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Mark of the State

20-07-2007, 08:45
D.B.G. News:

"Various Houses of State ranging from the Civis to Local Commons have been abuzz with the latest proclamation by Emperor Johnas Aristide obliging the request of the 'Sanctus Curia di Iustitia di Divinus Imperium'
ICCD has approved the use of a new practice for renderings which do not result in death.

SCI's advised that it would be more managable if a new system of identifying External Exiles was used. This system will place a tattoo on the back of their neck as well as implanting a tracking chip, that will keep data relating to their case as well as their identification and other information. It will be implanted in an area which would not effect their health but would be risky to removed.

The SCI stated that the intent of this is only to apply to External Exiles and not domestic exiles, although a chip but no tattoo would still apply to Imperial Level cases which are serious and deem the person an employee of a Judicary Manor, that is service short of external exile, often deemed as the second most dangerous. But the Imperial Justisar hearing the appeal from the specific Judicary Manor willhave the option to require or waive it.

The tattoo shall be a 5 cm round with a yellow golden Dian Sun with the word EXILI.

There is a similar proposal, that is attracting the most attention in the Legislative bodies in regard to less than death or exile offenders who were put into exile domestically or given a consensus ruling, where the justice has reason to believe repeat offenses are posible using the word "dishonestus" or 'DH' as well as for those who may potentially cause a risk against the state with the word "ant".

Also two even more contraversial tattoos were the 'refugee tag' host and the most highly debated for citizens who did not complete their 1st year of I.S. training 'plebs'.

While the initial one and to a lesser degree the second recommendation came with little if any protest. The last two drew much more concern. In a striking attempt to bring peace, anyone that was a foreigner or non military person who expressed they had no wish to do the one year service and who was exiled domestically would also take on that character. Thus all non former I.S. trainees and those who were not willing to do the first year of I.S. at the begining of the domestic exile term will be marked with the designations according to their status.

These new practices are effective immediately, but there may be special consideration for the lower ones, or marking of domestic exiles.