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Has Kraven Gone Too Far?/Operation Red Falcon (ATTN Kraven Corporation/PMT)

19-07-2007, 23:12
(OOC: This thread is a continuation of one which was initiated between myself and Kraven several months ago and was regrettably not completed. Hopefully this time we'll get farther into it before he or I have to become inactive again ;))


A shaky Camcorder was turned on, the screen was rather grainy and poor in its quality, the sound was rather lacking and the lighting was next to nothing, obviously the dark figure in the screen did not want to be known, every so often the light above him shook and the screen of the camera distorted, something above him was moving with enough force to cause movement below…

Dust rained down from the ceiling then after a few seconds a light sprinkling of dust drifted down just next to the dark figure…

“I am a Professor, I have been for so many years that I have forgotten when I’d completed my degree, I do not remember what I was a Professor in, but I do know that it is because of the Kraven Menace that I have forgotten so much…” The figures voice was old sounding, dry and husky…

“The noises you can hear above me are the sounds of Tanks, Kraven tanks rolling over head, and that little dull thud, it’s a weapon I’ve never seen them employ before, its an Artillery piece that is capable of lobbing a high explosive shell many miles further than their Basilisk mobile Artillery, its static, but it has multiple barrels, A Gatlin Earth shaker cannon if you’d like…. I saw it tear up the city they were firing at.”

He paused as another salvo went off, causing the ground to shake violently, dust gently fell from the ceiling, causing the shadowy figure to cough gently…

“In a matter of minutes the weapon had levelled a vast portion of the city, its Crew sat on a gyroscopic stabilised platform that was independent from the rest of the machine, while the recoil of the weapon caused the weapon to move back along a set of rails, the crew section remained totally stable…”

He paused again…

“It’s not perfect though, it’s a belt fed weapon, and the size of the belt often means its prone to jamming, it was funny to watch at first, when they had Kreigsmarines operating it, whenever one of the shells jammed the Kreigsmarines scurried away like terrified rats… that soon ended though, Its crewed by Capitol Police and all they do is systematically remove the jam, then continue to fire…”

He sighed, as though he’d been running all of his life…

“It cannot fire for more than five minutes at a time” he remarked “The recoil of the weapon causes it to run along a set of steel tracks, but a set of heavy duty springs stop the weapon from being propelled along the rails at an astonishing speed, but still allow it enough movement to prevent the weapons platform from collapsing…”

“Besides, I’m digressing… this is not the purpose of the Video…”

“I have seen many of the things that Kraven has done, I’ve witnessed first hand the violence and the depravity of their so called ‘Super soldiers’ who are nothing more than barbarous monsters who perform the whim of their masters without so much as a nod or a glance…”

“Kraven has gone too far, for weeks now they have been shelling the city that lies twenty miles to the west of my current location, for weeks now they have been shipping women and children into the hills where they now mine Ores for the Kraven War Machine, the men refused to give up, they are fighting in the city now, fighting for whatever they have left, and that is why Kraven decided to shell the city with their new weapon, but do you know what was sick?” The man paused, holding his head in his hands…

“The men of that city let the women and children go, hoping that somewhere someone in The Kraven Military had an ounce of decency and let them live, but no, not even Kraven’s most humane officer would have allowed that, instead they forced every single one of them to watch as the Gatlin Earth shaker began to rhythmically shell the city… it was awful..”

“You might wonder how I know all of this, yet haven’t been captured…”

“Well, I’ve forgotten what I’d passed my Degree in, but I knew that up until they started shelling the city, I was working for Kraven, this is how I know all of this information… Something needs to be done, If anyone can hear me… or can receive this transmission… Please Help Us… you may be our only hope..”

“They’d stopped shelling the city last night for about an hour, while they changed the cooling relays, I snuck into the city to see if there were any survivors, to my surprise, there was, hundreds of them had dug themselves tiny dug outs and fox holes, they hid when the shells came, although in the initial phase, they told me, they lost thousands to the weapons of Kraven..”

“So I ask again… Kraven has gone too far… Kraven needs to be stopped… and I ask you… free these people….” The man was reaching a frantic fever pitch…

“My location is one hundred and fifty miles south from the Capitol City of Norska… These people do not deserve whats happening to them… Please… Send help…” With that Kraven Communication operators severed the link and began to trace the source of the signal…


Oberst James Gostoski watched the video over and over again, each time analysing it for new data which could possibly make the ever nearing operation in Kravenite territory. He jotted down notes which he felt could benefit the operators once they landed, and to be sure that he knew everything which this man had to say.

The Wanderjarian Grenzschutzgruppe-Nine was the elite military unit of the Prussian Army. Specialising in Counter terrorism, assassination, infiltration, demolition, and urban guerrilla warfare, they were trained to be some of the best soldiers in the world, a title which they had earned countless times against many foes. Oberst Gostoski was in command of a battalion of these elite troopers, some thirty teams, ten of which would be deployed to the Kraven Corporation, or some one hundred and fifty men.

The plan was simple, operate relatively independently, and locate the Professor, destroy this "Super Weapon" which he discussed in his plea, and hopefully and if at all possible, cause as much harm to the Kraven Warmachine as they were capable. While the plan was simple, each team member knew it's execution would certainly not be.

They were aboard a sea freighter, disguised as civillian sailors bringing materials into the general region of the Kraven Corporation, however once near enough, each team would infiltrate the territory via zodiac boat. They were rapidly approaching being near enough, only requiring the cover of darkness to launch and begin one of the most important missions ever undertook by the Wanderjarian military: Operation Red Falcon. Several of these men were on deck with their fireteam, including one Soldat Alexsi, a new addition to the GSG-9.

"Unteroffizer," Soldat Alexsi asked of his fire team leader. "This is a suicide mission, isn't it?" The Unteroffizer pondered the question for a moment.

"No, I do not believe it is inherently a "suicide mission." He replied after the momentary consideration. "However the risks associated with an operation such as this are very high indeed. That I won't lie to you all about." The five soldiers with him nodded solemnly. "Look guys, all of us have been through at least one prior mission, aside from you Alexsi of course. We've been through some real shit. We can do this. It'll be damn hard, but we can. I have no doubt that if we cover each other, stay frosty, and work together, then we can certainly kick these Kravenite bastards to hell and do some real damage to them."

"Thanks Sarge," Alexsi replied. "Thats all I wanted to know." With that, he walked to the railing of the ship and looked east, in the direction they would be travelling in less than three hours. It was very cold, all the men wore black acryllic sweaters which could not get wet and were quite warm. The coldness however somehow played very well to the feelings he felt. Over that horizon which they would be soon travelling was a terrible storm, and he was travelling into its eye.....

Several hours later....

2130 hours
Kraven Corporation Waters

"Alright, lets go." Gostoski said to Major Skelter, the Battalion Executive Officer (XO).

"Jawohl," He replied. He went from room to room getting everyone ready, informing them to pick up their gear and board the zodiacs. Every man ran to his boat, carrying packs of gear and wearing his standard issue Integrated Warfighter System equipment, which was enhanced specifically for this mission.

"Go! Go! Go!" Gostoski shouted hoarsely, hoping to make as little noise as possible. All lights on the ship were deactivated, all equipment in the lockerroom and storage rooms brought with them. The boats filled quickly as each six man fireteam boarded and set off in a long stream of inauspicious craft heading for various places along the coast of the Kraven Corporation. Once on shore, they would head into Kravonika, and to their respective objectives.

This would be the most difficult mission ever undertaken by the GSG-9, but also the most important. All things good and decent depended upon some one hundred fifty brave Wanderjarian men.
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(OOC: I just realised that while you've likely not had time to respond, that still yet there is little for you to do. However I still cannot do anything else without knowing whether your coasts are defended, and if they are, how well. Cheers. :)

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The Kraven Corporation
22-07-2007, 16:51
(OOC: Thats a breif outline of Kraven shore defences, hope that helps, and I'll continue the shelling of that town shortly)

The coast line of Kraven territory was a strange thing to behold, it was often a mix of soft sands, and beautiful coastlines during the summer and an incredibly harsh landscape during the winter, with snow covering everything and the winds howl with enough force to topple trees and cause untold chaos, the cities however, with their tall outer walls were well protected from these winds… unlucky for some… Kraven’s summers only lasted two months of the year… June and July… the rest of the air, Kraven was encased in Ice…

The coastline however was incredibly well defended, Flak cannons, ZSU 633’s and the dread 120mm Stratosphere guns protected the coastline from the air, as well as multiple SAM sites that would provide accurate long range responses to those that were too difficult to hit with simple lead spray and pray tactics…

The coast line was littered with trench systems, each of them back up by bunkers that contained artillery pieces of varying sizes, machine gun pill boxes, gun emplacements and mortar trenches, land mines littered the beaches and access points for tanks snaked their way across the dunes allowing Kraven armour to respond directly to any enemy incursions…

A large wall backed these defences giving yet more defensive positions, with various artillery pieces sticking out of emplacements like a huge concrete porcupine, spot lights swept the coast line every so often, and anyone who happened to wander onto the beached was either blown up by land mines, or shot by Capitol Police guarding the coastlines…

It must also be noted and a series of underground tunnels allowed Kraven Battalions to be easily transported to these defences and could easily respond to enemy attacks with the utmost speed and efficiency…
23-07-2007, 07:25
The defenses of the Kravenite beaches were heavy indeed, far too heavy for an assault, no matter how well trained and equipped the Wanderjarians were, and too well defended to completely ignore the enemy either, under normal circumstances. The Wanderjarian Future Force Warrior systems however, provided, and quite adequately, the extrenuating circumstances which would allow the fifteen teams to by pass the enemy defenses unseen, though their advantages would be quick and short lived.

Future Force Warrior was a system designed by an old American firm known as the Natech Soldier Center, which specialised in future technologies and the design of superior weapons and electronics systems for the perfect ground soldier. Their masterpiece, was FFW. Built around a helmet, spider silk uniforms and kevlar armor, it gave almost any advantage to the soldier which he would need. Commanders had the ability to instantaneously see what each of their soldiers saw through a camera placed in the upper right hand corner of the helmet, built into it. The individual soldier could download real time maps of his area of operations and witness his surroundings by merely looking through a small transparant reticule which was placed in front of the soldiers right eye, as well as any number of other mission oriented material which the commander's could want their soldiers seeing, such as intelligence images, documented mission orders downloaded from the command and control vehicle, and many other possible materials. The spider silk armor was light as a feather, so much so that the soldier, when wearing it, almost never felt it upon his skin, though it stuck tightly to them. However, it has a density not unlike titanium, thus allowing it to absorb large high caliber rounds and giving the soldier no worse a blow than a nasty bruise. The initial design, released in 2013, incorporated a "cloaking" device. This device did not, per se, make the soldier invisible, but rather the system would copy the terrain type which he entered, matching it as closely as it was capable of doing, similar in effect to a chameleon. However, as time went by, the suit became more advanced, thus ultimately after decades of work allowing the suit temporary and semi-invisibilty. This was done by breaking the spectrum of light around the object, and bending it in such a way that the object's lighting was distorted, giving it a hazed, hollow look. In the darkness, and even in the light, it was almost impossible to see the person. However this only worked for a few minutes, which the GSG-9 teams would utilise, but quickly, having only some ten to fifteen minutes of cloaking.

Oberst Gostoski activated his device and immediately vanished from the boat. Simeltaneously, fifteen other people around him dissappeared as well. The ships were hiding just beyond the point where the waves broke upon the Kravenite shores, watching for the movement of Capitol Police soldiers, as well as any other hostiles which were certainly present. Under normal circumstances again, they might insert onto the beach and destroy the emplacements, a task which he was sure that his fifteen men could accomplish. However, he knew that no reinforcements would be landing within a few hours to back them up. He and his men were alone. They would bypass them completely and push inland, as would the other teams.

They exited the zodiac boats quickly and quietly, hurrying to the shore, but not making too much motion so as to create unnecessary and seemingly unnatural splashing which could result in Capitol Police suspicion. They rose onto the sandy beaches, the darkness hiding what little of them shown out against the cloaking of the FFW systems. Each man activated his infra-red sensors in their Heads Up Display (HUD) screen, so that they could see the man infront of them, as well as any Kravenite soldiers hiding from their view. As they slowly moved up the beach, the Wanderjarian Colonel watched for an opening in the trenches which he might slip past, a break between them, so that they would not have to risk traversing the hazards of a Kravenite military entrenchment and fortification. And if one was not found, he thought, screwing on his sound suppressor, and simeltaneously drawing his twelve inch K-Bar Knife, thats what this baby was for.

(OOC: I kid you not, this stuff which I am discribing is quite real. The Natech Soldier Center is working on all of the things which I described to you, and by 2045, which is some time before this RP takes place even, the plan to have near full invisibility. I'm toning it down so that it isn't too wanked, but I want to assure you that I am not god modding on you.)