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The Re-Dedication Gala of the Zeerian Traditional Opera House (ATTN: Heads of States)

16-07-2007, 23:53
Attention Heads of State
From: Zeerian Information Ministry

After almost 15 years of renovation and restoration work, the Zeerian Traditional Opera House will be re-dedicated and open for performances once again. To accompany this momentous event, the Executive Chancellor has decided to host a gala event consisting of a performance of William Shakespeare's "MacBeth" followed by a formal dinner.

Security arrangements will be handled by the Zeerian National Police in cooperation with the Zeerian Armed Forces; no other armed individuals will be allowed at the event. For those with special dietary requirements, arrangements will be made upon request.

For those Heads of State interested in attending, please respond to this message at your earliest convenience.

*Information on the Zeerian Traditional Opera House to follow.
17-07-2007, 00:19
The Zeerian Traditional Opera House

Located within the Zeerian capitol of Oktoberstadt in the historic West Quarter (Information to follow) at the end of the Humble Boulevard across from the State House and the Chancellory, the Opera House was built in the late 18th century by the last remnants of the defunct Crusading Order of the Black Stag - the Opera House has enjoyed periods of distinction and grandeur, and also suffered until recently, periods of mismanagement and abuse.

The Oktoberstadt West Quarter

The West Quarter is composed of a single large island artificially created by at a point as yet unknown in the past, and originally intended as the redoubt from the growing city of Oktoberstadt. Now the West Quarter is home to all of Zeere's central government offices, the Chancellory, the State House, and the Traditional Opera House. The West Quarter begins with the Grand Arch, marking the beginning of the Humble Boulevard and the only entrance and exit to the West Quarter. The most obvious feature of the West Quarter is the Olde Zeere Architecture, composed mostly of rose colored sandstone native to the local area, now used for expensive homes, apartments, apartments and even stores.

The Humble Boulevard is the only main roadway in the West Quarter, at 1 and 1/2 miles long and made of the same rosy sandstone cobblestones. The Humble Boulevard has limited vehicle traffic and is lined with ancient oak trees and flowerbeds. The Boulevard ends by circling the Looking Glass Pool in front of the Chancellory, State House, Cultural History Museum and Traditional Opera House.

The Looking Glass Pool
A large, circular, bowl-like pool fed by an underground aqueduct from the river, and sided with white marble sides, and lined with blue pebbles along the bottom.
17-07-2007, 00:38

I, Chairman Demostratskiy will happily attend the gala. I will be looking forward to it. Break a leg.
17-07-2007, 21:57

I, Chairman Demostratskiy will happily attend the gala. I will be looking forward to it. Break a leg.

Chairman Demostratskiy,

I am happy to receive your confirmation for the re-dedication of the Opera House. If things continue at this pace though, we mind find ourselves with sparse company.

Executive Chancellor T.G. Darkwood