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25-07-2007, 01:18
OOC: Ok, I have been wanting to write a series of stories form the perspective of a journalist on the history of my nation. I am going to write it from the perspective that his work has been included in a "World Traveler's Guide" .

I figure I might as well invite people to include there own stuff.

I do have some requests, this is supposed to be written from the perspective that it will be "Coffee Table" reading. So factbook entries are not really welcomed. I certainly would ask you provide a LINK to your factbook, but save the all the stats for something else. I am talking about a person DESCRIBING their time in your nation. YES--an outsider. This can of course be done by a national if you wish. But i feel the normative response an outsider might have on some cultural aspects might give the story flavor....but whatever.

Include cuisine, music...blah, do it anyway you wish just as long as it isnt a factbook entry.

If you have no idea how to write up a basic guide like i suggest check any of the Fodor's Exploring books. Which are considered to be excellent traveler's guides.
Mine is of course a more in depth writting by a person who has spent decades in my nation...and no it isnt done yet....but i see no Reason for the thread not to get started just because I am not ready. Again, go ahead and provide links to anything you wish...but for this thread do some STORY writting.


EAIS Publications is proud to present its latest addition in the World Traveler's series of books. Contained with in is basic information on many of the most exotic and location across the globe. Along with the basic info a traveler might want to know is a wealth of wonderful accounts form fellow travelers and locals about these interesting and exciting locations.

As always the best places to find a meal or lay your head down for night can be found with in these pages, but more importantly you will get a chance read about the real face of the places and not merely some hum drum press release.

So if find you can not travel to every place in the world at least you can experience the world through the eyes of a fellow traveler...

Bon Voyage!!!

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