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Nova Pictavian Commonwealth Factbook

Nova Pictavia
20-07-2007, 15:31
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The modern Pictish Flag, featuring the same colours as the St. Andrews Cross. It was designed to reflect a more peaceful future, although the saltire is still used in battle.

The Current Emblem of the Commonwealth, depicting the protected Eurasian Wolf.

Nova Pictavia is a relatively young nation, based on eco-socialist democratic principals and situated on the Isle of Hiigara.

Brief history:
The first peoples to inhabit Hiigara were the Picts, some millenia ago. It is thought they came seeking refuge from other continental, more expansionist tribes.
As other tribes and nations continued to expand outwards, the Pictish peoples were conquered and divided, scattered across the continent for many centuries. In the past 100 years, a wave of unification has re-united the Pictish peoples with their ancient homeland, Hiigara, through a succession of bloody wars.
The modern state of Nova Pictavia has only emerged in the past 50 years, with ideals of freedom and liberty at the center of its society. Due to the previous struggles of the Pictish peoples, conscription is a manifestation of their warrior culture. modern emphasis also lies on religion and spirituality, where Celtic Pagan believes unified the divided race, and are thought to be the root of the growing pro-environmental movements in Nova Pictavia today.
Nova Pictavia
27-07-2007, 23:11
Emblem of the Utopian Commonwealth of Nova Pictavian Green Party,
Which currently serves as the Utopian Commonwealth's flag, temporarily

Politics: Domestic

In recent years, the Democratic Socialist party who had been at the forefront of the Liberation Wars, lost to the Green Party. The Green party is largely based on eco-socialist principals, and is primarily concerned with equality and the environment. The current First Minister, and leader of the Greens, Galan Mckay, has so far become one of the most popular leaders in Nova Pictavia's short history. His government has led Nova Pictavia to all new stregnths without compromising the environment.
The Democratic Socialist party still do have a degree of control on the country in the form of Slaam Rousse, the elected High Commander of the Nova Pictavian Armed Forces (NPAF): The commonwealth's most decorated war hero, and well admired by the populace.

Politics: Foreign

During Nova Pictavia's short life in the international community, they enjoy strong international bonds as a result of their membership of the Combined Heart Alliance, and as a temporary member of the Free World Alliance. Nova Pictavia also hosts strong communication between the People's Sovereign Republic of British Londinium and the newly indepenent colony of Sumatripte. One bond in particular; between Nova Pictavia and Delkor, has been strengthend drastically in recent times with the brotherhood shown in the Sumatripen Revolution.
Nova Pictavia
27-07-2007, 23:12
Second Pictish Re-armament Program:

Typical NPAF Soldier:
Primary Weapon: M58 Pulse Rifle and variants, Including the M56 Pulse Sub-Carbine with Suppressor [Polaris Arms. Inc.]
Secondary Weapon: H&K Universal Self-loading Pistol (USP) OR M56 Sub-Carbine [Polaris Arms. Inc.]
Tertiary Weapon: Combat Knife, Neko-Te, Ceremonial Claymore
FIST Eyepiece HUD Including Secure Network Access and Tactical Information
Warfighter Physiological Status Monitor Subsystem transfer's Survivability data via FIST Network.
Synthetic Spidersilk Armor
Digital Camouflage Clothing
Troops serving in extremes are equipped with the Micro-climate Conditioning Subsystem
- Liquid Fuel Cell Power Sub- System maintains MCCS
1 x Flashbang Grenades
2 x Smoke Grenades
2 x White Phosphorous Incendiary Grenades
3 x High Explosive Fragmentation Grenades

Terran Force-
5,000,000 Troops (240,000 of Which are Reserves)
8000 Arbiter M-3 MBT's [Ansa Land Systems]
20,000 Pachis IFV's [Hybalt Defense Industries]

Air Force-
1000 Avenger II Joint Tactical Bomber [Phoenix Dynamix]
3000 F-22 Raptor's
1000 Lockheed F-35 Lightning II's

Fleet- [Hybalt Defense Industries]

(NOTE: There are THREE Battle-Fleets, each containing the same vessel inventory)
Example Battle-Fleet:

Extra-Atmospheric Defence and Offense [Elite Arms Inc.]

10 x Vigilant Surveillance Satellites
10 x Genesis Communications/GPS Satellites
10 x Forecaster Early Warning/Weather Tracking Satellites
10 x Zeus Command & Control Satellites
40 x Aries ABM Satellites
40 x Cyclops ABM Satellites
7 x Thor Orbital Weapon Platform Satellites
500 x Starfire Missile Batteries
Nova Pictavia
27-07-2007, 23:13
Pictish culture in Hiigara barely deviates from their Celtic ancestry. CĂ©ilidhs are still highly popular throughout Hiigara. The Kilt is the national dress for males, with an extensive range of Tartan depending upon the werers clan. The Black Watch Tartan, the tartan ot the regiment Slaam Rousse served in in the liberation wars, serves as the official tartan of Nova Pictavia to commemorate their bravery.
Celtic Paganism still prevails throughout Hiigara, although the practice of Wicca has largely been forgot. The emphasis is now shifted on living in harmony with the environment, a practice known as 'Terranism'. Terrans make up an estimated 72% of the population.
Certain original Celtic war tactics, such as the use of horns and mude heavily influence the military tactics of the NPAF to this day. Also, fencing or even duelling with claymore swords is still common scross the country today.
Nova Pictavia
27-07-2007, 23:14
The north of Hiigara is largely dominated by great Fur forests and large mountains. Due to the gulf stream which runs through the western isles (known as the hebrides) and down through Utopia hiigara, a contrasting tropical climate is found. West of Inverness lie the Lochs of Pictavia, a region of great lakes separated by alp-like mountains. The area between Inverness and Stirling on the east coast, unlike the cliffs of the west, is dominated by lush grassland where the majority of Nova Pictavia's agriculture is situated.
Nova Pictavia
08-08-2007, 01:21
lol, see the top of the thread BL?

Inverness is the capitol, however Stirling is far larger.
New Brittonia
08-08-2007, 01:45
The Unitted Socialist States of New Brittonia would like to establish diplomatic relations with Nova Pictavia.

Foreign Minister of the United Socialist States of New Brittonia
Sarah Lynch