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The International Embassy of Garilan

12-07-2007, 04:46
The International Embassy of Garilan

The International Embassy of Garilan (hereby referred to as the IEG or the Embassy) is always looking for ambassadors to join us in the cobblestone streets of Garilan. We hope, by doing this, to furthur increase better relations between other countries. This is also to see those that would not mean well for us and bring the might of the army down upon them.

There are many rules the ambassador must abide by as well as the punishment. All ambassadors must follow these simple rules:

1. All ambassadors and foreign represantitives must live in the Embassy district. This district contains a food service, general service, a hospital, the Embassy itself, the guard quarters, and the apartments. They may leave the district if the follow the second law.

2. All ambassadors must have up to only two armed guards. Garilan will provide two more guards with another guard to follow up later. All guards have the right, and will, read every document and come in every meeting and will follow you at all times. Everybody traveling with the ambassador must also have at least one guard from Garilan with them.

3. No ambassador has any diplomatical protection. All diplomats must have the sense to behave themselves and not even need this just for an excuse to commit crime. If a crime is commited, the usual penalty is given, either a death penalty or a labor penalty ranging from twenty years or for life. Also, good political emotions betweens the two nations will be broken, and may lead to war.

4. The diplomat is not allowed to become to participate in Garilan politics unless given permission and must not aid or create any organized organization, company, or any other type of body that brings indaviduals together.

Other than these simple rules, ambassadors are mainly allowed to do anything.

Countries in Garilan:

Countries that house Garilan:
ViZion - Lance Raze
Tirabon - Leon Vraes
12-07-2007, 11:58
We will not partake of an embassy where we have foreign guards on the premises, this smacks of imperialism. We refuse to be prisoners or be part of an autocratic system. Even companies that operate on foreign soil don't have armed foreign guards as part of their businesses. We ask that you boycott this ambassadorial system. It is overreaching. Please reconsider the presence of armed guards in an embassy. You will get no takers. Further we are considering liberating your country, this is an affront to proper civil discourse.


Amara Cruon, Commonarch.
12-07-2007, 12:38
So your guards are allowed to read every document that comes through the mill as well as follow my ambassador around everywhere he goes? If you want to spy on your allies there are certainly more discreet ways to do so.


Donatella Mosse
International Affairs Secretary
United States of Philimbesi.
12-07-2007, 12:46
From the office of the Minister for Foreign affairs, The Googleistic Democracy of Googlewoop

To: Senior Executive for foreign affairs and/or ambassadorial affairs

Dear Sir/Madam

Having recently received your invitation to form an embassy in your nation, I have been authorised to relay to you the following statement on behalf of the President and people of Googlewoop:

I believe that it would be a vastly more productive strategy of a government as new as yours to welcome ambassadors from other nations with open arms under REGULAR diplomatic etiquette rather than impose such stringent restrictions on the representatives of nations who you both hope and need to be your allies.

I cease niceties with that statement. Our nation and in fact the majority of all nations do not appreciate and indeed will never agree to abide by regulation such as you propose which is clearly designed to both blatantly ensure the gathering of intelligence on embassy nations and hide the undesirable policies and actions of your own.

May I also suggest that you cease threatening military action against the world in general when your entire population could not currently staff the infantry forces of the Googlewooper Military alone.

I warn you that this communiqué does indeed represent the policy of my government towards your proposal and that you may consider our warning against military threats HIGHLY serious. I believe you will have the nuance to understand exactly what that means.

Your Request is Denied!
Good Day Sir!

Limited Regards

Alexander Doona
Minister for Foreign Affairs
The Googleistic Republic of Googlewoop
12-07-2007, 12:49
Donatella Mosse
International Affairs Secretary
United States of Philimbesi.

OOC: A West Wing Fan?
12-07-2007, 13:15
OOC: A West Wing Fan?

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13-07-2007, 04:30
OOC: Heh... I was somewhat expecting this. My nation is kinda... different. They dictator is strict, and is keen on mantaining power. All this is mostly for safety, although you need do believe that! :D


To all of the states that have declined,

Whatever you wish, you may do. It matters not to us. However, let me clear up some things to counter your statement.

First of all, to those that we are trying to spy on your nations. I hardly doubt that is the truth. In fact, the guards we hire to secure the embassy as well as guard you are actually a class of soldiers that have the liscense and sometimes even influence the goverment. Some, such as the head of the Garilan, myself, Makior Viers, are even of this class of soldiers. Although the ones we send out are not actually in the goverment, they have the liscense to read almost any confidental document. Besides, any document your ambassadors may recieve should really be something Garilan is supposed to know, or orders for you to do for thier line of work, not some military plan or something. So I doubt there is much of a problem anyway. Our guards are also sworn to secrecy and won't disclose information unless of dire need anyway.

The guards themselves are top notch, the best of the best in the entire Garilan military force. They are authorised to kill anybody that may try to cause harm to the diplomat, and will, even if they recognize the murderer as a high politically ranking person. Your safety is assured. Especially since there are even more normal street guards walking the streets, you couldn't be any safer. The last guard is to see to it that nobody is following you suspiciously.

Many of these measures are for the safety of Garilan. We need to be safe from any terrorist nations or a nation wishing to do us harm. Although I do not see that harm against this. You may bring as many as people you want with light weaponry (a dagger, pistol, etc.) however only two may have more heavier weaponry (rifle, rockets, etc.). As for diplomatic immunity. Why need it? Its just an excuse for pathetic diplomats to break the laws in other countries. A real diplomat would not break laws in the first place. Period.

As for offensive military action against Garilan. I highly doubt that is the logical thing to do. Its dire to your own country and makes you seem like some warmonger just going against a country just because of they have a different view. Thats exactly like prejudice or some other form of social undermining. As a last word, don't underestimate Garilan and its allies.

Dictator (Makior) Viers
The Dictatorship of Garilan

OOC: I think I should have allies. Just disregard that last part. I should I have allies I think. Not sure its been made offical though.