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[E1820] The Kilanian Republic

18-07-2007, 23:38
The Republic of Kilani

Points: 4


Government Type: Constitutional Republic
Head of State: President Iosef Luskov
Head of Government Senator Vladimir Faminsky

The Republic is a small nation, which overthrew it's king about twenty years ago and set itself up as a republic. It currently contains roughly twenty states, each of which maintains state troops and militia. Each state elects three senators to the senate, which is responsible for government funding, treaties and declerations of war. They also act as the "electoral college", voting for the president according to the popular vote of their states.

The president is head of the nation's military and may sign treaties, veto bills and designates federal judges, as well as propose laws.


Population: 20,755,000
Primary Ethnic Group: Slavic
Primary Language: Russian
Primary Religion: Eastern Orthodox

New Crimea
More to come



The Republic's federal military is relatively small, being comprised of volunteers, with a total fighting manpower of roughly 20,000 men. It is comprised of twelve regiments of infantry, seven regiments of cavalry and two regiments of artillery. The infantry is organized into three brigades, each containing four regiments, while the cavalry is organized into divisions of two regiments each, with one regiment used as a "reserve" regiment. As of now, most of the troops are deployed along the frontiers or in the nation's capital.

While the military is small, during times of war or during national emergencies the Federal government may call up state troops and militia, allowing it to put large numbers of troops into the field in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, the quality and training of these troops varies, as well as their uniform colors. Potentially, this means that the federal government can, within a month (or even a week or two) of war being declared, the Republic can have over 100,000 troops at their disposable.

The naval arm of the military is still relatively small, but has been built off of the old kingdom's navy. It maintains a forceo f galleys for customs and coastal patrols, but has recently begun constructing frigates for deep sea operations. Last year, the senate approved the funds for the first real ship of the line.

Federal Order of Battle

1st Brigade of Regulars
Currently located in Sestagrad, the capital
1st Federal Regiment of Infantry
4th Federal regiment of Infantry
7th Federal Regiment of Infantry
8th Federal Regiment of Infantry

2nd Brigade of Regulars
Currently deployed to the northern frontier
2nd Federal Regiment of Infantry
9th Federal Regiment of Infantry
10th Federal regiment of Infantry
5th Federal Regiment of Infantry

3rd Brigade of Regulars
Deployed in and around Kelv
3rd Federal Regiment of Infantry
6th Federal Regiment of Infantry
12th Federal Regiment of Infantry
11th Fedral Regiment of Infantry

1st Federal Cavalry Division
Also known as the Cossacks Division
1st Dragoons
2nd Hussars

2nd Federal Cavalry Division
3rd Dragoons
2nd Dragoons

3rd Federal Cavalry Division
1st Hussars
4th Dragoons

Reserve Cavalry
1st Lancers

1st Artillery Regiment
2nd Artillery Regiment

Naval Order of Battle
To come