weapon to the mission right in the field.

Improved Gas Vent System - The Ares K7 uses a new and improved gas venting system that reduces recoil significantly even while firing fully automatic, when combined with the foregrip attachment it reduces recoil so much that the first 3 bullets are almost garanteed to strike within 2 cm of each other when shot at a target 100 meters off.

Weapon Statistics
Caliber: 5.56 x 45 NATO M855
Action: Gas Operated w/ rotating bolt
Overall Length: 955 mm
Barrel Length: 500 mm
Weight Empty: 2.15 kg
Magazine: 40 double round clip +1 in chamber
Cyclic Rate: 725 rounds per minute
Muzzle Velocity: 980 m/s
Maximum Effective Range: 525 m

The Ares K7 currently has five seperate attachments with more still in design stages.

Foregrip Attachment - The foregrip is shown in the illustrations on the top of this article. It provides an extra pistol handle grip for even greater stability and fire control.

Launcher Attachment - The Ares K7 is compatible with the KSB-2 multi launcher. The KSB-2 is a multi launcher, able to launch micro grenades to a range of 350 meters from the bottom port or fire less than lethal munitions from the smaller top port, fire modes are changed via selection switch so both barrels can be loaded at once!

Achilles Mini Shotgun - The Achilles Mini Shotgun is a 12 gauge pump-fire shotgun attachment for assault rifles like the Ares K7. It wieghs little more than 1.5 kg and has a 4 round internal magazine; shells load from the right side and eject on the left.

Sniper Attachment - The K7's sniper attachment fires a 15mm APDS round that boasts 100% stopping power against soft targets on a successful hit. The weapon is not suppressed and very loud.

Bipod Attachment - The Ares K7 is compatable with a standard bipod that is used to stabalize the weapon for prone firing or for firing from cover.

As a special introduction price the Ares K7 is available at a cost of $2,500 USD per unit and comes with all attachments.
Production rights are not currently available.

This item sees service in 2 other nations: Tigerlain, Oblivion2
25-07-2007, 21:57
The government of Oblivion2 is willing to offer your peoples the right to manufacture and ship these guns to our commando squads. Just name your price and we will match it.
25-07-2007, 22:52
To Oblivion2

Currently the unit price for the Ares K7 is $2,500 USD per unit, this includes the rifle and all attachments and some additional magazines. The Magazine that comes with the K7 is the KSB 5.56 Magazine and extras can be purchased for $1,000 USD in packets of 100, the NATO 5.56 x 45 855 round is in wide distribution but can also be bought through us at SaintB Integrated Infantry Systems.

If you would like continued supplies of the Ares K7 for your armed forces we could draw up a contract between our two nations that would benefit both of us until production rights are available.
26-07-2007, 00:09
My country has need of 250000 of these rifles with all attachments and shipments of 1000000 packets of ammo every 3 months.

As of now we have 625 million USD being wired to a swiss banking account closest to you.

I do have one request though. My country is in need of a new 50. cal 3 mile range sniper. My country Would like your company to design this sniper. Add anything you like to it for attachments but make it well built for winter combat.
26-07-2007, 00:15
250 Thousand Ares K7 rifles will cost you $625 Million USD. While 1 million NATO 5.56 rounds will cost an additional $1.2 million USD.

For a cost of:
$626.2 million now and $1.2 million a month thereafter.

SaintB Integrated Infantry Systems would like to know more about this proposed design for a sniper rifle.
26-07-2007, 00:21
The funds are being wired to your companies account now.
26-07-2007, 00:29
OOC: You mean on your other thread or this one?
26-07-2007, 00:37
OOC: Here or there or IM is fine with me.

Thank you for your purchase, your order is being processed and shipped as soon as possible. Please expect 25,000 rifles a month over the next 10 months.
26-07-2007, 00:49
Good to know. My countries snipers are very outdated by about 10 years now. We require a sniper, with about 3 mile range, every thing on this sniper needs to be very durable, and must work well in winter conditions. As for ammo we need something armor piercing and leaves no trails in the air. Plus we need a sound surpressor/ dampener We will commision up to 35 million USD for the design of the sniper. If this is accpetable please mail us back

OOC: How long is 10 months in ns time.
26-07-2007, 01:12
OOC: 10 months is about 20 hours by most people's standards. 1 month is 2 hours, 1 year is one day.

Armor Piercing Discarding Sabbot (APDS) rounds should do the trick that you are looking for in ammunition. We will begin work on a design as soon as we get an official contract. Things we would like to know are whether or not we would have rights to produce and sell this weapon, and whether or not there is a deadline. $35 Million USD seems to be enough for reasearch costs and we will provide any extra needed funds if necesary and bill you for them.
26-07-2007, 02:51
You would have full rights to sell and or produce this weapon
27-07-2007, 21:35
*let me see this thread go bump bump bump*
29-07-2007, 11:41
Hurry and buy it quickly before this special price is gone!
29-07-2007, 23:24
Also, take a look at the new KSB-4 Hades Sniper Rifle (
29-07-2007, 23:34
The Empire of Spectare also shows interest in this fine weapon as the others and if we could work out a production agreement or a discount that would be awesome.
30-07-2007, 04:27
To Spectare
The Kingdom of SaintB could make you the same offer made to Miroxia and Datium; we'd be using a portion of the granted 25 billion to provide your armed forces with the most up to date weapons in our storefront.
31-07-2007, 01:06
Official Endorsment from the Totalitarian Socialist State of Tigerlan

The Tigerlani Special Forces find this Assault Weapon to Fill Many Roles Within its Ranks, From Shotgun, To Sniper, and View it as a Beautiful Weapon.
02-08-2007, 21:22
Production rights are now available!

3.5 Billion USD earns you production rights for the K7 and all attachments plus the schematics for all future K7 updates.

SaintB Integrated Infantry Systems: Counter-productive, highly destructive!