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Construction begins on Sea Terminal

Royal Caribbean
23-07-2007, 00:37
It was announced today via press conference that The Royal Caribbean has decided to construct a large sea port 7 miles East of the Capitol Charlotte Amalie.

King Rachmad's Public Relations Minister Miguel Cabrera said, "The time has come to build a sufficient sea terminal to encourage tourism to our beautiful country. Cruise lines have been extremely skeptical about making our country a stop on their itinerary because we lacked sea ports for them to dock their ships by. While it is possible to get to the island by tenders, it is a hassle and is very time consuming."

The Sea Terminal's specifications have yet to be released but the massive project is set to undergo its beginning phase within the week.

The Announcement has been met with mixed reactions from some who are worried that tourism may pollute the beautiful surroundings, but it will undoubtedly bring in great financial support.

We will have more news to report as it becomes available to us.

For RCN, this is Kelly Ring reporting.
Royal Caribbean
24-07-2007, 18:55
Reporter Kelly Ring stands along the coast in the city of Kingston where the new Sea Terminal is under construction...

We finally have received word on the specifications of this new sea terminal.

The Royal Caribbean Department of Infrastructure has announced that 4 large piers capable of handling 140,000 ton cruise vessels on either side will be constructed. Boarding gangway's will be built on each pier for the large ships to unload and load easily.

Each Pier will feed into a central building that will be responsible for handling security measures and customs declarations.

We will have more on the progress of the terminal as it happens.

For RCN, this is Kelly Ring reporting..