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Rome Demands a Census

Gens Romae
19-07-2007, 20:55
The Imperator kneels before a bishop, and kisses his fisherman's ring. The bishop had entrusted him with a great task, and immediately endeavours to complete it.

He immediately sends a worldwide telegram, broadcasting a single message worldwide:

The Holy Roman Catholic Church seeks a census of all Catholics living worldwide. It is requested that nations with a Catholic population within their borders give to Rome information on the number and locations of those Catholics.

By the authority of the bishop of Sardinia,

The Roman Imperator.
The World Soviet Party
19-07-2007, 20:56
Official Diplomatic Response

What about no?
19-07-2007, 21:20
We have no religon within our nation so i am afraid such a census would be useless for us.
West Corinthia
19-07-2007, 21:22
C.H.S. Private Telegram

It is estimated that there are around 2000 Christian rebels within the borders of West Corinthia. It is believed most of those are Catholic. An exact number cannot be given since all of them are in hiding, considering they refuse to acknowledge the state religion, Corinthian Polytheism, as dominant. Do not expect to gain many converts in West Corinthia, as Christianity is the principle reason why we seceded from the Roman Empire in ancient times.

Corinthian Historical Society

(this message is from a private organization and is not endorsed by the government of West Corinthia.)
19-07-2007, 21:33
Even though the Shazbotdom Empire has Catholics inside it's boarders. We will not disclose the numbers of them as they are not Roman Catholics. They are a subset that broke off from the Roman Catholic Church many hundred years ago. If you have a problem with this, then we only have three words for you.

Suck it up.
Pan-Arab Barronia
19-07-2007, 21:50

Rome will have to make do with a census when we decree, not them. If we should decide to relinquish details to you of Catholic numbers in our nation, it will be when we decide to. Fortunately, we are in a good mood.

We believe there are up to 5 million - exact numbers are unknown.
British Londinium
19-07-2007, 21:54
Approximately 42.7 Roman Catholics reside within British Londinium. Yes - 42.7.
Pan-Arab Barronia
19-07-2007, 21:55
OOC: Guess one of them was partway into the blender, eh?

42.- oh, wait, the crane dropped him......ew!
One World Alliance
19-07-2007, 21:58
The Republic of One World Alliance finds this request to be too broad in scope, which could very well be used as a tool to infringe upon the citizens' civil liberties and rights to privacy.

May the Catholics in our nation, if there are any, remain safely protected by their government.

-His Excellency, Chancellor Nicolae Augustus of the Republic of One World Alliance
Ghost Tigers Rise
19-07-2007, 21:59
The Catholic Church of Ghost Tigers Rise does not recognise the authority of the Imperator of Gens Romae.
19-07-2007, 22:16
Ministry of Social Development

Religious data is freely available as part of our census and can be provided without question or application. However, we must note that the Vetalian Orthodox Church is a product of an ancient Schism between churches and so is not directly a part of Roman Catholicism, so this data may or may not be acceptable to your inquiry. Nonetheless, as relations between these churches are amiable, the Ministry feels this data should still be pertinent to your inquiry.

Nonetheless, here are the figures for the Vetalian Orthodox Church as of 2020:

4.47 billion declared members, or roughly 89% of our population.

Thank you for your interest,
Censor Valentina Mahinova, Ministry of Social Development
19-07-2007, 22:22
Estimates say that 89.89% of people in Stevid are Roman Catholic. Estimates say that roughly 60% of those are devouts and are regular Church goers.

Glory to God in Heaven.
Blackhelm Confederacy
19-07-2007, 22:26
Almost all of the Confederacy is Roman Catholic.
19-07-2007, 22:30
We laugh at your fake imitation of the Roman Catholic Church.
19-07-2007, 22:31
The State Church of Igloria has estimated the Roman Catholic population to be at about 750 million, approximately 20% of the nation at its current levels. The State Church of Igloria is of a Reformed Christian doctrine, and so the far greater percentage, 70% of the population, is of Protestant beliefs.
Cherry Ridge
19-07-2007, 23:07
Your Imperial Highness,

I was forwarded your request by the Royal Offices, and the three Bishops within Cherry Ridge. Within the borders of the country, there are three dioceses. It is estimated that anywhere from 94%-96% of the people are Catholic, but no hard number can be given as the parishes maintain the records. Some sociologists have placed the number as low as 89%, however. I thank you for your interest. I had the Bishops sign their names seperately, as proof that what I have said is accurate.

May God Bless You,
Rev. Sean Fitzgerald

Given under the authority of:

His Eminence, Joseph Cardinal Marco, By the Grace of God and favor of the Apostolic See, Archbishop of Carmel and Primate of Cherry Ridge

His Lordship William P. O'Malley, Lord Bishop of Innocent

His Excellency Michael V. Cesari, Bishop of Berchman

Attached letter:
Kindly inform your Bishops that I have condemned their inquisition on a recent radio show of mine.*

-Fr. Sean


OOC note: This is actually slightly in the future from what I am currently RPing. I figured I would give you the statistics that will be of most use in the near future. Feel free to respond in the other thread.